One-party Republican rule in America

Yesterday – a District Court Judge in Wisconsin blocked implementation of Scott Walker’s union busting bill while arguments are heard that the bill violated the state’s Open Meeting laws. Since Republicans passed the bill with less than a one-hour notice – in the dead of night – they essentially broke a state law that requires at least a 24-hour notice. But with Wisconsin’s anti-labor bill tied up in the courts – Republicans in *Ohio* are one step closer to busting up unions in their state.

The state House passed legislation yesterday that strips collective bargaining rights from public workers – similar to the Wisconsin law. Democratic State Representative Dan Ramos argued the bill would leave “hundreds of thousands of Ohio’s families with less job security, lower wages and, in many cases, no job at all.”

But that’s exactly the name of the game for Republican Governors around the country – take out the middle class – wreck the economy – and sabotage President Obama’s re-election efforts next year – all so they bring about one-party Republican rule in America and pass their agenda of, by, and for millionaires and billionaires without any of those pesky working people standing in the way.

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