7 tons of Radioactive Waste is Flowing into the Ocean Every Hour at Fukushima

In Japan – officials estimate that 7 tons of radioactive waste is flowing into the ocean every hour at the crippled Daiichi nuclear facility. The source of the leaking waste appears to be reactor 2. Attempts to clog the leak with cement have failed – and new attempts to plug the hole with a “junk-shot” of saw dust – chemicals, and shredded newspaper doesn’t appear to be working either.

Officials have now put a timeframe on containing the situation, saying it could take several months for the plant’s cooling systems to come back online and for the radiation to be contained.

Of course – that would just be a first step. It will then take hundreds of thousands of years for the mess caused by the use of nuclear power to decay to safety.


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Nota Doormat 12 years 9 weeks ago

If 7 tons fo radiation /hour is allowed to flow into the ocean until the situation is contained, won't that irradiate a HUGE portion of the Pacific? Will fish be off limits as a food supply? Oh Momma, could this really be the end?

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j.sea 12 years 9 weeks ago

Beyond Nuclear Petition

Here is the link to sign the petition sponsored by Beyond Nuclear to President Obama asking that we as a nation turn away from a nuclear future (non-future) -- and GO GREEN NOW!


Go go to the website: Beyond Nuclear

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Bruce Leeroy 12 years 9 weeks ago

Radiation Found In San Francisco, CA "Tap" Water — Rainwater Radiation 18,100% Above Drinking Water Limit:


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pahrumplife 12 years 9 weeks ago

Why do the powers that be, who without foresight or fail-safes, and who put Nuclear Power plants in the way of nature, blame their plight on an act of God. Instead of seeing the “natural disaster” as the guiding hand of god they blame god for the calamity of a breaching uncontainable nuclear plant. Is it arrogance? Do they know what they do in their greediness; can they possibly believe they know it all, that nuclear power is safe?

Clovis people were killing mastodons only 16 thousand years ago. Humans can’t even safely guard uranium tailings for one hundred years; how can they be trusted with guarding plutonium for 250,000 years?

They know better and still they know not what they do. Why do we get mad at them? They’re killing us.

As humans over hundreds of thousands of years we have learned what to eat and what not to eat. Our air today is not fit to consume. Our vegetables and fruits and grains, our fish and meat, today are not fit to consume. What has happened to our sacred tribe? What will happen to our sacred tribe?

Right now we need some superman ideas and rescue help, and quick. How do you stop the tons of radioactive waste from continuing to flow into the ocean water? Have you asked all the scientists in the world? What would Steven Hawking do? What would current child prodigies do? What would the Rain Man do? Has anyone asked Dustin Hoffman? Everyone should get involved with this.

The best way to snuff a fireplace conventional earthly, (non-celestial type) fire is to smother it with ash. Would igneous rock dust (lava sand) help to clog the breach until an answer is found? Why can we not contain it temporarily in present nuclear waste containers? Anybody got any ideas? Think tank!

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Berry 12 years 9 weeks ago

The Defects from these plants and the use of nuclear are incalculable > Long period of time~ Could the designs of nukes plants, bomb testing be called crimes against humanity, Are we being deprive of our lives? This is the most expensive energy power one has ever seen. Who says it cheap affordable energy. HA! Shut down all nuke plants Bring all troops home and give up all foreign military bases and stop the war pollution and lets clean up the planet .

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j.sea 12 years 9 weeks ago

"No Immediate Danger" -------

Go to the folowing sites to see the Children of Chernobyl



• Plutonium is the most toxic nuclear element that man has produced; it does not exist in nature except as a result of a nuclear reaction. The body recognizes plutonium as it would iron thus it is absorbed into the red blood cells and muscles. It may cause blood disorders, leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and other forms of cancer.
• Caesium 137 behaves as potassium and is incorporated into rapidly growing cells throughout the body. Heavy concentrations may lead to gastrointestinal and blood problems.
• Iodine 131 is concentrated in the thyroid gland especially during periods of rapid growth. Radioactive iodine is responsible for the marked increase in cancer of the thyroid that has been seen in children.
• Strontium 90 is similar to calcium and becomes part of the bone structure. Types of bone and bone marrow cancers may be the result.


