The “Deathers” over at Fox News who think Bin Laden is still alive…or was frozen – are on their own

Al-Qaeda acknowledged today that their leader is dead. An Internet statement posted on several Islamic militant websites read, “Osama bin Laden, God bless him, ... will not go in vain…We will remain, God willing, a curse chasing the Americans and their agents…their happiness will turn to sadness."

So now it looks like the “deathers” over at Fox News who think Bin Laden is still alive…or was frozen – are on their own. Even Al-Qaeda knows he’s dead.

WATCH: Thom Hartmann: What is Alex Jones Smoking? Bin Laden mission...a fake?!


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Erik300 12 years 3 weeks ago

I heard one general say that he was not a political head of state or a war criminal he was legally an "enemy combatant" and so OK to kill on the spot. They were also afraid he had a bomb strapped to him so a quick death was justifiable. If fact the longer they were in the building the greater the chance they would all be killed by a timed bomb. Rmember who said "Dead or Alive"? Your friend Bush.

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Burty 12 years 3 weeks ago

AN ALTERNATIVE: In the sense that it is being used, I am not a "deather." However, I am surprised that I haven't heard anyone else as cynical as I must be. It makes perfect sense to me that we would be told that Bin Laden was killed and given a muslim burial at sea while, in fact, he (is) under interrogation on a sub somewhere; no issues of jurisdiction, since no one would know he was even alive, much less in deep water on a sub. No issues of increased martyrdom for the same reasons. Personally, if this is the case, I would prefer not to see photos of a mutilated face/head, for if it passed the photoshop test, it could only mean that some other person had suffered for the photo. Also, DNA from a live Bin Laden would serve just as well as from a dead one. Further, if this is the case, it might be something the president would prefer not to know, and so he would have been given an alternate story such as we have been told. This could also account for the messy accounts which conflict with each other.

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gerald 12 years 3 weeks ago

I have been posting, the United States of Mortal Sin, aka the Anti-Christ, but I should really say, The Anti-Christ, aka the United States of Mortal Sin. The reason for the change is the obvious; we are The Anti-Christ.

The Republicans say the political reality is that Medicare cannot be voted upon in the House until they control the WH and the Senate in January, 2013. The Republicans control the Supreme Court and the House. In January, 2013 they will control the WH and the Senate. In 2013 Medicare will be gone forever. In 2014 Social security will be privatized and basically it will be gone forever. The devils in the Anti-Christ have won.

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gerald 12 years 3 weeks ago

What is the cost or price for revenge???

But the Anti-Christ will pay it! Stupidity has no bounds in our country!

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gerald 12 years 3 weeks ago

The destruction of a nation is here. We are a Third World Republic.

Did we open up a can of worms with the killing of OBL?

Corporatism is destroying America!

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DRichards 12 years 3 weeks ago

Re: Did we open up a can of worms?

9-11 has changed us a country, we now have warrantless wiretapping, the Department of Homeland Security, TSA Strip searches, three wars, Guantanamo, torture, and expanded powers granted to the president. Are we in danger of loosing the values that set us apart? Where does it all end?Re: President Orders Bin Laden executed (even if he surrenders)You may say bin Laden did not deserve a trial because of the atrocity that happened on 9-11. Yet, we did have trials for the Nazis who killed the Jews.

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Palindromedary 12 years 3 weeks ago

Al Qaida admitted OBL was dead...even on their own web sites? Maybe...maybe not. It's easier to fake web sites, and content on them, than faking photos. Why even believe that OBL was murdered because alleged Al Qaida web site believe he was? Look at all of the masses of Muslims on TV who seem to be either mourning or outraged by what they believe is the death of OBL. If you would believe the main stream news media's reports that even Al Qaida's own web sites are mourning him then why not believe it just because you see all of those crowds on TV carrying on so?

OBL may very well be dead and that our military (excuse me...special forces...they're "special' you know!) did kill OBL on May 1 but.....because of the way they did it...the changing stories...the dumping the body at sea. Too "convenient"!!!

