As long as Senator David Vitter, a client of the DC Madame – keeps his job – then Republicans should shut up on Anthony Weiner

In an interview with the New York Post – thoroughly embarrassed New York Congressman Anthony Weiner again confirmed that he is NOT resigning over the Twitter lewd photo scandal – and a new poll out in his Congressional district shows his constituents support him.

The new Marist poll released yesterday revealed 56% of voters think Weiner should stay in office – while only 33% think he should go. So if it’s up to the constituents – as Republicans argue when one of their guys steps in a sex scandal – then the constituents have decided they want to keep Weiner as their Congressman.

And as long as Senator David Vitter – who was a client of the DC Madame – keeps his job – then Republicans should probably keep their mouths shut about Anthony Weiner.


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gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

In Thom’s last blog (June 9, 2011) there was a comment and I am uncertain if the comment was directed to me or not.

Let me state again who I am! I am a person who opposes wars. Today’s wars will be fought against terrorist groups but we will blame some country so we can practice on the country from the research on our military weaponry. I believe that peace will come when justice prevails in our actions, deeds, and thought processes. I am a cradle and a practicing Roman Catholic. I am also on a journey to be a good and true Christian. I read the Holy Bible and I believe that the Bible is God’s Love Letter for you and me. I am an independent voter who leans toward the Democratic Party. I believe that the Republican Party is the Anti-Life Party. I am a Jesus liberal. I am also a progressive and a Democratic Socialist. I firmly believe in Matthew 25:31-46 and Matthew 5:1-12. I am a person who firmly believes in love and mercy. To me love means that I want every person or persons the best in life. I am also a firm believer that every human being on this planet deserves a decent quality of life. This is me without notes. I share this information because it is part of my daily life.

If Weiner's constituents support him, he should not resign. Having Weiner in the U.S. House should continue to remind patriotic Americans of the Anti-Live Party's hypocrisy!!!!!

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gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

And as long as Senator David Vitter – who was a client of the DC Madame – keeps his job – then Republicans should probably keep their mouths shut about Anthony Weiner. I will say Amen to sister, Louise!!!

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robert petrick 11 years 50 weeks ago

Sign my petition backing Antony Weiner!! The country needs his voice! Hi,

Support against all odds

So I signed a petition to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate and President Barack Obama, which says:

"With all the buzz about Anthony Weiner's indiscretions.

Here's a headline Fox & CNN can run with. "Republicans want to destroy Medicare!!!! and even privatize SS"!

Here's another "Republican's want to cut aid for the poor, children and students but gives big tax cuts to the very rich"!

Here's another "Republicans want to keep subsidizing Big Oil after they have made billions in profits!!"

Wake up people! Tell America and the people in government we need voices like Anthony Weiner!!!"

Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:


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gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

I sent this letter to our son's in 2004.

I sent this tribute of your mother to her sisters.

A Husband’s Tribute to His Wife – Josephine


I have often been asked to describe my wife in one word. How can anyone describe a person in one word? However, if I am to describe my wife in one word, the word is Shalom. On my wife’s sixth-fifth birthday I put together what Shalom is and what my wife desires for our country and the world. I truly believe this is what my wife wants.

Here is what America and the world need in order to attain peace and justice on our planet for all of God’s children. Here is also what I believe God wants for His children and His vision for the world.

Shalom translated means peace but it is much more than peace. Shalom is a vision of social wholeness; a state of well being for all, where everyone has access to the goods of creation intended to meet the needs of all. Shalom is the substance of the biblical vision of one community embracing all creation where all enjoy the resources that make communal harmony joyous and effective.

Shalom is nothing less than God’s intended vision of the world, a dream of God that resists our tendencies for division, hostility, fear, lust, and misery. If there is to be well-being, it will not be just for the isolated and insulated individuals, it is security and prosperity granted to the whole community: the poor, the widow, the orphan, the immigrant, the tax collector and the sinner, the despised and the rejected, young and old, the have and the have nots, the powerful and the dependent. We are in it together. Together we stand before God’s blessings and together we receive the gift of life. Shalom comes only to the inclusive embracing community that excludes no one.



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oneworldatpeace 11 years 50 weeks ago

Everybody has to realize that "our friends in the Republican Party" as Bernie so satirically refers to them are all people who have no care or compassion to the damage, misery, sickness and even DEATH that the maintenance of their ideaology creates and inflicts on the American People and the World. They are all SOCIOPATHS and we should stop being afraid to call them out as such and defy them to disprove the charge. THEY CAN'T!

