Is it only a matter of time before Republican Governors get a rude awakening at the polls?

You need to know this. The New Jersey State House passed a harsh anti-union bill yesterday – that shreds public employee benefits – cuts off cost-of-living increases for their pensions – and kills their collective bargaining rights. The bill includes the deepest cuts to public employee benefits in the state’s history – and will affect more than 750,000 public workers like teachers, firefighters, and police officers. Despite thousands protesting outside the state capital – a'la Wisconsin – Republicans in the State House jammed through the bill and the Republican Senate is expected to pass it Monday – handing Republican Governor Chris Christie a huge victory in his war against unions.

But the people of New Jersey are catching on to Governor Christie radical anti-middle class agenda – as recent polls shows his job approval plummeting. He joins other Republicans Governors around the country from Scott Walker in Wisconsin – to John Kasich in Ohio – to Rick Scott in Florida – whose poll numbers are falling through the floor.

So even though these guys thought they could get away with dismantling the working class in their state – it’s only a matter of time before they get a rude awakening from voters at the polls.


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gerald 12 years 51 weeks ago

Listening to Bernie and Thom, their heart is in the right place but they do not know him like, I believe, I know him. OBAMA IS NOT INTERESTED IN BEING ELECTED. HE WILL RUN AND LOSE AND AN EXTRA $100 MILLION WILL BE ADDED TO HIS PORFOLIO. HE WILL LEAVE OFFICE WITH $270 MILLION AND A BEAUTIFUL RETIREMENT PACKAGE!!!!! Obama will be out of office as an elitist.

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gerald 12 years 51 weeks ago

Homosexuality in our Anti-Christ nation

Is the outcry from the crazy right and the conservative crazies regarding gay, lesbian, and bisexual issues a sign that these same groups are latent and/or closet gays and lesbians? Are they projecting outward from themselves in order to keep their true desires and nature a secret? Here is a statistic – forty percent of the American population is gay, lesbian, and/or bisexual. Nineteen percent are gay and twenty-one percent are a combination of lesbian and/or bisexual. Two of every five persons are gay, lesbian, or bisexual in the United States. Homosexuality will always be part of the American dream. Homosexuality has also been part of recorded history since at least 2500 B.C.

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gerald 12 years 51 weeks ago

In his speech, President Obama said, "We are all a part of one American family." As followers of the nonviolent Jesus, Pax Christi USA believes we are all part of one global family--a global family where no one should be subject to war and violence.

We are part of a global family!!!!! Forward email

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Palindromedary 12 years 51 weeks ago

"’s only a matter of time before they (the Republicans) get a rude awakening from voters at the polls."

I think that both Republicans and Democrats will be experiencing "a rude awakening" from voters (ahem....that is "non voters") at the polls this time around. The Democrats have been too weak...or lazy...or just plain part of the big scam. The two party system has become a big scam against middle class (and below) Americans. So many people now see it as choosing the "lesser of two evils" but in reality they are both equally evil...and maybe the Dems are even more evil because they pretend to be for the little guy....or at least for the middle class working person and have pretended to be the party that keeps the criminals from running rough-shod over the people. But they really are devious and deceptive and not really so much different than the Republicans. Actions speak louder than words and Obama didn't even try to defend us against the predacious capitalist pigs...he joined them in exploiting us and fattening the capitalist hogs. If Obama did one thing to show that he warrants my completely shutting down the wars in the Middle East (right now and not a year or more into the future) by bringing ALL of our troops home (not just a stupid token, reelection show piece, of a mere 30,000). Or if he got either the single payer system or public option into law....then I would vote for him again. THROW US A BONE, OBAMA.!!!...SOMETHING MORE THAN STUPID, CHEAP HISTRIONICS LIKE KILLING OSAMA OR BRINGING HOME 30,000 TROOPS. Show us that you are not one of them....the wealthy ruling elite....or a Republican in Democrat clothing. If you do something that really, really ticks off the Republicans (now that would really be hard to detect from the normal inane chatter and whining from the cry babies on Fox) then we will know that you are doing something good for us for a change. Stand up for those who voted you into office for a change and stop giving in to the Republican'ts.

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leighmf 12 years 51 weeks ago

Dr. Lawhon wrote, "Give a calf enough rope and he'll hang himself."

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desert fox 12 years 51 weeks ago

Changing the subject a bit. Solar energy is alive and well in the Veterans Administration here in Phoenix.

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Palindromedary 12 years 51 weeks ago

Give a man a fish and he will eat and be happy, for a short time, until he is hungry again. But teach him how to fish....and then you can exploit him for his him to death...and pretend that he will idolize you and your system forever more..until he dies for no longer having medical insurance that was taken away in order to maximize profits. But when that man, if he lives, finally realizes that he's been had and crams that fish up the exploiter's back side...he will be a truely free fish on his own...and force the tax man to go after the wealthy exploiter for a change. What the hell, we pay taxes for a government that will keep the rapacious wolves from overly and unfairly exploiting us but all it does is help the wolves. Break out the guillotines, boys, we're gonna have a party!! If the French can do it then why not us?