On the one knows your a dog....or CIA. So be good little kiddies and run along...nothing to hide here! Just believe us and keep voting! Keep believing everything you are told and believing in all those institutions who have been set up by the ruling elite to get you to have faith in them...that they are sympathizing with your plight...and talk the talk...and want you to just keep going to the polls and voting for slick talking tricksters who was proven to have lied before...and will again. Nothing will change unless you all get outraged and question authority. Don't be pushovers! Quit being used!

dianhow 12 years 3 weeks ago

D Libs Cons all types are fine with killing a monster - unarmed or armed- who burned 3000 innocent people alive Are you people for real ? This is long put off justice Bin laden got off way too easy. Fast death NO suffering Good riddance .

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Palindromedary 12 years 3 weeks ago

Here's some things the Obama administration was revealed to have done by Wikileaks before 2011:

The Obama administration worked with Republicans during his first few months in office to protect Bush administration officials facing a criminal investigation overseas for their involvement in establishing policies that some considered torture.

The Secretary of State's (Hillary) office encouraged U.S. diplomats at the United Nations to spy on their counterparts, including collecting data about the U.N. secretary general, his team and foreign diplomats, including credit card account numbers..

U.S. special-operations forces have targeted militants without trial in secret assassination missions, and many more Afghan civilians have been killed by accident than previously reported..

The United States was secretly given permission from Yemen's president to attack the al Qaeda group in his country that later attempted to blow up planes in American air space.

The Obama administration actually helped fuel conflict in Yemen. The U.S. was shipping arms to Saudi Arabia for use in northern Yemen even as it denied any role in the conflict.

And even Wikileaks didn't have to make it clear that Obama was protecting the war criminals from the last Repubican regime for their lying to get us into the war....using lies like WMD and mushroom clouds. Nor was he interested in any kind of new unbiased investigation into the 911 high treason that was committed against the US by the neocon/neoliberal insiders. Obama thought it more important to "just move on" and appoint the same high rolling thieves who helped cause the mess to begin with and give our economic criminals bigger tax breaks and bailouts and continue to pursue the criminal war crimes in the Middle East and the torture and incarceration in America's gulag or concentration camp in Gitmo. Then Obama went on to give away citizen's savings or earnings to the healthScare gangsters, enforcing payments to mafioso-like gangsters whose top CEOs are raking in billions of our bucks by using THEIR "death panels for profit" to make sure they get all the money and we all go to hell....or at least to our deaths.

willcuts 12 years 3 weeks ago

So the Democrats tell lies , And the republicans tell the truth. It is only the seperate religions that we have to rake on FAITH ALONE!

dianhow 12 years 3 weeks ago

palin.? .Who cares if he was armed or not ? . Near weapons or not ? Minute details are not important In the heat of the moment things move very fast. Our very brave Seals made the call. They put their lives on the line not like all the arm chair quartbacks . I thank God we have them and that Obama had the guts to make the decisison to go in.without American deaths- no bombs- and saved the Intel . Fox & followers can keep making fools of themselves demonizing Obama day after day ..but even they know deep down Obama / Seals did a great job ! And Its just killing them !

dianhow 12 years 3 weeks ago

cuts Fact remains : GOP long record from 1981 Reaganomics Bush Cheny Rice Rummy 2008 = Long wars based on lies, fear tactics & huge war profits- 2008 global crash / TARP / unfunded tax cuts- Bush's hidden war debt- gross incompetance by ignoring strong CIA warnings such as one on Aug 6 2001 that Rice read saying ' 'Bin laden determined to hit inside the US' and as CIA 's TENET told Bush Cheny Rice Rummy 2 months before 9 / 11 ' ALL lights are flashing RED predicting an Al Quada attack ! Both were blown off. DEMS record = Clinton balanced the budget - left a huge surplus - Obama's record now speaks for itself Not bad Mr President for 2 1/4 yrs after the global crash TARP- edge of depression / daily demonizing by GOP- Baggers / Fox & loyal followers. plus 800 con toxic talk radio shows spewing the same trash every single day Hoping Obama fails - trying to cause his Waterloo !

