Are the Republicans driven by putting one man out of work - President Obama?

I’ve been saying for a long time that Republicans have one strategy – to crash the economy so that President Obama loses in 2012. Now – finally – it looks like Democrats have figured that out. In a press conference on Capitol Hill yesterday – top Democrats called out Republicans for stopping anything that will help the economy.

As Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin said, “Our Republican colleagues in the House and Senate are driven by putting one man out of work: President Obama."

Many of the stimulus measures Republicans are voting down – like a payroll tax cut for employers – are the very same things they used to support – which is just more proof they don’t give a damn about the economy – they only care about the 2012 elections.


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Maxrot 11 years 39 weeks ago

Since you say you read this blog daily Thom, I'm putting this comment here because I believe there is a possible loophole in the Affordable Health Care act. (I originally posted this on your daily blog Wed, June 23 when you originally discussed the legislation Bachus put in the related bill).

If Corporations can own a PO Box in the Caymans and not pay taxes, why can't I maintain a PO Box in Libby Montana and get Medicare coverage? Perhaps Bauchas has unintentionally opened a door, in which 300 million Americans become residents in this town in Montana as a result of this.

Heck politicians are known to maintain a few different homes just so they can run in districts that they don't particularly wish to really live in. So even if I have to buy a mobile home in Montana, still cheaper than buying health insurance, and it's not likely politicians are going to be eager to change the laws for claiming legal residency.

Sorry if I committed a faux pas posting this here, but I really wanted you to take a look at this and perhaps try to get an attorney on your show to discuss it. I wish I had the free time to call your show with this question, but luckily I'm still employed.

As to the Republicans stopping anything to help improve the economy to keep Obama from getting elected. I wonder if its just that? It also gives them excuses to put in emergency city administrators, break up unions, and call even louder for tax breaks to name a few. At this point, the more this country descends into a 3rd world condition, the more power they can assume and the more Government services they can privatize. Its no longer the Republican party, its the Repugnant party!


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Maxrot 11 years 39 weeks ago

I wasn't really expecting to be noted on the program, but I did hope my comment got through to you. BTW, way to go on pronouncing my nickname the way I wanted it pronounced, few people would have suspected that I was using the German word for red. You're too smart Thom.


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Maxrot 11 years 39 weeks ago

The completely hilarious thing about the Repugnants crashing the economy to cripple Obama in the next election is this: Bachman is looking like she's going to get a lot of backing in the next few months, especially since there is little she can say that will turn off her supporters. However, this will not work in the Repugnants favor, because the other hair brained nitwit of the party is going to notice how much attention and backing Bachman is getting, and she will not be able to stop herself from getting into the race. It'll be like deja vu of the 2008 primary with Clinton and Obama, but it'll be far far more destructive to their Party. I'll bet just about anything if Bachman wins Iowa and places well in New Hampshire, Palin will jump in, if she waits that long.

Need to stock up on popcorn, this is going to be one of the longest, funniest shows ever put on, and it'll be completely sponsored by the whack-a-doos, God Bless those crazed fools.

If nothing else, I believe history has taught us this, extremists always overreach, and when they do, they eventually topple over.

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gerald 11 years 39 weeks ago

The Republicans are doing a good job of putting Obama out of work and he for reason is helping them!!!

“Love one another as I have loved you.” – Jesus of Nazareth

"There are many issues associated with health care reform that divide us as a nation, but one that can unite us all: health care reform is essential to the reduction of poverty in America."

- Father Larry Snyder, Catholic Charities USA (from the Catholic Standard, March 4, 2010)

It is my viewpoint that the United States of Mortal Sin is the Anti-Christ! Satan’s disciples are in total control of our country. We, as Satan’s followers, have a choice to be safe and secure in Jesus’ embrace or to remain in our comfort zone where Satan will give us the pitchfork for all eternity. This decision is very clear for you and me. Our country views the killing of God’s children as a sporting event!