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gerald 12 years 51 weeks ago

I pray to God to make me a channel of His peace!

The prayer of St. Francis

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy;

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

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gerald 12 years 51 weeks ago

@Palindromedary has a way with words.

Here is what I remember - give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you give him a livelihood.

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gerald 12 years 51 weeks ago


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gerald 12 years 51 weeks ago

The GOP (guardians of privilege) true overt agenda is to program working and ordinary Americans as robots to follow them or as I know them as Satan's disciples into the eternal abyss of hell through hatred, corruption, lies, and everlasting wars and the ongoing killing of God's children. THAT IS THE GOP'S TRUE DREAM FOR AMERICANS!!!!! The GOP is dramatically succeeding with their agenda!!!!!

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David Abbot 12 years 51 weeks ago

Here's what I'm going to do: I am going to go door to door campaigning for the republicans. When elderly people answer the door, I will hand them the republican literature and say things like, "You just have to remember to vote republican, so we can continue our program of canceling social security and medicare and pensions, and all other wasteful and pointless programs. There is absolutely no reason why patriotic Americans can't work until they die."

When parents answer the door, I will hand them the republican literature and say, "You have to remember to vote republican, so we can shut down all public education, all children's healthcare, and other stupid, anti-American programs. If kids want an education or a job, they can join the military, and anyone who disagrees with that is not fit to call themselves a republican."

If a firefighter or police officer answers the door, I will hand them the literature and say, "You have to remember to vote republican, so we can continue cutting firefighter and police wages and increasing their hours, and cancel their benefits and pensions, and cancel their right to belong to unions. If they were real patriots they wouldn't care whether they get paid at all."

When disaffected, angry republicans answer the door, I will hand them the literature and say, "You have to remember to vote republican, so we can complete our plans to declare war on the entire Middle East, as well as on North and South Korea, China, Japan, Indonesia, India, Australia, and all of Europe. We republicans are going to bomb this entire planet back to the stone ages. We will deport all the black people back to Africa. And then we'll deport the gays- all of them. Then we'll deport the Jews, the Hispanics, and all of the people whose parents or grandparents or great-grandparents or great-great grandparents came from any of those foreign, freedom-hating countries like Britain, France, Iceland, Sweden, and so on. And all of those Native Americans can just go back where they came from, because we don't need them here. Oh yeah, and finally, when there's no one left but us good ol' boy white folks, we're gonna start paring down on them, too, because lots of white people just don't have their heads on straight- at least 95% of them have to go. And then we'll go door to door and get rid of the rest of the white people, just on the off chance that they might support abortion, you know what I mean? Because we republicans understand the will of God, and we know that God hates everyone, just like we do."

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Palindromedary 12 years 51 weeks ago

Gerald...Yes, you are right...that's the way it went. I modified it a bit...just for fun. Anyway, in relation to that link you mentioned about 10 doomed of them...the one about the doomed video rentals...."Why head to the local Blockbuster when NetFlix will deliver or offer for download any film you want?"

Well, one reason would be that NetFlix, or any of the similar websites, including buying downloadable movies through Amazon, or other on-line stores, takes a really big toll on your bandwidth (rather...the ISP's bandwidth) and they usually will penalize you by throttling your bandwidth if you exceed a certain number of Gigabytes per month (or per whatever time unit they use). You may be paying big bucks to your ISP for what you believe is their "advertized speed" (the actual speed is hardly ever as high as the advertized speed anyway and they say that, pretty much, in the fine print) but if you ever run a speed check using one of a number of on-line you will know just how little of that speed you are actually running (at that particular time....and it varies). If you have downloaded a lot of videos like from might notice that it will eventually slow down...and if you run the bandwidth speed test will notice that the speed is way down. You can do some things to help speed up your connection (maybe) a line test and recalibrate your DSL line...if that's what you have....and you can make some changes in your computer's TCP settings...but you will still see throttling from your ISP if you download a lot of stuff. Netflix, and others, will eat up a lot of bandwidth, I believe, and it wouldn't take long to see "slow download speeds" due to ISP throttling. And your ISP may be going through other entities that may be throttling as well.

Another reason why I'd rather buy a DVD, or even rent one, is that you have the hard copy medium, that you can either copy for backups but at least you have them in your hands. Amazon tries real hard to get you to buy their downloadable media but once you click on "buy me", even if it is accidental and you thought you were buying a hard copy media, you cannot change your mind even two seconds later....whereas you can change your mind on stuff you order that they have to physically ship to you...within a reasonable period of least before they ship. In my experience, I was able to get them to refund my money but it was not easy and they claim that they will do it "just this one time". I never downloaded the video, never wanted to download the video, and thought I was ordering a DVD. And I have not noticed that the prices are all that much cheaper when downloading....which means someone is making a killing...they don't have to burn copies of DVDs or ship them. This is like the banks that would just love it if we all did all of our banking and bill paying on-line. But, that is still not a safe thing to per one of my previous rants illustrated.