dianhow 12 years 3 weeks ago


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Palindromedary 12 years 3 weeks ago

I am not a Fox viewer...I detest them and consider them to be traitors to our country who constantly spout inane drivel and lying propaganda. I have not watched Fox for so long I don't even remember ever having watched it. I suppose I did occasionally many years before 911 and can hardly help but get very rare snippets when I watch Internet Cafe and even avoid watching those particular Fox videos even though they are held up to show their idiocy. I am a Democrat who voted for Obama and had high hopes and believed that he would work to change the terrible damage that the Republicants had done during the Bush years and previously. I thought they hit a real low in disgusting behavior when they went after Clinton for the Monica scandal. I believe that Reagan was a real sellout to his original ideals that made him great in the first place being merely an addle-brained idiot puppet on a stick for the wealthy ruling elites when he became Governor of California then President. I really hate the Blue dog Democrats for being such...well, Republicans in Democrat's clothing. There should be a law against that kind of misrepresentation.

But, I am not going to put my mind in "stupid" after seeing the "actions" of Obama that was treasonous to his promises of "change we can believe in". He sold us out. And you don't vote for the guy who "sold us out"! He is worse than our Republican enemies because he is a Republican in Democrat's clothes. He is a Blue Dog president....on second thought he is worse than Blue Dog Democrats because at least the Blue Dog Democrats made it quite clear what they stood for. Obama is a turn-coat to the ideals he said he stood for when he wanted us all to vote for him. I'd rather have an enemy in front of me so I know who he is, and where he is, and not some slippery pretender stabbing me in the back because I trusted him. The ruling elite controls both Republicans and Democrats and they are using a good-cop/bad-cop psychology against us. They use the Republicans (the bad-cop) to make quick and abrupt changes in their favor and then use the Democrats as a faux good-cop as a kind of pressure relief valve to keep the people from blowing a lid and rebelling. The Democrats are a bait-and-switch tactic...promising one thing then slipping in what the ruling elite really want anyway. The Democrat Party is a tool used by the ruling elite to defuse an explosive pissed off population with a really cheapo trick of hope. Give them hope and you can heard them into box cars and through the Arbeit Macht Frei gates and eventually into the gas chambers.

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Palindromedary 12 years 3 weeks ago

What would get me to vote for Obama again?

If he went after those Wall Street crooks and banksters and throw the cockroaches in jail and get their booty returned to the people. After all, isn't that what Hillary is trying to do in Italy with Khadafi's booty?..return it to the Libians? Why can't they do that here?

If Obama stopped appointing ruling elite criminals to high and powerful positions and put more progressive people in.

Pull the troops out of the Middle East as we have no business...and not any credible excuses (nor did we ever) for being there.

Stop blaming and punishing whistleblowers. Obama should be praising them for keeping the system honest. When you condemn and punish whistleblowers you are just admitting that you are protecting the guilty and you become part of the problem and just as guilty.

Reverse the fascist policies of suppression and oppression of American citizens through the disgusting policies and actions that are falsely claiming to be protecting us from terrorism. Homeland Security and the Patriot Act and any similar policies take away our freedoms. I am not at all comfortable with the fact that we have a President that has powers that allow him to go anywhere, do anything including murder people and including abduct, torture, or kill even American citizens. I am not comfortable with the ever increasing we all know usually has nothing to do with real security but more with hiding embarrassing facts about the government or military from the American people.

There are many more things that need to be addressed but I'll stop for now. Suffice it to say I highly doubt Obama will do any of these things before election and I highly suspect that he won't do any of these things if he is re-elected. I believe things will only get worse. I believe things are going to get a lot worse no matter whether we have a Democrat or a Republicant in office this next term. The alleged killing of OBL is just another distraction and a ratchet in the cog-wheel of complete slavery of the world bullwhipped into submission by the ruling elite.

dnarnadem 12 years 3 weeks ago

The Republican Paty and Obama Haters = Petty - Envious - Jealous - Flustered - Begrudging - Envying - Jaundiced!

