“America is absolutely awash with easily obtainable firearms,” says Al Qaeda

The Republican Party is making us less safe in America. One organization has taken notice of the relentless defense of gun-rights by the Republican Party that has stripped away nearly every single effective gun control law over the last few decades – turning America into the wild west of gun ownership. And that organization is Al Qaeda. That’s right – in a recently released video – an Al Qaeda spokesman encourages jihadists to purchase firearms at American gun shows and launch Mumbai style attacks around the country.

“America is absolutely awash with easily obtainable firearms,” says Al Qaeda. “You can go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle, without a background check, and most likely without having to show an identification card. So what are you waiting for?” AP reported that more than 200 suspected terrorist were able to buy guns with ease last year thanks to lax gun restrictions.

So given how our nation has revamped nearly every aspect of our life – from flying in airports to letting the Government spy on us – just to keep America safe from terrorists – Republicans will immediately close the gaping security threat of the terrorist gun loophole – right? I’d guess no. That’s because the gun lobby will see to it that enough of our lawmakers are bought off to ignore the threat just like lobbyists like Michael Chertoff saw to it that enough lawmakers were scared silly to hand out millions in contracts for Chertoff X-ray porno scanners at our airports.

It’s not about security in America any more – it’s now just about corporate profits.


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gerald 13 years 2 weeks ago

First, I want to say that IBM has just sent 25,000 jobs to India. Virtually screwing Americans!!!

Please view this five minute video!


Another impediment to destroy public education!!! Here are other impediments – charter schools, private schools, parochial schools, religious schools, and home schools.

When my wife and I were driving to the hospital for my procedure, there was a sign on the road that gave a telephone number for information and possible free tuition to enter the Virtual School program.

The Little Old Lady

The little old lady was on an elevator in mid-town Detroit. Two very attractive women came upon the elevator and they talked on various subjects. The one area was the cost of perfume. One woman said she paid $150 per ounce for her perfume and the other woman said she paid $130 per ounce for her perfume. The little old lady arrived at her floor. Before leaving the elevator she was at the doorway and turned sideways; she bent over and farted; and she said to the attractive women, “Broccoli, 59 cents a pound!”

Power Corrupts 13 years 2 weeks ago

So since we can all agree that "it’s now just about corporate profits." What makes you think that electing the right people will change anything? Nothing changes without movements. And we have no movements because not enough people are hurting enough.
We also have the largest disparity of wealth at a time when it takes millions of dollars to win an election.

Liberal or conservative, it makes no difference. Barack Obama serves corporate interests as assiduously as did George W. Bush. So to place our faith in any party or established institution as a mechanism for reform is to be entranced by the celluloid shadows on the wall of Plato’s cave.

Civil Public Protests are all we have left.....

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gerald 13 years 2 weeks ago

@Power Corrupts, thank you for the comment! Thom has issues with Reagan as do I. But, when Reagan was president the Democrats gave him what he wanted. The Conservative Crazies would not permit a Democratic president to have what he wanted. We have one party in this hell-hole country and it's the Money Party.

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gerald 13 years 2 weeks ago

Wonderful!!! But, it is too bad that most Americans do not read the Holy Bible. If they do read God's Love Letter to you and me, they do not understand what is written in the Holy Bible.


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UsOrThem 13 years 2 weeks ago

What about "Operation Fast and Furious"?

It's an operation by the US Government to arm Mexican Drug Gangs!

We always arm our enemies then wonder why they kill us!


It's too late folks!

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John Defalque 13 years 2 weeks ago

I used to be a firm advocate of gun control, I am Canadian and it seems like a great freedom not to always have to wear a bullet proof vest and wear a holster and pistol but...the last 2.5 yrs of the Great Depression have perhaps completely changed my mind.Knowing that you could instantly kill yourself when times get tough is a real comfort.Also as a communist I realize that the elite and the institutionalized injustice system known as Kaputalism, can't share or be fair so armed revolution may be neccessary.I am not naive enough to beleive that if we simply ask for fairness we will get it.What I would live, kill and die for is social injustice.Also with major white collar crime being treated like a victimless crime perhaps people have a right to take matters into their own hands.