They are so infused with their pychopathic narcissism that Little Anthony's juvenile tweaky voyeurism gets projected as the usual false equivalence to the status of more horrible then all the Republican atrocities of late. Vitter is small change when you consider the Neo Con crimes of torture,recission, black ops and prisons, extra-legal imprisonment, suspension of due process Habeus Corpus for American Citizens, lieing us into War and the treason of outing a NOC CIA Agent for "political reason"!

I just wish Wiener had admitted his culpability for what it was so we could have gotten a laugh about his stupid human trick and kept on kicking sociopath Repugnican ass, and all the weenie hand wringer chicken-poop Democrats wouldn't have had the time to form the usual circular firing squad!

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Gene Savory 11 years 50 weeks ago

Too bad about the power glitches today. I ran across an article that pushes my police state button these days: the seizure of audio or audio/video recording equipment by police when they are performing their duties IN PUBLIC. This is usually called illegal wiretapping or eavesdropping, and can be punished in 12. In Illinois the maximum penalty is a Class 1 felony with 15 years imprisonment. Aggravated Sexual Assault is a Class 2 felony with a seven year imprisonment.

The Florida video was recorded by many bystanders, including a television crew, at the end of a police chase, in which the driver was shot to death by numerous officers who fired as many as 100 rounds into his car. Officers then tried to confiscate all recording equipment from the crowd. One witness removed the memory from his cell phone and hid it in his mouth before turning over his phone.

Story at:

A case in Illinois is in progress. Chris Drew is a street artist who tried to challenge a Chicago ordinance requiring a permit to sell art in public. When police discovered that he made an audio recording of his own arrest, the police weren't interested in the misdemeanor charge any more, and went with the Class 1 felony eavesdropping charge. The ACLU has taken up the case, and so far the Federal Courts have found that there "is no right to audio record in The First Amendment" of the Constitution. There is also no right to take photographs or movies in publlic in the First Amendment under Free Press.

40 states allow one party recording, 12 states require all party permission.

I had a talk with Robert Prichard, my State Rep. after writing to him, and he said that there was "too much push-back" from the State Police when he looked into changing the law. I surmise that he forgot who works for whom.

I hope this is not too long a post; it is a very important topic. File under "Steps to Police State"

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gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

@oneworldatpeace, let us use the Anti-Life Party's strategy! If we call the GOP sociopaths enough times, maybe the TRUTH will sink into the minds of Americans AS TO HOW PSYCHOTIC THE REPUBLICANS ARE. It is my perceptual opinion that the Republicans are evil, vile, and wicked. They are Satan's disciples!!!

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gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

@Gene Savory, when I was growing up, I looked upon the police as someone who is there to help if you needed them. TODAY, I have absolutely no trust in them or do even want to be associated with them. I TRULY BELIEVE THAT WE ARE A BANANA REPUBLIC AND A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!!!

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gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

The Florida video was recorded by many bystanders, including a television crew, at the end of a police chase, in which the driver was shot to death by numerous officers who fired as many as 100 rounds into his car. Officers then tried to confiscate all recording equipment from the crowd. One witness removed the memory from his cell phone and hid it in his mouth before turning over his phone.

Please reflect on one hundred rounds to kill a human being! These policemen are insane. Yes, police do have a tough job but they will receive push back from sane human beings. What truly concerns me is that we are a certifiably psychotic nation.

Who is the answer for our psychotic country??? JESUS SPEAKS SANITY TO A NATION OF LUNATICS! - G.K. Chesterton

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gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

Quotes from G.K. Chesterton

Jesus speaks sanity to a world of lunatics.

It’s not that Christianity has been tried and failed. It’s that Christianity has never been tried.

Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies even if they become fashionable.

Take away the supernatural and what remains is the unnatural.

There is a great man who makes every man to feel small. But, the real great man is the man who makes every man to feel great.

Psychoanalysis is confession without absolution.

The most astonishing thing about miracles is that they happen.

The rich are the scum of the earth in every country.

The honest poor can sometimes forget poverty. The honest rich can never forget it.

Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere.

I regard golf as an expensive way of playing marbles.

Here is one of my favorite quotes from Mahatma Gandhi.

I like your Jesus. It’s your Christians I do not like.

Here is truly a great quote.

