America’s so-called “job creators” have fired 2.9 million workers since 2001 – then hired more than 2.4 million workers overseas

Who’s screwed? The American worker. Our economy is infected with joblessness – yet America’s so-called “job creators” – some of the biggest corporations in the country – aren’t putting Americans back to work. Instead, they're putting Chinese and Mexicans to work. According to a new report by the Wall Street Journal – corporate giants: General Electric – Caterpillar – Microsoft – Wal-Mart – Chevron – Cisco – Intel – Stanley Works – Merck – United Technologies – and Oracle…all American corporations – have fired 2.9 million American workers since 2001 – then hired more than 2.4 million workers overseas.

This isn’t a coincidence – these guys actually have an annual conference about how to outsource American jobs more efficiently. Like in 2009 – when American corporations gathered together for the 2009 Strategic Outsourcing Conference – where 57% of executives there bragged that since the Great Bush Recession – they’ve increased the number of American jobs they’re shipping overseas. So here we have so-called American corporations – that are paying hardly any American taxes – and hiring hardly any American workers.

I think there’s a suitable word to describe some of these CEOs who are turning their backs on our country in its time of need…traitors.

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