Ohio Republicans have a problem with Democracy

It appears Ohio Republicans have a problem with democracy. The state is poised to pass one of the most restrictive voting rights laws in the country by requiring anyone who wants to vote to present a state-issued ID before they can vote. Currently – there are nearly 900,000 people in the state who do not have that sort of identification – mainly because they don’t own or drive a car. And it just so happens that most of these people are low-income or minority voters – people who tend to vote for Democrats.

On top of all of that – this is Ohio where Governor John Kasich claims the state is facing such a massive budget deficit because of his tax cuts to businesses that he has to strip public workers of their collective bargaining rights. But get this – the bill that throws 900,000 low-income voters off the rolls will cost around $20 million to put into place. So I guess there is money laying around to destroy democracy but not to give teachers their full benefits. Voter fraud is a non-issue – according to a recent report – only one person in Ohio cast a fraudulent vote in the past election, a mother who mailed in a ballot for her daughter.

But if you can knock 900,000 people off the rolls – Kasich knows Republicans know they radically improve their chances of winning the next election.


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radfahrer 12 years 2 days ago

1. Tolerance is the essence of democracy. OF COURSE we shoi,d all have to learn Spanish and English and everthing should Be available in both. No loss at all and we immediately gain commitment of all Hispanic US Americans as equal vulture members.

2. We no longer have a Republican Party. The party of Abrahem Lincoln is dead. Instead, as Hitlers small band did in Germany, a small group of highly cohesive and power driven right wing extremists have subverted a party with a more appealing name to a faschist agemda. There it was the German Nationalist Workers Party (Nationalistische Arbeiter Partei) that became the vehicle for the fascists we knew and fought as Nazis. Here the Tea Party has subverted the formerly somewhat conservative democratic party, called Repiblican or, from the Civil War era, the GOP for its latter day faschist agenda. It has not yet made that third step in naming that Hitlers thugs did: National Workers - National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP)-Nazi.
So let's complete the process here: Tea Party - Republican -: REPUGNIKAN. It is truly a name they deserve.

3. As long as our public is satiated with materialistic narcissism, it will be vulnerable to the marketing of the Karl Rove Goebbels Repugnikans. Self absorbed consumers cannot by other oriented, compromise and debate liking citizens. So the questions are:

A. Have we hit bottom yet with our addiction to hierarchy and self gratification, or, alternatively, can the talk to a Thom and Sen Sanswrs and Ed and Rachel etc raise the bottom so that we can hit is very soon? and
B. Even if we hit it soon, have too many of the foundations of successful democracy in The US already been destroyed to rebuild? Can we really go back?

3. All the recalls and indignation and protests are called for and necessary, but may be insufficient. Every Democrat/progressive action these days is high energy, but the Republicans are acting out a strategic plan to make the US a one party country and they have been developing the plan and training their legions since the 1960s at least. Their success is manifeswhere is our proactive Democrat plan? Where are our legions? What will be doing to capture the heaTts and minds of battered Americans after the recalls?

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Berry 12 years 1 day ago

Speculating ~ One has to wonder about all these going on's today ? Could it be some sort of distraction of bigger things to come? Can we see the signs? Is it going to be a full blown war in middle East? " This could Become Catastrophe? Keep an eye on animal behavior. Remember Jericho, The trumpets" Low hertz frequencies waves used. Is this possible today? Do we have this kind of advace technology today to bring about pin point earthquakes. Perhaps we always had this kind of technology. The Universe Billons of years old. Is there a unknown part of us that travels from place to place or planet to planet. Has this kind of technoly been around perhaps for billions of years? Perhaps thats why the Military deny other crafts out side of earth? Are we kept in the dark about this kind of technology.. If the middle east eventually become a all out war will add to the pollution nuclear waste, earthquakes wealther control planned earthquakes perhaps, Eruptions using a continued pressure of low hertz frquencies? around the world. (Technology?) New kinds of wars. So, What's going on? Are our leaders just going nuts? Do they have a end plan with all this nonsense? Do away with people ! What does it all mean? We can stop this if we want to ! Shut all nukes down!