The Right is so flustered right now that they remind me of small spoiled children who are balling at having their favorite toy taken away from them!

But then again, what do you expect from small spoiled children!

dnarnadem 12 years 3 weeks ago

I have a theory - even though we withdraw ALL of our troops out of Afganistan and Iraq, the conspiracy theorists will come out with something like this:

NOT TRUE! The troops you see coming home are not the REAL troops, but replacements sent in to fake a withdrawal! That there are still as many troops in Afganistan and Iraq, only hidden and invisible! That we are still fighting and there is still a war going on.

Any takers??

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Palindromedary 12 years 3 weeks ago

The alleged killing of OBL could very easily be a timely way of riling up people that the administration can say are potential terrorists that may strike back at us for killing OBL. Things were getting rather lame and boring and people were starting to focus their attention more intently on our financial mess.

As Naomi Klein pointed out in her book "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" that the vultures are ready to pounce on any opportunity during a disaster to take advantage and capitalize on the situation. And if natural disasters are not creating the excuse then the vultures create their own the form of order to capitalize on them.

And John Perkin's books (like "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" all show how criminal these cockroaches have been in stealing from, blackmailing, and using jackal hit men to knock off world leaders who wouldn't play the game, and often times, in our early history, as was documented by Smedley Butler's book "War is a Crime"(which only got worse in subsequent years till today) it resulted in having to send in the military.

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Palindromedary 12 years 3 weeks ago

Oh! Quick! Hide under the wife just got home early.
Wife to husband: "Just what the hell do you think you are doing?"
Husband: "Nothing! Your home early!"
Wife: "Don't change the subject...who is that under the covers?"
Husband: "nobody...just a bunch of bunched up blankets...what did you think!?"
Wife: It looks like another woman!"
Husband: (acting hurt) "Don't be silly! I am not interested in other women"
Wife: (ripping off the blankets) "Aha!!! Who is this whore?"
Husband: "Now, now, honey, you have it all isn't what it looks like..! "
Wife: "Oh no? Then explain!"
Husband: "Uh, uh, this is my sister and she just got in exhausted and well, she just fell into tired you know after her trip"
Wife: "I didn't know you had a sister"
Husband: "Uh, uh, yeah she is actually a half sister from my father's side and I just never mentioned her"
Wife: "Then why are you in bed with her?"
Husband: "We used to sleep together when we were little and had this little game that we played and she had mentioned it and well...for old times's really quite innocent."
Wife: (angry) "I'm sorry but just who the hell do you take me for some kind of idiot? You are not fooling me!" "What is her name?"
Husband: "We called her 'the ruling elite' "
No sooner said and the ruling elite rises from the bed and hovers over the both of them and cracks her whip and snaps:
"You are all my bitches now, suckers!!! Now Bow down before me and pay me homage you lowly, gullible creatures. You shall be my slaves forever more! "

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Palindromedary 12 years 3 weeks ago

I know how someone could fake a climax but not a withdrawal.
But I hope you are right about the right being so flustered right now. I wish the fleas of a thousand camels infest all of their armpits forever...hexagonally speaking, that is! So let it be written, so let it be done! Poof! Get out your voodoo dolls, ya all, we're gonna have a party!

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Palindromedary 12 years 3 weeks ago

John Perkins writes that his economic projections cooked the books Enron-style to convince foreign governments to accept billions of dollars of loans from the World Bank and other institutions to build dams, airports, electric grids, and other infrastructure he knew they couldn't afford. The loans were given on condition that construction and engineering contracts went to U.S. companies. Often, the money would simply be transferred from one bank account in Washington, D.C., to another one in New York or San Francisco. The deals were smoothed over with bribes for foreign officials, but it was the taxpayers in the foreign countries who had to pay back the loans. When their governments couldn't do so, as was often the case, the U.S. or its henchmen at the World Bank or International Monetary Fund would step in and essentially place the country in trusteeship, dictating everything from its spending budget to security agreements and even its United Nations votes. It was, Perkins writes, a clever way for the U.S. to expand its "empire" at the expense of Third World citizens.

