Let’s try something that’s been proven to work before…a New Deal

You need to know this. New job numbers highlight a slowing economic recovery. 54,000 jobs were created last month – the 15th straight month of job creation. The jobless rate stands at 9.1%. But 54,000 fell way short of what economists projected – about 165,000 jobs. It’s also the slowest job growth in 8 months. And considering that 200,000 jobs need to be created each month just to keep up with population growth – our nation is still falling behind.

Job creation is being hampered by a double-dip in the housing market – as home prices fell to a 9-year-low last month – with 28% of all home sales today resulting from foreclosures. And, nearly a quarter of all homeowners are “underwater” on their mortgage. Looks like George W. Bush’s plan of bailing out the banks in 2008 and just sitting back and hoping that money trickles down to everyone else didn’t work – just like it NEVER works. So let’s try something different to reboot our economy. Let’s try something that’s been proven to work before…a New Deal. With bridges and roads collapsing – our energy infrastructure outdates – and a growing need for new schools and hospitals – let’s put American back to work building up our nation again.

Never in the history of the world has a country achieved prosperity through budget cuts and low taxes. It’s time to invest money – and grow our way out of this recession.

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