Every time I hear that the United States is a Christian nation I have a torrential puke. – Gerald


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gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

Mahatma Gandhi

It is important to take some time to reflect on the words of Mahatma Gandhi. “Live simply that others may simply live.” We tend to complicate our lives by pursuing possessions, money, status, power, etc.

Live simply! Why enter the rat race? Do a day’s work and have a life after work! The key to happiness is in six words. “Have less, do less, say no!”

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RepubliCult 11 years 50 weeks ago

NO, he should NOT resign.

Instead, he should go to the House floor podium during prime time and:

Call out EVERY OTHER member by NAME - of congress, executive branch, and judicial branch who have behaved in ANY and ALL "sexual misconduct". Name the names, describe their deeds, and state whether they continued to serve in government after they performed their deed. From the House floor, CALL OUT THE HIPOCRISY of the others in government who are calling for your resignation.

Here is a good beginning of people to name:

1. Ronald Reagan - Only divorced president. Went on to disarm Marines sent to Beirut, supply weapons to Iranian terrorists, and triple America's debt.

2. JFK & Marilyn Monroe. Saved world by standing up to USSR & Cuba in missle crisis.

3. Newt and his "Nth" wife, being treated for cancer. Contract on America never implemented.

4. Bill Clinton and Monica!

5. Mark Sanford and the woman from Argentina. (What has he done in office?)

6. Governor Arnold! (What has he done in office?)

7. Clarence Thomas (What has he done on the bench?)

8. Jim Ensign (What has he done in office?)

9. FDR: Saved the Free World from Hitler, built Ameica's middle class, saved millions from poverty.

10. David Vitter (What has he done in office?)

...100. yes there's a long long loooooooooooooooong list. So,...

Anthony, you are in tremendous and vast company. Go to the House floor and call out all the others who've been human, like you. And then, PLEASE get back to work saving this country from the RepubliCult party.

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RepubliCult 11 years 50 weeks ago

One more thing, Anthony while you are on the House Floor naming names of government officials past and present, it is also fair and appropriate to call out members of the news media who are also hipocrites on this yet are keeping their jobs.

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aufie 11 years 50 weeks ago

I never cared what any of them do in their private lives, it is strictly their business, but, when they show such totally poor judgement I find it offensive that they should stay in power, any of them.

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David Abbot 11 years 50 weeks ago

Here's a Biblical thought on what congress should do about Weiner: every member of congress who wants him to leave office, should submit to a lie detector test under sodium pentothal to determine whether THEY have broken the law, violated congressional ethics, or had sexual relations with circus animals, and the members who pass this test should be allowed to have opinions as to whether Weiner should leave office. Which puts me in mind of a story where someone got irritated at the people who ran his city, so he sent each of them an anonymous message that read, "They found out, and they have proof!" By the next morning, the mayor, the police chief, the head of public works, and the city council members had all left town and were never heard from again.

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David Abbot 11 years 50 weeks ago

I don't know about all those other people whom Repubicult mentioned, but I can tell you what Clarence Thomas has done while on the Supreme court. He has read magazines. While the Supreme court was in session. And if Thomas was reading magazines during sessions, you might wonder how he got the information he needed in order to vote on the issues he voted on? Very simple: before each session he is told how to vote, which is why he doesn't need to listen to any of the arguments, read any of the legal briefs, or ask any questions of the lawyers who present cases before the Court: he already knows how to vote.

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mmetti 11 years 50 weeks ago

Most would be considered sex offenders for this lewd act and get put on a "Sex Offenders" list. Hopefully our congressional critters are not above the law.

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John Defalque 11 years 50 weeks ago

Weiner, by his actions was only screwing one woman-his wife, same with the "Sperminator".What is exponentially more despicable is when a politician enacts a policy that is going to bring draconian cuts to workers or throw great masses of unemployed out ont the street or a politician who is only in it for themselves-so they can become millionaires-like Doanld Slump the king of self promotion.The US is a rather prudish nation-really I don't think anyone's private life should matter unless they are hypocritically promoting family values while leading a sleazy double life on the side.Chainsaw Al Dunlop became a multi millioniare for firing hundreds of thousands of workers-finally even he, got the axe.

