Is it time for a new Civil Rights movement for Muslims in America?

Two Muslim religious leader were kicked off an airplane last week in Memphis – simply because they were Muslim. The two imams - both in traditional Muslim dress – went through multiple security screenings – and boarded the Delta Airlines Commuter flight. But shortly after taxing toward the runway – the plane returned to the gate and TSA came aboard and removed the men citing concerns from the other passengers. The imams went through an additional security screening – once again proving that they were not a threat – but the pilot refused to let them on the plane again and took off. Delta is now conducting an internal investigation into the matter – they so far have yet to offer an official explanation as to why the men were kicked off their flight. Coincidently – the two imams were on their way to attend a conference on Islamophobia in America. Needless to say – they have a bunch of new material to report. So how bad does Islamophobia have to get in America – before we realize it may be time to start a new Civil Rights movement for Muslims in America?


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mathboy 13 years 6 weeks ago

That pilot probably wouldn't have felt so uncomfortable about having passengers in Muslim garb if his airplane had a secure cockpit door, like all our airliners should have had 10 years ago.

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RLM8 13 years 6 weeks ago

Tom, I have to wonder were these Muslims educated public or private schools? Were the schools privately funded in a foreign country? Are they lobbying Congress and the Senate for federal funding for private schools in United States of America? When a long tradition of private schools in religious sects in the United States have all been privately funded. Only in America would we want the government to pay for educating extremeists. What did those guys do?
next time throw Scott Walker, off the plane!

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j.sea 13 years 6 weeks ago

Concerning the radical plan to take over the school system: What I fail to hear from anyone is the underpinning of the plan. Why bother to go through the Texas school board to rewrite textbooks? If you own the schools -- you can teach anything you want to. You can rewrite history -- you can eliminate any education in critical thinking, ethics, philosophy (oh, except Ayn Rand, and you can rewrite her to be a Christian). The world will be only 7,000 years old. Anyone not born again will be doomed to a certain and well illustrated hell. There will be no education in the rich bounty of the world's religions and cultures. We will be plunged into a new dark ages of superstition and fear -- absolute mind control. Your course schedule will be riveted to the needs of the corporate structure. You will be siphoned off to the department you are destined to serve and trained for your place as a cog in the machine from day one. In one generation all memory of any other way to live will be eradicated. This is a fight for freedom. And every American should be ready, willing and able to fight to retain control of schools held in the common trust and operated for the common good. Yes, they need massive improvement; but turning them over to the corps will be the death of America.

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stonesphear 13 years 6 weeks ago

Another anomaly for the list. Get a grip fly boy.

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gerald 13 years 6 weeks ago

If Barack Obama is on the ticket, I will vote for him. I cannot vote for a fascist or a Nazi.

Election of 2012

Barack Obama will not be re-elected in 2012!!!

Here is some information for my prediction.

I believe that at least ten million plus voters will be removed from the voting rolls in 2012 and beyond. The lines for voting in urban areas will be long with fewer voting machines in urban precincts. The electronic voting machines are rigged to include more Republicans receiving the majority of votes.

Our electronic voting machines are rigged to keep Satan’s disciples in the majority forever. Florida’s law will also keep Satan’s disciples in the majority forever.

Florida has passed into law the ability to curtail voter registrations and making it next to impossible for low-income persons, students, and racial minorities from voting. Florida is definitely a Nazi-controlled state where Satan’s disciples prevail over the citizens. There should be minimal doubt that Nazi America has more disciples wearing brown shirts and jackboots. These devils are truly Nazis who prowl the fifty states seeking the ruin of souls.

My wife has a knitting class one day per week. In the class is a woman whose aunt is approaching ninety. She lives in Florida. Her driver’s license needs to be renewed. Plus, she needs to re-register to vote. The aunt needs the original birth certificate, the original marriage license, her husband’s death certificate to prove she is a widow, and proof of permanent residency for Florida, such as a home, townhouse, or condominium. I do not know if an apartment, senior citizen home, or trailer qualifies for permanent residency. Florida is harassing the elderly, taking away their freedoms and rights, and removing them from the voting booth and polls. The conservatives seek to always be in the majority. Our Supreme Court really runs Nazi America and the Court will vote in Florida’s favor that its law is constitutionally sound. The Catholic Mafia on the Supreme Court is anti-poor and anti-working class. The U.S. Supreme Court is an extension of our Anti-Christ nation.

