Who’s screwed? All of us who don’t want to be poisoned!

Who’s screwed? All of us who don’t want to be poisoned! Republicans are trying to defund an online database set to launch in a few weeks that would make public safety complains against companies available for the public to view. Republicans argue the database will lead to companies having to pay to fight lawsuits. Currently – complaints are kept secret. On top of that – Republicans are working to stamp out new safety regulations that stop toxic products from being brought in from overseas – claiming these new regulations cut into the profits for their CEO buddies.

Do these guys have amnesia?

Remember the more than 80 American who died from the blood thinner Heparin – which was manufactured in a pig farm in China and contained lethal chemicals? Or the 3,600 dogs and cats that died because their pet food – also made in China - contained the poisonous chemical melamine. Or the 25 million children’s toys found in American stores that were laced with illegally high levels of lead. Toys that were manufactured in…you guessed it…China! Or how about the 450,000 faulty tires we bought FROM CHINA that could have killed American drivers? The lessons are pretty obvious here – maybe we should stop buying from China and start building stuff in America again.

Is that too much to ask from our bought-and-paid-for politicians and greedy CEOs?? Apparently?

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