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Palindromedary 13 years 2 weeks ago

Sure, disarm the people....just what the ruling elite would love. It worked for Hitler and for Stalin. This whole story sounds like just another propaganda scare tactic to make Americans further give up being able to protect themselves. Take away the guns from the law-abiding citizenry and only the criminals will have them. The police?? They are being laid off because the rich won't pay their fair share of the taxes...and they never really protected us anyway. They were much better at oppressing us and protecting the real big-time thieves who run our banks and corporations. So keep up the talk and scare stories about Al Qaida and "terrorists" and the ruling elite won't even have to engineer false flag operations like 911 anymore.

Just keep voting for the party that is going to screw you anyway...nothing is going to change in our favor. We'll end up just like the starving peons in any of the third world countries scared to say anything for fear of the right-wing death squads who got their power by weanies, who pretend to be Democrats, who are really working undercover for the ruling elite to ensure that people vote for one or the other faction of the "business" party. Good cop, bad cop for the ruling elite.

And to titillate our prudish/priggish quid nuncian sensibilities we can all be distracted by more on-line weiners or stained blue dresses. Speaking of which....ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? A picture of a lump in some men's underwear is worthy of any kind of attention? Come off it, people! When I first heard of the stories of Weiner's weener I figured it was hard core...duh!!! underwear? That's all??? And if the underwear were just a swimming trunks? Wouldn't it have been a little bit different? I don't know...maybe they got around to censoring the real picture but I couldn't get over that it was just underwear.
Ha! Ha! lol lol.......Sure, sure...I know...it's all about how dumb it was and how unfaithful he was and all of that rot! The French have to be splitting a gut about how priggish, not to mention hypocritical, Americans are. But then...alas, the prudes are everywhere!

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yahyaisrael 13 years 2 weeks ago

Well Thom as far as I'm concered, I don't want to loose my American Freedoms because of fear. Americans are not a Fearful people. Well I can't say that today, all I see is fearful Americans. I was in Desert Storm, Desert Sentry, Bosnia, Macidonia, then finaly Operation Iraqi Freedom. I didnt join the service to see Americans give up there rights. I rather die by a gun purchaced here in the united States by an Al Qaeda member then loose my American Freedoms. We should be willing to die for the Freedoms that this country was given. I know I am. We all ready, out of fear, given the goverment the ability to regulate every aspect of our life, because we think it is good to have the Goverment to babysit us (the Nanny State). Our freedoms are disapearing, and they are not being taken away, we are giving them up. And really I'm sick of seeing American doing this. They say they love there soldiers, but they do not respect them, if they just give up, and do not even fight for there rights in the uS home frount.

I love your show, because usally you see the ignorance of what is happening all around as. But I will never belive in giving up freedoms in order to do it. Maybe if so many Americans are afraid of Al Qaeda buying wepons in the uS, they should go out and buy them too. Then we can do whatever it takes to protect our country.

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b3n 13 years 2 weeks ago

wait what????

""That’s because the gun lobby will see to it that enough of our lawmakers are bought off to ignore the threat just like lobbyists like Michael Chertoff saw to it that enough lawmakers were scared silly to hand out millions in contracts for Chertoff X-ray porno scanners at our airports."

don't you think using this BS "threat" to take away americans freedoms would be more like using the BS "threat" chertoff used to take away freedom?

you got that completely backwards!

dianhow 13 years 2 weeks ago

LOTS of folks are hurting bad. And Speaking out - Recalls in Wis, demonstrations in Fla and other states Folks are so fed up with lying greedy politicians that disrespect us and treat us like we are expendable after an election. 2012 may be a shock to many arrogant Repubs who campainged on jobs then ignorned them and went straight to busting unions, privatizing Medicare and demanding even more corp tax cuts , loopholes and OIL subsides. Ryan says with a straight face ' I am trying to save Med' BS We did not just fall off a turnip truck ...well maybe some of us did or just trusted Fox Faux ' news' .

dianhow 13 years 2 weeks ago

GUNS Gays God & Abortion seem to run the GOP agenda & the Baggers Many seem not to be true Christians but self righteous phonies who love to dictate to others how to live.

dnarnadem 13 years 2 weeks ago

What else is New? We spend Billions - Billions, On Homeland Security and other terrorist government agencies! We started 2 Wars that has now cost American Citizens cost Trillions! We demonize terrorists and want to kill them all!