Conscientious Objection

“On my knees I beg you to turn away from the paths of violence. I say to you, with all my love I have for you, with all trust I have in young people: do not listen to voices that speak the language of hatred, revenge, and retaliation. Do not follow leaders who train you in a way of inflicting death. Give yourself to the service of life, not the work of death. Violence is the enemy of justice. Only peace can lead the way to true justice,” – Pope John Paul II, September 29, 1979!


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gerald 11 years 39 weeks ago

I looked up and I spotted a GOP elephant and the GOP elephant looked down and he dumped on me!!!!!

If you are in a crying mood with our country going to hell, here are some articles to help your cry!!!

We need to turn around our country.

The end is near!!!

Here is more evidence that the end is near!!!


The time is now for you and me to seek Jesus’ loving embrace!!!!!

The Anti-Christ is a damned country!!!!!

Sad, very sad and our self-inflicted problems!!!!!

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RichardofJeffer... 11 years 39 weeks ago

I called Thom Hartmann’s Radio Program earlier today about social unions or consumer unions. I’ve been wondering if there had been a movement of this sort in American history. A union made of the citizenry to protect Americans against social injustice. I was asked to post a link or information on this subject. I’ve been surfing and blogging on the subject for quite awhile. I’ve yet to find a link or a site about the subject. I’ve gotten positive feedback on the concept of social or consumer unions as I present them in the blog world, but I’ve not been directed or informed of any like minded ideas or existing movements.

I believe massive Consumer or Social Unions could combat the corporate strangle hold on American economy. I use the term Consumer over Social because unions already have the stigma of being a product of socialist concepts, so using the term Social Union would just be too much for some people. I would like to know if there is an existing movement or other sources about the concept of an organized union with a collective voice of its citizenry.

I have my own ideas on the subject, but would love to know if there are liked minded individuals or existing organization. Like the Bus Boycotts in Montgomery, AL during the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s. I believe a union with mass boycotting power could affect the flow of capital. Restricting or controlling capital in America could be a vehicle in getting Americans a real voice in the economic and social issues that affect our country.

Example: Wal-Mart just got another corporate friendly decision by the Supreme Court. The power has been taken away from these women to collectively sue Wal-Mart against the basic notion that they’ve been prevented from advancing in the company. A Consumer union could take up the cause of these women and call for a nationwide boycott of Wal-Mart until these policies are addressed and corrected. The Supreme Courts politically charged ideology could be bypassed and social justice delivered if a citizenry would be willing to stand together in their own best interest. The Supreme Court would also be cautioned by these action in future corporate based decisions.

Anyway just one guy thinking out loud.

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gerald 11 years 39 weeks ago

@RichardofJeffer, you have shared some good thoughts with us! Here is a problem as I see it. Most people, like you and me, are trying to survive from day to day. Our thoughts are geared toward survival. We do not have those hefty dividend checks arriving each month as we sit near our swimming pools and devise more ways to make the inequality in wealth grow even larger between the working class and the blue-blood rich.

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jack50 11 years 39 weeks ago

No obummer and his "people" (cabinet ) are doiing a great job of not getting him in again you libs are really dumb......

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jack50 11 years 39 weeks ago

Thom do you drive a Volvo?

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gerald 11 years 39 weeks ago

Our war nation's mentality will never die or even fade away. The killing of God's children is the Anti-Christ's way.

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jack50 11 years 39 weeks ago

Oh a Prius right

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gerald 11 years 39 weeks ago


DELETEBusGreg 11 years 39 weeks ago

Hi and thanks for taking my call today. After talking to you a caller from Florida lamented on the stolen election of 2000. Here is a link to a documentary called "Hacking Democracy" and the documentary shows how the memory cards mentioned were manipulated.


thanks, greg

PS: Please, don't make jokes about deep fried cool-aid, please. I live in a bus and need the old fryer oil to run my engine

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gerald 11 years 39 weeks ago

Is God calling you and me to lead the way for a better world?

gurjeet 11 years 39 weeks ago

Exactly my point!....................

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mwalkerco 11 years 39 weeks ago

What does GOP stand for?

Now we know for sure.

Get Obama Packing...

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mwalkerco 11 years 39 weeks ago

Jacko50- pass me some of that Kool-aid!

