They’re all like Robin Hoods for the super rich – steal from the poor – give to millionaires and billionaires!!

Republican Governors need to get their priorities straight. In 3 states across the country – Maine, Ohio, and New Jersey – Republican Governors are throwing the middle-class under the bus and putting some of the wealthiest people in their states right behind the driver’s wheel. In Maine – Republican Governor Paul LePage is proposing a cut to the state’s estate tax – a tax that ONLY affects millionaires and billionaires. In fact – his tax cut ONLY affects about 400 millionaires. On the other hand – LePage is also pushing a plan to RAISE the property tax for average working class families. That’s right – a tax cut for millionaires – a tax hike for everyone else.

In Ohio – Kasich is trying to pass a similar estate tax cut for millionaires while at the same time cutting critical government programs for schools, nursing homes, food banks, and children’s hospitals. That’s right – cuts to children’s hospitals to pay for millionaire welfare! And in New Jersey – Chris Christie is knocking down his state’s estate taxes too while cutting assistance to poor and middle class families. It should also be noted that a New Jersey judge ruled yesterday that Christie’s education cuts are unconstitutional - and that Christie is failing at his constitutional obligation to educate the children within his state.

Are these guys serious?!

In 1986 – Ronald Reagan became the first President in the history of this nation to cut taxes for the super rich while at the same time raising taxes for the poor. And these Governors - who probably have a shrine to Reagan built in their mansions - are doing the same thing.

They’re all like Robin Hoods for the super rich – steal from the poor – give to millionaires and billionaires.

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