YET! We simply don't care if the terrorists goes to a gun show (or pays a criminal type to go), to buy guns without even a background check! Over 200 people on the terror watch list have BOUGHT guns at gun shows! Legislation to close these loop-holes have either not even gotten out of Committee, or if they have, been voted down by NRA bought legislators!

There is NO logic here - none whatsoever! God forbid that a terrorist somehow gets guns at a gun show in this Country and then succeeds to kill a lot of innocent families. What will be the response of the gun toting folk? It will be ‘So be it - I do not want to give up my right to own Guns!’

Yet these same folk will vote to spend trillions to kill thousands - This is Insanity!

And now Al Queda is advocating that their followers buy guns to kill Americans! Hey, only in America, Right?

But how about the simple smart solution to fix the loopholes that would preclude this from happening? But what are the odds of that ever happening when some States are now trying to pass laws where grammar school kids can carry conceal weapons!

Absolute Looney toons!

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2950-10K 13 years 2 weeks ago

Heaven forbid someone mistakenly on the no fly list would be prevented from buying an assualt weapon to hunt with! The NRA gun lobby wields far too much political influence for a ban on Al Qaeda purchases at gun shows to happen.

Just for everyones information our founders were referring to single shot and buck & ball black powder musketry in the second amendment, and don't try to tell me otherwise!...The bill was ratified Dec.15th 1791!

How about some attention on Article I Section 8.The Congress shall have Power To lay and COLLECT TAXES, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and GENERAL WELFARE of the United States......1787

The Republicans have selective attention issues with the Constitution much like they have with the Christian Bible!

dnarnadem 13 years 2 weeks ago

"I didnt join the service to see Americans give up there rights. I rather die by a gun purchaced here in the united States by an Al Qaeda member then loose my American Freedoms."

No imagination whatsoever! That's you! But how about your Parents? Your Wife? Your Kids? Your Grandkids?

It's always about MY rights. Never the OTHER! This is a mind-boggling ignorant response.

You stop the Criminal or Terrorist by making it HARDER for him or her to get that gun in the first place! NO Free American will be denied to buy a gun for God sakes!

But any RATIONAL person does not want the CRIMINAL or TERROIST to buy that gun so they can then do harm to OTHER loved ones, even if YOU don't care whether he kills you with a Gun made in America!

dnarnadem 13 years 2 weeks ago

You forgot the agenda "We want Obama to Fail! And we will do evertyhing in our power to make that happen. Even if it means we destroy the American Economy so we can can get Re-Elected in 2012."

What is lost in all of this is that once the American Economy goes down the drain, the Guns, God, Gays and Abortion agenda will be childs play compared to 100 Million Americans being out of work! And they all have Guns!

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garyej 13 years 2 weeks ago

Sorry Thom, I can't believe you bought in that canard. The whole thing looks like he was reading Brady talking points. First, unless congress repealed the National Firearms Act of 1934, you can not buy a fully automatic weapon (legally) anywhere with no questions asked. Second, there is no "gun show loophole". At gun shows, all federal and local gun control laws must be followed, regardless of MAIG's James O'Keefe style editing. Private individuals can not by law use the NICS system.

On several occations, you repeated Brady talking points, including ones that are demonstrably false just by checking DOJ, CDC, statistics. I agree with you on most things, but on this you are wrong.

This beg the question, if someone can please answer me, why does this subject turn the "professional left" into Faux News and the comments on "progressive" websites on the level of free republic, the only difference being gun owners (by the language, it is really rural and blue collar in general) being the other?

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garyej 13 years 2 weeks ago

Since when did you become a fan of Bush's no fly list? Ten years ago, Thom and others pointed out that there were no terrorists on the list until it now serves their purpose. Sorry, the left is no less dishonest when it comes to ideology as the right.