I believe that most people who make comments on Thom’s blog will admit that they have learned much from listening to his radio show. We know that Thom is intelligent and in his early school years he was placed in a gifted program. Gifted students can learn more quickly than average students. Thom was able to learn quickly. He is a progressive person and he believes that America has a future. I am twelve years older than Thom and no way close to his gifted intelligence. Age does have some value. I must disagree with Thom and say that the United States of Mortal Sin does not have a future.

Even Einstein is no way near as intelligent as Satan’s disciples, the conservative crazies, the GOP, the Republicans, the Libertarians, the Tea Baggers, the Lobbyists, the rich, and American corporations. These groups are brilliant.

You have only to know and read Florida’s law to see other states following and modeling their laws to be similar to Florida’s law.

I am not a psychiatrist. I am only an average person who can offer an opinion. I would have to say that the United States of Mortal Sin, aka an Anti-Christ nation, is certifiably crazy where most Americans are psychotic. People may disagree with me but there can be no doubt that most Americans are sociopaths, the lunatic fringe. Believe it or not!!!

Progressives are grasping to be excited at anything. Here is an example. The polls reveal that Nazi governors’ numbers are low in the polls. Polls do not excite me because the Nazis will always remain in the majority. Here are my reasons. Our electronic voting machines are rigged. Factual! The Nazis will eliminate from voting – low income people, students, and racial minorities. Factual! In heavy Democratic districts voting booths will be scarce so that the voting lines are long. Factual! The lobbyist party with the money will pay off politicians to vote a certain way. Factual!

I was asked what I would do if I had the power to improve our election process, such as having our citizens being able to vote. Here are some of my words.

I would like to see ACORN return to have citizens register to vote. Since I am over 60, I can vote by an absentee ballot. Voting by mail may require more scrutiny of qualified voters but voting by mail should be part of the voting process. I believe that the voting booths should open on a Tuesday at the scheduled time and date, such as 7:00 AM and the voting booths will close at 11:00 PM on Wednesday. That would mean the polls would be open for forty hours. More voting machines in urban areas! A treasonous act for rigged electronic voting machines must be definite! Companies rigging the election or any state and federal person as well as American citizens who rig or elections will need to be prosecuted as traitors against the United States. We must welcome into the voting process more low income voters, the aged population voters, and racial minority voters! We need to be a true democracy in our country before we preach, kill, and maim human populations in other countries to embrace our democracy! I am definitely for having all AMERICANS vote and all AMERICANS should be encouraged to vote by making all AMERICANS feel like they are AMERICANS!!!

The poem below by Langston Hughes reveals his feelings and thoughts and his feelings and thoughts are similar to my personal feelings and thoughts.

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gerald 13 years 6 weeks ago

I believe that we need to begin operation Operant Conditioning. We must repeat important statements so these statements sink into the minds of Americans. The major problem with Americans is that they vote against their best interests. Americans seem unable to discern fact from fiction. Since most Americans do not have the necessary education to help them learn, we must help them and we must pray for them so our Anti-Christ nation avoids the everlasting sink hole into oblivion.

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stonesphear 13 years 6 weeks ago


It would be helpful if the left tended better to our garden. Waste, reduncy, and inefficiency for starters.

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JohnPerryOnline 13 years 6 weeks ago

How about a new Civil Rights movement for EVERYBODY, starting with repeal of the "Patriot" Act?

