So here we are in the midst of perpetual war...

Today marks 60 days since America’s war in Libya began. That means that the war powers granted to the President in the War Powers Act are about to expire. The War Powers Act allows the president to commit the nation to war for only 60 days before he MUST seek approval from Congress for further military intervention. A group of Republican Senators have sent a letter to the president reminding him of today’s deadline – and requesting that he goes to Congress to seek a constitutional war resolution.

Of course – not a single President since FDR has sought out a legitimate declaration of war from Congress. And every President since Reagan has hurled our military into a different unapproved war. So here we are in the midst of perpetual war – and the one branch of government that’s SUPPOSED to declare war is sitting on its hands. Dwight Eisenhower’s worst nightmare is coming true – we’ve been captured by the military industrial complex.

And James Madison – the father of our Constitution and fourth President of the United States – who warned us all against perpetual war – must be rolling in his grave.

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