If they can't work this out, what will happen on May 15 when we hit our debt ceiling?

A government shutdown at the end of the week looks all but certain now. Yesterday – a meeting between Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid failed to produce a budget deal. Due to procedural rules in Congress – a deal needed to be reached by last night to allow for a vote before Friday when the government runs out of money.

A new number floating around is $40 billion in cuts – that’s higher than Democrats have been willing to go in previous negotiations – and a possible point of compromise for both parties – though it is still well below the mark that Tea Party Republicans have been calling for. House Republicans have posted a clock on their website counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the government shuts down. Senate Democrats are trying to pass legislation that would cut off the paychecks to Members of Congress and the President if indeed the government does shut down.

Unless a deal can be reached – and be reached very soon – then expect that come Friday night – most bureaucratic services in the federal government to grind to halt. That includes passport approvals, tax returns, new Medicare claims, new Social Security claims, also public parks and museums will be closed, and even trash collection in Washington, DC will cease.

Why are tax increases not on the table?

If they can't work this out, what will happen on May 15 when we hit our debt ceiling and are looking at an actual default?


ajackson652 13 years 11 weeks ago

Senator Sanders is wrong, the Democratic message fails not because of the Republican media machine, it fails because the message itself is flawed. The yet too close to call election between Wisconsin's Supreme Court Justice candidates, JoAnne Klonppenburg and David Prosser should have been a landslide. The liberal campaign works for a well informed, political savvy constituency, not for the majority of any political demography.

Two ads dominated the Madison area airwaves, and I will presume they were the major attraction across the state. “Klonppenburg put an 80 year old farmer in jail” from the Prosser campaign brought no response from the Klonppenburg corner. What impression would any low information voter from rural Wisconsin be left with? And the Klonppenburg knock out punch? “Prosser is just a rubber stamp for Governor Walker”. Everybody knows what Walker stands for…..lowering ‘my’ taxes (who doesn’t want lower taxes) and for creating jobs for the unemployed by making Wisconsin industry more competitive (why should those union workers get paid more than I do?). Klonppenburg’s ‘right’ hook was just the knock out punch Prossor needed.

The anti-Walker demonstrations and Union campaign was about workers “rights”. There is no understanding, even by Wisconsin liberals, that the outcome to make “Wisconsin Industry Competitive”, or any states’ industry competitive, is be competitive with China, Indonesia, India, or Viet Nam. And what wages do they pay? What benefits do they offer? I believe the Progressive movement realizes this. So, when will we get tariffs? The Republican neo-conservative movement will initiate tariffs when they have driven their cost of labor and government down as far as possible. And who will benefit from this new movement to protect America’s Industry? Labor?

If Klonppenburg loses, it was because the intellectual’s running Wisconsin’s may have a good message, but not for low information voters. The Republican’s have figured it out. They understand who listens to Fox…just look at those Bud Light commercials. Listen to Thom Hartman debating with a neo-con. Logic? .....Facts? .....Economics? .....History? ...... I remember one Young Republican; she changed the subject 3 times before Thom Democratic Party don’t understand that “Madison is 25 square miles surrounded by Reality”.....Ditto Washington D.C.

iamfreespirited's picture
iamfreespirited 13 years 11 weeks ago

Surprise, Surprise a GOP led government shutdown just in time for tax day! That's their Magnum Opus and their Waterloo. Just figures, they're always so Orwellian.

Neuro1's picture
Neuro1 13 years 11 weeks ago

Après Moi Le Deluge, Louis XV of France before the revolution

So seniors….. let’s see how long you can survive without social security (which is not bankrupt by the way), medicare, medicade and health insurance, you are about to be raped and it is all going to be taken away from you by the whores, parasites, psychopaths, corporations, and repignicans. But you in your infinite stupidity and laziness decided to elect them. You drank the kool aid. Of all the industrialized nations American is no shining beacon. It is a backward, ignorant, destructive, corrupt, bankrupt, inept, and incompetent country; you can’t run a country with those kinds of people in charge. So, wake up and let the scales fall from your eyes, stop the self-delusion. What are you going to do about it?

slamper's picture
slamper 13 years 11 weeks ago

I believe the republican strategy is to close government and hit our debt ceiling, then they will blame it on Obama and say he cant get anything done.

