Don’t the millionaire oil executives realize they can’t escape climate change either?

Thanks to record-breaking rainfall last month – the Mississippi River is overflowing, pouring enormous floodwaters across – Louisiana – Mississippi – Missouri – and Tennessee. Several billions of dollars of damage has been reported. The Army Corps of Engineers is now relieving pressure on New Orleans levees by flooding thousands of acres in Louisiana, in a desperate bid to save the city from drowning in a disaster worse than Katrina. Record breaking twisters a few weeks ago – record breaking floods now – yet Republicans are pressing ahead denying climate change.

In fact – of the 43 Members of Congress representing the afflicted states – 38 have voted to block the EPA from enforcing greenhouse gas regulation. How many more homes destroyed – and people killed – will it take for Republicans to accept we are living in dangerous times with an increasingly volatile climate as a result of our destructive energy policy? Don’t the millionaire oil executives realize they can’t escape climate change either?

Oh, wait - that's right - they can afford million-dollar waterproof bunkers, one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States specifically designed for rich people to avoid everything from floods to wildfires.

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