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Moderate1 12 years 1 day ago

Thom and all....you guys are so far "out there" with regard to a Republican/rich/white/male/anti-labor/anti-imigrant conspiracy theory...It's ridiculous! I am registered republican, (and yes, I pay more in taxes as a dollar amount AND more as a percentage than most, and I contribute to charities more than most, and I volunteer time to my community more than most), but I believe in a moderate application of philospohies that are BOTH conservative and liberal. That said, there are a LOT of people llike me...that are Republic and Democrat, that don't buy into this deamonizing mentality of EITHER side. Enough! And enough of "lumping" your generalizations on Republicans! If you are really truly committed to fixing this country, you have got to come to reality that the majority of the US population does NOT believe in your far left tactics and agenda (just like they don't believe in the far right). Get to the table, put down the rhetoric, and work on civil discourse that will move EVERYONE to the middle. It's just ridiculous....

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making progress 12 years 1 day ago

I should first start by saying that I have been listening to Thom,'s show, religiously, since he took over for Al Franken. I am what you call a "Heavy Listener." I rarely miss a show. BUT, lately the show has become stale and redundant. I don't know the catalyst, but I'd venture a guess that Thom isn't able to do the TV & radio shows, and write books, with any consistency. As such, the radio show is suffering terribly. I'm loosing interest, and I haven't been listening much lately because I'm sick and tired of hearing Thom "push back against the right."
Bottom line is Thom's show is only as good as his guests, and his guests are right wingers or corporate toadies. I'm no longer learning anything new by listening. I love John Nichols, but that's it. The few minutes with John Nichols is the most progressive discussion I hear all show, and it's not enough.

I kindly request that you return to having Dr. Ravi Batra on for the full third hour, like you used to do with some regularity.

I would most like to hear Thom challenge his own beliefs against those who are smarter than him, (ie Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky) rather than always challenging the right wing, whom we already know to be wrong.

Derick Jensen would be an excellent guest to have on for an hour long discussion.
Please listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyxvts2dQ0s&feature=related

Chris Hedges, Richard Wolff, Robert Scheer, James K. Galbraith, Peter W. Galbraith, Bill Moyers, Juan Cole, Noam Chomsky, etc, would all be people to have on frequently and/or regularly.

You're starting to sound like you're "Suckling on The Power Teet." And I'm worried for you.

Push Left!,
Making Progress

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Berry 12 years 1 day ago

Thom is doing great job. Repeating his show some what , helps people to understand better and to soak in the facts.Thom explans things very well, and well rounded too, And sometimes I think thom himself is shocked and has a hard time taking it all in. Derick Jensen is saying stuff that most of us already know. The point is to get the information out there so everyone can pick up on it and understand so we can work from there and not be divided. Changes are moving so fast time is needed for people to process this kind of information and balance it out. The divid makes it so hard for many to weed out what's possible. Good job Thom. One candle lights another and another. What is a country that does not follow its own laws? Thom great job for, Just think about it , The box ( TV ) And books have another place. Books Can be much more intense. We don't need to frighten people away saying, whats he talking about he nuts. " Slowly I turn step by step. ANYWAY~ One thing that needs to be done. We need to reverse NAFTA. NAFTA is a nightmare. With NAFTA Our Living standard will continue its way down ward and the American family will continue to suffer in one way or another.. Raise the tax on the super rich! Share the wealth.. Get down here and work with real people who know what love is. Also Now ~ Shut down all nukes!

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Berry 12 years 1 day ago

Funny. They sent out the wrong blog yesterday. Now we have Global food scare from this nuclear power plant sin Japan . They are saying levels of radioactive indine in seawater just offshore is more than 1,250 times higher than normal. radioactive meterials can kill the salt in the oceans. Ocean could die...The bill for this is yet to be paid......

Berry's picture
Berry 12 years 1 day ago

Unions are not the cause of America 's demise. How are things going now for you? Here check out this artical =Interesting== http://www.hollandsentinel.com/opinions/x13292164/COLUMN-American-workers-got-what-they-deserved

making progress's picture
making progress 12 years 18 hours ago

There are two kinds of people. The one's who do something about it, and the ones who don't.

making progress's picture
making progress 12 years 16 hours ago

We Don't live in a democracy! This talk by Derrick Jensen is my favorite thus far. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2demCZHco_0&feature=related

You still believe we live in a democracy. We do not. Direct Action is needed.