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garyej 13 years 2 weeks ago

Even then, according to non US news sources and Wikileaks, the drug gangs are getting their weapons from the southern border (mostly ripping off the military in El Salvador), China, and Vietnam. Most of them are machine guns, rocket launchers, and crew serviced weapons. The 90 percent canard was a misquote from a BATFE.

Oh wait I forgot, the new Brady talking point is that congress repealed the National Firearms Act of 1934 and you can now buy machine guns (that is what fully automatic means) over the counter at gun shows and Wal Mart.

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David Abbot 13 years 2 weeks ago

Well, the fact is, (and largely thanks to America, which is pretty much the biggest arms manufacturer in the world), that anyone who has money and wants guns can get them in pretty much any country in the world and failing that they can take them into any country in the world, regardless of whether guns are legal or illegal. I have been a progressive for decades, but at the same time I am acutely aware that one of the things that over the years has kept our government from declaring permanent martial law, is the fact that so many Americans have guns and would- to put it mildly- not cooperate with martial law. Yes sure, we could do a Ghandi passive resistance thing, but look how well that worked for all of the European countries that were taken over by the German nazis and the Italian fascists. (Hint: it didn't work at all; what DID work was us going over there and spending a few years kicking their asses all over the place.) But America isn't world war two Europe, you say? Think again. World war two was basically started, enabled, popularized/propagandized, and propped up by American corporations such as Boeing, which sold Hitler the computer punch card equipment that allowed him to keep track of the Jews he was imprisoning and murdering, and Boeing officials were over there during the war, actively helping Hitler do so. And the Bush family helped Hitler, too, escaping prosecution for being traitors, only because of political connections. And to this day it is the very same "American" corporations- as well as quite a few more- that are aiding and abetting our "enemies," with our "enemies" getting billions and billions of dollars in foreign aid from us.

Furthermore, I met a guy from Czechoslovakia, who told me that at the very start of world war two, his government passed a law against private ownership of guns. When people protested that Hitler's armies were close to Czech borders, the Czech government said, "Don't worry, we'll protect you." And the day after most Czechs turned in their guns, Hitler's armies blitzed across the border and took the entire country very quickly because no one had any guns and the Czech military didn't really even try to defend their own country. The Czech government officials had made a deal with Hitler that left them in power as long as they obeyed Hitler, and just like our own congress and judiciary branches, and in many ways just like the Obama administration and every democrat and republican administration for the last however many decades, they cared more about staying in office than they cared about keeping their promises.

Now let me give you a definition of the word "government:" a government is a group of people who display a sick willingness to do literally anything to their own people in order to stay in power. Admittedly, it's not a complete definition, because our government has done a lot of very good stuff. But what do you think our government would do to you if it felt that you were in a position to quickly and effectively replace it with a better government? One of the very few things that keeps our government at least a little bit honest, is knowing that many of us are armed and would very effectively resist it by force. And our military has very effectively trained many hundreds of thousands of military people who are now among our general population, and if those ex-military people thought our government was taking our country in a radically wrong direction they are quite capable of mounting a resistance that would make world war two's French Underground Resistance look like fairy princesses dancing in the moonlight. And even more Americans would very forcefully resist an invasion by any other country.

No, I do not own guns, no I am not advocating armed resistance against our government, and no I would not participate in armed resistance. But it is not lost on our government that many Americans would fight our government to the death if they saw the need. So, as distasteful as you may find guns, it is much better that guns be legal, so honest citizens, good ol' boys from Dixie, and cowboy-hat-wearing "country" people can legally own them, thus keeping our government at least somewhat in check. CRIMINALS AND TERRORISTS WILL ALWAYS HAVE READY ACCESS TO GUNS- AMERICAN ARMS MANUFACTURERS HAVE ALWAYS MADE SURE OF IT AND THEY ALWAYS WILL MAKE SURE OF IT. And our government will also make sure of it, because more than anything, our government wants, desperately needs, and will always have or create enemies that they tell us we have to fight. So forget about that silly fantasy of gun laws taking guns out of the hands of terrorists.

It's nice to dream of a nice world where every person is a nice person and all the nice people are nice to each other and no one needs weapons for any reason, but that is not the world we live in. And until human nature changes so much that we are closer to being Angels than we are to being human, that will not be the world we live in. And outlawing guns will not get us any closer to living in that world.

