Daily Topics - Wednesday April 13th, 2011

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mathboy's picture
mathboy 9 years 6 weeks ago

Ooh, there's a budget idea. Can we defund the IMF?

Maxrot's picture
Maxrot 9 years 6 weeks ago

FDR claimed that his policies saved capitalism from itself. From his limited perspective of time and the immediate results of his policies, he was correct. But it seems that he only postponed what the robber barons had planned, he put a road block in front of them, but it seems to have only been a temporary set back. Woe unto the citizenry of the US, for in the next decade we will either be improverished or forced into a violent revolution... either way it does not bode well for those of us that will be crushed under the iron heel, then hung on the cross of iron. Of course that will only be 98% of us. Whether we will forge a great new country out of such a crucible is unknown, but in truth, I have no real desire to be tested by that furnace. Our only hope is a true democratic grassroots movement to head off this head on rush to the cliff edge. In Wisconsin we are seeing the stirrings of such a movement, the question is will it be stamped out, or will it spread? I find myself hoping for the latter.


brian a hayes's picture
brian a hayes 9 years 6 weeks ago

great people of history understood dependant origination. the interconnection of all life. Shakyamuni stated the seven principles preventing decline as 1 to value discussion and dialogue 2value cooperation and solidarity 3 to value laws and traditions 4 to respect elders 5 respect children and women 6 respect religion and spirituality 7 to value people of culture and learning, whether they are from your culture or not. to be open to such influences from abroad.

i look at so many people of history from Shakyamuni Dr.king Gandhi Rumi Nichiren Jesus Ikeda Boulding Zinn Tutu and Madela amoung others that lived with the undestanding that we are all in this together

Maxrot's picture
Maxrot 9 years 6 weeks ago

We don't have to have a 2 party system, we're stuck with a 2 party system, and we unfortunately have to vote for the lesser of 2 evils, but we don't have to have a 2 party system.

I don't even want to push for a 3rd party, or to be more precise I don't want to push for only a 3rd party, no I'd like to see a 4th, and a 5th party at the least. Divide, conquer and tame our political leadership... that's the way I see it.


mathboy's picture
mathboy 9 years 6 weeks ago

What about athletes who give credit to God when they win, but blame themselves when they lose? If you follow the logic, either the players have no free will (they are controlled by God), or God has no free will (the players control God), or neither has free will (something controls both God and the players).

mathboy's picture
mathboy 9 years 6 weeks ago

Maxrot, we do kind of have to have a 2-party system, because we have single-member districts. If we had multi-member districts the ability of a minor-party candidate to get elected, instead of just stealing votes from the more agreeable major party, would make extra parties viable.

I would reduce the number of House districts to 250 (so that it's 5 x the number of states, just like the Constitution originally had it), but each district would be represented by 5 votes in the House. Those 5 votes would be given to the candidates proportionately to the popular votes they get (just like a normal proportional representation system, except going by individuals instead of parties).

To be pragmatic, we should probably use a state legislature as a test bed though.

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Namaimo 9 years 6 weeks ago

cla,clap, clap, mathboy.

Here's my contribution (I hope Thom and Louise read it)


Will Americans Risk Death To Vote Trump Out Of Office?

Thom plus logo The contours of Donald Trump's reelection strategy are coming into view. It appears he's trying to get as many people infected as possible in red states and swing states, so by November they will have herd immunity and can go vote.

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