Budget cuts kill people - a man drowned yesterday – as firefighters and first responder just watched from shore

More unfortunate news of how irresponsible budget cuts kill people. A man drowned yesterday – as firefighters and first responder just watched from shore. The firefighters couldn’t help the man because they didn’t have training or cold-water gear thanks to budget cuts back in 2009. Earlier this year – deadly fires were sparked in Chicago and New York with first responders showing up late also because of budget cuts. So as our nation is learning these painful lessons – guess what Republicans in the House of Representatives are doing?

Cutting funding for first responders!

The House Appropriations Committee stripped $1 billion in funding for first responders last month in another heavy-handed attempt at starving the government and lopping off its security arms. After all – if you get rid of the police – then you can hand security off to private corporations like Blackwater that can make a huge profit patrolling our streets like they do in Baghdad and did in New Orleans.

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