Walker has pledged to layoff 2000 teachers if Senators don't return - will his divide & conquer strategy work?

Even though his union-busting agenda has stalled thanks to AWOL Democratic state senators – Governor Walker in Wisconsin is unveiling his 2-year budget proposal today – and guess what? It targets teachers. Walker is proposing a $900 million cut to education – and more than 2,000 teachers have received layoff notices as a result. And - Walker is also pledging more layoffs this week if senators don’t return to pass his “budget repair” proposal by today. Basically – Walker is telling his government workers they must accept losing their collective bargaining rights – or be fired. Now – one of the nation’s largest labor unions – AFSCME – has filed a labor complaint against Governor Walker alleging that he has violated fair labor practices with his unwillingness to negotiate with workers over their basic rights. And in more bad news for Walker – a New York Times/CBS poll shows that 60% of the country opposes Walker’s plan to limit collective bargaining rights – and in another poll among Wisconsinites – 52% of respondents said they wouldn’t vote for Walker if the gubernatorial election were held again today. President Obama finally waded into the Wisconsin waters saying yesterday, “I don’t think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated or vilified or their rights are infringed upon.” But this is the GOP strategy in America today – divide and conquer. Republicans want to turn the middle-class against each other so they can pursue their radical agenda without obstruction – and we can’t let them succeed.

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