These were 10 examples of businesses that have become outdated and replaced, perhaps, by something better (with a few exceptions). But the real problem is that the real money has been, over the past 30 years, in the real estate bubble and the rigged tax laws to favor speculation. And the banks all favored lending to those institutions rather than the manufacturing sector. It went from a manufacturing economy to a FIRE (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate) economy. Manufacturers moved their operations overseas and favored, themselves, to speculate in the bubble economy. The capitalist speculation evangelists were preaching BUY, BORROW, BUY!! And all the believers drank the cool aid and instead of letting them all pay for their gullibility and stupidity...some of the highest fliers were bailed out by the crooked government that let it all happen in the first place and they said...."here, take all this money...and do it again while your at it....we'll bail you out again...after all we can just raise taxes on the problem!"

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realdancermn 12 years 51 weeks ago

My primary concern is the laws being stormed through by the republicans will be let slide even if the democrats regain control on the state or federal level. These reactionary laws will remain on the books. In addition, the republicans would filibuster any attempts by democrats to repeal these restrictive laws. In my opinion the republicans don't care if the polls are down. By the time they are removed or voted out the damage is and will have been done.

So, Thom you can be really wonkish on these issues but what are you really doing? Your listeners and the American people are just trying to get by. The republicans are counting on that. Distract everyone with enough crap and they can get anything by their crony legislators.

These jerks are not doing the business of the people they are doing the business of big business and the plutocrats.

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bvcardinal 12 years 51 weeks ago


Gov Christie -et all- numbers are NOT going thru the floor. Be a hero in the Media world and let's be honest when you blog by providing real numbers with sources ....( not your wanna have opinion )....

Secondly, what is your answer to States & our Federal Government that are struggling to pay all these folks?.....

If you just say raise taxes I'm afraid that is just a bandaid and we'll still struggle to make budgets by kicking the problem [can] down the alley for the next generations ) ....

So then.... give your audience a REAL solution to the problem....(personally I don't believe you have a solution - but, please make me wrong ).... and I will bow to thee....

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Palindromedary 12 years 51 weeks ago

David Abbot...brilliant!!!! Excellent idea!!! Just make sure they are not armed. And although there are some groups that can get away with going door to door trying to sell us their wares or beliefs I'd bet anyone trying to do what you suggest would soon be apprehended by the local police...not that you are doing anything illegal...but just because they can. As an atheist, I often wonder, after having my door assaulted by various religious groups, what if I would go around, literature in hand, trying to preach atheism to them. Would I be arrested for being a public nuisance, or disturbing the peace, or being a non-believer presenting blasphemy to the general public?

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Palindromedary 12 years 51 weeks ago

Realdancermn: I believe you are quite right ...(..correct). I believe that is how they play the game...and it is a game that is rigged to buy time and precedence for their gains (our losses). The Democrat Party is used to be the ruse of hope to the people to give the Republicans time to not only make gains but to solidify gains they've made. As long as there is hope (even false hope) the peasants (once Middle Class) are not going to rise up in any meaningful way...they'll keep hoping and voting for scoundrels who say one thing and then do another after they are elected....and that seems to be what some of the key Democrat turncoats are all about..especially Obama. His preelection words spoke..Democrat...his postelection words and actions said... Republican. So you really have a choice between a Republican or a Republican that calls himself a Democrat.

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David Abbot 12 years 51 weeks ago

Well, see, Palindromedary, the trick is to maybe not go as far as what I said, but rather to go just as far as the republican who answers the door feels comfortable going. And then take it farther than he is comfortable going. And look kind of wild-eyed while saying it. And say that you have heard inside-circle republicans talking about these very issues, and that what you are saying represents what they have said. Just say enough so the person you are talking to ends up feeling uncomfortable about it.

The courts have clearly indicated that people, corporate officers, and politicians have an Absolute, Constitutionally-Guaranteed Right to knowingly lie about politics, and the republicans have taken increasingly full advantage of this fact ever since Reagan. I mean, look at the whoppers they have told, with absolutely no consequences, political, legal, or otherwise: "There are plenty of jobs available, the problem is, these people don't want to work," "Saddan has weapons of mass destruction," "Al Queda is connected to Saddam," "Al Queda is in Afghanistan," "Kerry was an absolute disgrace when he served in the military," (Bush's instructions to the CIA) "Tell me that Saddam was behind 911. Maybe you didn't hear me: I said tell me that Saddam was behind 911," "Brownie's doin' a heck of a job," "as of tonight nearly one half of al Qaeda's senior operatives have been captured or killed," "We had no idea that Al Queda would fly four aircraft into American targets," "Unemployment is down to 5.6%," "Now the people of Iraq are free," and I could go on for thousands of pages about the lies that republicans have told.

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michaelb44 12 years 51 weeks ago

Should work.

