Are we on the verge of seeing a mass extinction in Earth’s oceans?

Are we on the verge of seeing a mass extinction in Earth’s oceans? That’s what a group of top ocean scientists warn in a new report released this week by the International Programme on the State of the Ocean. Because of pollution and global warming – the oceans are losing oxygen and becoming more acidic – threatening to trigger a mass extinction not seen in over 50 million years – when half of all the life in the oceans was wiped out.

Scientist Daniel Laffoley – a co-author of the report – said, “We now face losing marine species and entire marine ecosystems, such as coral reefs, within a single generation…and we are also probably the last generation that has enough time to deal with the problems."

We all have to realize soon that we can’t live above and beyond our environment anymore – if [the ocean] dies – then we die too.


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gerald 13 years 4 days ago

Max Baucus puts into law a paragraph that Montana can have a county where its citizens have Medicare for all. He refuses other Americans such a benefit. I cannot judge Baucus but I can give you my opinion of him. I wonder how many mortal sins he has committed as Senator. A mortal sin damns the human soul for all eternity. God will judge Satan’s disciples at the appropriate time.

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David Abbot 13 years 4 days ago

Whether we stop the destruction of our oceans depends basically on one thing: stopping the republicans, because the goal of the people who are running the current republican party is the destruction of increasing numbers of bodies of water, fish and other marine species, trees, land plants, animals, microbial life in the soil, clean air, clean water, clean food, and poor people. And they want everyone to be poor except for them. Only a few of them realize and fully approve of the fact that if they get what they want, this entire planet will be incapable of supporting any life at all. The rank and file republicans are simply so filled with fear, bitterness, hatred, and rage, that they want "religious" reasons to destroy things and not care about the results of their actions, and as these republicans see the results of their anti-life program, they turn to being democrats or progressives. But the people who run the republican party are what the Dalai Lama called "destroyers"- people whose entire purpose in life is to destroy life, people whose only joy comes from harming and killing others.

You look at George Bush's statements, where he called other people freedom-haters, traitors, and terrorists, and the inescapable conclusion is that the terms he applied to non-republicans, are actually and very specifically the terms that most accurately describe the republican party. Republicans are totally transparent in that whenever they accuse anyone else of doing something or being something, you are safe in assuming that it is the the republicans who are doing those things and being those ways. They call democrats "elitists," when if you look at the actions of the republicans it's quite clear that the republicans are elitists. They call Muslims "terrorists," when if you look at the actions of our own American military overseas, it's quite clear that while there are Muslim terrorists, the American military is basically a terrorist organization that spreads fear and hatred throughout the Muslim world and even here in America. They call people who don't want war, traitors, when in fact America has engaged in illegal and therefore traitorous wars for decades. They call people who don't want war freedom haters, when in fact it is the wealthy republicans who hate freedom and who have been urging our government at every turn to infringe upon our freedoms and our constitutional rights.

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Palindromedary 13 years 4 days ago

Do you bank on-line? Do you think the bank's security is good enough? After all it is all encrypted right? Do you think that the bank is responsible for the security of your money? Think again people....

"Judge rules bank is not responsible for hacked accounts

Patco v. People’s United Bank: The inside story

Patco Construction Company’s case against People’s United Bank (the owner of Ocean Bank) states that in May 2009, it was discovered that hackers were stealing $100,000 per day from the company’s online Ocean Bank account. Apparently, the company’s password had been stolen via a malicious email that placed trojan malware onto a Patco employee’s computer.

Nearly $600,000 was gone before Patco noticed and informed Ocean Bank. The bank was able to block $240,000 in transfers, but told Patco the rest was irretrievable. Patco’s lawsuit accused the bank of “failing to implement best security practices,” i.e. requiring customers to use multi-level authentication. Ocean’s initial defense was that because the online user identification and password matched, it had done its share of maintaining security.

While Judge Rich agreed that Ocean Bank could have done more to maintain security, he concluded that the law does not require banks to use the best security methods available. As Ocean’s security was similar to other online banks, Rich deemed that Patco was responsible for not securing its log-ins."

I listen to Security Now podcasts and the last one once again mentioned the recent ruling against Patco in favor of the banks. Steve Gibson, of Security Now said that he has gone to his banks and made explicit requests that no wire transfers be made on his accounts until real security, and accountability of the banks are reality. Go to
and either read the transcripts or listen to the podcast #305 (Ghostery)...the part about the Patco/Ocean Bank ruling was somewhere around 40-45 minutes into the 76 minute podcast.