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garyej 13 years 2 weeks ago

I thought critical thinking was the hallmark of liberalism. Al Qaeda can not buy anything at gun shows. It is a Brady canard, part of which is that (I guess) federal and local gun control laws magically disappear. Nonsense. It is not the big bad gun lobby that is hampering gun control laws. It is the lack of honesty, facts, and logic on the other side. Seriously, google "National Firearms Act 1934" and tell me you can buy a fully automatic weapon at a gun show with no question asked. If you can show me a seller, I'll show you someone heading to federal prison.

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garyej 13 years 2 weeks ago

Truth is, these loopholes do not exist. Period. It is a canard. All federal and local laws apply to gun shows just like everywhere else. Why liberals take GOP/Brady (they are all Republicans. Helmke, Sugarmann, all of them) seriously is beyond me. Seriously, legally buying machine guns at gun shows no questions asked. Google National Firearms Act of 1934 and get back with me. All of their talking points are easily debunked by looking up DOJ and CDC statistics and current laws.

Grammer school kids can carry concealed? Get real.

dnarnadem 13 years 2 weeks ago

You also probably live in a fantasy land. Do you have any idea what the Fire Power the US Military has? Google US Military Arms and find out.

To think that the US citizenry could stand up to that fire power is Ludicrous!

Here is what has happened. The NRA has put the fear of God into the US Citizenry. Literally, they state, if you don't have a gun you die! Absolute bunk! Hogwash. And any other synonym you care to use.

Americans are NOT in danger of losing their liberties, unless you want to use what happened under the Bush Years, where we did lose some! Two Hundred Million Americans had guns, yet you didn't see them take to the streets did you. Under the Patriot act, no one was immune from being bugged. No one was immune from unlawful search and seizure. And certainly no one was immune from gun seizures - if homeland security figured you were a risk, they could confiscate all your guns and whisk you away to some undisclosed detention area. In fact, some of these are still in force. Yet you do not see open rebellion.

It's all a lie based on primal fear. The NRA has equated FREEDOM with PRIVATE OWNERSHIP OF GUNS. And God forbid if the two are ever rent asunder!

And yet, Guns still kill. The young, the old, the child. Crazy people carry guns - a Republican representative from Maine threatened a citizen at a local convenience store with a 9MM! Kids bring guns to school - just the other day, a grammar school child was shot by another who brought a concealed gun to school.

But none of this matters to the Fearful gun owner. And the NRA knows this. And it spends millions on ads and politicians to make sure that the primal fear be kept alive.

There is nothing wrong with Americans owning guns. Where is gets crazy is when the gun owner states that EVERYONE, literally EVERYONE, should own guns: And the laws be damned! It is better that everyone be free to own guns then to make laws that limit that right – like Criminals, Terrorists, and the mental insane. I paraphrase a statement in this blog – best that everyone own a gun and let it all settle out naturally! That is how nutty and loony toons this whole issue on guns in America has devolved! It is no longer how you can limit the carnage by limiting the crazies who can get them, but just get MORE guns to more people!

Some of us are old enough to remember living in the 50s and 60s. The Americans had nuclear bombs and later missiles. The Russians had the same. And they just kept building more and more, because no one trusted each other. Fear-mongering was rampant. I mean they had enough of these things to wipe out the whole world. And that word FREEDOM was used a lot also.

But someone, somewhere eventually came to their senses, or I wouldn’t be here writing this. Treaties were signed and the bombs were limited. And the world survived. We still have our freedoms.

The same has to done with these guns. It is killing way too many people and only the mentally competent, non-criminal, non-terrorist should have LEGAL access to them.

dnarnadem 13 years 2 weeks ago

"I thought critical thinking was the hallmark of liberalism. Al Qaeda can not buy anything at gun shows"

Critical thinking - of course they can't, but they can PAY some WHITE nice looking criminal to do so. That's called critical thinking.

And please don't tell me that no God-Fearing white American Criminal would do such a thing! Critical thinking, remember!

dnarnadem 13 years 2 weeks ago

Really! Here is how crazy this is all getting! These are only a few!! Just Google Concealed Guns Grammer School.