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Robindell 11 years 50 weeks ago

On today's show, I caught the end of a phone call with a resident of the city of Bloomington in my state, Indiana. Thom mentioned that our former Democratic senator, Evan Bayh, has just accepted a position with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and that Thom always thought of Evan Bayh as a corporatist, which this new job demonstrates. Thom referred to Bayh's new position with the chamber as that of a lobbyist. As I understand, however, Bayh is not going to do any lobbying but rather is going to be an analyst who will try and find ways to cut back on or eliminate government regulation of business. Thom went on to ask, what is wrong with the people of Indiana for having voting him in as U.S. senator? I don't remember the details of the primary when Bayh first ran for the senate, but it may have been that he was the only Democrat running. In Indiana, candidates for the senate often don't seem to have an opponent within their own party. When Bayh first ran for governor as a Democrat, likewise, he may have been the only Democrat who was interesting in running in that election. The last time the Indiana governership was up for election, there were two Democratic candidates who ran in the primary. Senator Lugar will probably have a Tea Party challenger in the primary. For the upcoming 2012 election, so far, there is only one Democratic candidate for governor wo has announced, the former House speaker John Gregg, and as far as I know, only one Republican, Congressman Mike Pence. In the case of Bayh, if the voters wanted a Democrat first for governor, and then, eight years later, for senator, Evan Bayh was likely the only available or at least viable choice. I would have to go back and review the history books to be sure, but Bayh's name was known because many people remembered his father, Senator Birch Bayh, a progressive Democrat. As governor, I think Evan Bayh mostly did a lot of budget cutting, to insure that Indiana had a balanced budget, and then some.

Not a day hardly goes by when I don't ask myself the same question Thom asked: what is wrong with the people of this state? I know that public school teachers are prohibited from stating their political opinions in class in Indiana, but I have to wonder if our school system is failing to teach students to put aside some of the prejudices they have sometimes learned from home and to teach them more about history, civics, and society in a way that would allow them to think critically, examine the facts, and withstand right-wing conservative propaganda. There are a lot of rural, intellectually isolated people in the Midwest. Education seemingly has become so vocationally oriented that it is too provincical in its effect to open vistas to many. Even Mitch Daniels himself has commented on the fact that Indiana lags behind other states in terms of the numbers of college graduates who live here.

We once had a Democratic New Deal governor by the name of Paul V. McNutt who initially opposed Roosevelt and was even rude to him in the 1932 Democratic National Convention. But McNutt adopted Roosevelt's program and was an exponent of taking action to alleviate the poverty and unemployment that existed during that time. McNutt who like Obama was a graduate of Harvard Law School reorganized Indiana's state government and through patronage under the Works Progress Administration became a powerful machine politician of his time. He wanted to become the Democratic nominee for president after Roosevelt, but after FDR decided to run for a second term, McNutt's presidential ambitions were thwarted. He then wanted to be vice-president, but FDR, having been rebuked by McNutt, wouldn't consider him. Eventually, Roosevelt appointed him High Commissioner to the Philippines. FDR's third run for the presidency once again stopped McNutt from running. Before becoming governor, he served as a law professor and then the youngest dean in history of the Indiana University School of Law. A dormitory quadrangle at the university is named after him.

The Indiana Democratic Party could stand to learn a thing or two from Paul McNutt. WIth Republicans in charge, it might be difficult to improve our educational system to give students a broader education than they may be getting now.

Indiana had a conservative Christian congressman who had to resign due to an extramarital relationship with a part-time aide. That didn't change anyone's mind in this state about voting Republican.

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leighmf 11 years 50 weeks ago

RE: "As long as Senator David Vitter, a client of the DC Madame – keeps his job – then Republicans should shut up on Anthony Weiner."

Response- Off with their heads- The Constitution says they only have the right to bare arms.

Q: What do you think will happen to the Republican Party now?

A: The Federal Reserve will cause the Republican Party to become registered at NIC as a domestic entity other and in the following year 2012-10-30 The Republican Party will its change name to Republican Par-tx.

To avert disaster, the Purists, if any left, will have to rise against the Trailer Trash and Highway Litter, to clean up the image of the Party.

Some members will have X's put upon their front doors, which cannot be distinguished from other X's on other doors, and the lot of them will be sealed in jars of boiling oil by a wise servant named Morgiana.


dnarnadem 11 years 50 weeks ago

Amen to that!

Rep Weiner did not run on a Family Values platform like all republicans do and did. As long as they advocate his resignation, bring up Vitter, Ensign and all those other republican adulterers!

The Democrats have a good thing going for them here: when the pundits yell for Weiner to resign, the Democrats should broadcast the hypocrisy of Vitter and Ensign, who actually did commit adultery and committed CRIMES! And no one asked them to resign!