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making progress 12 years 9 weeks ago

The phrase consent of the governed has been turned into a cruel joke. There is no way to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs. Civil disobedience is the only tool we have left. - Chris Hedges


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making progress 12 years 9 weeks ago

We don’t need leaders. We don’t need directives from above. We don’t need formal organizations. We don’t need to waste our time appealing to the Democratic Party or writing letters to the editor. We don’t need more diatribes on the Internet. We need to physically get into the public square and create a mass movement. We need you and a few of your neighbors to begin it. We need you to walk down to your Bank of America branch and protest. We need you to come to Union Square. And once you do that you begin to create a force these elites always desperately try to snuff out—resistance. - Chris Hedges


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Karen Wiesner 12 years 9 weeks ago

Perhaps I'm being somewhat dense here, but wouldn't the utilization of lead be far more efficacious???

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David Abbot 12 years 9 weeks ago

Here is a completely fool-proof (pun intended) way to make sure that all nuclear plants are absolutely safe: everyone who is above middle management at the nuclear plant, including ALL of the top officers and every member of the boards of directors of the corporations that own the power plants, has to live downwind and within a quarter mile of both the power plant and the spent fuel, as in, it is their ONLY residence, and they HAVE to stay there at least 16 hours a day on at least 300 days a year, and their residence on each of those days has to be verified and logged by environmentally sane witnesses who are against nuclear power.

There would be an instant increase in sloppy workers fired, safety protocols revamped and strictly adhered to, preventive maintenance, rebuilding, and routine, honest testing of air, water, and soil. We would not need to pass or enforce any other laws regarding nuclear power plants. If these measures are unsatisfactory to those lying, thieving morons who could literally destroy the earth's ability to support human life, maybe they should start building wind, solar, geothermal, and other safe power plants.

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reasonjr 12 years 9 weeks ago

Seriously? What can be done? Well the answer is quite clear and absolutely effective. This idea would save Americans billions of dollars and would assure Japan a complete and utter stopping of their radiation leak. Instead of trying to stop the leak with a "junk shot" of saw dust, chemicals, shredded paper or cement, line up all of the Republican Senators in America. . . They will stop anything!

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Vahid 12 years 9 weeks ago

A month before the big oil spill Obama said drill, baby, drill. A few months ago Obama started telling us we need more nuclear plants, now this. You think maybe someone up there is trying to tell our President something?

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Vahid 12 years 9 weeks ago

Well said!

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LeMoyne 12 years 9 weeks ago

Excellent points above, particularly the Clovis point (pun intended) and the naturally motivated on-site management idea. Here's my take ...

The 7 tons an hour figure describes the flow through the crack in the top of a shaft east of the Unit 2 turbine building. Making the reasonable assumption that the poisoned water flowing into the ocean is the same as the water in the turbine building basement and the water in the shaft at the other end of the building, there are several radioactivity measurements for that water. The 'same water' assumption is also weakly supported by the same above-the-surface radioactivity measurement of 1 Sievert per hour [Sv/hr] in all three places.
The radioactivity in Unit 2 turbine basement was given on 3/27 as 13,000,000 or 1.3e7 Bq/cc, where Bq abbreviates the Becquerel, the count of ionizing events per second and cc = cubic centimeter.
A flow of 7 tons per hour >~ 7,000 kg/hr = 7,000 liters/hr ~ 2 liters/s or ~ 2,000 cc/s, where units are: kg = kilogram, hr = hour, s = second.
After a little calculation the rate is: [7,000,000 cc/hr][ 1.3e7 Bq/cc ] = 9.1e13 Bq/hr or [2,000 cc/s][ 1.3e7 Bq/cc ] = 2.6e10 Bq/s
Therefore, I-131 activity dumped in the sea by just this one leak is 9.1e13 Bq/hr = 91,000,000,000,000 Becquerels per hour
To put that in scale the release of I-131 from Chernobyl was 1.8e18 Bq total = 1,800,000,000,000,000,000 Becquerels CTBTO estimated total.
So, this one leak pouring directly into the sea represents 5e-5 or about 0.005% of Chernobyl's I-131 every hour.

