So when is Scott Walker planning to reinstate the Alien and Sedition Acts?

Alien and Edition ActWisconsin’s Republican Governor and Koch brother poodle Scott Walker is upping the ante in Wisconsin. He’s threatened to lay off 1,500 government workers TODAY – unless Democrats come back to the capital and pass his union-destroying legislation.

I guess he’s following up on his threat to public employees – either give up your rights – or get fired.

Not to be outdone – his Republican cohorts in the state senate passed legislation yesterday that places the 14 missing Democratic senators in contempt and instructs the Capital’s Sergeant at Arms to arrest them. And for the first time in three weeks – Madison’s capital building was free of protestors last night.

A judge ordered people out of the building until business hours resumed today. There are reports that one Democratic state Representative was actually denied access to his office in the capital last night and tackled to the ground by capital police who receive direct order from Koch poodle Scott Walker. Wisconsin Republicans are desperate and using anti-democratic tactics to make sure they’re successful in stripping the rights of workers – from ignoring the voices of their constituents – to arresting members of the opposing political party.

So when is Scott Walker planning to reinstate the Alien and Sedition Acts?


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making progress 12 years 2 weeks ago

Bernie Sanders is an Independant. He is on every week for his progressive views. He is Not a Democrat! So, why not support a bunch of Independants? The Democratic Party is corrupt. It's just less corrupt than the GOP. You can't take over the DLC without a lot of money and selling your soul. Jesus! It's not rocket science!

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making progress 12 years 2 weeks ago

It Wasn't the greatness of FDR, it was the greatness of the Movements at the time that forced dramatic changes. You know that! So, why the disconnect?

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making progress 12 years 2 weeks ago

So, I finally called after being a heavy listener for many years. I wasn't able to get my point accross and Thom took off on his usual talking points of taking over the Democratic Party from the inside. That was Not My Point! My point is what Chris Hedges is saying and that is: " To Place Faith in Electoral Politics is extremely naive. The system is so far gone that we cannot depend on it to reform itself. Until we have serious campaign finance reform, nothing will change."
"It is our task to remember that all of the great correctives in our history never achieved political power, ever. Not The Liberty Party, The suffragettes, The Labor Movement, The Civil Rights Movement."
It is incumbent upon us to walk away from established institutions, even if we are alone. We have to reclaim the populism that was decimated. It’s not our job to save a dying system; it’s our job to kill it."

- Chris Hedges

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making progress 12 years 2 weeks ago

What's the point of calling to agree with Thom? I'm a long time heavy listener and Thom has changed the way I view the world. For that I am eternally grateful! So, there is no point in calling to chime in on something we all know to be true. I'm tired of pouring over the minutia of our corrupt democracy. Let’s spend most of our time talking about what we need to do about it, so that we can re-claim the Populist outrage! If we don't, the vacuum will be filled by those with less honest agendas (The Tea Party).
I would like to know where you disagree with Chris Hedges? His contention is that the only thing we have left is Civil Disobedience. So, that being the case, Let’s devote most of our time to solutions, Please!

Instead of pushing back against the Right, Push Left!

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making progress 12 years 2 weeks ago

If Thom wants to model the behavior that he wants to see in his listeners. Then put your money where your mouth is and show up at a demonstration. "One must be ever vigilant in fighting one's own hypocracy." - Me

"On March 19, the eighth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, I will join a coalition of U.S. military veterans from Iraq Veterans Against the War, March Forward!, Vietnam Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace who will gather in Lafayette Park across from the White House. The veteran-led action will result in numerous arrests, as did a Dec. 16 protest organized by Veterans for Peace. It will seek, because it is all we have left, to use our bodies to challenge the crimes of the state." - Chris Hedges

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pahrumplife 12 years 2 weeks ago

Were the recent recall attempts in Pahrump NV just another touchstone on the way to the kind of politics we are seeing now in Wisconsin and other cities currently suffering the slings and arrows of the political poodles supported so well by the greed addict union-busting corporatocracy? (Please read the book The Family by Jeff Sharlet for a unique presentation of the history of Union Busting).