The Ohio House of Representatives approved two bills on Wednesday that would give Ohioans more rights to carry concealed weapons, including one that allows people to carry a gun into a bar.

A proposal Rep. Zach Cook, a Ruidoso Republican, would allow people licensed to have a concealed handgun to take their weapons into schools and preschools, on college campuses, bars, state parks and buses.

Texas law allows for licensed (concealed) carry in churches - unless the church notifies (posts) otherwise.

Criminal Justice Committee rejected a plan to eliminate concealed-weapons permits in New Hampshire. The bill will still go to the full House with a negative recommendation from the committee.

dnarnadem 13 years 2 weeks ago

"Truth is, these loopholes do not exist. Period. It is a canard. All federal and local laws apply to gun shows just like everywhere else"

Really! Then you didn't see the under-cover vedio where a gun Seller at A gun-show specifically asked if the buyer needed a Back-Ground check was told NO! He most definitely didn't!

In fact there may be no loop-holes, but in Reality, real people do stupid things, like sell guns at gun shows without ANY background Checks!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 13 years 2 weeks ago

"in a recently released video – an Al Qaeda spokesman encourages jihadists to purchase firearms at American gun shows and launch Mumbai style attacks around the country."

Yeah..right! Who really believes this? I suppose it is not impossible, of course. But who really believes anything the government says anymore? How many of those "OBL videos" were really of OBL? Was that really Oswald in that picture holding a rifle? And do you really still believe the official 911 conspiracy theory? We are supposed to get all upset and scared over this stupid propaganda? I'd worry a lot more over what the police are doing at any time...they carry guns all the time..and they sometimes shoot people that shouldn't be shot....and they are not all upstanding honest officials looking out for the general population's welfare. Some just can't wait to beat the crap out of people or go on the take for the drug money pie...which goes up the chains of command to even our politicians. We are supposed to freak out over the mention of "terrorists" or "jihadists"? Hah! What a load of crap! All of you Pavlovian poodles out there should be much more afraid of the economic terrorists who don't even need to go to gun fairs to wreak real terror on the masses. Who is the biggest terrorists...the so called potential "jihadist" armed with a couple of guns or some bankster or his toady politician who will cause mass starvation and death of the population because of their greed. You should look at the bait and switch, smoke and mirrors, good cop/bad cop Democrats who lied to you once and will do so yet again....and you still get suckered in by "hope you can believe in"...but it will betray you once again.

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gerald 13 years 2 weeks ago

This my answer to the whole left-right debate.

The Little Old Lady

The little old lady was on an elevator in mid-town Detroit. Two very attractive women came upon the elevator and they talked on various subjects. The one area was the cost of perfume. One woman said she paid $150 per ounce for her perfume and the other woman said she paid $130 per ounce for her perfume. The little old lady arrived at her floor. Before leaving the elevator she was at the doorway and turned sideways; she bent over and farted; and she said to the attractive women, “Broccoli, 59 cents a pound!”

I prefer farts over perfume!

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KassandraTroy 13 years 2 weeks ago

Has nothing to do with al Quaeda. Our government just wants us to kill each other off to save the expense of doing it themselves when it becomes necessary. They already have us at each other's throats with their induced terror and now, with taking away all the safety nets and adding guns, expect more bloodbaths as frightened people go postal.

IF Obama caves, and he will, on the "entitlements" esp Medicaid, there are going to be alot of desperate people out there, and the media and the right will, without fail tell us whom to blame among us. And, of course these people didn't deserve any help anyway, right, GAWD must be punishing them. I must admit, I DO feel punished, but not by GAWD

I am thinking about joining the crowd and getting one, however. I don't want to be the only one on my block unarmed. I hate the things but, as a frightened populace continues to arm and blame each other ,it may be the only way to be safe in my yard and home.

sickening what these monsters have done to my and your country.

antiglobalist's picture
antiglobalist 13 years 2 weeks ago

ok this is nonsense. who is adam gadan the scary al c.i.a.da member? he is the grandson of the adl founder who used to beat up muslims on the streets of california. this has to be a joke article. is this the onion? thats right take our guns. disarm the slaves. we must listen to adam pearlman aka adam gadan. what a joke.