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leighmf 11 years 39 weeks ago

I thought GOP stood for GHASTLY OLD POOPERS.

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bvcardinal 11 years 39 weeks ago


When citizens read any blog ( Liberal or Conservative ) the Blogs tend to give just a piece of the information. For Example: If you say the Republicans now change their position on an's short of the rest of the story....that item is tied to something Republicans do not want to support ( like tax increases)....Line item veto power would help both parties move forward with solving our Nations problems rather than " bulking" or attaching a number of pieces to any given legislation...that neither party can endorse.

Please lead the charge with a complete report - and be the hero of the blog and radio and tv world!

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michaelb44 11 years 39 weeks ago

Herman Cain has stated that any Muslims in his administration will have to swear a loyalty oath. Do they take this oath with their hand on the Bible? Um!!!!

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2950-10K 11 years 39 weeks ago

I hear Thom owns two cars, they're called mass transit and shoe leather express!..... Go Thom!

Chubbell 11 years 39 weeks ago

RICO ACT: dear Justice department,

can we inact the rico act on the GOP... seems to me that a concerted effort to destroy the president of the U.S. is criminal... the rest is obvious.

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2950-10K 11 years 39 weeks ago

What on earth has taken the Democrats so long to stand up and point out the pathetic truth. I can think of many ways to describe the actions, or more correctly inactions, Dick Durbin alludes to in reference to "our republican colleagues".

First I would say the massive pain and suffering the Republicans have inflicted on working class citizens amounts to gross negligence on their part.

I would add these same republicans have been derelict to responsibilities associated with being an elected official in a Representative Democracy...We the other 98% do exist!

Lastly, I will point out the definition of treason, " betrayal of trust or faith, betrayal of one's country", fits the insubordinate tactics being used by the Republican usurpers regarding the ousting of President Obama. Also the right wing extremists on the supreme court have ruled in favor of outright dismantling of Democracy, via the citizens united decision, and thus in my opinion fall into this same category.

I still retain hope a new era of real Democracy will take root and grow strong, but I think this can only happen by getting the political truth out to everyone. I believe most people have little interest in politics and for sure do not realize we stand at the crossroads of historical political change.

Positive change requires getting the message out and Senator Bernie Sanders has it exactly right regarding the role the right wing mass media echo chamber plays in misleading large numbers of citizens into voting against their own best interests. Progressive shows like Thom's and efforts like Bernies "The Koch Brothers Exposed" are great examples of how to spread truth and facts and win this age old battle.

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Palindromedary 11 years 39 weeks ago

But the question is how is voting for our best interest? I voted for him once and he has crapped all over us. He is not a "progressive" or a "Democrat"...not really! Yes, it would be horrible if the Republicans regained if they ever lost it to begin with. Yes, the Republicans would rather have a "Republican" in office and will do anything they can to make that happen. They play really nasty...and are nasty! But how has Obama worked out for us? Still bogged down wasting billions of dollars and lives in the Middle East....still big tax breaks for the rich...still bailing out the rich and crapping on the rest of in a health scare bill they tout as being progressive but really is a give-away to the health scare insurance companies and a forced-participation (ie: they will drain us of every cent we have, even if we are healthy, making the healthscare ins cos wealthier).

I believe I heard Thom say that he believes that the Republicans had this planned all along that they knew the economy was going into the toilet and that they did not fight for, nor sink much money into, the 2008 election. They needed a scape goat..a Democrat. But I believe that it started a long time ago before 9/11/2001 and everything that happened on that day and since was planned that way because of how the neocons/neoliberals wrecked the economy. It was going to get really nasty and they needed to find a way to control what the people thought, their priorities, and their misdirected fears. Just as they needed a Democrat in office to be the scape goat....they needed to engineer and misdirect the fear of the people against someone Muslim terrorists...while the ruling elite not only got away with mass murder but also the world's largest heist of the world economy. These pyramid schemes were a long time in coming and those at the very top knew what would result from all of their criminal schemes eventually.