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leighmf 13 years 4 days ago

Of course we are in terrific danger, from which we will not be able to extricate oursleves. The story is, man wrecks paradise and can't put the first grain of sand back in its intended place.

Though luxury cruise ships and cigarette craft are starting to seem like fox-headed furs in ecologically challenged times like these, I seldom hear salinity change mentioned as a serious threat to changes in ocean currents and worldwide ocean circulation. Melting icebergs will change salinity which could drastically change earth's climate. If climate change includes too much rain, the sea may become brackish, even fresh.

But, as Mr. Dane said, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."

How can we possibly hope to engage the world in considering complex science when Good Morning America spells Ponchartrain, Lake Ponchatrain? (see broadcast 6/22/2011). This is not the first time-

Ignorance is bliss. Let's just blow what we have left and die. Nature recovers once we're gone.


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Palindromedary 13 years 4 days ago

I painfully caught a few phrases, here and there, of Obama's speech telling about the withdrawal of a few troops from Afghanistan. The painful parts were all total bullsh!t phrases about how the US, a law-abiding nation, has been waging a war against non-law-abiding ones. I thought I was going to puke!!! I had a hard time telling whether he was trying hard to keep a straight face. No, I didn't listen to every is really sickening to listen to such idiocy and lies. Obama may be more eloquent of speech than Bush but the lies and inanities are still there. The "law-abiding" US committed war crimes in invading sovereign countries based on lies with an underlying agenda of less than admirable goals. Obama did not turn the tables on the Republican war criminals and became one himself when he not only went along with the criminal war crimes of slaughtering innocent civilians but he increased our presence by sending in even more troops and escalating the wars into other countries like Pakistan and Yemen. I wonder what ultra-right-wing think tank wrote Obama's speech? I don't know...did Obama mention the "evil doers"?

The fact is that it is election time and Obama has to make a little bit of a showing that might convince some of his waning supporters to vote for him. No telling what he'll do if he is actually reelected....but it is a very good bet that he will continue to do Wall Street's bidding and continue to screw the people. It is also a fact that we lost the war in Vietnam (although the MIC really did win but the taxpayers lost big time...and back then...the tax rate for the rich was much higher than it is now) we are losing the war in the Middle East. We created a costly mess and ensured future enemies and those who started the wars, the neocon/neoliberals in the MIC, only profit highly from it....leaving the people to suffer the costs. Obama and our other politicians claim that we have made gains and have won...but the fight is not yet over (such a patently false spin of reality). We have really lost...rather the majority of taxpayers have lost....and this very costly war, like the one in Vietnam, showed that we cannot win a war waged against insurgents, especially urban wars, who are inspired to kick out the criminals who illegally invaded and occupied their countries.

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John Defalque 13 years 4 days ago

We need to live more cooperatively, bring back the good old streetcars, no sprawl, no lawns, free communal food gardens.For what carbon monoxide is doing to our air and water-cars should be banned.Aircraft are very inefficient for short haul flights-for that we need high speed rail.The smart grid and green energy project if started, would be the biggest make work project the planet has ever known.This dog-eat-dog competitiveness is what has killed our economy.

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gerald 13 years 3 days ago

@David Abbot, What Bush has said is actually whom he has been for his entire lifetime.

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2950-10K 13 years 3 days ago

From the latter half of the 18th century through the first half of the 19th century, considered by many the industrial revolution, ignorance reigned and no one understood the effects of industrial pollution. Well guess what! History will also show the same ignorance evident in the early 21st century. John Boehner when asked about climate change commented, "The idea that carbon dioxide is harmful to our environment is almost comical". Bachmann is a firm disbeliever as are many of her republican sidekicks. Some even quote from the bible in defense of their denier status!

Rejection of science I suspect is only a cover for their real reasons as deniers. It's pretty obvious that big political contributions come from big oil and in a way this kind of ignorant behaviour based on greed and power is far worse than just being ignorant of the facts, because as mentioned in Thom's blog, if the oceans die so do we!

So I agree with David Abbot, stopping the republicans is crucial in turning things around.

I wonder if due to climate related crop failures, will Bachmann get additional farm subsidies to go along with the current hundreds of thousands in taxpayer money she collects? I guess if we layoff more teachers we taxpayers can keep her afloat, it must be Gods will!

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gerald 13 years 3 days ago

@Palindromedary, we are a police state!!!