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ronsonntag 13 years 6 weeks ago

This is all interesting and relevant to the issue. BUT, we ALL need to focus on the ONE thing that is threatening the foundation of our democracy: The Citizens United Decision. Everything else is a diversion. Everything else PALES in comparison to the unbelievable corruption that has been unleashed by that decision. I am asking EVERYONE to FOCUS on overturning that decision. Unless unlimited and undisclosed campaign contributions are TAKEN OUT of the equation for democracy, we have NO democracy. We are left to be ruled by the wealthy and by Corporations. Please, FOCUS on getting this abhorrent, amoral and reprehensible situation corrected!!!

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ronsonntag 13 years 6 weeks ago

Sad to say, other than the references to the devil, I agree with almost everything you wrote (see my post later on in this blog). Here is a little ray of hope: In Washington State, we recently passed a law where ALL voting is to be done by absentee ballots. No voting machines!! All paper, traceable, ballots. I think there are other States attempting the same thing.

Most importantly, all that you predict will likely come true unless we overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court case. Although, even with Citizens United in place, I predict Obama will win. He is, in my opinion, the most intelligent and politically savvy President we have had in at least the last 75 years. I don't agree with a lot he has done (or not done), but, his administration has actually put in place more effective legislation, in the face of rabid opposition, than any administration in my life time.

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Berry 13 years 6 weeks ago

Its amazing what clothing one wears makes you a target. We are living in a insane asylum! I for one dislike suits =, Very military looking. I know you could wear a suit looking very smart by looking sort of out side of the suit. That's brilliant. Kind of a mockery to the suit if you will in a intelligent way. .

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novasystems 13 years 6 weeks ago

Every incident and evaluation in the public discourse needs to be taken in context! There are always problems with any report of this kind and details need to be noted, verified, and accurately reported. Did they say something, did they look really out of place, etc.

At the same time...yes, Muslims, or any minority, regarless of some presumed orientation toward politics and pecking order in the vast, complicated, and decidedly ignorant political and social landscape of America, need serious consideration, protection, and social relief from the overwhelming ignornace and predjudice of the general media and political rhetoric of this time which seem to inform the population of the US. Ignorance and its cousin, racial/religious predjucide, are oddly coincident with the goals of corporate America, the very rich, the far right, the power crazed, and stupidity everywhere.

More comprehensively speaking, can we, as a nation, please stop the process of dumbing down our citizens, increase education, instill in our children tolerance and cooperation? Can we? Will we? If we don't, our country, and the world, will fall into the abyss of ignorance and death.

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MiniMax 13 years 6 weeks ago

Give the pilots a break. They were probably hallucinating from lack of sleep.

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jacko9 13 years 6 weeks ago

Sorry But, as a progressive I can't support a religion that seems to subordinate women. I am agnostic and really don't care about religions since I think that they have been taken over by people that use superstition to get wealth. I also don't support christianity or any other religion since organized control over people is just plain wrong.

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ronsonntag 13 years 6 weeks ago

Yes, religion is simply a coping mechanism for trying to comprehend the incromprensible. There are philosophies that help us to focus down to daily life, to achieve daily successes, and to understand simple consequences. Example: If EVERY family had 8 children over the last 50 years, what would the world population be today? UNSUPPORTABLE!!! This is an unequivocable fact. Simple math. Given the truth of the matter, what then, is the justification for ANY one family to decide they are so special that they can go ahead and have 8 children (or more)??? Isn't this supreme selfishness? Isn't this thumbing your nose or giving the middle finger to whatever diety (if any) you believe in?

The short answer to almost all questions of "Why are Republicans choosing this tact?" or "Why do conservatives disbelieve global warming?" or "Why are corporate CEOs getting such exhorbitant salaries?" is extremely simple. We are in a class war. Pure and simple. Think about every wierd decision your representative or senator has made and just ask the question: "How does this person PERSONALLY benefit from the decision they are making?" In almost every case you will see it is personal greed, personal power, a Machevellian level of selfishness that persists accross the centuries. The ONLY weapon the rest of us have against this level of personal agrandizement is our numbers. We MUST cooperate and band together. While it is true that the top 400 wealthiest Americans control more money and property than the bottom 180,000,000 (yes, MILLION), it is NOT true that they could withstand the combined effort of those 180,000,000 to strip them of their hubris.

