Daily Topics - Tuesday April 12th, 2011

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Watch the TRUE Story of the Tea Party here!

Hour One: Billionaires are rewriting the history and the reality of America

Hour Two: We should forbid men from voting for 10 years...only women should vote - Romina Boccia, The Independent Women's Forum

Hour Three: Fukushima...worse than Chernobyl - Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear / Plus, Three Mile Island...the real story - Mary Stamos, survivor


tlsen9@gmail.com's picture
tlsen9@gmail.com 9 years 6 weeks ago

The clip that Thom played at the beginning of today's show ...of the "presentation/seminar" that teaches people how to rewrite information on the internet. Does anyone have a link to that online? Please post it if they have the link. Thanks!

DancinDave's picture
DancinDave 9 years 6 weeks ago

I second that! I would love to share that nice clip with friends.

tlsen9@gmail.com's picture
tlsen9@gmail.com 9 years 6 weeks ago

Shawn Taylor: maybe you have a link to that clip??

mathboy's picture
mathboy 9 years 6 weeks ago

Romina Boccia seems so much more humble than Carrie Lukas. it's nice to hear a conversation between two people that listen.

The idea of not letting men vote because they're the ones that fight in wars is analogous to not letting members of Congress vote for war if they do have a child that would fight in it. Whereas people usually get upset when members of Congress get to keep their kids out of the fighting.

Everyone gets to vote because everyone suffers the consequences of government policy.

Maxrot's picture
Maxrot 9 years 6 weeks ago

Thom, the only reason why men are responsible for so much death and destruction is because they are in charge. If women were in charge, don't thing the machinations of the state would move significantly differently... after all was not Queen Elizabeth a woman, Catherine the Great, Bloody Mary, Marget Thatcher... no I don't think history as provided you with a clean slate as far as women are concerned. It isn't the gender that make the leader dangerous, its the distance power affords the culprits. Its easy to order someone's demise from a distance, easily done by someone else, and easily put on someone else's conscience.

There have been compasionate leaders, of both sexes and tyrants of both genders, don't fall into the sexist trap, even if you're trying to compliment gender that isn't yours.


WeThePeople2012 9 years 6 weeks ago

Here you go... "Training Tea Party Activists in Guerilla Internet Tactics - BUSTED!" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGB8Uuffi4M)

ventg4fun's picture
ventg4fun 9 years 6 weeks ago

Thom, I love your show and agree with you most of the time, but disagree with your opinion on the last topic with your previous caller (guest??)... It's our choice to have or not to have and raise children. I don't think the government should pay for that, directly or indirectly... If parents need help, as with a safety net of income to get back on their feet after a job loss or because of disabilities, fine. And as far as not letting men vote, c'mon... I think that was snark on your part, you can't be serious... But if you are, wtf?? I DO agree with the total equality for women though, including equal pay for equal work, etc. and that those policies should be strictly enforced.

tlsen9@gmail.com's picture
tlsen9@gmail.com 9 years 6 weeks ago

Thank you thank you!

j.sea's picture
j.sea 9 years 6 weeks ago

There were demonstrations all week at Olympia I hear

j.sea's picture
j.sea 9 years 6 weeks ago

The rally in Olympia on Friday was fantastic! Huge turnout -- cross spectrum....
Lots of folks from all over the state -- Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma --
Hey 1090 AM Seattle -- you're the best!

Maxrot's picture
Maxrot 9 years 6 weeks ago

Thom it really sounds like the you're trip to Europe has really opened your eyes to the inequality here in 'Merica. Your patience with the right has really seemed to reach its limit, and I say GOOD ON YA!

Keep giving those righties shots of testy Thom. I don't think I've ever heard you cut off so many wing-nuts in mid sentance or cut them off the air. Its refreshing to hear you cut off their inane chatter, it really is... I'm really going to enjoy your show while this new found attitude of yours lasts.

We should send you to Europe more often.


mathboy's picture
mathboy 9 years 6 weeks ago

(My proposed) Twenty-Eighth Amendment

Section 1. The twenty-third article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.

Section 2. All territory ceded by a state to the District constituting the seat of Government of the United States shall be considered part of such state for the apportionment and districting of Representatives in Congress, and the election of Representatives, Senators and electors for President and Vice President, but for no other purpose.

Section 3. This amendment shall take effect at the next apportionment of Representatives following the ratification hereof.

Maxrot's picture
Maxrot 9 years 6 weeks ago

Fukushima at 7 and climbing. A few weeks ago experts were swearing that Fukushima couldn't possibly get as bad as Chernobyl. So the next nuclear accident we have, on the scale of 1 to 9, the experts will swear it can't possibly get as bad as Fukushima. There is no catastrophe big enough that can be spun as "not so bad".


Maxrot's picture
Maxrot 9 years 6 weeks ago

BTW is the term "a partial meltdown" equivalent to the term "a little bit pregnant". It's either is or isn't.


j.sea's picture
j.sea 9 years 6 weeks ago

"No Immediate Danger......."