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2950-10K 12 years 3 weeks ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOM, and I want to add a thanks for all the hard work, you, Louise, and your staff put into the great cause of progressive talk. Keep up the fine work, you're all true patriots!

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2950-10K 12 years 3 weeks ago

Palindromedary, almost all of the injustice you write about is the result of the absence of true democratic process , the will of "We the People". I get ,this is a no shhhht sherlock statement, but most of societys problems really do boil done to that simple statement. The comment you made in #30 yesterdays blog, about the ones who commit economic crimes against their own population being the real terrorists, is a great truth, and I applaud you for it. Unfortunately this sad truth has been going on throughout all of recorded history. This said, I still have faith many of our founding fathers intended for Democracy to evolve and progress to a point of functional representation of the majority will. We all know that "aint" the tea-bag/republicant ideology.

I also understand the distrust you have for the Democrats. Getting screwed out of the public option in health insurance reform, and continuation of the Bushwacker tax cuts for the very terrorists committing the economic crimes mentioned earlier,has almost convinced me to want to vote for the socialist candidates next time. But I realize that angry thinking is as wrong-headed as the tea party, only a reverse extreme . The answer is for progressives to get control of the message, our truth has to be loud enough to drownout the republican mainstream media lies. We need to elect more good and honest people like Senator Sanders.Then and only then will we see true Democracy take hold. Keep fighting!

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gerald 12 years 3 weeks ago

Obama did the right move by not releasing the photos. These photos are Obama's Donald Trump Card to be used at a later date. The junkyard dogs will attack him with the release or withoutm the release. The conservative crazies are upset because the Democrats nominate candidates with brains and the conservative crazies nominate candidates withroom temperature intelligence or lower than room temperature intelligence.

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stonesphear 12 years 3 weeks ago

Alex Jones never excepts the official story. That's what he does as should we all. In 90 % of this interview Thom and Alex were in lock step. So these two minds potentially could be right 95 % of the time if they could better get their heads together. The problem with Alex is that when he smells a skunk and needs his listeners to be aware of it he begins to fabricate a multiple of other scenarios that may or may not prove to be the truth. More often than not he tends to be right but in that he is willing to walk out on that limb to the degree that he does , when he is wrong he tends to be disastrously wrong. Perhaps this results in a misunderstanding of his intent and mission and daring. When the official story proves to be true Alex is the fool but in the process the truth is a higher grade of sterling at Alex's expense.

Let's not be to quick to condemn those who dare to question and propose conspiracy theory as insane whak- o's one and all. Perhaps at some future date Thom might consider having Alex on the show for the explicit purpose of comparing notes that they agree upon rather than opening the forum up to Alex with Thom taking issue to one of Alex's more controversial theories in which Thom has already pretty well determined that Alex has egg on his face on that particular theory .

It seems to me that these two minds working together can potentially cover a lot of ground and bring a lot of people together opening more minds to the truth. An enterprise that gets wasted when the reasons for the conversation are more oriented to competition for the truth rather than collaboration of the truth. JMHO

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Palindromedary 12 years 3 weeks ago

Thanks for your comment. And I agree that the economics game and greed has been going on for a long time as we inherited that trait from the animal kingdom from which we evolved..the lizard part of our brains..perhaps. My dogs will romp and play and love to beloved but when it comes to feeding time, or attention time (petting) they show an exemplary display of selfishness. But there are sparks of selflessness even in the animal kingdom. I'm afraid that some humans have evolved in ways that play down the selflessness parts of (wo)man-kind's collective evolution and have specialized in justifying atrocities in the name of selfishness.

The Republican party seems to be a bastion of these kinds of people who brazenly display their selfishness and celebrate it. The ones in the Democrat Party are sneakier and make more pretenses to selflessness. But, most of them, I believe, are really being selfish when they will do anything to get re-elected or to suck up to those greedy and selfish criminals in the Republican party.

