The war Ronald Reagan started against the working class is a resounding success today

Who’s screwed? Minimum wage workers. The minimum wage is no longer enough to meet a person’s minimum needs in Michigan according to a new report. The organization – Wider Opportunities for Women – published the report and it finds that a single Michigan resident needs to make more than 12 bucks an hour just to house – clothe – and feed him or herself. The minimum wage in Michigan is well short of that marker – just $7.40. But when you throw children into the equation – the picture is even grimmer.

A mother with two children needs to make about $24 dollars an hour to meet their basic needs – that’s more than three times higher than minimum wage, and that's working a 40-hour week. That means each and every month – someone who’s trying to raise their kids on minimum wage has to forego dinner – or rent – or electricity – or a new pair of shoes just to get by in America – the richest nation on the planet. I guess Republicans will argue they just need to get a credit card.

Looks like the war Ronald Reagan started against the working class 30 years ago is a resounding success today.

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