David Abbot's picture
David Abbot 13 years 2 weeks ago

Ok, so our American military is incredibly well-equipped and incredibly well-trained- at least when it comes to defending our corporate kleptocracy against our own citizens. (They will never win any of our three- my God- count them: three!!!- wars of occupation, because no military force anywhere has ever won a war of occupation against a determined enemy, at any time in the entire history of planet earth. Anyway, every day our military discharges how many well-trained military personnel from military service? The social statisticians out there should be able to give you more precise numbers, but what I am telling you is that a statistically significant percentage of those discharged military people would- as they swore an oath to do- defend America against ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. Not all patriots are silly people driving around with flag poles on their pickup trucks. Some military and ex-military patriots truly love America and at a certain point in time could realize that they have to take action to save America. And there is also a statistically significant percentage of discharged military personnel who are angry at our government for real or imagined grievances or just because they are insane, and who would therefore be quite happy (for lack of a better word...) to do battle against our military. And also a statistically significant number of current military personnel who very clearly understand the horrible role our military has played in the destabilization of the world, and who at a certain point in time can no longer avoid the fact that as patriotic Americans and in fact as human beings they are morally and ethically bound to resist our military, either with covert actions such as that brave young man who apparently released all those documents to Wikileaks. Or with outright internal resistance within the military such as military personnel who say, "Sorry, but I will not kill those people. It's against our laws, against the Geneva conventions, and against human decency." It does happen, and it happens much, much, much more often than you see it reported in the media.

Now let's take a critical look at the fact that our sworn enemy- Al Quaeda (which in reality is partially funded by the Oliver North-type right wing faction of our own military/covert-Ops government agencies so that we will have "such a dangerous enemy" that our government has to spy on us, tap our phones and internet connections, grope us at airports, and so on) says that guns are very easy to get in America. Ok, so why would our sworn enemy go public with a statement that it is easy for them to get guns in America? Remember, this is the enemy that wants America totally destroyed down to the last life form. The enemy that will supposedly hate us until its last dying breath. The enemy whose God has supposedly ordered them to kill all of us. The enemy that wants to get their hands on guns in America. If the ready availability of weapons in America is helping our enemy, why exactly would they go so public with this information? Because they want us to make it harder for them to get weapons in America? Sorry but it just doesn't make sense. I mean, if I was in Al Queda and I could easily get guns in America, I would not tell you. I would quietly take advantage of it. When our MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL-CONTROLLED MEDIA tells us that us having weapons helps our enemies to have weapons, the only logical conclusion I can draw is that us having weapons scares our military-industrial complex.

I wonder: during conflicts such as this one, is it ever possible that one side might make up a statement and say that the statement came from the other side? No, our government would never, ever do that. Our government has always told the truth about everything, and it will always tell the truth. But wait a minute. I seem to remember hundreds and hundreds of times that our government officials have been caught lying to us. Big lies. Huge lies. Lies about very important issues. Lies told only to protect the political careers of criminals and incompetents in our government. Lies told by bought-and-paid-for bribed officials in our government. Lies told to protect the careers of people in our government who do not want to do the work they are being paid to do. I'm talking about most democrats and virtually all republicans, in every session of congress, and I'm talking about our Supreme Court, our Justice Department, our military, Homeland Security, the FDA, EPA, FBI, CIA, and every other government agency. Ok, so it's actually quite obvious that our government does lie. In fact, our government has the nasty little habit of lying whenever it feels like it. So now the only question is whether you think that our government is telling this particular lie, about Al Queda supposedly saying that it's easy for them to get guns in America because gun ownership is legal for us.

Our government's whole point with all this 911 stuff, all this search you at the airport stuff, all this take away our freedom to save our freedom, all this make us less safe to protect our safety stuff, all this spend all of our money on war stuff, all this lay off the teachers and firefighters and police and other government workers stuff, their entire point with all this has nothing to do with defeating Al Queda and nothing to do with any foreign political group. It has to do with massive multinational corporations wanting us to accept a condition of permanent war and no middle class, so those corporations can make more money, and it has to do with war amusing them as they sit, smoking cigars, in their mansions and palaces. To them, this whole thing is just a giant monopoly game with our freedom, our safety, and our very lives just being little game pieces on their game board. And they don't want the game pieces to be able to upset their game.