Wake up Democrats! Stop being cowards! The republicans are bullies and it is time you stood up to them.

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K. Douglas Brooms 11 years 50 weeks ago

I am exasperated by those of you who are calling for the resignation of Democrat Anthony Weiner, without your simultaneous calling for the resignation of Republican David Vitter. Do you not see or admit to the blatant hypocrisy? What about the cavalcade of other past and current Congressmen found not to be above moral or ethical reproach?

I repeat a prior comment: “Why should Anthony Weiner resign? David Vitter did worse - soliciting prostitutes is actually a crime, and he's still in the Senate and a major fundraiser for Republicans. Apparently money tainted by prostitution is no problem for Republicans. All of the calls for Weiner to resign are opportunistic attempts by political opponents to get rid of him. Where are the calls for David Vitter to resign?”

Anthony Wiener is one of the few more outspoken and fervent advocates of the Democratic agenda on the floor in the House of Representatives. Can anyone proclaim that his continued effectiveness will be compromised by his momentary lapse of judgment with his lewd photos and subsequent breach of veracity, for which he has profusely apologized? Is there any possibility that Wiener just might have been a target of Andrew Breitbart, known for his underhanded ambushing only of Democrats?

Will one of you who profess righteous indignation please attempt to explain why Weiner should be compelled go, while specifically justifying why Vitter, or such others, should stay? Is there a greater hidden agenda, other than morality and ethics? Let’s move on.

dnarnadem 11 years 50 weeks ago

Hi - I just your petition. Let us know how many signatures you get.

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bicyclingjroad 11 years 50 weeks ago

I agree with you, Weiner should not resign, even though many dems want him to. Weiner was an up and comer. The bad judgement he showed pretty much takes him out of the game. Hang in there Weiner, you make a nice place holder.

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gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

Here are some worthwhile weekend reading articles!

America, the no-vacation nation! Americans are slave laborers.

More important stories!

Here is another reason for no hope in our country!

Everything Said About Anthony Weiner Is Bull by Michael Bader

There’s only one legitimate reason to be upset with Anthony Weiner, and that’s because his behavior and its discovery has taken away a bold and effective voice in the Democratic Party. Everything else you think and feel about him is bullshit. By bullshit, I mean it has nothing to do with him, and also little to do with broad generalizations made nowadays about the sex and powerful men. The first is too personal and private for anyone to ever know. And the second is so abstract as to be useless in understanding any individual situation. What it does have to do with is you and me, with all of us, who are repeatedly enticed to either buy-in to or create fictive stories about sexual scandals that are little more than projections of our own forbidden or feared desires. Is Obama’s re-election in danger??? His DNA matches perfectly!!! Has Obama sold out the working class Americans??? We are goose-stepping to financial abyss!


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vince1s1 11 years 50 weeks ago

Thom, I wonderwhere this is all going.

The corporate media runs the show, you will hear nothing negative about Clarence Thomas or any conservative Judge for that matter.

The main problem with this country are the corrupt politicians, so eliminate the lobbyist: another is its low attention span, which is very easy to manipulate, so corporate media needs to be regulated: The tax loop hole’s that encourage outsourcing our countries jobs which were our greatest resource, and the trade deficient we have with countries that have no part in participating in a fair trade environment other than accepting the transference of slavery with no environmental or human rights: The military industrial complex is still the biggest fraud yet applied to the American people not yet uncovered: The future for our children, I would like to know What is the purpose of education if there is no job to apply it to? Education is another business that should not be for profit. I can go on and on with each topic far superior to this stupid stuff that only takes the focus off the real issues. I still find it hard to believe that this stuff is in the headline rather than Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas, which effects the direction this country is going! The majority of the American people are lazy, they choose not to investigate themselves but rather believe what they are told. When I hear something like this, I want to know how it came out, who wrote it, and why at this time it suddenly surfaced, then I will investigate every angle because I have no trust in the corporate media. Yes, I am concern with what came out about Weiner, but more concern in how and why. I place this low on my priority list when it comes down to the military industrial complex, or a Supreme Court judge, or the millions of jobs outsourced by our corrupt politicians. If the majority of the American people can start putting things in perspective, they will no longer allow trivial nonsense to take front-page news and attention away from the real issues that will affect the future for our children, and right now I see no future for my children other than 100,000 dollars school loan with an 8.00 dollar an hour job to pay it off. America, Wake Up!

