Osama Bin Laden is dead - It’s time to end our wars

Osama Bin Laden is dead. US forces shot and killed the leader of Al-Qaeda yesterday in a highly secure compound just 35 miles north of the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. The boy of Bin Laden was secured and identified him using a sample of his brain tissue – before being buried at sea in accordance with Muslim traditions. President Obama addressed the nation last night to say, “We can say to those families who have lost loved ones to al-Qaeda’s terror: justice has been done” So what happens now?

Setting aside the morale boosting effects that the death of Bin Laden will have on US forces and the consoling effects that the death will have on people who lost loved ones – and the political effects for President Obama – does taking out Bin Laden really change anything in our “War on Terror”? Does it at least validate our efforts in the last decade? Our nation is vastly different than we were ten years ago when we set out to get Bin Laden – and I think you’d be hard-pressed to find one person who would argue it has been change for the better. And as a result, there are more men, women, and children that want to kill America than before we started. And despite the trillions spent in our War on Terror and the news we been made – we can’t honestly claim we are any safer today.

Yeah, we got Bin Laden – a criminal is dead – but looking at the list of problems our country is STILL facing at this hour because we decided to react to a crime with a war – he was the least of our worries. It’s time to end our wars.


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mathboy 13 years 7 weeks ago

The burial at sea is going to feed conspiracy theories. But since they said the burial was done according to Muslim tradition, we should get an expert to explain whether part of the tradition is to do it that soon after death.

Benazir Bhutto, of course, mentioned in an interview "the man who killed Osama bin Laden", But on the Stephanie Miller Show this morning, one of the mooks brought up an Egyptian newspaper's claim in December 2001 that bin Laden had died from an untreated lung problem. Obviously, then, there is some disagreement even in the Muslim world how (and therefore whether) he died.

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stonesphear 13 years 7 weeks ago

It is no surprise that Osama is dead . When that actually occurred and The timing of the announcement of that news will remain in question (Libya/ Kadaphi's Grand Children ? ) because a body was dumped at sea within 24 hours after the announcement. Photographic evidence would be helpful, is there any ?

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bluewaterfresh 13 years 7 weeks ago

How does Bin Laden build a $1 million compound???!! news reports said the compound was built 5 years ago specifically for Bin Laden. Where did the money come from? family? who built the compund? who's the offical owner? those questions I'm sure are being worked on but I dont see alot of specific answers yet.

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onit2day 13 years 7 weeks ago

This announcement comes at the same time as the huge announcement listed at the existentialistcowboy.com that American Airlines posted last week that flights 11 and 77 that hit the WTC and the Pentagon NEVER LEFT THE GROUND ON 9/11. Meaning that Bush/Cheney lied and clearly exposes the 9/11 lie. To blast this news from the media we get OBL dead. How do we get that it was his DNA and fingerprints...they just make a News announcement that they are his. Don't be duped or distracted from the real news. Please Louise, at least go read the post at theexistentialistcowboy.com and read this announcement from American Airlines.

Also ask yourself what a man of OBL 's age would look and cope after being on dialysis for over ten years. Certainly can't run or move very well. Bush wasn't interested in OBL because he knew he was already dead. Just google OBL dead and you'll be surprised at the preexisting information about his funeral.

Ronald Felton 13 years 7 weeks ago

Now we have gotten Osama let's be fair and turn Dick Cheney over to Al-Qaeda. After all he was responsible for many more deaths.

Ron, Monterey CA

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DCBLUOSO68 13 years 7 weeks ago

I am just amazed on how the right wingers are acting on a day like today! We had g.w.bush who by the way didn't give a damn about finding bin laden! It is time to fixs our country and get our boys home,also get rid of these neo-cons out for good!

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gerald 13 years 7 weeks ago

@Ronald Felton, you make an excellent point!