Have you ever talked with people who lived through wars of persecution like world war two, or is your whole "guns bad" idea just based on the fact that the NRA has a lot of members who are certifiably crazy and the fact that American school children are shooting each other and other people? I'm not totally disagreeing with you, because of course the NRA has lots of crazy members- everyone knows that. And some school children are shooting each other and other people. But that doesn't change the undeniable fact that gun manufacturers make money when lots of people can buy guns, and gun manufacturers have always made sure that bad people have guns even where gun ownership is against the law. And it doesn't change the fact that our government fears its own citizens much more than it fears any foreign enemy, and it fears its citizens even more when a significant number of its citizens have guns. I understand that you find guns personally distasteful. I find them distasteful, too. But distasteful doesn't necessarily equate with wrong. Some aspects of this life are distasteful. That's the first concept in the first sentence in Scott Peck's book,"The Road Less Travelled." And if you want some more true information that you will find distasteful but true, on the true motivations of the psychopaths who are controlling our media and our government, read Pecks book, "People of the Lie."

garyej's picture
garyej 13 years 2 weeks ago

The law would allow adults to carry,

The Ohio law would make Ohio the same as 42 other states. Drinking while armed would still be a felony.

Churchs should be treated the same as any private property, it should be up to the church. To me, it is a church and state issue, so I fail to see the problem with Texas laws.

Since Vermont never had any gun control laws at all, it is still the laxest in the US. If New Hampshire keeps their shall issue system, works for me.

garyej's picture
garyej 13 years 2 weeks ago

Yeah I saw MAIG's video. The first thing to come to mind is James O'Keefe and ACORN. The "loophole" could be just as easily called classified ad loophole. As I pointed out, FFL holders must follow all laws. Private sellers are prohibited from using the NICS system. Most likely, this was a private seller or the entire video is staged. It is not like gun control groups are known for intellectual honesty.

Either way, you are not getting automatic weapons even from a private seller legally. Even if they could, it would be cheaper and easier to have people make their own Sten submachine guns in bicycle repair shops, like the Danish and Polish resistance did during WW2.

garyej's picture
garyej 13 years 2 weeks ago

If there are no background checks, how do you know 200 suspected terrorists bought guns?

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 13 years 2 weeks ago

Reply to garyej

The no fly list comment is the lame excuse some Republicans used to justify blocking a Democrat proposal to close the dangerous terrorist gun loophole Thom mentions in the blog. Don't ask me to explain right wing ill- logic, I was just being facetious! Yes, I'm not a fan of the no fly list! However I am a fan of nonviolence.

Is it my second amendment right to own a dirty bomb if I discharge it from a gun barrel, the NRA thinks so!

dnarnadem 13 years 2 weeks ago

You gotta love these supposed Americans on this blog who Hate their Government! Who see a government conspiracy probably even in a port-a-potty! Who want to start a revolution and maybe kill a couple million folk! Who despise our existing laws!

These people live in a bubble - a very big bubble! And all they hear and listen to is their own convoluted babble!

If you don't like it here move to China! I'm sure they would appreciate your move! And besides, pretty much all fascist corporations have moved or are in the process of moving there. I'm sure the fascist corporations would love to employ you so you can then get paid to sling your vindictive hate for America and its government over there instead of over here!

dnarnadem 13 years 2 weeks ago

Who said there were no background checks? I believe it was stated that gun sellers at gun shows are willing to sell WITHOUT going through a background check!

And who stated that 200++ suspected terroists bought guns?? Wasn't it stated that guns were sold to 247 people who WERE on the terror watch list! Big Difference! That one is easy - they just cross-reference the names!

And you are the Critical Thinking guru???

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 13 years 2 weeks ago

"...it fears its citizens even more when a significant number of its citizens have guns."
..and I might add "and who are armed with the truth because the lies have been exposed"...thank you Wikileaks for being the medium that made truths be known. And thank you all of the whistleblowers like Bradley Manning, and others who have exposed the lies and atrocities.

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