The thing is that unless we are all vigilant and hold our elected officials and everyone else in government and show them that we are not pushovers for any old propaganda they see fit to use then it makes it easy for them to get away with anything. We have to keep their feet to the fire and make them prove what they say to be true otherwise they could tell you anything and they could get away with whatever they wanted. Don't be an easy pushover for any politician or official. Otherwise you make it very easy for corruption to flourish. It is already flourishing....because there are not enough doubters who are pushovers who will believe anything they are told. Do you think the government would release anything if the people didn't express doubt and challenge them? It is patriotic to question authority! Only simpletons who swallow everything the government tells us don't question them.

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BYRON K. BUTLER SR. 12 years 3 weeks ago

This person is NOT a Fox News viewer? Yet these comments indicate that this person has bought hook, line & sinker into the Fox News propaganda machine. Sounds like a Republican pretending to be a Democrat to me. Or like Hillary Clinton when she was going against Obama for the Democratic nomination for President. Or like the woman on a recent addition of the Ed Schultz show who was at a Democratic town hall meeting raising havoc & when asked why she was doing that denied having any affiliation whatsoever with the Republican Party. Then a check on this woman revealed that she was indeed a STRONG supporter of the Republican Party & was at this town hall meeting to be a distraction & to simply cause trouble.

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BYRON K. BUTLER SR. 12 years 3 weeks ago

Republicans & Fox News aren't smoking anything. They are just carrying on their same agenda of finding any way & every way they can to criticize President Obama & to downplay anything he is successful at accomplishing because they feel simply that because he is not a white anglo-saxon male that he dosen't deserve to be our President. Also because Bush & his corrupt administration received so much criticism (even though it was justified) during his term that they have to make up for that somehow by doing the same thing to President Obama, simply for that reason! Weather that criticism of President Obama is justified or not is immaterial to them! Anything they can spin, make up, dream up or lie about, it dosen't matter! Just so long as they can find some way to insult President Obama that will appease their viewers & avenge the negative remarks said about their precious "War President" & his cronies!

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gerald 12 years 3 weeks ago

When OBL’s legacy is written, historians, country leaders, and terrorists will study OBL’s brilliant mind, strategies, and tactics and how he brought down the Anti-Christ to her knees. Yes, OBL and his minions have defeated an evil and sinful country.

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Palindromedary 12 years 3 weeks ago

I've made comments on various blogs (mostly Salon and Thom Hartmann) for many years now...even during the Bush years and I was even more critical of Bush and the Republicans then...and still am. I don't think you will find anyone who pretends to be not-a-Republican and make the many comments against Republicans that I have. You see it is the same old psychological ploy that people often use when they, or their cherished smoke-and-mirrors beliefs, get criticized by claiming that the criticizer must be "one of them" of the Fox Snooze zombies. Both Republicans and Democrats are not truly representing the majority of people in the US. Our system is corrupted by money and concentrated power that work behind the scenes to keep us voting for one party or the other and they both represent the rich ruling elite. Obama and other Democrats think they can just ride the wave of the specter of bad old Republicans...and they are bad old Republicans...and that we have no other choice because at least there is hope with the Democrat party...but there really isn't hope....the Democrats are deceiving slick tongue devils who prey on the fallacy of "the better of two evils". We're screwed no matter who wins!

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Palindromedary 12 years 3 weeks ago

Don't blame anyone but Obama and his cabinet for their having betrayed us, their one time supporters. Had Obama not acted like such a Republican (Bush III) I would be routing very exuberantly for him today. But, in trying so hard to, ostensibly, compromise...he sold out his base. He looks weak and inexperienced and scared of the ruling elite. And it is very dumb to credit Obama with taking out Osama and even dumber to give any credit to Bush. The people at the top are always taking credit for what those at the bottom do. That's what is wrong with this country....all those overpaid, overpraised, sh!theads who wheedled their way to the top get all the credit. Top corporate executives get all the money and all the praise for all of their worker's hard work and sweat. The US was founded by people who were p!$$ed off enough at the Regal system of undeserving scum taking all the credit and the wealth and imposing their will on the masses that they rebelled and fought back. The concentration of wealth today in the US is tantamount to having a Regal system once again with "royalty" being corporate heads. We do not have a Democracy in the has been bastardized into a corrupt two party system of political toadies that relies on the people being too stupid, misinformed, or timid to dare question authority.