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Palindromedary 12 years 51 weeks ago

David Abbot: I hear ya! And I totally agree. Problem is trying to get all the people it would take to canvas all of the communities in the US. It might set some people straight but most people would just be outraged and dig in deeper to their idiot beliefs that were molded by Fox Snooze. Now, maybe if Anonymous would hack into Fox Snooze and wake some people up about the lies that Fox Snooze tells. But then that would probably have the same effect. Our only hope is that things get so bad that even the incredibly stupid right winger are dying in the streets of illness and hunger...unfortunately, though, it would be right along side those of us who knew who our real enemies were all along. The majority of people who have guns to fight back are likely to be the ones that currently listen to Fox Snooze and so we really need them on our side.

No offense to smokers, nor to my deceased mom and dad (who were smokers most of there lives...and subjected me to the second hand smoke which is probably why I have had asthma for most of my years...but....since the recent news about very graphic information on packs of cigarettes...and the blurbs from psychiatrists and other medical doctors who have been saying that trying to shame people out of smoking just does not work because they just dig in, take it as an offense, and reinforce their pro-smoking beliefs. My mom was very anti Marijuana...after all she had lived through the psychological anti marijuana propaganda (Reefer Madness mania) and bought into it. But try to tell her of the evils of cigarette smoking and the second hand smoke dangers to other people...especially to kids...and she just thought it was total bull and an evil plot by some communist to wreck her lifelong habit and addiction. After all...didn't the commercials of the 40s and 50s have medical doctors praising the merits and good health inducing results of smoking cigarettes? Try to tell her of the evil capitalist plots to profit on the deaths of smokers and she would think I was comrade Khruchev trying to overthrow America.

Got to love those hackers who give back a little of the same medicine that our puppet master spy organizations give us. They spy on us so some of us (Anonymous) spy right back. And not everyone who has the misfortune of having to work for these official spy agencies like what they or their organization has done/is doing so once in a while we get a very patriotic and brave citizen who rats on the rats. Criminal organizations need to be ratted on! And we need to praise the whistleblowers even though the big rat in the WhiteHouse is trying to prosecute them. Another reason why I will not vote for Obama again.

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simoes12 12 years 51 weeks ago

Thom, I think you missed an important subject. The release of the strategic oil reserve. CNBC reported that it was a"genius" move on President Obama's part. But in a related article, it was noted that the oil would be released only for a short period of time, and then the prices would run back up. I applaud the White House for responding to this story by then stating that they would continue to release more of the reserves if necessary. This is a battle we should all be behind as the speculators have run the price up too long. This is "GOOD" government intervention, and this oil cannot be bet on. This battle is one that should not go unnoticed!

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gerald 12 years 51 weeks ago

Palindromedary, that is probably the reason why Blockbuster closed its stores. We had a Blockbuster close to where we live and we miss it.

David Abbot, you presented an excellent idea. There is a problem. Your idea is so good that police officers may stop you one way or another or the GOP will find some goons to bust your head inside and out or some reason will be found why you will be sent to a private prison and never seen again.

Please remember we are a police state!!!!!

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cygnus1 12 years 51 weeks ago

These 'elected ones' have well protected themselves and their finances. They are not in the least worried whether or not they become reelected. Remember, under the present system when you elect a man or woman to Congress, or the Senate or to any other office such as the Presidency, you are simply chosing which one will rape your finances right under your nose and leave you destitute. When you have many people all running one against another for reelection, they are not concerned with pleasing the people, only with toppling one another off their high podium to see who gets the next barrel of pork. Look at Japan, and what that has done for the American car industry and what that may do to turn all nations against the nuclear issue in Iran. Find the tetonic plate fault lines and tell me if you think that was an accident or just mother nature.

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RichardofJeffer... 12 years 51 weeks ago

We have several options when it comes to public services. Option one: We could go without public services altogether: health department, emergency services, public schools, fire fighters, police, public defenders and other essential services. Option two: We could have all these services privatized. An while you’re settling your fire department bill with their costumer services rep in India your house will be burning to the ground. The company running your police department will ask for higher pay rates in poverty stricken areas because of higher crime. Americans will be receiving all the magic privatization as long as they have the money to pay for it. Option 3: Staying with the public services as a tax based system with no profit margins. The system that work for years with proper funding and dedication to the idea of strong public services for the American citizenry with everybody receiving equal treatment regardless of their means.

pghkid 12 years 51 weeks ago

I live in the state of New Jersey and am waiting for the day that this arrogant jerk is voted out of office. He would not raise taxes on the rich but is paying for the budget crisis on the backs of the hard working citizen of the state of New Jersey. I work in the public sector and am disgusted that he is taking away gains made at the bargaining table to balance the budget.

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Palindromedary 12 years 51 weeks ago

Well, I don't know that he is necessarily an "arrogant jerk" and I would not care if he was if he had only been more of a liberal Democrat instead of what appears to be a turn coat conservative Republican. I would even like the guy normally and I voted for him once but would not do so again because he seemed to just give in to just about everything the Republicans wanted. We were voting for someone who spoke "change we could believe in" but it turned out to be total bull! He totally screwed up when he gave in to the HealthScare criminals with his "Obamacare". He should have fought for either a public option or a single payer system.