Some of the frantic right-wing activity occurring now is from the sheer fear that these 400 feel that the 180,000,000 are starting to wake up. To paraphrase a famous historical quote: "These wealthy individuals are feeling the first twinges of panic that they may have woken a slumbering giant."

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David Abbot 13 years 6 weeks ago

Well, I'll tell you, there are three groups of people who scare me more than any other groups, because they have proven for a long time now, that they are crazier, more violent, and less true to their religions than just about any other groups on the planet: radical Muslims, radical Christians, and radical Jews. In fact, other than the languages they speak, the clothing they wear, and the names of the religions they PRETEND to follow, there isn't any difference between them. No difference whatsoever.

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ronsonntag 13 years 6 weeks ago

"Religion is the opiate of the masses."

left of wing-nuts 13 years 6 weeks ago

Do you dremember when people acted crazy when they first learned about Aids. How they shunned and discriminated against an 11-year ole boy in Indiana who had received a blood transfusion which contaminated him? People were just plain ignorant and awful! So, now we have a a few people who are once again arousing the fear and anger of these same people. Most Americans think they are very strong but actually this is sort of a scaredy-cat, wimpy country.

Personally, IF I were a Muslim and was going to fly on an airplane, I would dress as an American. I would certainly not dress in traditional Muslim clothes if I had evil intentions, either. Sometimes people don't know Arabs from Indians, Italians, etc.All Christian leaders who inflame people should be put on a no-fly list because they could be dangerous.

I hope

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2950-10K 13 years 6 weeks ago

Right wing bigots acting like dumb-asses from 1692 does not surprise me. But what does, is somebody with the responsibility of an airline pilot reacting that way. He needs to be screened for post traumatic stress disorder resulting from the Bush reign of terror. By the way was Glenn Beck one of the passengers?

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Palindromedary 13 years 6 weeks ago

It's not the people in obvious costume giveaway that they are Muslims but the one dressed like the rest of us we have to worry about. Terrorists do not dress like Mulsim Imams. They dress like American Presidents and their neocon/neoliberal underlings...or is it the other way around..that the Presidents are the underlings of the neocon/neoconservatives. Anyway, if you are going to be afraid of the next airplane you get on of being hijacked and crashing into tall buildings, forget about the Imams, you had better check out the on-board electronics to make sure they have not been tampered with. The 911 planes were tampered with and control of the planes was removed from the pilots, all communications were cut and the pilots were probably gassed in their cockpits anyway before the planes controls were taken over.

Of course most of you probably think this is a pretty ridiculous conspiracy theory...but you sure did get suckered by the "official conspiracy theory" which has so many holes in it that it is totally unbelievable.

Some of you believe that a class war has been waged against us for at least 30 years but you have reservations about some of those same people committing treason and murdering their own people. Hell, some people will kill their own brothers, sisters, or parents for financial is not inconceivable that these class warriors created the whole 911 false flag operation to create the effect that it created....frightening us out of our freedoms, liberties, and money(including our homes and ability to afford healthcare)'ll get much worse.

We are on the brink. Some have already slipped over into the abyss. Many of you are next. As long as you continue going along with the official lies and don't question the dominant paradigm, as engineered by the ruling elite, you will have helped to make it all come about.

The one thing worse than the masses of useful idiots who listen to and side with the fascist right is the masses of deluded suckers who think that the institutional Democrat Party is going to save them. They only give you false hope "hope you can believe in" but hope that stabs you in the back after the politicians get their votes. I was one of Obama's useful idiots the first time when I voted for him but never again. What is worse than a one time useful idiot is a second time useful idiot one who did not "get it" the first time and keeps making the same mistake.

It is undeniable that the ruling elite has sent thousands of our own soldiers to their deaths...they had no problem in doing that...for a lie...and for greed...using the excuse of 911 and images of WMD and mushroom clouds...yet you have difficulty believing that these same people would not "sacrifice" thousands in an important deal-breaker...that was 911? Had 911 not happened do you really think they would have been able to invade the middle east?