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Palindromedary 12 years 3 weeks ago

Yes, they'll take all the credit even when credit is not due but they will avoid all of the blame. And they have their useful idiots to help them. I don't think little Bush was smart enough to mastermind the "911 inside job" all by himself...and probably had nothing to do with it except go along with it and be the propagandist mouth piece for the treasonous criminals who were behind it. It is even conceivable that OBL was still working for the CIA (or at least that part of the CIA that was, perhaps, rogue elements in high positions that made the decisions). I suspect that that was one reason why they let OBL go at Tora Bora and Bush's attitude seemed to change saying he was "not really concerned about OBL" not long after we invaded Iraq. There seems to be a sinister inside government within our visible government that engineers what goes down. I think that both Pakistan and our government were protecting OBL because he really was "our" man. I believe the head of the Pakistani ISI who wired $100,000 to Mr. Atta did so to fund the 19 so-called "hijackers" into going through the motions (getting on the right flights, etc) thinking they were on some kind of "mission"..perhaps against the falsely inspired by OBL...not knowing that the airliners were rigged to crash into the towers and the pentagon. All three WTC towers were rigged with explosives, including hi-tech nano-thermate and a controlled demolition took place. No plane hit building 7 yet it went down the same way the two others did and looked exactly like a controlled demolition. It takes many days or weeks to prepare for this kind of demolition which means that if WTC7 went down in a controlled demolition(practically admitted by the owner.."they decided to pull it"), then the other two had to have been rigged the same way. They all looked like controlled demolitions. It was well known, months prior to 911 that there was an unusual buzz of activity, strange noises, loud thumping, vibrations, floors gutted and closed off. All this done by a company that was run by the same guy who was in charge of WTC security..and he was closely related to G. Bush.

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Palindromedary 12 years 3 weeks ago

Let's face it the official 911 conspiracy theory is full of holes that it is ridiculous to believe in it. The 19 alleged hijackers were not least not skillful enough to handle and accurately guide these huge airliners to the targets. They were barely able to pilot small craft during the training. They were set up!! And I believe that OBL was instrumental, on orders from the treasonous neocon/neoliberal insiders, in getting these guys sent over on whatever mission..perhaps even some kind of terrorist mission...but they were not capable of doing what they were accused of. They may have thought they were on some kind of mission at least some who died that day (almost half of them showed up after 911 to proclaim that they were not hijackers and were, in fact, not dead).

But look at how they were "set up" to take the fall. Look how easily they were let into the country for one thing (especially when Clinton had previously warned Bush about a probable terrorist attack...and that Bush got a briefing saying that an attack was very likely)...small aircraft pilot training...some near military air bases...FBI had been tailing them and were rebuffed by higher ups. They were set up to take the fall for 911..they were patsies. Whatever hit the Pentagon had made a maneuver that even experienced pilots with many years of experience said that even they would not have been able to do.

Look at the drill that was going on that help potentially cause confusion enough so that stand down orders would be more believable. And how would OBL know far enough in advance of the drill? Why did Rumsfeld remove the historical responsibility from those who had it and take over the sole responsibility of being able to respond....and why did it take an hour and a half for our military fighters to respond when it had always taken a few minutes at all other times even with a relatively routine alert. Come on, people, use your heads! This was an inside job! Stop towing the line for the real conspirators.

Consider, that even the so-called distress calls from people on board the airlines were fakes. It was shown that cell phones could not have connected at those altitudes.