Now, what will happen is that the government will force us to make payments to private insurance companies who, may not be able to drop us for previous conditions, but have a free hand in raising their rates so high that many people would not be able to afford it. So if you have a previous condition, you may not be dropped, but you will be forced to pay rates that are totally unaffordable...which is the same thing, pretty much, as saying you are being dropped...and then the government will come in and penalize you for not having health insurance. Unless the Democrats can force the insurance companies from raising their already sky-high rates, despite preexisting conditions, then Obamacare is only a government imposed heist on the American people....hurting mostly those who can little afford it.

This is worse than a second imposed income tax...and a huge tax....for something that may result in questionable benefits. I'd rather see an overall increase in taxes for a government run single payer system. The government administrators would not be ridiculously high paid CEOs and other corporate execs. Some people make fun of the VA but I have got to say that I think the VA is an excellent organization that should be emulated for the whole population. I have had nothing but fantastic care and others I know think the same thing. When you have a corrupt private system with overpaid CEOs who maximize profits by reducing costs so much that they become the real "death boards" ..."corporate death squads"...the ones who really pull the plugs on granny or even younger children...then you really have a problem. Look at how they have shipped our jobs overseas and whittled away at pay checks and benefits in order to pay CEOs more. Look at how they cut back on safety on Nuclear Plants, and other dangerous things, in order to cut costs to maximize profits.

We need to get back to a fairer taxation system where the ultra-rich are again paying their fair share of it was back in the days of DDE. Obama turned out to be the Republican's best friend even though they are all screaming bloody murder. That's all part of the act anyway....because I believe that both parties are not working for the people but are bought and paid for by the wealthy corporations and special interests. The Democrats sell false hope to buy time and eventual frustration so that it leads back to a Republican administration where they barge full steam ahead in screwing the people.

The false hope is a kind of temporary pressure relief valve that keeps people from rioting in the streets and then they finally either die off or totally resign any fight they had to an accepted defeatism. The people that still vote just have not realized how futile it is because the game is stacked against them in a very deceptive and corrupt politcal realm.

Defeated people, backed into a corner, with no other choices will either wither away or stand and defend themselves any way they can. Realizing that voting is no longer an acceptable option, and faced with life or death realities, may kick in their lizard brain reactionary survival mechanisms and vote with something other than a stupid ballot.

The way they play the game is to keep us stupid and confused...not knowing who the real enemies side presents the Republicans with all of their idiot Fox snooze inanities....the other side...the it by selling false hope and "we have no other choice to vote for the Democrats because the other side is so bad". The key is to get the followers of both sides so emotional and confused that they lash out against each other even though they are all in the same boat, economically...and the wealthy ruling elite minority wins every time. There is supposed to be strength in numbers...unless you can keep the masses confused, wasting time and energy with false hope, and continuing on with a corrupted system that has the misnomer of democracy.

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gerald 12 years 51 weeks ago

@Palindromedary, you had the essence to the story of giving a man a fish and that is what is important. Many of the quotes that I share are praphrases from such persons as Chesterton and Gandhi.

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gerald 12 years 51 weeks ago

On Saturday, June 25, 2011, my wife and I attended the high school graduation of a relative at an open house gathering. I had a conversation with one of the relatives through marriage. She is a conservative crazy. She asked me, “How much of her hard earned money should she give to the poor. Enough is enough.” I said that Jesus gave us free health care. She said why didn’t Jesus give it to everyone? He lived to the age of thirty-three and He set for us an example for helping people. My sister-in-law is truly a conservative crazy. Jesus was the perfect example of love, mercy, and forgiveness. As Jesus’ disciples we need to emulate Him in our lives. We are to be our brothers’ keeper.

My sister-in-law asked me if I was a socialist. I said that I am a progressive, a Democratic socialist, and most importantly I am a Jesus liberal. I said to her that she needs to read the New Testament in the Holy Bible to know how liberal Jesus was as He walked among us. She ended our conversation by saying she won the debate. I said to her that I am glad she won. I do not care who wins in a discussion, debate, or a dialogue because I feel very comfortable with me being a Jesus liberal.

Today, June 26, 2011, is the feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Faith is something we can neither prove nor disprove. Faith is faith! We, as Catholics, believe that the Eucharist is the real presence of Jesus. The mystery of the Eucharist is not about reason but faith. There are no words that can totally explain the mystery we embrace. We are humbled at the thought of Jesus giving us His very life. It is an extraordinary gift. It is the celebration of the incarnation and the mystery of God becoming man.

Jesus invites us to be fed but also to feed others. It is the gift of self to one another that makes us disciples of Jesus. The Eucharist is the challenge to live as Jesus did. The Eucharist calls us to love. The Eucharist calls us to feed the poor and to feed the broken hearted. It is Jesus’ life and His service we are called to live.