I almost want to vote for Obama again just because I want to tick off the Republican'ts but I think I would just be fooling myself that it would make a difference. And the Democrats who have sold us out, including Obama, need to see and understand that they cannot get away with lying to and fooling the people who voted for them (not all of them seems that some voters are still "hopeful" of the kind of change they have been "sold" on.

If Obama has acted like such a Republican or "useful idiot" for the Republicans...what makes one think that he will ever be any different if reelected? In fact, I don't know if I can ever trust anyone spouting high progressive ideals again because they will probably do just what Obama did. They say all the right things to win our vote and then do just the opposite after they get elected. Maybe if we could "recall" a politician for breaking promises or election hype instead of just shrugging our shoulders and saying "that's just the way it works...let's just live with it and hope for the best". I don't think our system will ever work without a really testy nationwide "rally?" (I'm trying not to say "violent revolution" because I know "they" are monitoring everything we say.)

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Palindromedary 11 years 39 weeks ago

Just want to say that I am really happy that is providing a transcript of Thom's show....

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Palindromedary 11 years 39 weeks ago

Thom talked about James Risen today...and I found a pdf copy of James Risen's affidavit before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. This is a very interesting read after you get down to the places that James Risen tells about some of the things he had reported on and the books he wrote that spilled the beans on various scandals in our government. One in particular was interesting....Operation Merlin.

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gerald 11 years 39 weeks ago

I have voted for Obama. In my comments I have also ripped on him but I will vote for him in 2012. I cannot trust any GOP (guardians of privilege) candidate.

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CarmanK 11 years 39 weeks ago

No the fools who vote for republicans are the ones who are dumb and misinformed. And that is what the republican Party, the FOX propaganda machine and the Kochroaches are well aware of. They know how to manipulate public opinion. And unlike the dems, they have been plotting over 30 years to take back the country from the little people and return it to the corporate aristocracy that ruled the nation in the 1920's. Democracies die, when the government no longer serves the needs of the people, and powers moves upward. That is what is happening in this nation. With the consent of the governed our constitutional rights are being usurped by republican governors across the country. Benton Harbor MI is the poster child for "taxation without representation". Reagan declared war on the people: he demonized the poor, deminished the power of unions, smashed worker's rights, gave tax cuts to the rich and starved govt. He is the father of degeneration of the nation. The republicans prey on the weak, the uninformed and the fear of people. They are masters of deception and they will continue to rob from us and worse our children unless we stop them. I am old, I will die before I run out of money. Can we say that about our children?? Not if the repugs have anything to do with it.

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CarmanK 11 years 39 weeks ago

No, I think the anti-christ is the rush limbaugh's, glenn becks' and sarah palins who claim their superiority over the little people and access to the word of god.they portend to speak for god. the latest crap is Michele Bachmann said that she had a vision to marry her husband and he had the calling the same time. They have that special access to the lord that is deprived the rest of us. I know a lot of very religious people who live their faith in actions of love. Jimmy Carter is a man of peace. Dwight Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex. they make lots of money when the nation is at war. Those people who sell out our country are a poisonous influence upon ithis nation. Cheney used the military might of this nation to enrich himself and Halliburtan and his buddies. The innocents killed in the two wars of choice are "collateral damage" according to Cheney. and what value is life?? The republicans really have a dollar value on human life. they auction off life every day they govern and take away social programs from the poor to give tax cuts to the rich. The abortion issue is a political ploy that the repugs use to divide the nation. Just like they use religion to elevate themselves to a station of privilege. Jesus preached persuasion, He never advocated violence except when he chased the money changers from the temple. Christ was a disappointment to the Jews because he did not come to earth to fight the Romans and lead the Jews to victory. He was crucified because he preached peace. The repugs preach hate, bigotry, racism, divisiveness in order to conquer and until the little people start understanding their rights are under siege, there will be no backlash. But, it will come.

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sharethewealth 11 years 39 weeks ago

Well thought out and well written dialog is good. Even if every word/thought you present is 100% on target, there is only on way to stop the wealthy now. The next two supreme court appointees must be liberal!!! There is no choice in 2012. We can not have a Republicon in office. We need every vote for the Demacratic candidate.