DRUMMER's picture
DRUMMER 13 years 11 weeks ago

All the Republic behaviors begin to make sense when you remember that their goal is to defeat Obama, nothing else. They are trying to accomplish this by NEVER allowing anything successful or advantageous to happen during Obama's watch...NOTHING good can be allowed to be attributed to Obama. As a result, they only do what makes nothing or bad things happen. We need to start taking a good look at what the Republics are doing in this regard, because there most certainly must be examples of treason in their behaviors. They don't do what's best for the country, they do what they think is bestfir the 2012 election and their chances of winning in it.

They are traitors who care none for our nation and everything for their party and their party's masters.

David32's picture
David32 13 years 11 weeks ago

In my opinion the lot of them should be tossed out on their ear. These guys(gals) have convinced me that they all failed kindergarten. Debating over 40 billion when they freely spend trillions on the various wars and the banksters is just plain stupid. When will the American voter wake up?


teneraansis's picture
teneraansis 13 years 11 weeks ago

I am writing to you from Canada. Concerning your anticipated U.S. Government possible shut-down I can only say that you Americans are hanging youselves at the end of your own self-manufactured noose when you struck an agreement into law allowing the European-based bankers to set up a "Federal Reserve" for you, irrespective of the fact that Congress has the constitutional authority to create all funds necessary for an orderly exchange of goods and services on the basis of its own power.

Have you forgotten that the element which makes the bond good is the same as the one which makes the Dollar good also? So here you are now, paying the banker (in your case the Federal Reserve) usury for the money you ask him to create by the stroke of a pen, whereas the same funds Congress could legislate into existence WITHOUT the banker as the profiteering middle-man! That is not to say that we here in Canada are any better off than you Americans, however it behooves the people, whether in the States or in this country, to strike out all public debt the same way the banker will write more of it into existence when after Friday he parades up and down the isles of Washington as one who saved the day once again.

reasonjr's picture
reasonjr 13 years 11 weeks ago

If It takes a government shut down to allow John Boehner the time he needs to cry a few tears and drink himself to death, then I'M ALL FOR IT! Moonshine for all of my Republican buddys please.

Illuminatiandsatanism's picture
Illuminatiandsa... 13 years 11 weeks ago

You want to know the truth? I am a disabled combat veteran and I can tell you that those in charge of our country are destorying it.

First of all, we went over to Iraq for oil, exploited the Iraqi people by killing them and seperating them from their families and pushing democracy on them. The Iraqi people are led by their spirtual beliefs, Americans are led by dollar signs. Although this shouldn't come as a surprise look at our history, murdering Native Americans, enslaving African Americans, putting asians in concentration camps, and killing thousands or arabs for no legitimate reason.

Do you really think that our government officials are looking out for the American people? NO WAY! I don't know about them but I have walked the streets of Iraq and seen dead bodies up close and personal. People in America think it's only something that happens in action movies.... I guess Zyklon B was just something Walt Disney pulled out of his magic box of tricks too huh? Wake up people.....the ones who run this world have money and they don't care about us....we are only cattle. Waiting to be mind controlled and used as pawns in a much bigger game. Dont believe in mind control? Check this out....


leighmf's picture
leighmf 13 years 11 weeks ago

There is a big smoking pyramided 50-yr. railroad bond due this May.

Every 5/15/ of every year, the "North American group" (aka the Standard half of BP) oil lease interest turns over, which was originally synchronized to turn over with the interest payments of the Second Liberty Loan Bonds.

The Kryder Liberty Loan Bond interest was never accounted for because it is held in G.H. Walker & Co.'s underground pool with interests of other families which have been pooled since 1902.

In 1960, the Pennsyvania RR first consolidated mortgage became due as did the Central Bank for Agriculture, Berlin; sinking find gold 6s due 7/15/1960. G.H. Walker & Company redeemed Pennsy stock held by Credit Suisse through Lincoln National Bank and Trust Company in Fort Wayne as the RR was slated for bankruptcy in 1970 as soon as the new multi-bank holding companies would be legislated.

5/15/1960 "The large block of leases is in the southwest part of the province. Zapata, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Zapata Canadian Petroleum Corp., secured the acreage in a farmout deal with British American Oil Co."

