Ohio Republicans have a problem with Democracy

It appears Ohio Republicans have a problem with democracy. The state is poised to pass one of the most restrictive voting rights laws in the country by requiring anyone who wants to vote to present a state-issued ID before they can vote. Currently – there are nearly 900,000 people in the state who do not have that sort of identification – mainly because they don’t own or drive a car. And it just so happens that most of these people are low-income or minority voters – people who tend to vote for Democrats.

On top of all of that – this is Ohio where Governor John Kasich claims the state is facing such a massive budget deficit because of his tax cuts to businesses that he has to strip public workers of their collective bargaining rights. But get this – the bill that throws 900,000 low-income voters off the rolls will cost around $20 million to put into place. So I guess there is money laying around to destroy democracy but not to give teachers their full benefits. Voter fraud is a non-issue – according to a recent report – only one person in Ohio cast a fraudulent vote in the past election, a mother who mailed in a ballot for her daughter.

But if you can knock 900,000 people off the rolls – Kasich knows Republicans know they radically improve their chances of winning the next election.

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