Today – America has wealth inequality levels higher than at any other time since right before the Great Depression. In other words – the rich have a lot more money than everyone else. The problem is – most Americans have no idea just how unequal this nation is. Looking at a new study out of Duke and Harvard Universities – the vast majority of Americans incorrectly guessed that the top 20% of richest Americans own roughly 60% of the wealth – the real figure is that they own more like 84% of the wealth.

And when respondents were asked how much wealth the top 20% SHOULD own – 92% of respondents turned out to be complete SOCIALISTS – preferring a wealth distribution like Sweden where the top 20% only own 36% of the wealth. Again, that’s 92% of respondents preferring a Swedish economic model to the American model. So why is it that Republicans refuse to budge on raising taxes for millionaires and billionaires just a few points to 38% - whereas in Sweden – the top income tax rate is 56%?

Americans have been duped for too long by the Republican Party – and today – the truth about wealth inequality in America is becoming so glaringly painful that it can’t be ignored any longer.

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