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Palindromedary 11 years 50 weeks ago

Yes, Obama has sold out the working class! And thanks for the great article which says, in part:
"In seeking Republican votes, Obama is putting forth Republican supply-side ideas -- lowering the employer costs of hiring, cutting corporate taxes -- that have nothing to do with this demand-side crisis. He may attract some Republican votes for these, but what's the point if they're irrelevant to the real problem?"
from the article by Robert Reich in opednews

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 50 weeks ago

"Stock prices had been rising nonetheless. That was partly because big corporations were enjoying big sales and fat profits from their foreign operations. But foreign sales are slowing. Chalk that up to the European debt crisis, Europe’s insane austerity measures, Japan’s tragedy, and China’s concerns about inflation.

Meanwhile, other companies have been busy restocking inventories in the hope American consumers will be in a mood to buy. But that hope is coming to an end, as the reality dawns that American consumers can’t and won’t buy very much, given their shrinking home values, high debts, and job worries.

Stock prices were also rising because of Wall Street’s certitude that it can make loads of money from the gullibility of millions of small investors.(my emphasis). Here’s where the smoke and mirrors come in.

Over the past year, the Street lured small investors back into the market on the smokey promises that the worst is over and stock prices are bound to rise. The lure became a self-fulfilling prophesy. As investors re-entered the market, they bid up stock prices. Hence, the mirror.

Insiders on the Street are always the first to bail when they sense they’ve been overselling, as they started to do a few weeks ago. This gives them a second opportunity to make money off small investors — by selling short."
--from Robert Reich's web site at

bicyclingjroad's picture
bicyclingjroad 11 years 50 weeks ago

You stated, "David Vitter did worse-soliciting prostitutes is actually a crime, and he's still in the Senate and a major fundraiser for Republicans. Apparently money tainted by prostitution is no problem for Republicans." No problems for dems either. Barney Frank ran a prostitution ring for homosexuals out of his house, and he's still in Congress.

Tim2k78's picture
Tim2k78 11 years 50 weeks ago

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
 Mahatma Gandhi
A possible qoute of the day?
Thom can you recommend and books on positive thinking ? I enjoyed reading the secret. Thanks

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gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

Culture of Pentecost

I want to mention the culture of Pentecost to you. June 12, 2011 will be Pentecost Sunday. When John Paul lived, he discussed the culture of Pentecost. Our Anti-Life nation and all the nations of the world need a rebirth in religion. The Holy Spirit descended upon earth after Jesus’ Ascension into heaven.

John Paul II would talk about a culture of Pentecost. When he spoke of this culture, he was speaking of a rebirth in religion, prayer, worship, faith, healing, charity, love, mercy, and justice. We must also work for the common good of all in our world. If we are to survive as a people, we need a rebirth in these areas. Let us all strive for rebirth in religion, prayer, worship, faith, healing, charity, love, mercy, justice, and the common good!!! That is our only hope for survival on planet, Earth.

There are two Pentecost dates – one for the Jews and one for the Christians. Pentecost is fifty days after the Passover and Easter. The fifty days are used to thank God and renew our faith. I find that renewing of faith in Israel and America to be impossible, especially with the hatred, corruption, and lies that are so prevalent in these two countries. How can the Jewish and Christian faiths thank God on one hand and slaughter His children with the other hand? Pentecost makes no sense to the true disciples who follow God. True disciples of God will not kill His children.

The Latin American bishops in Medellin, Columbia in 1968 declared that to be a church is to be an agent of social justice, an instrument of liberation, and a defender of the poor and the oppressed. I say that to be a Christian we need to work for social justice, liberation from hatred, and a defender of the poor and the oppressed. We must believe in the Golden Rule and we must practice the Golden Rule.

gerald's picture
gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

The Perfect Date

Men, have you from time to time thought about the perfect date? I believe that the perfect date has changed in your thoughts over the years. As I am now in the twilight of my life, I will share with my thoughts of the perfect date.

As I rang the doorbell to the home of my perfect date, who should answer the door, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, looking very lovely. You go to the car with your date and as you ride to the restaurant you find yourself talking to Cindy Sheehan. Cindy lost her son in the Iraq war. What is remarkable, she has changed the Iraq war and wars in the near future as mothers’ wars. Mothers will now have to fight for the lives of their children by saying NO to wars.

You arrive at the restaurant and you sit with your date and you find yourself talking with Helen Thomas, the illustrious journalist, who has been in Washington, D.C. for decades. She shares with you her many experiences and you find yourself mesmerized with the details of all her experiences.