I am reluctant to comment on the killing of bin Laden. I know that bin Laden was not a nice person. We live in an imperfect world where evil dominates our human nature. We live in an evil culture. The killing of a person is a mortal sin. A mortal sin separates us from God for eternity. I worked with a sagacious person who said that he would not run for political office because politicians must sell their souls to the devil. We have politicians who are embedded with Satan. Sad, very sad! We need Americans who stress the Eleventh Commandment and the Golden Rule.

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken the United States of Mortal Sin?” - gerald


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Berry 13 years 7 weeks ago

My understanding was, Bin Laden has been dead long ago. Could it be another Soap ~Opera? And again, 10% Perhaps tells me he not dead! The Gangsters will spend any amout$ to make it so of what ~We have to remember gangsters are running this world. Living off of you,me and other nation's poverty Gangater's have to have bodyguards, armored cars etc to protect itself while knowingly impoverishing others. And the beat go on.

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gerald 13 years 7 weeks ago

Ronald Felton made an excellent point. Our CIA must now find the will to pursue Cheney, W., Rove, and Rummie as mass murderers and war criminals.

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delster 13 years 7 weeks ago

Terrorists May indeed have attacked our buildings in New York and else where in the world. I stand with a Us astronaut, countless high ranking military officers, former CIA and FBI officials scientist,

physicists and first responders who are still not satisfied with the results of the investigation and explanation of the official report on 911 collapse of the twin towers and Building 7 and the Pentagon.

Everyone cannot have tin foil on their head. I remain a skeptic and believe there are still terrorists within our government and industrial and corporate complex that deserve incarceration and some capital punishment for the events. I am not stupid and I'm not a sensationalist and I'm not naive. I am most certainly not alone. Everyday more and more citizens are exposed to the undeniable possibility that something is just not right with the official explanation of events that occurred on 911.

Does Killing Bin Laden change things? Not at all. We are moving closer and closer to authoritarian

control and the demise of democracy in the world. Personal freedom, privacy, and respect are being sold out to the highest bidder. I think it is time for a all out citizens strike in America. Shut down all production and service in the US until democratic order is restored and traitors of democracy are brought to justice.

The Muslims hate us. Ok, why ? Has anyone within our diplomacy explained that adequately. Some one with that much hatred usually has a cause. Not to defend that cause but to understand what might have taken place to inspire that kind of hatred within the muslim community.

In regard to Bin Laden ; what proof do we have. The evidence is at the bottom of the sea. I'm supposed to take the word of a government that lied about the events of 911 to begin with ?

dianhow 13 years 7 weeks ago

Conspiracies will abound Ignore them . Our US Navy Seals & Obama admin pulled off a great feat NO AMericans killed. Mission accomplished this time for real . Obama did what Bush & Cheney were not capable of . Yes this is a form of justice . Osama burned 3000 innocent people alive on 9 /11 .. One less evil man on this planet yes we know there are many more. Thats how human nature works

dianhow 13 years 7 weeks ago

Doubt that sad to say Lets all demand the DOJ investigate them asap www.doj.gov

dianhow 13 years 7 weeks ago

Cure all ? NO but a great step in right direction A much needed shot in the arm for the US Great job NO Americans killed. Kudos to our Navy Seals & Obama admin

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fourarrows 13 years 7 weeks ago


You gave away your effort to force yourself to avoid "9/11" truth today. I've never heard you put your foot in your mouth as often as today. Hanging up on callers who mentioned the official story as it relates to the questions you posed about bin-Laden as if they cannot be related! Telling stories about Bush's wanting a war and then, bingo, along came 9/11. Bush had breakfast with bin Laden on 9/11. "What a coincidence." Only the bin Laden family was allowed to be on airplanes. "What a coincidence" you say. Then Bush "invented" bin-Laden you say. "What a coincidence" you had to admit. Thom, you are the smartest guy on the radio and smart people listen to you. I've written nearly as many books as you (including one you endorsed!) and more peer reviewed articles but you are smarter and better informed than me by far, yet your over-avoidance of relavent connections between the 9/11 lies you continue to support (not be neutral as you claim) are starting to undermine the great work of you and Amy and even Noam. You are the man who is supposed to stop the Emperor's New Clothes world, not participate in it. You say we should take risks. As long as people won't cross the line on thinking that the great U.S. who would/could never do a false flag operation (not counting Viet Nam or our role in Pearl Harbor), we will never get to where I know you want us to get. Impossible. Take it from this Indian. I'll be talking more about this on my forthcoming blog on Truthout. In the meantime, I once again invite you to engage the truth movement and start making the connections. This is not a "reliving of your experience with the Kennedy assassination."