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Palindromedary 12 years 51 weeks ago

gerald: As long as you are happy believing the way you do then that is ok with me....not that you need my ok...for sure. I have stated before that I am an atheist and I don't believe in Jesus, God, Allah, or any of the hindu gods, or any of the ancient Greek, Persian, or Egyptian gods....none at all and I am just peachy keen happy with my beliefs...or non-beliefs. I have heard all of the arguments from various religious people why I should believe in God but none of them are valid or make sense to is all mostly non-sense and circular reasoning.

Lots of people have been absolutely convinced in their belief in a god and have eventually realized that there is not. One such person was a preacher who preached 19 years starting at the age of 15 and was/is a very talented musician who even wrote very popular religious songs and performed for some very popular religious entertainers. His songs are still popular and widely used by religious organizations. Dan Barker is co-president along with his wife Annie, of Freedom From Religion Foundation

One prominent member of FFRF is Julia Sweeney who grew up in a devout Catholic family and is quite hilarious in her standup comic routines that tells of her ordeal with religion.

“It took me years, but letting go of religion has been the most profound wake up of my life. I feel I now look at the world not as a child, but as an adult. I see what's bad and it's really bad. But I also see what is beautiful, what is wonderful. And I feel so deeply appreciative that I am alive. How dare the religious use the term 'born again.' That truly describes freethinkers who've thrown off the shackles of religion so much better!”

— Quote submitted by Julia Sweeney. For more about Julia Sweeney, go to "Freethought Comedienne of the Year"

Again, what ever makes you happy...after all our fantasies can often result in enjoyable pastimes and a cushion to the harsh realities of our future demise. I go to the movies and temporarily suspend reality for entertainment purposes but I don't put my wholebrained belief that what I am seeing and hearing is anything but fantasy with, sometimes, a mixture of truth or reality. Some of us would rather know scientific-based realities and believe that one can know truth and reality better than a religious-based one. And I certainly would not waste my time or embarrass myself by pretending that "The Green Lantern" is real and that everyone else should believe it too.

A lot of what the mythical Jesus was claimed to have said (in the Bible only, as he is really not to be found anywhere else, really strange when such an "important" figure was completely not noted by the Roman records...and they recorded everything...especially if Jesus was such a troublemaker warranting execution), if interpreted in the most enlightening way, is very beneficial to mankind,,but then again so were many of the similar mythical gods messages that preceded the Jesus myth.But most of today's believers consider the ancient gods as superstition and myth yet they hold out on the one last superstitious belief that they cling on to. Is your belief any more believable than any of these other myths? Of The Green Lantern?

The bible, the New Testament, is really the only "source" that claims Jesus existed. One other extra-biblical source was proven to be a fraud. Another uses generic terms that cannot, in any way except to a believer, be specifically referring to "the Jesus" that the later church had in mind and tries to sell everyone on. But the character and story of Jesus preexisted Jesus in that many more ancient gods were "born of a virgin", "died on a cross", "resurrected in 3 days", "turned water into wine", "healed the sick", "brought dead people back to life", "walked on water".....just a whole lot of things that were attributed to Jesus allegedly happened before, many times, in gods that existed hundreds or thousands of years before the Jesus myth was plagiarized.

Being a "Jesus Liberal"... is certainly better than being a "Jesus Conservative hypocrite" but they can both wear their religions on their sleeves.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 12 years 51 weeks ago

David, Palindromedary, Gerald and all, WOW! great posts, glad I'm on your side!

First I'll mention what I'd like to do to awaken voters, and then what I actually do. I'd like to rent all available billboards nationwide and plaster images of Vitter in his diaper and fiscal conservative Christie getting off the taxpayer sponsored helicopter at his kid's baseball game!

What I actually do is what the right wing controlled mass media will not do. I spread fact- soaked, nonpartisan political information whenever possible. I have no illusions my singular efforts make much difference but firmly believe if we all do this, our collective efforts will eventually "monkey-wrench" the massive right wing lie machine.

We all know the right wing mass media controls the volume knob when it comes to how much noise various news stories are allowed. Important issues, concerning the welfare of 98% of us, get turned way down and propaganda favoring the top 2% gets turned way up. A great example of this was when McConnell and his senate republicans blocked a democatic bill to end tax breaks to companies that close down and shift jobs to foreign slave markets. So to make my point, stop for a second and pretend it was the democrats instead of the republicans blocking the same bill. All mass media hell would have broke out with full volume "slam danceable" noise, piercing the echo chamber. I can hear it now, "DEMOCRATS CONTINUE JOB KILLING EFFORTS BY BLOCKING REPUBLICAN BILL WHICH WOULD STIMULATE JOB GROWTH". This message would have spread like a climate change wildfire in a windstorm. Given the unemployment situation, the democratic party would have been history! Instead,I kid you not, I saw a headline regarding this that read "Senate Republicans Defeat Democrat's Jobs Outsourcing Bill". Apparently the right wing media counts on lazy readers getting much of their misinformation from headlines alone!

With collective effort we can defeat the right wing media machine and thwart it's big money sponsored propaganda. I believe even the most, "strung out on Fox", voters can be brought back to their senses.