Berry's picture
Berry 12 years 6 hours ago

Hey > Making progress > I agree, We live in a barbarian world. The working class enrich this country by making billions of dollars only to be taken to the clearners to kill neighbors by the millions putting us billions into debt. Corporatism legal creation with rights and liabilities of a person ~only to violate this country laws because they say so and have the money to do so. This is = The Barbarian Age. Where greed is really showing it face today. ITs so motivated, All it can think of= Take as much as you can steal by giving as little as they can. To engage in warlike pursuits for profits.. (To steal) Just look what's going on in the environment. They would ratter destroy this planet then making it free and its people, Over their need to have everyone in a disharmony, state of slavery just so they can sit up on the thron as a kings dukes. To be King of the jungle and you are our trophy. The Killing of lions tigers buffalo for trophy to their extinction. To be On top of the heap, Piracy Slavery jungle killing. Volating Nature's laws with continue ignorance of jungle law mentality. Have they evolved? They may make you think so! It looks to me Nature is now sending us the bill.

making progress's picture
making progress 11 years 52 weeks ago

The task of an activist is not to navigate systems of repressive authority with as much integrety as possible. The task of an activist is to take down systems of repressive authority. - Derrick Jensen

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rmyurick 11 years 52 weeks ago

Congratulations, John Kasich. It has only taken you 75 days to make me ashamed to be an Ohioan again.

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Berry 11 years 52 weeks ago

Here is something interesting That I've been hinting about. Who knows? Was Japan earthquake induced? Take a look. Last I heard was Japan was going to put out a new car that runs on water not sure if it was water or something else. http://presscore.ca/2011/?p=1624

junkmail5000@sbcglobal.net's picture
junkmail5000@sb... 11 years 51 weeks ago

One thing I am puzzled by the liberals about the voting ID issue has me scratching me head... College Students being denied the right to vote with Student ID??? I ask one question, where is their resident status, in the State they're attending college or their home state if it differs? As a honorably discharged USMC CPL, I was stationed all around but voted absentee in the great State of Illinois. If the studently truly change their residency status while in college, absolutely vote away or as in Chicago, Vote early and vote often ;)

But on a serious note for disabled voters, don't they have a plaquard or anything like a tax number for their disabled status? I am not questioning them, i am asking because I don't know... As a USMC vet, I totally get my fellow brothers and sisters died to give us this great country. Think about founding fathers gave everything knowing they would lose everything or have Freedom. John Hancock was so passionate, He signed his name so large so the King of england could read it without his glasses on...

One more thing nobody is talking about is, the Federal Income impact on the States. We pay tax, as we should, and that money get spread around and refunded to the States. But... If you cut the Fed rate, there is no money to send back to the States which puts them in a pickle. Many State programs depend on Fed funding and if that money is gone, those programs are doomed which is what the right wants. Doesn't it make more sense to educate your youth which makes our nation stronger???? After reading Threshold from Professor Thom, I think so...

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Elioflight 11 years 51 weeks ago

Amen to that sentiment fellow Ohioan. I didn't vote for the jerk. I cannot see why anyone else would have. I just can't wait for the Ohio Jobs (Rip-off Ohio) plan to get started; I watched entire the house debate on the bill (HB 1) and watched all reasonable requests for transparency and accountability from the dems voted down along party lines. We'll see how many of these jokers get jobs or campaign contributions (kick-backs/rewards) from all the new industry that comes to Ohio.

I say we recall the jerk since he doesn't expect to win the next election. I say that he, and other rethuglican govs, were put in office to get rid of unions and regulations for business. Why else does he not care if he wins again--maybe he has presidential aspirations--another "w" clone--god help us. Why else was there a rethuglicans govenor's group putting out campaign ads during the election. That's the plan.

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bananasforthomatoes 11 years 51 weeks ago

I believe the blogger is referring to Ohio's republican representatives (of which only one voted against the bill) not all republicans in America.

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