With respect,


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fourarrows 13 years 7 weeks ago

"Conspiracy theories." Let's stop using the term please as it is being used pejoritively and not according to its commonly understood definitions. Muslim tradition says bury within 24 hours but not at sea unless death is at sea. So how can one believe Washington's claim that the burial at sea was honoring Muslims when most Muslim scholars are angry about it?

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fourarrows 13 years 7 weeks ago

Yes, and other "good timing" issues can be exploreed. I wish Thom would start talking. I've spent years trying to understand his "neutrality" claim. I admire him so much but him, Noam and Amy and Ed and others are sidestepping more obviously than ever. Senator Boxer referred to my own book, American Assassination, to a friend, saying she would never admit she said it, that "they" have been warned not to cross a particular line.

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fourarrows 13 years 7 weeks ago

Yes, and how can we continue to sanction assassinations of civiliians without trials? This is what Cheney did and now Obama is bragging about it?????

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bletspleg 13 years 7 weeks ago

mr. felton was correct to mention the criminal cheney but failrd to mention the criminal obama......

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patriciat76 13 years 7 weeks ago

I can't believe that this site is swollowing this CIA hoax. I am with Bhutto....just before she was assassinated, she said Osama had been dead for 5 years...The tv appearances were so obviously hoaxes. How convenient that there is no body....as if sea burial woudl prevent martyrdom. There was no body...dna? How on earth can you trust the CIA to be telling the truth. What I want to know is, what is behind this hoax? 9-11 was very useful...it establihed a police state....what is the purpose of this? It's smoke and mirrors....smoke and mirrors! As to being glad that Osama is dead, I respect a man who has millions and fights for beliefs. If we didn't have military bases all over the world, he wouldn't have been cought up in this. When younger, I believe that he was a CIA operative ....when fighting against the Russians...Like so many that worked for the CIA, he wound up on their hit list and took the blame for 9-11, which no rational person could believe. Read The New Pearl Harbor or any other book that explains the real story behind 9-11.

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louisehartmann 13 years 7 weeks ago

not true fourarrows - this from an expert....

Islam allows burial at sea in extraordianry circumstances or instances where there is a concern that the body may be "exhumed, attacked or dug up and mutilated by the enemy".



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David Abbot 13 years 7 weeks ago

Let me see now: some Arabians killed 5,000 Americans, so we invaded Iraq and killed about 1,000,000 people there. Yes, that makes a lot of sense, who wouldn't have done that? And probably at least half of the people we killed were innocent, which makes us even more patriotic. Then we invaded Afghanistan to get Osama, even though he wasn't there. Yes, I like the sound of this. And we built roads in Afghanistan, which was vital, because without good roads, how will we get the opium out of Afghanistan? And thanks to us, opium transportation has become so easy that sales are significantly higher than before we went over there. And then, because honestly, two pointless, illegal wars at one time is not nearly enough, we bomb Lybia while promising that we will send in any ground soldiers. Then, as we always do, we say that although we didn't want to send in ground troops, things have changed and we have to. Wonderful, democracy in action. Ed Schultz says that he didn't want Gadaffi dead, but, "Obama says we have to take him out, so we have to take him out." I like the cut of that man's jib- any time our president says that we have to remove or kill some foreign leader, we should do it- no questions asked or answered- I mean, do you love America or don't you? And now, Osama is dead. Supposedly. Gee, I feel ever so much safer now, because Osama was the only person capable of mounting terrorist attacks against America in retaliation for the inhuman way we have treated people in that part of the world. I mean, like, fur sure, dude, the war on terror is over, everyone in those terrorist groups is going to go home and start growing amaranth now that Osama is supposedly dead.