And from Drew Pearson in 1960, "However, it was Senator Bush who pulled the rug out from under the man who had bucked the big four, Commissioner Connole. Senator Bush's son, G. H. W. Bush, is president of Zapata Oil, which in turn holds various leases from the four Catco companies."

Note:"Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC operates as a securities broker/dealer in the United States and internationally. It provides executions for broker-dealers, banks, and financial institutions. The company was founded in 1960." and

In 1961 the Gary, Indiana corporation MacLennan and Guffin (1919) became MacLennan,Guffin, and Bain, Rose Bain VP, address National Bank of Gary. - Origin of MITT ROMNEY Dough.

("As of December 15, 2008, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC is in liquidation."

NIC 2008-12-31 BAIN CAPITAL LLC located at NEW YORK, NY was established as a Domestic Entity Other. )

7/27/1961 "Two groups of Zapata citizens have announced plans to organize new banks here. This city's only bank, the privately owned Bank of Zapata, closed Juiy 18 and has been placed in receivership."

1961 West India Fruit and Steamship Company, Norfolk, Virgina, continued to receive exports in unmarked trucks from Cuba at West Palm Beach Port

1961 Norfolk Terminal Ry 1st. mtg.due;

Murchison Brothers Dallas wrested control of Alleghany from F.W. Kirby in proxy fight; 1st mtg $22,500,000 given by FEC to Barnett Bank (BA) and 2nd Mtg of same amt to Manufacturer's Hanover Trust;

Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York created with NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES 1/05/1961 5101 UNRUH ST PHILADELPHIA Pennsylvania.

A multi-bank merger: 5/15/1969, Loaded with Kryder Real Estate: SUMMIT BANK: ONE SUMMIT SQUARE , FORT WAYNE, IN 46802: Status: Merged Creation : 05/15/1969 Inactive : 04/16/1993 (in 1984 Summit Bank was a merger of Anthony Wayne Bank, 215 East Berry Street, and People's Trust,Trustee of record for Waynedale 1)

So what will happen on May 15? G.H. Walker & Co. could become the transfer agent for a number of chips and take the final steps in returning the Federal Reserve to the Queen and her rellies in Liechtenstein since most of the plan has been so neatly accomplished anyway.

Then, in return for casino favors, Donald Trump will be elected our next President.


edmondsjh 13 years 11 weeks ago

I can't vote for anyone again. Democrats remain civilized and attempt to engage a civilized process, while Republicans bully the schoolyard. I don't understand why what's happening is happening. Greed only goes so far. Politeness only goes so far. I can't vote anymore--it doesn't seem to help or matter whether I cast a vote or talk a walk.

edmondsjh 13 years 11 weeks ago

Does anyone realize that corporate profits are demanded by stakeholders/stockholders who are you and your next-door neighbor and the guy down the street? If everyone stopped buying and collecting stock, (or donating the profits therefrom), there would be no need to make such outrageous profits. Let the corporations go overseas, then tax up their wazoos everything they attempt to sell in the U.S. Tax the SOBs. Everyone wants term limitations. Tax the SOBs their fair share, let them kick elected official out of office, and the term limitation is solved, while the fair-share taxes are put in place. Why not?!?

cygnus1's picture
cygnus1 13 years 11 weeks ago

Hello. keep up the excellent work.

Visions have been given to me for quite some time concerning important events. I receive pictures with explanations. This latest one concerned Japan and the Solution. This is for Japanese scientists and their engineers to figure out.

At the base of the diagram which is not on this page, these words were given and written:

"On the base of diagram


Below base: When the tsunami wave hits on both sides it triggers a reaction of an air pocket which implode and then explodes upward directionally like a mushroom atomic bomb except it is an enormous air pocket which in turn uplifts pyramid city up and over the tsunami waves and suspends it there with the release of little air pockets likened unto the kind which releases the concrete domes into shape within one solidified hour"

We can only hope the Japanese scientists can understand. Everything takes money though, doesn’t it? Makes one think - does it not?

In reference to the above,

this particular vision was given 12:01 am Friday, April 22, 2002 concerning Japan, Tsunami and Tokyo. There is another calamity to come.

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