So when is Scott Walker planning to reinstate the Alien and Sedition Acts?

Alien and Edition ActWisconsin’s Republican Governor and Koch brother poodle Scott Walker is upping the ante in Wisconsin. He’s threatened to lay off 1,500 government workers TODAY – unless Democrats come back to the capital and pass his union-destroying legislation.

I guess he’s following up on his threat to public employees – either give up your rights – or get fired.

Not to be outdone – his Republican cohorts in the state senate passed legislation yesterday that places the 14 missing Democratic senators in contempt and instructs the Capital’s Sergeant at Arms to arrest them. And for the first time in three weeks – Madison’s capital building was free of protestors last night.

A judge ordered people out of the building until business hours resumed today. There are reports that one Democratic state Representative was actually denied access to his office in the capital last night and tackled to the ground by capital police who receive direct order from Koch poodle Scott Walker. Wisconsin Republicans are desperate and using anti-democratic tactics to make sure they’re successful in stripping the rights of workers – from ignoring the voices of their constituents – to arresting members of the opposing political party.

So when is Scott Walker planning to reinstate the Alien and Sedition Acts?

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