As far as foreign relations go, the main difference between Bush and Obama is that before Bush killed people he leaped up on a table with his shirt sleeves rolled up, beat his chest, and in the best imitation of a cocaine-addled professional wrestler that you could hope to see outside of late night tv, screamed threats and laughed and taunted his victims-to-be, and then he sent in our military to kill them. Obama, on the other hand, sends in our military to kill people, then holds a press conference to gloat about it, using two and even three syllable words.

I don't get it: why haven't we invaded every country in the middle east. I mean, they all deserve it, don't they?

Ok, sarcasm aside, I tell you that all of the Muslims with whom I have spent time, were good, decent people who behaved like Christians do when Christians ACTUALLY believe in the Bible rather than pretending that they are killing people for Jesus. I knew a guy who travelled in the middle east a long time ago, before we started terrorizing the middle east, and he said that all he had to do was walk into the town market and wander around and before too long a Muslim would come up to him and say, "American? Hey, you come to my house, stay with my family." In all the time he was there, he never paid for a hotel room, and often did not pay for food. He said they were the most hospitable people he ever met in his life. He said they were more hospitable than any Christian he had ever met. I guess that's why our government is so intent on slaughtering amongst them and ruining their cultures: our government officials, most of whom claim to be Christians, don't want anyone comparing them unfavorably with Muslims. In order to justify our animalistic behavior toward Muslims, we have to make sure that Muslims behave like animals, and if that means killing lots of them at random, imprisoning and torturing them at random, and bombing them back into the stone age, well, so be it.

Obama is at least a somewhat better person than Bush, but he's been listening to the wrong people. I suppose the only bright light in all this is that now that he has killed Osama, he'll get re-elected. And then we will have a chance to see whether Obama will keep any of the promises that he made to the people who elected him the first time, because virtually all of those promises remain unfulfilled, and Obama, like the politician he is, never refers to those questions. Instead, he brags about having ordered the killing of yet another person and pretends that he has done the right thing. (Sigh...)

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MikeMedia 13 years 7 weeks ago

Play the Godfather music on your show tomorrow, Thom.

Obama managed to recreate the end of Godfather #1 by taking out all his enemies in a grand finale. While plans were being put in place for whacking Osama, he deftly used his verbal wit to mortally skewer Donald Chump. The last scene will be at Ground Zero later this week when he finally puts an end to the Bush legacy. Some quotes to remember, "keeps your friends close, your enemies closer," "revenge is a dish best served cold," and "he sleeps with fishes."

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mmetti 13 years 7 weeks ago

"I am glad to hear of the death of Osama bin Laden, who had no qualms about slaughtering American civilians.

"Unfortunately, bin Laden leaves behind an evil legacy in the United States: the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA, the PATRIOT Act, warrantless wiretaps, the 'state secrets' doctrine, and other violations of Americans' civil and economic rights.

"Just like Osama bin Laden, these programs must be terminated.

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historywriter 13 years 7 weeks ago

Do you think the administration would carry out such a well-planned job without making sure it was authenticated? A lot of pictures were taken of his body. I don't believe the administration's planning included verification. There are DNA samples (DNA samples were taken from some of his relatives) in addition. A question now is whether to make the photos available, because I guess they are gruesome. But if you need proof, they exist.

It's disheartening to see all those comments from people who are sure this is not true, that somehow the U.S. faked it all, that the administration is lying. Maybe they should have kept the body, encased it in glass (like Stalin) and sent it around the country as proof. Naw, someone would be sure to say it's an imposter. Some people simply cannot accept facts, even with proof, and would rather dwell in their little conspiracy-laden world.