Efforts to promote a new left party or even a different candidate support the Repubilcons need to reduce to vote for Obama.

stonesphear's picture
stonesphear 11 years 39 weeks ago

Two Birds with One Stone.

I suspect that there are some rich corrupt republicans with clout that have reservations as to whether or not the timing is right for Republicans to take the reins as the executive under the circumstances so long as they can maintain control over the legislature.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 39 weeks ago

I agree with all of the bad things said about the Republican party and their wealthy taskmasters. But, I tend to question whether electing, or reelecting, yet another two-faced, turn-coat, Democrat will help us out any. Yes, we certainly don't need anymore Republican fascist Supreme Court judges but just how "liberal" is the Obama appointee...Sotomeyer? Just how "liberal" or "progressive" has Obama been? He reminds me of Rodney King...oh, can't we all just get along? And the Republicans laugh him right out of the Presidency because he has lost so many of his constituents for having made so many giving the wealthy and Republicans what they want anyway. If you believe that getting Obama reelected is going to make any difference then you are just as foolish as the Republicans who don't make million/billions of dollars a year who are fooled into voting against their best interests over some inanity that they heard on Fox news. It just won't make any difference...whether Obama is reelected or a Republican is. You will have yet another false hope that you won't be able to count on.

And it looks like the sh!t is about to really hit the fan on our economy and if Obama is in for another term...he will certainly get all the blame. Look at the parade of zoo-like characters that are running for President on the Republican side.....and you really think the Republicans really, really want a Republican to be in office when the sh!t hits the fan? I think they would certainly take it and then use their propaganda skills and ownership of the major lap-dog media to spin things their way anyway.

Think about remarks made about the 2008 election...about how the Republicans pulled back and spent so much less on getting their idiots elected...and that they wanted a Democrat in office when the economy difference in the 2012 election either. Obama is the fall guy for decades of Republican criminality which wrecked our economy and strove to make every American a peon. If you think voting is going to make a difference, with the choices we have, then you are just going to have to get used to being another useful idiot zombie just like the Fox snooze couch potatoes.

And if you think that Obama was handed all of the problems from the previous administrations (and he was) and should not be held accountable for not turning the country around during the first term and might do so on the second term (no he didn't...didn't even really try!)...then you were not paying attention to just what he really did/didn't do during his first term...and the effortless zeal he had in appointing all of those criminals who largely caused the problems in the first place. Then they went on to really screw us all...and all Obama could do was chide his supporters for balking and speaking up against his traitorous actions against the people who voted for him.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 11 years 39 weeks ago

Palindromedary, trust me, I share your frustrations and disappointments regarding President Obama's role in continuation of the Bush tax cuts, the public option not being part of his health insurance reform bill, and continuation of the wars. These were all major blows to not only us progressives but also to the vast majority. I still hold the Republicans responsible for much of this due to their partisan shenanigans, like the threat to not extend unemployment insurance, and most recently the debt ceiling issue. They have no shame when it comes to inflicting economic terror on the very people that got mislead into voting for them. I could go on, but will mention one more very important thing, we need President Obama in office for future Supreme Court picks, this is critical for hope of future functional Democracy..... Keep up the good work, fight on Palindromedary!

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scriber1 11 years 39 weeks ago

Palendromedary: Why should we vote for Obama? the simple answer: he's the best game in town. what I mean is he is far far better than the alternative, which is the republicans. remember, there are 3 supreme court justices who probably will resign in the 2012-2016 term. we need a democrat at the helm to make those appointments. You think its bad now? Just imagine if Mccain had won. there would be beggars every where. The best thing you can do, if you want to take action, is get active in your local community. Its hard and takes time, but its better than sitting and complaining and putting all your eggs in the Obama basket. we have to use the tea party strategy. The repub party has been radicalizing for a long time. we as democrats and liberals need to think long term and radicalize the democratic party. If we say there is not enough difference between the two parties, then we need to make the difference by becoming active.

Also, in case you have forgotten, Obama has done a lot. Maybe not everything you want, but a lot. Here is a link to refresh your memory.

Take heart, Democrats will win if we get active now!


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