After dinner as you drive to a cozy bar for a drink, you have great conversation with Karen Kwiatkowski, a retired military officer, who is quite objective in assessing the current sad state of affairs in Iraq. You feel good talking to her because she is a woman who cares about our American soldiers.

You top the evening off at a cozy bar drinking cold brewskies from the bottle with the late Molly Ivins, another fine writer who tells it like it is. Yes, men, that would be my perfect date.

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gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

I keep receiving requests for money by various websites. My wife and I have only so much money to donate. If I am going to give a donation, it will be for my church and the work our parish does to help people.

Here are some of the works that our Christian Service Commission does to help people in the parish and also in various communities around the county.

Christian Service Commission (Donations and Work)

Blood Donation, Clothing, Home Goods, and Toiletries, Earth Care, Elderly and/or Homebound, Gospel of Life, Health Ministry, Homelessness-Housing Rehabilitation, Hunger, Jail Ministry, Nursery, Peace and Justice, Women/Children Shelters, Senior Citizen Centers, AIDS, Hospice, Refugee Shelters, Race Relations, International Peace, Crisis Pregnancy, Soup Kitchens, Food Banks, and Persons with Disabilities!

gerald's picture
gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

I have read that our military soldiers are experiencing illness from the Iraqi desert dust. I have heard and read about Desert Fever. I believe the fever is low grade and there is no cure for it. The person who has desert fever will have to live with the fever for the rest of his life. All through life it will flare up and affect each person in a various ways.

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2950-10K 11 years 50 weeks ago

The reality headlines in your blog, much like Antony Weiner's approach communicate the inconvenient truth the Republican mass media continually suppresses.Those in control of the massive news outlets fully realize the use of their WEAPON OF MASS DEMOCRATIC DESTRUCTION can transform a marginal- non pollitical issue like Weiner's indiscretion into a larger than life personal/political assault.

These rightwing media tactics have proven highly successful in manipulating and steering a frightened and vulnerable population away from truth and reality and thus we have the Tea-baggers!

We need more Antony Weiner and Bernie Sanders type politicians who have the courage to stand up to the TYRANTS and speak the truth. "Truth is great and will prevail" ! TJ

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 50 weeks ago

Weiner, Weiner, he's our man!
If Weiner can't do it then nobody can!
Weiner for President...2012!!1
But if Weiner can't do it the lets get Bernie...or how about Thom Hartmann. I'm not kidding...anyone but a Republican or Obama(the covert Republican).

gerald's picture
gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

@Palindromedary, the perfect comment for our times!!!

If you are not in a crying mood, please do not read these articles!!!

The coming great depression!!!

The end of democracy!

Here are ten rules we learned in kindergarten!

Obama’s favorable ratings at the toilet level!!!

Liars everywhere!!!

The Anti-Life Party wants to screw our military veterans!!!!!

I am nearing my seventy-second birthday. Why would someone my age cry? You need only to read the above articles and you will know why!!!

gerald's picture
gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

Here is my impression of Obama. He ran for the presidency to make history. After he was elected, he had $150 million in a trust fund. After four years in office his trust fund will be $170 million. He is a corporate elitist. He will have a fabulous retirement package along with his wife - win or lose!!! Why worry about re-election??? Most politicians run for the office with a slim possibility of winning and they can keep the money they made during their run for office. NOW THAT IS A TRUE RACKET!!!!! OBAMA WILL NOT BE RE-ELECTED!!!!! THE GOP CAN RUN A DOG AGAINST OBAMA AND THE DOG WILL WIN. WHAT WE ARE SEEING FROM THE GOP AND OBAMA IS A DOG AND PONY SHOW!!!!!

gerald's picture
gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

I have admitted to you that I am sinner. I am not proud of my sins but I am trying to be a better person.

An Open Confession

Catholics have the Sacrament of Reconciliation and non-Catholic Christians are now discussing the importance of counseling by Protestant ministers. There is a belief that confession is good for the soul.

I, too, believe that confession is good for the soul. Here is my open confession to the readers. Actually, it is my confession to a priest in California while we were visiting our son. Our son’s parish church is a very conservative church.

Bless me father for I have sinned! It has been about a month from my last confession. I have committed the following sins.

After reciting my litany of sins from various sources like the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Seven Cardinal Sins I asked the priest a question. I cannot deny that I am a sinner.