Wisconsin is in the process of generating a recall of the poodles in their state. It appears that they will suffer a similar fate to what is believed happened in Pahrump with their recall of officials suspected of greedily foisting the unwanted Private for-Profit Prison now functioning in Pahrump NV. The Sequoia Voting Machines which can be hacked in 7 minutes or less were used in Pahrump.

Fixed voting machines are clearly the biggest problem facing American health safety and welfare and the whole American political way. Fixed voting machines have been and continue to be suspect as the major force behind generating poodle power, too crooked to fail. Recall supporters need to somehow initiate a reliable voting process before the recall vote. Perhaps a verifiable show of hands on Skype, You Tube? Can we get creative and fool proof on the internet? How about it techs?

For America-busting voting machine info:

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making progress 12 years 2 weeks ago

My fear is that Thom is nothing more than another part of the Bankrupt Liberal Class that Chris Hedges speaks of. I’m also afraid that I’m beginning to loose interest and faith in what Thom has to say. At the very least, Making a six figure income will put someone outside of the struggle economically. Instead of waxing nostalgically about when he used to protest. Do it. “Don’t talk about it, Be about it.”

dianhow 12 years 2 weeks ago

Thom does more than his part . Besides his show, he writes numerous books as well and I beleieve runs a business. If only others would do 5 % of that Our country would flourish Heck Millions of gullible Voters do not even bother to check fact from fiction They just follow their FAV news if its factual Mostly its lots of misinformation or just complete nonsense..lots of nasty smears about hating Obama. .2+ yrs of same old crap - fear tactics- smears. They thrive on it keeps them going . They crave their daily fix of Obama hate . Its truly shameful Corp run news media lets them lie - mislead with impunity !

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leighmf 12 years 2 weeks ago

Governor Rick Scott did the same thing in Florida. The layoff number is 1500. They like to keep the numbers simple as it's easier when they figure up their final divide of the spoils. Governors are just like big Mayors, aren't they?

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Palindromedary 12 years 2 weeks ago

I agree that Thom Hartmann is a great guy who has accomplished a lot, and it is hard to disagree with a lot of what he says....BUT! ;-} I often get a whiff of what seems like a smoke and mirrors ploy to keep the sheep convinced that all they have to do is to continuing to play by the rules of the game (voting) and keep the Democrats (any Democrats..even if they have not yet really acted like real Democrats....uh, like say, Obama) in power so that they can "feel good" but leaving the same power elite in place with even stronger abilities to further drain the middle class and the poor. Thom tries to convince us that a more aggressive uprising, like armed rebellions, would be counter productive and would not serve our ends of ridding ourselves of the anti-democratic forces that have a stranglehold on our nation. His reasoning is, I believe, is that those powers are so well armed that it would be totally futile to move in that direction. Well, our history has shown that it took a lot of civil disobedience which often became very violent...usually coming from the power elite. But we really have nothing left because our legal and judicial system is corrupt...right along with bible-thumping and theocracy-desiring founders of the companies who make the easily hacked and fixed electronic voting machines. We have a Stupreme court packed with a majority of whacko criminals that continue to make a mockery of law and the US as a decent and fair place to live. We have our own Mubarks and Ghadafis that need to be brought down. And when the majority of the downtrodden continue to buy into the rigged and bastardized political infrastructure things will only get worse.

Reelection of Obama and any of the other Democrats who pretend to be on our side but continually works for the other side. Wouldn't it be much better for the revolution to occur when the Republicans are in charge? (as if they have not always been in charge) It greatly pains me to even think of another Republican President....I voted for Obama...but he has screwed us. He is not our friend. Better to have the obvious enemy in front of you than a pretend friend sticking the knife in your back.

