Can expect more of these “limited” – and unapproved – wars in the future?

The 60-day deadline in the War Powers Act has come and gone – meaning President Obama is required to seek Congressional approval for ongoing military action in Libya. Although on Friday – the President wrote a letter to Congressional leaders saying he has no intention of doing that. Arguing that the US military’s role in Libya is “limited” to just supporting NATO – President Obama said approval from Congress is unnecessary.

Of course – Obama is the 5th straight President to begin a war with no formal authorization from Congress; the last president not to have an unconstitutional war during his administration was Jimmy Carter. And given that the House is one the verge of passing a Defense Authorization Act with a provision that gives the President war powers until every single terrorist on Earth is dead – we can expect more of these “limited” – and unapproved – wars in the future.

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