There were a lot of really strange "conversations" that were faked as well. It was not beyond our technical capability to disguise voices...and they have not been proven to come from the airliners anyway. One strange conversation was not consistent with what one would say to one's mother. "Hello mom, this is Mark Bingham, your son" (I believe that was the name. Duh!!! who would use both first and last names and further clarify that it was "your son". Yeah, that's not a real biggie but just something that might cast a shadow over the "official conspiracy theory" and their fabricated evidence to convince people of their lies.

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Palindromedary 12 years 3 weeks ago

They are getting lots of praise now for killing OBL and are being played up as an elite killing force that makes no mistakes....but.....

"While JSOC—and the Navy SEALs in particular—will become legendary in a much broader circle as a result of the bin Laden killing, the secretive unit has had its share of controversy. JSOC forces were responsible for the botched rescue that ended up killing British aid worker Linda Norgrove in Afghanistan on October 8, 2010. JSOC also carried out a raid in Gardez, Afghanistan, in February 2010 during which two pregnant women and a US-trained Afghan police commander were killed. In that case, senior Afghan security officials and eyewitnesses claimed that US forces dug the bullets out of the dead women’s bodies. Initially, JSOC’s forces tried to cover up the incident by blaming the killings on a Taliban “honor killing.” Eventually, Admiral McRaven took responsibility for the botched raid and apologized to the family."

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gerald 12 years 3 weeks ago

From Pax Christi USA

To all of the mothers within our movement, we say thank you for your

Faithfulness and your leadership, and for being our first teachers in learning "the

Things that make for peace" (Luke 19:42).

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gerald 12 years 3 weeks ago

On Friday, May 6, 2011 our youngest son finished the Tour du Rouge bike ride

from Houston to New Orleans. The bike ride was 526 miles and he raised $3200 for

the Japanese and their nuclear meltdown problems. The Red Cross sponsored the

bike ride.

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gerald 12 years 3 weeks ago

Goldman-Sachs created the food crisis!!!

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gerald 12 years 3 weeks ago

More lies on our economic recovery! We are in a Depression!

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leighmf 12 years 3 weeks ago

People will say or do just about anything to get the wrong kind of attention these days.

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Palindromedary 12 years 3 weeks ago

Well, congratulations on your son's participation in a very worthy cause. It is really great to hear about young people doing really great things for a charitable cause. It shows what super parents he has. Wow, 526 miles...I'm lucky to be able to peddle 20.

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Palindromedary 12 years 3 weeks ago

Yeah, I know what you mean...Obama went all out to gain a lot of attention for his pre-election smoke and mirrors promises of "change we can believe in". I mean...outright assassination of an old man who had no weapons and murdering 22 other people as well. That was the same kind of operation that these people had done before but only managed to kill a lot of civilians. I guess Obama just got lucky this time....except no one is bothering to think or say anything about those 22 other people (or all those other civilians in US attacks before that) that were murdered by our "elite" special forces. OBL did not kill those 3000 civilians in the 911 terrorist operation. OBL may have tried to take the credit and infamy for Saddam Husein tried to scare people with the illusion and bluff (trying to scare the Iranians and not the US) he had WMD...but our government knew better yet they lied to get us into the war to get us into the middle east to control the oil.

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Palindromedary 12 years 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the links...really great articles! Don't have time to comment on them now...later.

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kkak 12 years 2 weeks ago

It may be that the Bin Laben controversy is shielding another recent event from public view, that " the 9/11 Commission was given a stunning document from Pakistan, claiming that Pakistani intelligence officers knew in advance of the 9/11 attacks”. The report also alleged that the Pakistani ISI provided direct financial support to the 9/11 hijackers and was thus fully involved in the plot. Worryingly, the final report of the 9/11 Commission failed to mention this allegation, and barely refers to the ISI agency at all.".....................Also " The Pakistani authorities have hit back, claiming that they warned the US about the Bin Laden compound two years ago."...............

I have the greatest respect for Thom Hartmann, (go ahead and smile Thom, here it comes)..but, I do wonder why he runs from the 9/11 controversy??, mess?? conspiracy??. I wish he would have Susan Lindauer on as a guest...........

Keep agoin Thom, you and Rachel are the best.

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