Go to the following sites to see the Children of Chernobyl. THIS IS THE DANGER ---- TO ALL LIFE ----- OF ALL NUCLEAR RECKELESS ADVENTURES ---- WE ARE COMMITTING HUBRIS:



j.sea's picture
j.sea 9 years 6 weeks ago

From the Department of Energy:


What long-term effects can radiation have?

....The effect of the radiation may not be to kill the cell, but to alter its DNA code in a way that leaves the cell alive but with an error in the DNA blueprint. The effect of this mutation will depend on the nature of the error and when it is read. Since this is a random process, such effects are now called stochastic.[100] Two important stochastic effects of radiation are cancer, which results from mutations in nongerm cells (termed somatic cells), and heritable changes, which result from mutations in germ cells (eggs and sperm).....

....Radiation may alter the DNA within any cell. Cell damage and death that result from mutations in somatic cells occur only in the organism in which the mutation occurred and are therefore termed somatic or nonheritable effects. Cancer is the most notable long-term somatic effect. In contrast, mutations that occur in germ cells (sperm and ova) can be transmitted to future generations and are therefore called genetic or heritable effects. Genetic effects may not appear until many generations later. The genetic effects of radiation were first demonstrated in fruit flies in the 1920s.

Like cancers, the genetic effects of radiation are impossible to distinguish from mutations due to other causes. Today at least 1,300 diseases are known to be caused by a mutation.


idiut 9 years 6 weeks ago

What Would You Call It?

I'm no fan of a flat tax. I will describe a plan that uses a flat tax only for a reference point.

If you researched and researched to come up with a "total cost of everything" for the next 40 years and divided that by the number of all income earners, present and future, you could come up with a flat tax rate for the next 40 years, which would bring us out of debt in 40 years.

What I mean by "total cost of everthing" is the national debt, the cost for all health care, environmental control costs, military, infrastructure, alternate fuel energy research and adaptation, education, IRS, police, fire, prisons, courts and everything else government provides.

If you found the "center of income", present and future, indexed annually, which is a point at which all income above that point is equal to all the income below that point, and apply the flat tax rate there at that point, and rotated the flat tax line at that point until all "livable income" earners pay zero tax, and from there all other income earners would pay an ever-increasing rate of tax, you could accomplish the same thing as if all income earners paid the same flat tax rate. You would be out of debt in 40 years, exactly the same result.

We could stop arguing day after day about tax rates, and be free to use our infrastructure, education, talents and ambition to make our lives and our children's lives better. No one would lobby Congress for tax breaks, because the tax rate would stay the same, and only income earners (natural persons) would be taxed, and only U.S. citizens could operate a business here.

I think if we did this, our generation would take over the title of "The Greatest Generation". Our plan would be called "The Greatest Change".

But what would you call it?

ventg4fun's picture
ventg4fun 9 years 6 weeks ago

Wow! I was surprised to hear about IKEA, since they are a Swedish based company.. I wonder how their corporate headquarters feels about this... Are the U.S. stores owned by them or is the brand name franchised here by an unscrupulous American comany?

Global's picture
Global 9 years 6 weeks ago

Does everyone fall into this left - right paradigm? It is the old divide and conquer routine that is being played on the fuedal masses while the real real rich and powerful play the game of world control and domination. They need conflict to press forward with their agenda and manipulate changes. They feed both sides what they want to hear and have them constantly nipping at each other like a bunch of little dogs. The easy one to create is the rich against the poor battle which has been going on for years. The other is racism. The media, both radio and TV thrive on these differences and work it all the time for ratings. Its all about ratings in that world. Turn off the TV and radio and interpret what is going on through other sources. We are being hurded like a bunch of sheep. It is not the millionares that deserve your wrath they have just learned to navigate the system, they did not steal your money and wealth -- it is the few at the very top which would include the Federal reserve and the global banks. Just follow the money to uncover the secrets of how and why things happen. What is the endgame? Can we reverse this tyranny?

zjas 9 years 6 weeks ago

A resounding Thank you for the link! Their attacks cannot escape scrutiny!

zjas 9 years 6 weeks ago

Romina Boccia instantaneously and unequivocally equated "community", consideration for fellow man and (in my opinion) the definition of WeThePeople to "charity" in direct and knee jerk response to Thoms point of a founding principle for inception of America ie: barn builders, etc...

It appears obvious her (sheeple gop mind set) mental capacity is incapable of realizing the contradiction of the chase ethics that she bases what little cognitive synapse scurry about desperate for continuity in her brain and proudly boasts of, but defines her identity by . Isn't it rather, when a human is incapable of consideration for apathy or empathy (equality, humanity or mere opportunity), saving props for deception, hypocrisy or worst mere ignorance, there is a deficit or absence of definition of human.

Since when did consideration for fellow human being, equality and founding principles of this country (no less) equate to "charity!?"

I suggest we petition gop to qualify themselves as human or not, after all, definition of humanity or humane is not ambiguous.


fittobetied, zjas

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