This is just nutty.

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earlymusicus 13 years 7 weeks ago

The bin Laden family - which is vast - has a construction empire. That compound was probably built by his family members. Remember too that the bin Laden family and the Bush family had business contracts. I don't know if they still do, but at the time of 9/11, they still did.

So now can we end these stupid wars? The money we'll save could be used to create jobs here in America for everyone who needs a job, especially older workers, the long-term unemployed, the 99ers.

caljane2007 13 years 7 weeks ago

I disagree with Thom's very very ugly on today's program (Mon). Liberals do not like the death of Bin Laden. At least not the way it was done. Please see David Swanson's article "Killing Resolves Nothing". He expressed my feelings and thoughts when I first learned of the "rejoicing". And he says a lot more that I hadn't thought of yet. I am the member of two peace organizations in Wisconsin and others in these organizations feel as I do and as David does. His statement was endorsed by Voices (Kathy Kelly's organization). David's website is War is a Crime.org Joe Scarborough had it right. Obama did go against our wishes in killing him, but it was false that we did not want him captured. Of course Obama has gone against us since the gitgo.

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bunwarpgazoo 13 years 7 weeks ago

Cannot applaud murdering someone in their home, without a trial. It says a lot about the sorry state of our nation that so many think that this is a good thing.

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Barliman 13 years 7 weeks ago

The best way to ensure that a conspiracy theory has ongoing currency is to refuse to investigate the legitimate concerns that have been raised.

We live in democrocies that should be open and transparent.

Calling something a conspiracy theory and refusing to assess the serious allegations raised dishonours your fellow citizens and their legitimate concerns.

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Barliman 13 years 7 weeks ago

I think it is pretty clear that Bin Laden would have gone to his death well satisfied with his work.

Just look at the way the US walked away from so many democratic ideals in establishing the anti- terrorist legislation it did. Look at how seriously the political ideals of a supposedly freedom loving country have been eroded since 2001.

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reasonjr 13 years 7 weeks ago

First, I don't believe Osama Bin Laden is actually dead and lastly, justice will not be served until George W. Bush and Dick Cheney get theirs. Everyone can believe what they want, But George W Bush was the biggest terrorist America has ever known. It's funny, you never really heard the word terrorist until George W. Bush.

Now Osama Bin Laden is finally found and killed nine and a half years, thousands of lost lives, and trillions of dollars later. We could capture Saddam Hussein who had all of those countless weapons of mass destruction and take all of the time in the world to interrogate him, but Osama Bin Laden was such a gangsta that we decided that killing him made much more sense than capturing him alive and interrogating him.

They sure didn't waste any time throwing the gangsta's body in the sea did they?

One thing I know people and that is, "when something smells fishy, there's usually a fish around somewhere."

Well, being someone who knows quite a bit about graphic art and the tools used to manipulate photographs, 5000 photos of him dead wouldn't have convinced me anyway.

We sure do have a lot of lying ass thieves and murderers in this corporate run country don't we?

nordlie1 13 years 7 weeks ago

President Obama's credibility that Bin Laden is dead fades each hour worldwide with no proof. Buck stops at the top. Here's help around the home with high gasoline and food prices



Watching your show on tonite I'm wondering if this is a hollywood like setup that Bin Laden is dead with lead actors: Afghanistan President in on it too saying now we got him we should leave (in essence helping to aide Americans leaving Afghanistan as scheduled soon); Pakistan being the fall guy; 24 hour burial per Islam. Only one thing...there is no body fior proof.

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reasonjr 13 years 7 weeks ago

I couldn't have said it better, although I could add a page or two to yours and we could write a book.