Many insiders in the ruling elite knew that our financial collapse was inevitable. Many companies that went bust like Enron and Worldcom, and many others like them were just the tip of the iceberg....and many records of companies being investigated were housed in the WTC buildings....lost forever on that day. And the war in the middle east has help disappear a lot of our countries treasure...Billions of dollars went missing...and no one is demanding en masse that the Pentagon account for this. Hardly anyone made a dent by their objections to the bailouts of these criminal banksters...largely due to their man Obama who acted as a kind of relief valve and a distraction. Had Bush still been in office when that went down the whole country would have risen up in defiance. Smoke and mirrors...bait and switch....that's the games being played to further bury any semblance of people power in the US. We are all being turned into the starving masses to be peons for the undeserving few.

dnarnadem 13 years 6 weeks ago

"They have proven for a long time now, that they are crazier, more violent, and less true to their religions than just about any other groups on the planet: radical Muslims, radical Christians, and radical Jews."

Bingo! They all trace their roots to the same God - Abrahamic that is! And Yes, Islam is a direct descendent religion of Abraham!

Just read the Old Testament and you'll know WHY they are so violent and murderous! It all comes from that quote - Thou shall have no OTHER gods but me! All others you shall disown and anyone else who worships other than ME you will kill and destroy!

Any wonder why radical fundamentalists who believe in NOTHING but a book will kill and murder in the name of THEIR GOD!

Millions have died and unfortunately many millions more will die until these psychotic religions disappear into the dust-bins of history!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 13 years 6 weeks ago

You get my vote on that one...that is exactly right...they are all psychotic religions despite the fact that they try to hide it with countering words like love, charity, kindness...whatever. When it gets to the bottom's as you quoted "Thou shall have no OTHER gods but me! All others you shall disown and anyone else who worships other than ME you will kill and destroy!"

The thing is that most believers are really atheists when it comes down to someone else's god. They easily dismiss the ancient gods, like Thor, and Odin, and Isis, and on and on as superstition based on ignorance and lack of knowledge but when it comes to their own ridiculous superstition they will often kill in his/her/its name.

But, as for kicking two Muslim Imams off the plane, I say that they should sue the airlines big time.

I believe in one god less than today's believers...I believe in no god. God is just an idea invented by the imagination of man to help him pretend that he has some control over life, his enemies, and to combat the fear of death. God (all of them) is just make believe! Pretend! And prayer to that God has no more chance of succeeding than a 50-50 chance at best. Nothing fails like prayer!

All the gods demanded loyalty and fealty to them but all but one last one has remained to haunt the world. This is not an example of the god's existence, in reality, but it is an example of how people can be continuously fooled by fiction spawned on by those preachers, priests, and other equally duplicitous detractors of reality.

I just watched an interesting new movie called "Thor" today. Good movie...excellent graphics...they just keep getting better...and I didn't even see the 3D version. It's one thing to temporarily suspend reality in a movie theater for entertainment value but another to believe in such things, of course. Some people have never left the theater and still see Jesus walking on water, splitting two loaves and fishes feeding the mulitudes, bringing people back to life, casting out demons, turning water into wine, preaching love and forgiveness on the one hand then condemn children to death for disobeying their parents, or condemning neighbors to death for working on Sunday. The closing scenes of his dying on a cross and rising up again 3 days later. What a story...borrowed or stolen from more ancient myths by hundreds or thousands of years. And even the early church fathers were aware of this particular knowledge which was quite an embarrassing contradiction to their own story of Jesus. So they said that the Devil made all of these ancient gods just to confuse believers in the newest myth that they were all concocting.

