Daily Topics - Tuesday July 12th, 2011

The Big Picture "On Air" Questions or Comments for Thom?

Hour One: "The Terrorist Threat We're Ignoring" - David Sirota / Plus, CREW Calls for Congressional Investigation into News Corp. - Melanie Sloan, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington

Hour Two: What are the so called "Fallacies of Economic Equality That Cause Poverty?" Peter Ferrara, The American Civil Rights Union

Hour Three: Former Congressman Alan Grayson talks to Thom about why he's running again


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firewolf 8 years 51 weeks ago

I have listened to your show daily for years and, although I often get frustrated with the right wing guests you have on, I understand your theory of "helping us win the watercooler wars," but this morning's "discussion" with Peter Beinart sent me over the edge. What he had to say was not the problem - it was the usual Ayn Rand fantasy stuff. I hit the mute button because I couldn't stand the lack of respect he showed you or your willingness to put up with it. As you well know, these guys are all trained to spout their talking points and never stop talking, never giving someone else the space to refute their arguments. Although you put him on hold once and often called him on his filibustering, it didn't stop and he managed to deflect your arguments to minor points by not giving you a chance to talk. I think that the worst lesson we can be given, as listeners, is to accept the kind of rudeness and disrespect demonstrated by Beinart this morning. We progressives keep faulting Obama for allowing himself to be railroaded and blackmailed by Republicans who dig in their heels and keep telling lies. We can't fault him if we don't model something different. Please, in the future, make it clear to your "guests" that if they filibuster you, you will end the interview. Then do it. Thanks, Thom.

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firewolf 8 years 51 weeks ago

Sorry - I guess I had the wrong "Peter" identified in my comment above. Whoever it was, my comment applies.

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