Obama needs to pull us out of Afghanistan, Roll Back the lost Freedoms in the PATRIOT Act, and Restore Posse Comitatus.

Now that Bin Laden's life has ended – will our foreign wars be next? More and more Democratic lawmakers are lining up to say it’s time to get out of Afghanistan. Even Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz acknowledged that finding Bin Laden proves that we don’t need “100,00 people on the ground in Afghanistan.” Come July – the President needs to pull us out of Afghanistan. And roll back the lost freedoms in the PATRIOT Act, and restore Posse Comitatus.

And get rid of the Chertof Porno Scanners and let people keep their shoes, like they do at airports in most of the rest of the world. And stop obsessing on fear and war, like Bush and Cheney did, and instead once again become a nation that builds up both itself and others; that advocates privacy, life, and nonviolence; and that values education and human rights more than it does death and war.

The biggest lesson out of the Middle East is that the violent guy lost and is pretty universally hated, and the nonviolent people in Egypt and Tunisia are showing the way - through their successes - that others from Hamas to the United States should follow.

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