Is it time for a new Civil Rights movement for Muslims in America?

Two Muslim religious leader were kicked off an airplane last week in Memphis – simply because they were Muslim. The two imams - both in traditional Muslim dress – went through multiple security screenings – and boarded the Delta Airlines Commuter flight. But shortly after taxing toward the runway – the plane returned to the gate and TSA came aboard and removed the men citing concerns from the other passengers. The imams went through an additional security screening – once again proving that they were not a threat – but the pilot refused to let them on the plane again and took off. Delta is now conducting an internal investigation into the matter – they so far have yet to offer an official explanation as to why the men were kicked off their flight. Coincidently – the two imams were on their way to attend a conference on Islamophobia in America. Needless to say – they have a bunch of new material to report. So how bad does Islamophobia have to get in America – before we realize it may be time to start a new Civil Rights movement for Muslims in America?

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