Republican Hostage Crisis is in the Works

Our economy is screwed. Top Republicans have come forward to say they are more than willing to crash our economy by pushing back a vote on raising the debt ceiling until July. On May 16th – our nation is expected to reach its debt limit – and if no action is taken we could be facing a Greek-style implosion of our economy.

But Republicans feel that if they can push the vote back until July – after we’ve hit that ceiling – they can have more leverage to negotiate away spending that they don’t like – primarily spending that benefits working class people – seniors – women – and children. Treasury officials have come forward to say that any delay in the debt-ceiling vote could have “highly disruptive” effects on our markets.

Looks like another Republican hostage crisis is in the works – They're saying that if we don’t let them throw women – children – and poor people out on the streets – then they’ll blow the economy up.”

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