I tend to agree a lot with Chris Hedges.

dnarnadem 12 years 2 weeks ago

Palindromedary If you have a "Good" Brain, just imagine what would of happened if McCain/Palin would of been elected instead of Obama? Do you think that we would now be arguing as to how BAD Obama is? Really, just think about it, one second!

Now, that we got that straight, the reason why there was a repug landslide in 2010 was the HUGH amount of money pumped onto the airways to put the fear of GOD into people who are scared to begin with, can't reason worth a hoot, and simply vote repug whenever they hear the word abortion or same-sex marriage!

fox news has an audience of 40-50 Million. Limbaugh has an audience of 20 million. The corporations, Karl Rove, Wall street, and repug political far right have the teabaggers. Billions of $$$ are being PUMPED into this BIG LIE machine! Literally BILLIONS! And it's all LIES! But the fearful folk believe all of it.

Do you think that Obama is a DICTATOR, who can with a snap of his fingers, make things happen? He has to follow the Law and the Constitution! There are forces arrayed against him and the Democrats in Washington, Powerful forces. Like in the TRILLIONS of $$$ if need be. There are 1000s of lobbyists buying politicians and judges. What can Obama do about that if the machinery is NOT in place to change or fix it?

It is NOT the institution that is corrupt – it is the people. We have a Good system; it is the actors in it that are corrupting and corrupted. That is what needs to be fixed. And until that is done, this madness will continue ad naseum and infinitum!

dnarnadem 12 years 2 weeks ago

Whoever this chris hedges is, he has no imagination. Nor foresight. Nor fortitude! And no Courage!

Kill It? If you can't figure it out, kill it. If it takes more than a minute to solve, kill it. If it costs too much, kill it. Etc etc. Killing is easy – building and meeting challenges is a lot harder.

We would never have left our caves and created fire with that type of mentality! The really GOOD things we have today are the results of really, really difficult actions humans have done and solved in the past. Do you honestly believe that the system of Democracy we have today here in America was created overnight? It is the result of 8000 years of human history and experimentation; of the cobbling together of various threads that worked or have not. It is still on-going. It is not perfect.

We don’t need to KILL IT – we need to fix it, make it better – NOT KILL IT!

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leighmf 12 years 2 weeks ago

The Question here was,

"So when is Scott Walker planning to reinstate the Alien and Sedition Acts? "


left of wing-nuts 12 years 2 weeks ago

I think the corporations have almost succeeded or we may have reached the tipping point already . If we keep throwing good people out of office and electing the crazzies just to think we are sending a message, it is about over. The Supeme Court is very conservative and disregarding the constitution and making its own laws. The Democratic Party with its voters must throw out the blue dogs and elect true Democratic Representatives. If we can't do that we may have to put up with a few Blue Dogs. If we elect a Republican President and/or Senate in 2012, it will all be over because the Supreme Court will be even more conservative because Justices will retire during those years. The Republicans own the Voting machines and do manipulate them. Massive votes will have to be overwhelming. Get ready for right-wing serfdom.

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gerald 12 years 2 weeks ago

March 5, 2011


I have shared this comment with you many times. It is a truism. If we vote for a fascist-Nazi politician, we will have a fascist-Nazi politician in an elective office. The good people of Wisconsin voted for a fascist-Nazi politician in Walker and now they have him in office. The good people of Wisconsin are reaping the endless agony of their votes.

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gerald 12 years 2 weeks ago

Here is the perfect example of America!!!

As Ben Franklin said; "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb discussing what's for dinner?"

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gerald 12 years 2 weeks ago

March 5, 2011

I have shared with you the criteria for a mortal sin. I cannot judge another person but I can offer my perceptual opinion of a person or persons. I believe that Walker, Kasich, and Christie are committing a mortal sin against the Fifth Commandment. We do not actually have to kill a person to commit a mortal sin. If we want or wish harm or hurt toward another person, we have committed a mortal sin. The policies and practices of these three men are harming and/or hurting human beings and so mortal sins are rampant in the states of Wisconsin, Ohio, and New Jersey.