I do not like Baucus; I do not trust him; and I consider him a low-life being. I am concerned for his soul, for my soul, and for every soul on planet, Earth.

The United States is in a free fall into the abyss of hell for her mass murderous ways, for her war criminal actions and activities, and for her traitorous and treacherous agendas.

I did not watch Obama's speech because I am tired of all the BS our presidents say to our people. It is truly amazing how they can BS with a straight face. WE ARE NOT A LAW- ABIDING NATION!!!

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gerald 13 years 3 days ago

With our oceans and their eventual destruction water will be more valuable than oil. Filtering out the salt may be difficult but it is possible.

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Palindromedary 13 years 3 days ago

Gerald...yes, we are, unfortunately, a police state...and it will get much worse...that's for sure. And the destruction of the ocean's ecosystem goes right along with the disappearance of the honey bees..a lot of them anyway. Thank Bayer, etal, for that. I guess we are committing mass world suicide...and some people seem to be ok with that. But the ones causing the death and destruction are the ones who must think that they win the game when they die with the most toys. It's been so hot that my many tomato plants flowers have dried up despite keeping them watered and shaded. Maybe it's the radioactive fallout from the Fukishima meltdowns. Nah...the effects of that won't kick in until I eat the tomatoes...if there are any....and maybe get cancer from it years later. Last year, I grew tomatoes and canned them and enjoyed them all winter. They sure taste a whole lot better than the store bought ones...and no preservatives or radiation treatments (except now from the Fukishima meltdowns...different radiation, I know.) I think more people should get more prepared for the near future because it won't be pretty. Oh, and be sure to save your seeds....for anything you can. If it is not too late already...companies like Monsanto are genetically modifying the plants, and patenting them, so the seeds from the vegetables and fruits you eat will never grow. We will be totally dependent on monopolies.

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Street Punk 13 years 3 days ago

We got to switch to clean energy all over the planet! As far as nukes go id love to see them all gone, but thats not gonna happen! Think about it, America tries to get other nations to give up their nukes to us, but America would never lets say give up their nukes to North Korea to dismantle! Would you trust them to dismantle the nukes? Well thats how they feel! And if we got rid of all our nukes, other countrys will still have them, then we would see how loyal our allies really are!

gerald's picture
gerald 13 years 3 days ago

@Street Punk. we do need clean energy and alternative energies.

@Palindromedary, we have many problems in our country and across our planet. We must not destroy the ecosystem. It is important for human life, animal life, plant life, and for our air and water. What is so startling, the consevatives do not seem concerned. Money talks and the conservatives will never lose again in my lifetime. What I truly fear? Hell is a continuation of life in the United States for eternity!!!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 13 years 3 days ago

Gerald: "Money talks and the conservatives will never lose again in my lifetime. What I truly fear? Hell is a continuation of life in the United States for eternity!!! "
I hear that!!! And I think "Hell" is going to get a lot hotter before we go....both climate-wise and politics-wise.

Gerald, when I was living and working in Saudi Arabia many years ago, (and I wasn't even working in the hottest in the Rub Al Kali desert area..130 degrees..where most of the oil wells were), I drove past several very huge monstrous buildings they built right along side the Arabian Gulf (Persian Gulf to some). They were a massive water desalination/filtration plants and they provided much of the fresh drinking water for the area. The technology has been around for a long time and that was back in the early 80s and I'm sure it existed a long time before that. But then Saudi Arabia had lots of money to spend on whatever they wanted anyway. I remember walking into one of their banks in Al Khobar and just on the other side of the chest high railing were 3 large tables (about 4' x 10') piled with money. One table was all US bills stacked about 2-1/2 feet high covering the whole table and the other two tables were stacked with Saudi Riyals. There was one Saudi with a machine gun walking around outside but I later found out that they don't even load the weapons normally. Walking through the dusty streets of Al Khobar was really surreal as the number of jewelry stores displaying massive 18-24K necklaces and bracelets. The other stores were predominantly selling all kinds of electronic goodies. And then the Muzuin would sing out over the loud speakers for everyone to go to prayer. They even had Toyota pickup trucks with loud speakers roaming around at that time to make sure everyone closed up shop and got to prayer at the local mosques. The clanging of roll down metal store fronts made quite a racket right along with the muzuin's call to prayer. The metal clickity clacks of the store fronts repeated again about 1/2 hour later when prayer was over and they reopened their shops. Many of the Muslims didn't even go to the mosques but lined up en masse in the local squares and did their thing. As an expatriot...and non Muslim...all I could do was try to waste time till the shops opened again...not that I was buying much...especially not the gold. As I passed one jewelry shop I noticed a white robed Saudi man and his black enclothed wives buying a gold bracelet for the young (about 1-2 year old) daughter.