I personally believe that the Romans invented Jesus to help counter the rebellious Jews. They had knowledge of all of those previous myths that they conveniently packaged together to form a relatively tame Jew willing to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar...and don't worry about worldly, material things when you will be rewarded in Heaven. And there are a number of biblical quotes that I won't even go into on that matter. Anyone ever hear about the story of Cannibal Mary? No, that particular story is not in the bible but in Josephus Roman Jewish Wars. But you can read about it here:

But as far as kicking two Muslim Imams off the plane, I say the Imams should sue the airlines big time.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 13 years 6 weeks ago

This is a very interesting 1 hour long video of an interview of Joseph Atwill who wrote "Caesars Messiah- The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus"

or if you prefer just to go directly to the youtube video:

Two part (about 13 minutes each) of more recent interview (2011)..different host.
Part 1
Part 2

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gerald 13 years 6 weeks ago

@stonesphear, if I have your words correctly, you are saying that the left (progressives) need to tend to our garden or home better. I believe that the right (fascist-Nazis) only tend to taxcuts and the spewing of hate messages. It is the fascist-Nazis who have completed their agenda in one area; they made our country, the Anti-Christ nation. They have also enhanced evil across the board in every area in our country, such as wars, torture, the killing of God's children, and the enslavement and impoverishment of the poor and working American classes.

gerald's picture
gerald 13 years 6 weeks ago
Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 13 years 6 weeks ago

Michael Hudson, economist:

"I almost feel naïve for being so angry at President Obama’s betrayal of his campaign promises regarding taxes. I had never harbored much hope that he actually intended to enact the reforms that his supporters expected – not after he appointed the most right-wing of the Clintonomics gang, Larry Summers, then Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke and other Bush neoliberals.

But there is something so unfair and wrong that I could not prevent myself from waking up early Tuesday morning to think through the consequences of President Obama’s sellout in the years to come. Contrary to his pretense of saving the economy, his action will intensify debt deflation and financial depression, paving the way for a long-term tax shift off wealth onto labor.

In achieving a giveaway that Democrats never would have let George Bush or other Republicans enact, Obama has laid himself open to the campaign slogan that brought down British Prime Minister Tony Blair: “You can’t believe a word he says.” He has lost support not only personally, but also – as the Republicans anticipate – for much of his party in 2012.

Yet Obama has only done what politicians do: He has delivered up his constituency to his campaign backers – the same Wall Street donors who back the Republicans. What’s the point of having a constituency, after all, if you can’t sell it?"

"The bottom line is that after the prolonged tax giveaway exacerbates the federal budget deficit – along with the balance-of-payments deficit – we can expect the next Republican or Democratic administration to step in and “save” the country from economic emergency by scaling back Social Security while turning its funding over, Pinochet-style, to Wall Street money managers to loot as they did in Chile. And one can forget rebuilding America’s infrastructure. It is being sold off by debt-strapped cities and states to cover their budget shortfalls resulting from un-taxing real estate and from foreclosures.

Welcome to debt peonage. This is worse than what was meant by a double-dip recession. It will be with us much longer."

gerald's picture
gerald 13 years 6 weeks ago

There can be little doubt that George W. Bush is a mass murderer and a war criminal.

Many people in Britain and around the world shared the same view: if a murderer hides in a block of flats, you don't blow up the block of flats. You take all necessary steps to capture the murderer and bring him or her to trial. Yet George W. Bush was hell-bent on war against Afghanistan and the people of that tragically abused country have paid a heavy price for his utterly misplaced retribution.

L_Valentine's picture
L_Valentine 13 years 6 weeks ago

What possible difference could it make to the issue at hand, where and how they were educated. How would the pilot know whether they were educated in public or private schools?

The issue is the pilot made a decision that he would not fly with them on the plane based entirely on the fact they were Muslim holy men dressed in their traditional clothing. Had they been Catholic Priests would he have made the same decision?

leighmf's picture
leighmf 13 years 6 weeks ago

Ronsonntag- The opiate of the masses came from the British monarchy forcing the opium trade into China. Few opium addicts will find religion a substitute. But perhaps World Leaders are benefiting from the opium trade while hiding behind their poorly educated subjects who must fight deliberately induced religious or idealogical wars.

Obviously, there is too much flying going on anyway. We all ought to stay home, unless a tornado, fire, earthquake, volcanic eruption, mudslide or flood is headed our way.

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