Father, I am starting to want and wish that Americans would feel the pain and suffering like other countries so we might have more sympathy for their plight. Wanting and wishing pain and suffering to any of God’s children is a mortal sin and it is similar to people who believe that the Iraq war is right and moral. Believing in the Iraq war is a mortal sin!!! The priest said to me that I did not have to want or wish for our country to experience pain and suffering because we are presently feeling this pain and suffering. Americans will continue to feel pain and suffering because they will not repent. Unless Americans repent, there will be ongoing pain and suffering.

What the priest said to me made me feel good because I no longer had to want and wish pain and suffering for any of God’s children. As I look around, I can see Americans feeling the pain and suffering. This pain and suffering is ongoing because Americans refuse to repent.

I asked the priest for forgiveness for the sins I can remember and for the sins I cannot remember.

I concluded my confession by thanking the priest for answering my question. The priest gave me my penance to complete and the absolution and I said an Act of Contrition. He also said “Go with God” and I thanked him. This is my open confession to all who care to read it.

Numb Nut Americans will never repent because they believe their way is the right way. They are never wrong. Every day Numb Nut Americans commit the Cardinal Sin of Pride. We can do no wrong. A false belief is embedded in their psyche that we, Numb Nuts, are good, holy, and saintly. Actually, we are the devil’s disciples.

Here is the answer for Americans and the world population!!!

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Palindromedary 11 years 50 weeks ago

72? Wow! I would never have thought it! You run rings around me in reading interesting articles. Great articles by the way! I's scary...but it's happening! And maybe we need to get Elizabeth Warren into the Presidency.

Yes, America has become a great big "racket".

I was listening to a podcast of a Guns and Butter show with Bonnie Faulkner. They were doing a fundraiser and they played audio excerpts of a documentary called "Loose Change: 9/11, An American Coup" and one part was telling about the story of:
"In 1933, Marine Corps Maj.-Gen. Smedley Butler was approached by a wealthy and secretive group of industrialists and bankers, including Prescott Bush the current President's grandfather, who asked him to command a 500,000 strong rogue army of veterans that would help stage a coup to topple then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

According to the BBC, the plotters intended to impose a fascist takeover and 'Adopt the policies of Hitler and Mussolini to beat the great depression.' "

That, along with Operation Northwoods, and all of the other treasonous affairs that rich and powerful men in the US have tried and failed, or tried and succeeded, in undermining democracy makes it very believable that they would not hesitate to orchestrate and carry out 911. And with the smoking gun of explosive residue and high tech nano-thermite in the 4 different dust samples taken from around the WTC just minutes after the collapse of the WTC buildings, and all of the other evidence, there is no doubt in my mind that these treasonous criminals in the US were responsible for carrying out a coup against Americans.

gerald's picture
gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

@Palindomedary, thank you for the information! I added the Prison Planet article to my June list of articles.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 50 weeks ago

Imagine balls, say 2-3 feet in diameter, flying around and hovering over our streets, watching us and even, perhaps, murdering us in our back yards. Well, they already have helicopters flying around spying on "us?" someone anyway. But what if these flying, hovering, and very maneuverable "balls" were patrolling our neighborhoods en masse? Well, check this out...the future is here....

Chubbell 11 years 50 weeks ago

Just watched CBS Sunday Night News and they did a piece on Teacher's pension plans that was so slickly biased against teachers it was beyond the pale. Peddling bias as news used to be the domain of Fox but CBS just served up a huge slice of GOP pie... and since it was on national news it will be eaten by the populace like so much slop... before the pigs are lead to slaughter.

gerald's picture
gerald 11 years 50 weeks ago

Over the years I have sensed that our country has been in the toilet and the Anti-Life Party has been trying to find someone to flush it. Someone will flush the toilet but we do not know who and when it will be flushed.

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Gene Savory 11 years 50 weeks ago

I hope this isn't a thread ls so long it will not be read. Regarding the Florida police chase/shooting, I had a conversation with a friend who is a Sergeant in a local police force, and my description of the scene caused him to just shake his head. When the video is viewed, especially from one view taken from a third or fourth story window above the stopped car, one can see the police surrounding the car, and then shooting into it as in a circular firing squad - with onlookers on both sides of the street. My friend asked how many police and bystanders were shot. Answer unknown, but a truly logical question, and a miracle if nobody else was injured.

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mwalkerco 11 years 50 weeks ago

Absolutely, but that's NOT how Republicans roll. Remember Newt? He's STILL at it!

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