We may all have to get used to such radical climate change that the US may one day become a barren wasteland....and we won't even have an ace in the hole (oil) that will save some of us.

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gerald 13 years 3 days ago

@Palindromedary, Saudi Arabia seems to have been an interesting experience.

Are our nuclear nightmares awaiting us? God is truly amazing! He is willing to share with us many warning signs for disastrous events that we will eperience unless we change our path toward self-destruction.

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Palindromedary 13 years 3 days ago

UNSCEAR should have their letters changed to what it really is: that they try to unscare the people to real dangers that they really should be scared of.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 13 years 3 days ago

Gerald: it was interesting meeting so many people from so many lands as the expatriates came from all over the world to work there. I think it also helped give me more of a broader view and understanding of the world. I know what a theocracy is and how I hope it never happens here under any name. They had a scary form of punishment as well and invited anyone interested to attend. They had yellow school buses to take spectators to the public beheadings which I never was tempted to attend. But would I rather be in the good ole US of A where you can only be imprisoned and tortured and made to suffer a terrible death through inability to afford good medical care? And the main theocratic godhead is the dollar? All hail the wicked god of the west and Seig Heil! They'll either be turning us into Soylent green or breaking out the Zyklon B sometime soon so that us old people are no longer a drain on the economy. But, perhaps, they have subtler plans of just starving us to death or letting us die of the disease of poverty. But the way they are won't just be about old people..we might just be better off not being around when it really gets bad. I'm sure the young people already hate us for leaving the world in such a mess. I hope they understand that it was just the top few percent of old people and even young people who have caused the world to suffer.

I'm sure the funeral houses are salivating at the soon to be made funeral director vultures, before a gunfight, hastilly fashioning cheap wooden, but overpriced, coffins for the festive occasion. Leaches, cockroaches, and vultures are in control of this country and we need to take it back before the syphilitic-brained ruling elite begin to in-breed again to preserve their blood lines producing yet more Neros. The ruling elite are playing their sinister fiddles while watching the earth crumble and burn.

gerald's picture
gerald 13 years 3 days ago

@Palindromedary, it appears to me that the Anti-Christ is creating jobs, such as more funeral homes and directors. These directors must be praising our police officers for their "shoot first and ask questions later attitudes."

"Leaches, cockroaches, and vultures are in control of this country and we need to take it back before the syphilitic-brained ruling elite begin to in-breed again to preserve their blood lines producing yet more Neros. The ruling elite are playing their sinister fiddles while watching the earth crumble and burn." A Great Amen!!!

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gerald 13 years 3 days ago

When Jesus was dying on the Cross, He said, "Father, why have you forsaken me." Whenever I remember these words, I say, "My God, why have you forsaken my country, the Anti-Christ."

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gerald 13 years 3 days ago

Back around 2004 or 2005 TV Ontario had a four part series. I gave one part the title, "Planet, Inc."

Planet Inc.

Corporations and people make money during crises, such as war, corporate corruption, etc. Corporations are benefiting themselves against the common good. Privatization takes from the public trust and gives to corporations and influential people. Our lives will be at the mercy of these corporations and the powerful money people. The powerbrokers are interested in private ownership for everything on this planet, such as water, air, land, forests, etc. You will have to pay the corporation for everything.

Corporations want mindless consumers and advertising attempts to control the mindless consumer. Corporations are not good apostles. They are predators. Shareholders want money and not corporate apostles. Corporations advertise a way of life and not a product.

Corporations encourage tax cuts, tax havens, and avoidance of taxes. Every part of our planet will be parceled to corporations.

You cannot patent life and yet, the Supreme Court ruled that you can patent life. Life, today, is a utility to be patented by corporations and research companies, such as cloning and gene alterations. Moral issues are of no concern to corporations.

The Federal Drug Administration goes along with corporations regardless of the research findings. Corporate ownership will broadcast anything and everything they want whether or not the information or research is factual for people and their health. Corporations want profits and not health.

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veramelogn 13 years 2 days ago

Flashback to "Soylent Green"..."The oceans are dead! The oceans are dead! We're eating people!!" they carry ol Charlie Heston away to the Rendering Plant...ho ho hee hee ha ha......Funny how prescient scifi always turns out to be, idn't it. *!* -Vera

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