"Tyranny, like hell is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph." Thomas Paine

gerald's picture
gerald 12 years 51 weeks ago

Why do Americans hate other Americans? We do have answers for our many problems.The answer is not in our arrogance and pride; the answer is repentance and our return to God. God must be at the center of our lives! Thom mentioned that the GOP is no longer covert in their destruction of the middle class. They are now overt. They feel glorified in letting Americans know how much they hate the middle class. Everytime I see my wife's twin sisters and their husbands, I will politely ask to leave the room to experience an upchuck moment in the bathroom.

There are people who believe in God and people who do not believe in God. In my conservations with veterans I do know one thing is certain; there are no atheists in foxholes.

gerald's picture
gerald 12 years 51 weeks ago

"Tyranny, like hell is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph." Thomas Paine

Was Thomas Paine echoing the GOP's current strategies and tactics in attacking Americans? Do they look upon the Democrats as terrorists and so the more glorious the triumph in defeating them?

@2950-10K, great ideas, post, and words!

gerald's picture
gerald 12 years 51 weeks ago

Whether people can believe in Jesus, Gandhi, and/or Chesterton, there can be no denying of their powerful words. "Love one another as I have loved you." - Jesus of Nazareth! "I like your Jesus but its your Christians whom I do not Like." - Gandhi! It's not that Christianity has been tried and failed; it's that it has never been tried." - Chesterton!

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gerald 12 years 51 weeks ago


gerald's picture
gerald 12 years 51 weeks ago

Here is a great article!

Cutting Social Security is a moral outrage and a social and political tragedy--nothing short of the expensive Iraq war debacle that continues to weigh our nation down. Unlike the media, however, our elected officials are paid to serve the public. They should spend less time espousing the fairytale family values they claim to represent, and more time focused on how their constituents are being treated in a land that promises equality, democracy and the right to pursue happiness for all. There are some things like educating our children and caring for our elderly that should be simply non-negotiable.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 12 years 51 weeks ago

Peace would really be fantastic, for a change, but it will never happen as long as people continue to condemn others for not believing in the same gods, the same religions, the same rites and rituals, the same diet (Muslims and Jews don't eat pork, Hindus don't eat cows, and Catholics don't eat meat on Fridays and they consider anyone else who does are committing blasphemy and will burn in hell). Such "bad karma" bestowed upon one's world neighbors is the first step toward atrocities against them. Think...US rifle scopes engraved with quotations from the bible that are used to kill Muslims. "The word of God" alive and well on those weapons of mass destruction....I'd say that the US has murdered a sufficient quantity of people to warrant the label "Mass Murderers". Sieg Heil!!

People who think that the problem with the world is that they don't believe in the same God, or any god at all, that the schools stopped saying the Lord's prayer, and many other inane accusations as to why the world is going to hell is part of the problem of their inability to accept concepts different than their own.

Only a comprehension and understanding of our world, our universe, in scientific terms....rather than obscure and highly subjective and emotionally-biased predilections and superstitions we often inherit from our parents and religious communities..can we unite with a belief system, based in science and not religion (otherwise known as organized superstition). Religious belief systems are not universal...they are anything but universal and all fall apart in time...which is why there are so many deviations from their original religions. Cults become mainstream established religious that shattered into other cults...and the cycle goes on.

Science is universal and the truths learned through science can be repeated, and repeatedly proven or disproven, no matter what kind of food you eat or language you speak.

"Science is an activity that consists in the explanation, prediction, and control of empirical phenomena in a rational manner. By "scientific reasoning" we mean the principles of reasoning relevant to the pursuit of this activity. They include principles governing experimental design, hypothesis testing, and the interpretation of data.

Scientific reasoning is important not just for institutional scientific research. It is true that scientists use specialized theories (e.g. quantum physics) which non-scientists do not have to use in everyday life. But many of the principles of reasoning (e.g. rules for identifying causes) are applicable also to everyday life. Even if we are not scientists, we need to make use of good reasoning to explain, predict, and control the events around us. When we want to jump-start our career, protect our investments, improve our health, we need to gather evidence to find an effective way which is likely to achieve our aims. In all these cases, good scientific thinking skills help."

If we did not have science, empirical reasoning, we would all be hacking each other to death with swords, and imagining dragons, and still believing in flying carpets, burning "witches" and "heretics" to the stake.

Yes, with science, we can wipe out every life-form on the earth many times over....true...but it wouldn't science that did would be irrationally inspired people (religious people) who misused science for their stupidity. But at least the good parts are that we no long die of plagues, can travel around to the other side of the world in just hours, and given enough time solve the questions of the universe that we have not yet answered. With science, the door to freethought questioning is possible. With religion, you are imprisoned in "a priori dogma" that would keep you from solving problems that need to be answered.

