The New Republican War on Art!

Who’s screwed? Artists! Besides the Republican war on women – and the Republican war on the working class – there’s a new war that’s receiving some attention around the nation – the Republican war on art! As ThinkProgress noted – Republican lawmakers in Kansas – South Carolina – Arizona – Florida – New Hampshire – Virginia – Maine – and New Jersey – are pushing legislation that cuts deep into school art budgets – and public radio and television outlets. Governors Bob McDonnell in Virginia – Chris Christie in New Jersey – and Paul LePage in Maine – are cutting off funding and privatizing their states' public broadcasting networks – torching TV of for and by the people and replacing it with corporate infotainment.

These Republicans claim it’s necessary to cut funding for the arts because of huge budget deficits – but in reality these cuts are nickels and dimes compared to the amount of revenue that’s wasted on tax cuts for transnational corporations and the uber-rich. I guess we’re supposed to expect billionaire Oligarchs like the Murdoch and the Koch brothers to fund our nation’s art projects now.

Expect “post-modern, anti-global warming” to be the newest emerging art theme.

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