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2950-10K 13 years 7 weeks ago

Thom is right, with Bin Laden gone; we have much bigger problems to move on to. First the wars need to end. President Obama surely is well aware of recent world history regarding the former Soviet Union. It earned the apt title "former" by attempting perpetual warfare in Afghanistan. For the US to repeat the same blunder by allowing cheaply made IED's to bankrupt us, is handing victory to the terrorists.

With the wars ended, money could then be directed to the more pressing problem of possible annihilation of the entire planet caused by climate change. Certainly green energy jobs would help lift us out of the most recent Republican great depression.

I hope to God it doesn’t happen, but if we get hit again due to retaliation for Bin Laden, it will be a Cheney-esque, rightwing, mainstream media, wet dream- bashing and blaming the President for not keeping America safe. Look at the useless crap the media feeds us now!..... just saying!

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harmonious1 13 years 7 weeks ago

Really, finally dead? And execution without a trial. Sounds like a gangland killing on an international scale. Osama was perhaps our favorite BOOGIEMAN. Do we need a new one? Think FEAR!

We have had this so-called "War against terrorism" without a declaration, and a "war against drugs" since I think Nixon, and a "war against poverty" which needs to be re engaged. But perhaps moreso we need a "WAR AGAINST WAR"!

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Berry 13 years 7 weeks ago

How many live does Osama have anyway. Did he die again? >http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0%2C8599%2C1819280%2C00.html

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Palindromedary 13 years 7 weeks ago

@ Onit2day:
Thanks for that really great web site The Existentialist Cowboy at http://existentialistcowboy.blogspot.com/

And the mention of the America Airlines story is on the "Indict George W. Bush" piece. And accompanying the piece is a picture of Bush holding up his bloody hands...quite appropriate (more likely it is red paint but it is still quite symbolic of all the blood that war criminal helped to cause).

whateverittakes 13 years 7 weeks ago

Now that we’ve taken it upon ourselves to take out Osama bin Laden, the reasons for which remain manifestly unclear, there’s no reason not to go after the real perpetrators of this ungodly mess: George Bush, Dick Cheney & Company. The suspicion that our own government was involved in 9/11 and that Osama bin Laden was no more than a convenient, albeit willing, scapegoat will not die. But if his aim was to destroy the United States of America, with the help of Dubya, Cheney and friends, he has managed to go a long way toward that goal. We are mired in endless wars around the globe chasing a phantom which is nothing more than our own shadow. How many innocent people have we slaughtered under the name of a completely phony war since we are, in fact, the terrorists? And why are we doing these obscene and hypocritical things? For no other reason than to keep our corporate fat cats in business and help them to help Osama bin Laden carry out his plan. The national debate over the budget deficit reflects this nauseatingly deceitful picture. The Republicans under Bush (and starting as far back as 30 years ago) have brought us to this end and now we are made to sit down and listen to them rant and rave day after day after day over the deficit and our over-the-top spending habits!!???

They take us to be very, very stupid. And by continuously allowing them to tub-thump and proliferate their unbelievably hypocritical views, we lean, sadly enough, toward proving them right.

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Palindromedary 13 years 7 weeks ago

I tend to agree with you that some of those who are in prominent positions on the left seem to be avoiding the obvious...including Thom Hartmann and Noam Chomsky. The government official conspiracy theory seems to have taken hold in these, otherwise, intelligent beings. They are obviously, I believe, in league with those who believe that they would not gain any foothold on the minds of those that they try to influence and would possibly risk alienating themselves from their "movement"...the Democratic Party. Most people now know that the Democratic Party is a wash out..it does not truly represent those they try to pretend they represent.

It is quite obvious to many of us that Obama is not going to represent his constituents...at least the majority of hard working (or would be had they not been laid off), or retired, citizens and will continue to use puffery, lies, and smoke and mirrors propaganda to mess with our minds. The most recent "mess-with-our-minds" propaganda is, of course, the death of OBL and their scare "red alert" scare tactics of the bad old boogey men that will now try to take revenge on us. If an "attack" happens...I would believe that it was done by the same people that did the 911 false flag attack...an inside job..using Arab patsies. Or maybe they will progress to American citizen patsies who have voiced their discontent and doubts on the internet. What better way to further clamp down and take away all rights and freedoms...exactly what they want to do anyway.