As one of Dan Barker's songs goes...."Beware of Dogma, it takes a bite...Beware of Dogma, it's such a fright" and "Dogma kills", and "Nothing fails like prayer"...they've tried to prove that prayer works using science and, of course, they failed. But I suppose some people might think you can disprove science by using religion...they keep trying anyway. That's right, no better than 50/50 chance which means randomness...which means that prayer does not work. It might make you feel better psychologically but that's all it does. I could get better results from listening to my hemi-sync CDs and meditating for a while. And there is nothing wrong with that either as long as you don't make a pain in the ass of yourself trying to convince everyone else that they are going to go to hell unless they meditate and listen to hemi-sync CDs.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 12 years 51 weeks ago

"no atheists in 'fox holes'?" You mean in 'Fox News'? There are, but you are never going to hear about them because the propaganda has been so controlled by not only Fox News but by the religious institutions. We have been so bullied by both of these institutions (actually burned to the stake by the last one and both would love to do it again) that many people are scared to even question what they say to be true. One atheist soldier in Iraq kept trying to get his dog tags to say either "atheist" or at least to have no religious affiliation engraved in his dog tags. He sent them back many times and they kept after him to put some religion on them. Onward Christian soldier..going off to war...with the cross of Jesus.....killing as before. The US isn't doing so good in their liberate the "holy lands"(oil) from the heathens who have it.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 12 years 51 weeks ago

Good luck...and I hope you are correct...but when, for example, the Fox channel is made available to the lower cost DISH Network packages and you have to pay more for a higher package that has MSNBC (which has some progressive programs) then it stands to reason that many more people are going to be getting Fox and not MSNBC. Devious aren't they?

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 12 years 51 weeks ago

And what is that viral youtube video all about anyway??? Obama invited a couple of cute kids into his limo....duh...I would wonder just how the Republicans are spinning that one...the look on Obama's face...the child-like enthusiastic expression....not very Presidential...makes me think..what the heck is that all about? Doesn't he have more Muslims to murder or torture and taxpayers to fleece and more empty promises of "hope we can believe in" speeches to make?

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 12 years 51 weeks ago

Here's an example of how some Democrats are not our best friends: A Democrat Senator from Minnesota is trying to amend a copyright protection bill that could get people 10 years in the slammer and/or huge fines for lip syncing on YouTube.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 12 years 51 weeks ago

Senate Bill 978:

"The bill was proposed by Senators Amy Klobuchar (D, Minnesota) , John Cornyn (R, Texas) and Christopher Coons (D, Delaware). "

Two Democrats and a Republican. The Democrats give Democrats a bad name.

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cygnus1 12 years 50 weeks ago



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Why are the U.S. citizens dying and sacrificing themselves for the wants of another country and one which breaks all nationhood laws of the U.N.?

Breaking nationhood laws at the U.N. takes away the status of nationhood guaranteed by the U.N. which all other nations must obey and live up to in order to retain their own status of nationhood. Is the United States not also found in this category by way of treason of its own people and all those others (nations) whom it makes promises to, save that of one?

The United States is held hostage by a nation whose leader has full access to the Pentegon to come and go as he pleases without a word from the United States President Obama. Not one word from the press.

Someone sits on top of the 5 Judges or Kings of America. In whose interest is it?

The United States pays a tidy sum of 3 billion U.S. dollars to its ‘friend’ who holds the U.S. hostage, whilst the Amerian people die for want of healthcare and become stuplified for want of a decent education as schools are shut down for want of money.

The United States is held hostage by a nation who takes from all nations all it desires utilizing other militaries (NATO) to fight its homemade enemies.

To have a friend one must first be a friend and not a tyrant.

The United States has adequate resources and does not need for its own survival to take and conquer that which belongs to other nations and other peoples.

The United States has been found subservient to its ‘friend’ and because of that ‘friendship’ American sons and daughters have been sacrificed in wars, terrible wars, searing their own consciences due to unwarranted slaughter of other peoples of other nations. And for what end?

The United States has some of the finest minds beginning long ago with Nicola Tesla (American-Serbian genius) who would have free electricity for all citizens, and even now as in the past, fine and brilliant minds are developing non-pretroleum systems for vehicles of all descriptions. That takes care of the need for much of the gas and oil utilized today for vehicles. One point alone.

The greatest commodity the United States has for a good life for all, lies not in the money system, lies not in Wall Street, lies not in war but lies in the fine minds of its own citizens.

The U.S. also does not need to outsource jobs when Americans are out of work and losing their homes, vehicles, etc., and the fact the U.S. has cheap labour in the form of immigrants!

When those immigrants are U.S. citizens at last they also have the right to fair justice, fair wages, and the rest. But right now the American born citizen no matter the colour or race have NO RIGHTS ANYWHERE IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY!

As people begin to understand what is being done to them and to their country (America) they begin to rise up, and at the same time as they rise up they are arrested, jailed and treated as though they had the same rights as the prisoners in Guantanimo.

Is this the liberty promoted world wide or the biggest hypocritical scam of the last two centuries on its people and on the world?

The U.S. miliary need to protect their own country and not by attacking defenseless foreign and innocent nations, but by protecting the rights of the American citizen from all those (new) rules and regulations of the patriot act which of course are taken completely out of context and twisted beyond recognition.







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