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jkh6148 12 years 2 weeks ago



Sedition Act In 1798, the Federalist-controlled Congress passed a series of laws which, on the surface, were designed to control the activities of foreigners in the United States during a time of impending war. Beneath the surface, however, the real intent of these laws was to destroy Jeffersonian Republicanism. The laws, known collectively as the "Alien and Sedition Acts," included:

  • The Naturalization Act, which extended the residency period from 5 to 14 years for those aliens seeking citizenship; this law was aimed at Irish and French immigrants who were often active in Republican politics
  • The Alien Act, which allowed the expulsion of aliens deemed dangerous during peacetime
  • The Alien Enemies Act, which allowed the expulsion or imprisonment of aliens deemed dangerous during wartime. This was never enforced, but it did prompt numerous Frenchmen to return home
  • The Sedition Act, which provided for fines or imprisonment for individuals who criticized the government, Congress, or president in speech or print.
  • The Alien Acts were never enforced, but the Sedition Act was. A number of Republican newspaper publishers were convicted under the terms of this law. The Jeffersonians argued quite rightly that the Sedition Act violated the terms of the First Amendment and offered a remedy in the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions.

    While these laws were either repealed or allowed to expire in the next administration, they were significant as rallying points for the Jeffersonians. The heavy-handed Federalist policies worked to the advantage of the Republicans as they prepared for the Election of 1800.


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jkh6148 12 years 2 weeks ago


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gerald 12 years 2 weeks ago

@jkh6148, thank you for that great idea!

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gerald 12 years 2 weeks ago

March 6, 2011

Notes from the Church’s Newsletter

Faith requires that we listen with our hearts and live according to God’s will. Faith does not consist in a formal and superficial conforming to the words in the Holt Bible. Faith is deeper and more radical level by putting Jesus’ words in your heart and soul. We are to do the will of God out of love. We are called to make the world a place of liberation for all. We are taught as Catholics that the way to peace is justice, such as economic justice. We are called as ordinary persons to build a society in which everyone has an opportunity for an education, health care, and a decent standard of living. We need to pray for the wisdom to know to be fair to all.

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gerald 12 years 2 weeks ago

Yes, we are a nation of certifiable psychos.

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gerald 12 years 2 weeks ago

Alliance of Baptists

Statement on Conscientious Objection

Adopted April 2, 2005

Greenville, SC

The Board of Directors recommends that the Alliance of Baptists establish a file for the registration of Conscientious Objectors to be maintained by the staff and to provide documentary evidence that those registered are "by reason of religious training and belief ... conscientiously opposed to participate in war in any form" as required by the Military Selective Service Act (50 U.S.C. App. § 456 (j)).

The Board of Directors also recommends that the membership of the Alliance of Baptists endorse the following statement:

Inasmuch as the Alliance of Baptists is by covenant committed to "the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ and the calling of God to all peoples to repentance and faith, reconciliation and hope, social and economic justice" and is a partner with the National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. and the Baptist Peace Fellowship in "a concerted witness to peace and justice;" therefore, be it resolved

A. That we encourage among our members the discernment of conscience concerning participation in war; and

B. That we recognize that one consistent expression of our common witness is the conviction that war is contrary to the Good News of Jesus Christ; and

C. That we recognize there are different convictions on this matter within the Alliance of Baptists; and

D. That we commit again to being peacemakers reconciling speech and action with one another.

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Paradigm Mine 12 years 2 weeks ago


Democratic Party: Dennis Kucinich

Republican Party: Barack Obama

Fascist Party: Some GOP puppet

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gerald 12 years 2 weeks ago

When it comes time to vote for a politician, here is some information we can use as a guideline. All politicians commit mortal sins. We need to focus on politicians who commit less mortal sin. In the past voting was stressing the lesser of two evils. Times have now changed to less mortal sin.