I voted for Obama once but now know that he is a turn-coat that has proven that he'll promise one thing and then, after elected, will stab us all in the back. Obama is now part of the problem.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 13 years 7 weeks ago

You know the only thing different between Obama and Osama is a "b" and an "s"...that's right..."bs". Ok it was a cheap shot...but so what? At least I didn't kill anyone.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 13 years 7 weeks ago

@history writer
But so what if they have a lot of photos...doesn't prove anything...OBL had a lot of doubles that...sort of looked like OBL but it was doubtful that the pictures were really of OBL anyway. Yes, it looks like, once again, our government has conveniently gotten rid of any real evidence that might have helped prove their case and are asking us to all be gullible dummies and believe them.

dnarnadem 13 years 7 weeks ago

"The tiny group behind the fence, waving their flags, are skillfully encompassed by the camera to make it look like there are a lot of them"

That would be a STATIONARY Camera looking at Lafayette Park! Man, where is your Critical thinking when it counts?

And the Flag wavers - COLLEGE students, all who would of been 10-12 years old when the Trade towers were Bombed! They remember the horror. By the way, did you lose anyone on those planes, in the towers, fireman, and rescuers?

Patriotism is dead in America for the few moronic individuals who think that Freedom is a given. People have died, are dying and will forever die for what you now enjoy, FREEDOM! There really are bad people out there who really do want to kill you and do you harm. The quicker you realize that the faster you will come to realize that freedom is not free!

I, to this day, still honor my fellow 50,000+ dead Vietnam veterans who died fighting in Vietnam. There may have been 101 bad reasons why America fought that war, but those dead heroes were there fighting for America. That goes for all the other wars we fought. I will not let simpletons and conspiracy theorists like you and some others on this blog defame and besmirch their names and memories! Go live in Pakistan if you hate America so much! I’m sure they’ll welcome you with open arms!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 13 years 7 weeks ago

The propaganda machine has already made it quite clear that despite our killing OBL they claim that there are a lot of other baddies...Al Qaida...that we need to keep after. This will never end, of course, because war is quite lucrative for some in the US and they will not let go of that tit very easily.

dnarnadem 13 years 7 weeks ago

All you die-hard conspiracy theorists - and you ALL know who you are - need to take a VERY LONG vacation to Pakistan!

My understanding is that there is now a VACANT mansion available for you ALL to enjoy yourselves in! I am sure that your Pakistani neighbors will welcome you all with open Arms!

What a bunch of hogwash! You ALL need to get a life, preferably one where facts, logic and critical thinking is not a pre-requisite!

It just astounds me that there are people who have nothing better to do in this world than to spin ad infinitum cob-webs of insane nonsense as if it were all real!

No wonder the American Right have been so easily brainwashed by the corporate fascists – it is way too simple to manipulate them with lies and make-believe!

The next Right-Corporate Fascist attack coming – this is all made up by The Obama Administration!

Well, they have video, pictures, computers, hard drives, a treasure trove of documents taken from the house. And while they pour over these and hopefully catch more bad guys, there will be an onslaught from the conspiratorial Right about how all this is a big Lie! Again the Corporate fascists will feeding lies to the public and the ever busy conspirators will be weaving their webs of nonsense!

Go to Pakistan! Please!

dnarnadem 13 years 7 weeks ago

Of course there are! What do you eat in the morning that would make your brain dysfunction by nighttime!

There are still followers of OBL who still want TO KILL PEOPLE! It only took 19 to murder 3000+ people!

It only takes ONE to carry a bomb anywhere! Where have you been living?? Mars?