In a couple weeks (~300 hours), at a figure of 0.005% per hour, just this one leak at Dai-Ichi will quietly spit out 1.5% of a level 7 nuclear disaster's worth of I-131 right into the sea. It is possible that a greater quantity of radioactivity has flowed out through the discharge canals that carry the surface run-off from Units 1 through 4 than has poured into the sea through this one crack. The I-131 levels that went 12x, 18x and 40+x late last week were measured a half kilometer south of that discharge point. Add in the next few weeks and one can easily see fractions of Chernobyl's I-131 that look like 1/4th or one-half as liquid effluent into the sea over a couple months. And this is besides all the airborne I-131 that mostly rains back into the sea after being sent aloft by explosions, fires and heat as smoke and steam.

Fukushima Dai-Ichi is a level 7 disaster for the North Pacific.

As to solutions for making the radiotoxic solution not pour into the sea: TEPCO can not even dump it on the ground and let the earth filter it because it is too toxic. If there is too much and it pools up, the workers can't work near it. If it drains and filters down through the soil the earth will likely become even more radiotoxic than the original water. At 1 Seivert per hour near the water, the waste being dumped is truly deadly. The LD50 for exposure to 1 Sv/hr is 6 hours, meaning half the people exposed to this water for six hours in a day will die.
The fact that they are already dumping waste water with a lower level of radioactivity into the ocean to make room for this high level waste from the basements and tunnels says that TEPCO has run out of tank space. They are bringing in a huge empty aquarium barge (and presumably more miles of firehose) but the waste is flowing into the ocean now. The cement and junk shot attempts have failed. If they really do plug the leak it may well spill over the top of the shaft and then either contaminate the area around the shaft (driving the workers away) or just go right back to flowing into the ocean again.
When they run out of tank space again, that's it - liquid waste will go into the ocean. Without the regular circulation system, they pump many tons of water into the reactors and the leaky fuel pools every day. The restoration of the normal coolant circulation requires that this water be both removed and kept out of the turbine building basements and kept much lower in the tunnels under them. They currently have to pump out the basement drains of the stable Units 5 and 6 which have subsurface low level radioactive seepage overfilling the sump and threatening equipment - this is going straight in the ocean. TEPCO may already be approaching the point where they have to dump the tons of high level waste into the sea just to be able to work on these terminal nukes.
The myth of the nuclear power industry maintaining near perfect control of radioactivity has devolved towards dumping high-level waste into the ocean because otherwise the failed-over nuclear plant would become so radiotoxic that one day's work there would be fatal. Yet another layer in the multi-layer SNAFU of nuclear power.

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Berry 12 years 9 weeks ago

Seven Tons very hour and don't forget about the bombs going off in these wars. Just think of the dust floating around to add, x-rays to your teeth, microwaves , phones. who knows what these satellites can do and Navigators, neclear subs, plants wide spread. What about the upper atmosphere flying in a airplane, through clouds will you be exposesd ? Perhaps some day science will learn to tranmute radio atoms into no-radio atoms, "Not today. For now its Electrocution style! Shut all nukes them down, Stop the war pollutions and lets live together to generate healthy people and a healthy planet.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 12 years 9 weeks ago

Scientists should be put in control. These are the people who knew from day 1 what was likely to occur. The site should have enacted containment and dismantling procedures immediately. That is what the consulting scientists would have advised, but as usual they were ignored by The Board of Directors. That is the way of the destruction of the world.

The TEPCO Board of Directors is part of The Carlyle Group Pacific Rim Holdings. There can be no doubt that as heavily embroiled in Japan as Pepsico, Disney and Carlyle are, that Tokyo Disney is one way or another a major stockholder in TEPCO.


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Newarkitecture 12 years 9 weeks ago

I'm not an engineer or a scientist, but it seems to me that if the plants are leaking radiated water from multiple points, & the"junk shots" aren't stopping the plumes from spreading into sea water (I'm having a weird Deja vu moment aka BP) the thing to do is contain the spill with a massive retention wall. Drive pilings into the sea bed some distance from shore, then make a wall between them with stacked horizontal rails. They do this all the time for high-rise foundations. Then line the inside of the wall with something watertight and start filling it up with sand to absorb the contaminated water until they can get this thing under control. Then later they can figure out how to encase it permanently. But as long as they just let it wash out to sea....nevermind.

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sal678 12 years 9 weeks ago

It is absolutely amazing what people will do to their own children for money ! Don't they get it ? Their is no other place to go ! We are all in it together !

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