Mortal Sin

Three things are necessary for a sin to be mortal: 1. SERIOUS MATTER (In my Examination of Conscience pamphlet there is a list of serious sins as we follow the Ten Commandments and we should not forget Jesus’ Eleventh Commandment.); 2. KNOWLEDGE OR FIRM BELIEF THAT THE ACT IS SERIOUSLY WRONG PRIOR TO COMMITTING THE ACT (When American corporations and the American rich sit around to devise ways to hurt average, middle, and working Americans, they have knowledge of a serious wrong that will be committed.); 3. FULL CONSENT OF THE WILL!!!


The fight we are in will be lost to us because the powerbrokers who control the gold will win the battle or battles. In the end they will lose the war and wallow in hell for eternity. THIS IS MY PERCEPTUAL OPINION AND WE ARE ALL ENTITLED TO OUR OPINIONS.

More on Mortal Sins

America and Americans have accepted and embraced mortal sin. Mortal sin is our religion in our country and these sins make up the eight pillars of our faith. Let us look at these eight pillars of faith.

  1. Hatred is a mortal sin.
  2. Murders are mortal sins.
  3. Torture is a mortal sin.
  4. War crimes are mortal sins.
  5. Corruption is a mortal sin.
  6. Decadence is a mortal sin.
  7. Greed is a mortal sin.
  8. Lies are mortal sins.

America is a nation inundated with mortal sins. Mortal sins are damning our devil incarnate nation.

I was watching TV Ontario and the program highlighted a checklist for mental disorders. This mental disorder checklist applies to people as well.

Here is the checklist.

1. Callousness toward people

2. Impersonal relationships with people

3. Disregard for the safety of others

4. Deceitfulness

5. Incapacity to experience guilt

6. Failure to comply toward social norms to benefit people

This checklist displays a psychopathic mental disorder.

Here is my mini formula for justice and peace in the world.

Read Matthew 25:31-46! When you do it to the least of my brethren, you do it for me.

Read Matthew 5:1-12! The beatitudes!

Read Luke 10:25-37! Who is my neighbor?

Read Luke 12:13-21! These verses warn us against greed.

Read the Psalms in the Bible because they offer us hope.

Love the poor and your life will be filled with sunlight and you will not fear the hour of death. - St. Vincent DePaul, the first social worker

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. – Mother Teresa

St. Ambrose says, “I shall pass this way but once, any good that I can do let me do it now, because I shall not pass this way again.”

We must practice the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.”

We must also follow and practice the Eleventh Commandment that Jesus gave to you and me at the Last Supper. “Love one another as I have loved you.”

The Republicans have their swagger back that says to me they can do any thing they want because they have mastered the art of rigging our electronic voting machines to the point they will never again lose an election and they will keep their power forever.

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berts101 12 years 2 weeks ago

Thom, I think you are missing the boat by not stressing that the great majority of laws, rules and regulations are "written in blood". That means that someone was hurt and the regulations etc. were enacted because someone got hurt. Whither it was financial, injurous, or even deadly. My wife was the chief nurse at a small facility for (as they worded it then) severely and profoundly retarded persons and they started without any rules, then several poeple abused the facility by such things as bringing thier laundry to work and do it using the facilities washers, soap, energy and water. thus rules became necessary and the rule book came into existance and grew.

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pahrumplife 12 years 2 weeks ago

I see that much of the writing on the wall yet assumes and believes that we still have fair elections in the USA or doesn’t believe that we don’t have fair elections. Can one assume that Governor Walker was fairly and truly elected with or without effective ads? Can one assume that presidents Bush or Obama were fairly and truly elected? Can one assume that we are not being manipulated by powers for special interests? Level the playing field first by working to create and by achieving fair and true elections and then talk about getting things accomplished by elections. The voting machines must disappear or votes, perhaps yours, - no matter how morally competent - may continue to disappear and be cast for a person you don’t want to win in the election; and you won’t be able to prove it. Wouldn’t it be a sin to know that our elections can and have been rigged with voting machines and then bare false witness by spreading false hope and faith in elections?

Again please read:

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