These are crazy people and they still do want to kill people, especially Americans! A dead OBL will not deter or stop a terroist - in fact, he/she now have a Mission to even kill more.

It won't stop till the last one is dead. Even one is dangerous.

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Palindromedary 13 years 7 weeks ago

The "official conspiracy theory" is not being challenged by people who should be challenging it. It is being challenged by many intelligent people who want the truth because they believe that the official conspiracy theory is full of holes and contain outright proven lies and cover-ups. Many of the Democrats are such wimps that they will not challenge the real conspiracy criminals that murdered 3000+ civilians and many more of our soldiers and hundreds of thousands more of innocent civilians in the Middle East. These wimpy Democrats would rather go along with the cover up and let those truly responsible get away with it in order to squeeze in yet another morsel of power...another tidbit thrown to them by the criminal elite. Perhaps they believe that if the people were all really ticked off because they all now know, without a doubt, that our country is being controlled by sinister forces that would do such drastic things against their own population that they would be uncontrollable and even their own Democratic Empire would lose it's ability to rule. Perhaps they are thinking that if the majority of the people really knew the truth that their "empires" would be shattered and massive civil unrest would rule the day culminating in a complete removal of any wealthy ruling elite being able to keep their smoke-and-mirrors power structure intact. Perhaps some of these left wing "thinkers" and "shakers" truly believe that it would be a disaster of epic proportions...and it might well be so...but look where we are headed anyway....only we are all oozing to our eventual destruction anyway....and history has shown that when it gets that bad that the only thing that can reverse it is for a quicker solution. So you people who think that all we have to do is to re-elect Obama are just going along with the smoke-and-mirrors hocus-pocus "voodoo government" that will grind us all slowly into our graves.

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gerald 13 years 7 weeks ago

We can really see who is paying for our endless wars.


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Palindromedary 13 years 7 weeks ago

For those who think that we have fought to "preserve our freedoms", or whatever hogwash pro-war propagandistic clap-trap that they got drilled into their brains in their formative years (we have all been propagandized in our schools...some of us have been able to detect the BS), I say you are being used as a useful idiot for those who are screwing you....for those who sent your buddies off to be killed in some stupid war. Yes, they died in vain!!! Now get over it and see the light before they send your kids off to get killed too. If you keep thinking in terms of heroics and patriotism you will continue the stupidity and victimization of our people. Read Smedley Butler's pamphlet "War is a Crime". If you continue to vote the two party system that is screwing us all then you will always be taking it in the a$$ for the wealthy and powerful ruling elite that are quite happy you are stupid enough to fall for their tricks.

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Palindromedary 13 years 7 weeks ago

Go live in Pakistan if you hate dissent so much! And I'd like to know what kind of "freedom" you mean when your government has worked so hard to destroy those freedoms though things like "The Patriot Act" and "Homeland InSecurity". I know that it is easy for some xenophobic people to blame "Muslims". They can dish it out all day but let a "Muslim" object to wholesale slaughter of their children and they are "terrorists". The real terrorists are the banksters, corporateers, and others who have schemed to impoverish us and enslave us with debt peonage. They get rich off of scaring us into an immoral and illegal war in the middle east while murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people. There is nothing "brave" or "patriotic" about getting caught up in the war machine...most are poor suckers that either bought into the stupid propaganda or they couldn't afford any other job at the time. They are trained killers...murderers...and Smedley Butler got it right...they are hit men for the organized criminal gangsters who want to steal or control the wealth of other nations. There is very little brave or heroic about being armed to the teeth with the latest high tech weapons and pressing buttons to murder many innocent civilians in one setting. Of course not all soldiers are equipped with buttons to press and missiles to launch or helicopters to kill from a distance ...they have to actually be on the ground...but they still have better weapons...armor..resources...than the people they are murdering. The really brave ones are the people we murder. Of course, the dominant conquerors make the history and the propaganda that many simpletons believe to be true...including killing OBL.

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