Does anyone else hear the fiddle playing as the nation burns?

Another day - another credit rating agency warning about our debt. On the heels of Moody’s threatening to downgrade our nation’s debt rating on Wednesday - the S&P rating agency fired a warning shot too - putting our nation’s triple AAA rating on negative watch. In a statement released yesterday - S&P said, “owing to the dynamics of the political debate on the debt ceiling, there is at least a one-in-two likelihood that we could lower the long-term rating on the U.S. within the next 90 days."

That’s right - there’s a 50-50 chance the United State will be downgraded to a nation with a spotty record of paying our bills. Even if a deal is made - S&P warns - our credit rating could still be downgraded if the agency doesn’t feel enough has been done to solve the problem for the long term which puts Republicans short-term solutions off the table. Meanwhile - another round of talks at the White House pushed the President into laying down a deadline for a deal. “It’s decision time,” the President said issuing a 24 to 36 hour deadline for Congress to make a deal on the debt-limit. The house of cards that our economy is built on thanks to 30 years of Reaganomics and so-called Free Trade is now starting to crumble. And last night - lawmakers took to the diamond to play their annual Congressional softball game.

Does anyone else hear the fiddle playing as the nation burns?


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ymhotep 12 years 49 weeks ago

The Koch brothers--David and Charles--and the fascist John Birch Society are behind the Tea Party and by extension the Republican Party. Whoever is interested in saving our republic and our freedoms should work to expose the anti-democratic activities of the Koch brothers. Peace

danmar5 12 years 49 weeks ago

If I were a Rich Man... deedle,deedle beedle beedle bum... I wouldn't pay no taxes...beedle beedle....

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Lore 12 years 49 weeks ago

Can we flip this?? Instead of de-people izing a corporation, can we make our family units a corporation? How many business write offs, etc. can we take advantage of? corporation = family??write off house as buildingwrite off furniture as assetwrite off vehicles use corporate writeoffs to cut expensescreate some product as a family Would this be possible if we simply Incorporate the family? craft goods? house as base of manufacturing?

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gerald 12 years 49 weeks ago

According to Matt Taibbi, in a recent article, OBAMA DOES NOT WANT A PROGRESSIVE DEFICIT DEAL!!! Obama is all show with very little substance.

You are still in my prayers. I feel better because I have asked Jesus to take the wheel in my life and I am cutting down on my comments and that also does help me to feel better. My comments will never alter our nation’s manifest destiny to wallow in the abyss of hell. My primary health care physician has said that I am a high risk patient. On December, 2012 the Republicans will have control over the five branches of government – the WH, the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the MSM and Medicare and social security will be history for our citizens. I will be unable to pay for any procedures and surgeries that I may need to save my life. My life will end for me by the good, holy, and saintly Republicans who claim that God has chosen them as the chosen people in the New Testament of our Holy Bible.

For years I thought winning a second term in the Oval Office meant that a person must be doing something right. Today, I believe that I would rather be a one term president and to leave office knowing that I tried to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Personally, Obama will leave office with money in a trust fund but as a human being he will be disgraced for lack of courage. He will be a man leaving office with a huge trust fund but he will also be mocked as a terrible president who threw grandma and grandpa under the bus.

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gerald 12 years 49 weeks ago

I was shocked to hear from the people who would talk to me that they are not sympathetic for public school teachers, police officer, and firefighters. The persons who would talk to me did say that they work for companies without pensions. Teachers work 38 weeks and they are paid for 52 weeks. They have pension plans. Police officers are hired upon return from military service with serious mental disorders. They are unfit to protect and to serve. They have pension plans. As for firefighters they work 24 hours and they are off 48 hours and they work another 24 hours and they are off 72 hours. Their work week is 48 hours. They have pension plans. The sympathy is not present for the above public employees.

Personally, the politicians at all levels should be paid only for days worked. They, too, should not receive pension plans. What is good for the goose, the same holds true for the gander! Most politicians would ne flunkies in the real world of work. If we study the incompetence in D.C., we have the picture that justifies the need for the elimination of pension plans for the politicians at all levels of public service.

The only pensions for public and private employees, like CEOs, would be Medicare and social security and a periodic that-a-boy award. CEOs are paid handsomely and they do not deserve or need pension plans and the Golden Parachute plans.

Public Schools are competing with the following challengers – private schools, Catholic schools, Christian schools, charter schools, virtual schools, home schools, Jewish schools, and Muslim schools. The conservative crazies will find another creatively destructive idea to end all public schools in our country. Through the years, as a parent, I have come to believe that teachers want to teach the better students, such as A and B students and not C and D students. They definitely do not want to teach special education students in their classrooms. Teaching better students in the classroom will mean better results on Standardized Group Tests and from these results the teacher will win praises from school administrators. Public schools in our country are a disaster and so challenges and competition from other schools are quite pertinent and relevant.

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gerald 12 years 49 weeks ago

Feed My Sheep

John 21:17

The third time Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Do you love me?” Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him a third time, “Do you love me?” Peter said, “Lord you know all things; you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Feed my sheep!”

Yes, Jesus was asking Peter to preach but He was also asking Peter to feed His sheep. When will Satan’s disciples learn that the journey to eternal happiness comes to us from Jesus’ words in the New Testament? What good is preaching without actions, behaviors, and deeds, such as feeding Jesus’ sheep? Jesus has given you and me all that we need to be in heaven with Him and His communion of saints for all eternity. Let go and let Jesus lead us in our lay ministering to be with Him and His communion of saints! Yes, we are to preach to Jesus’ sheep but we must also feed Jesus’ sheep!

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Lore 12 years 49 weeks ago

"Teachers work 38 weeks and they are paid for 52 weeks."

they are paid for 38 weeks or at a lower rate for 52 weeks. If they don't have a masters degree they must take training classes - meeting certain requirements - to keep their teaching license active. They can't work summer school every year - but I forget the restriction. They make their class programs and have to update every year, sometimes redoing based on changes in what is requirement to be taught. They grade papers and tests on their own time. they have to help with clubs and after school activities. All sorts of reporting requirements to be met for watching each student and making sure that 'issues' are watched. It's not the cake walk some like to think it is.

"They have pension plans." I am sorry we got switched to 401k instead ! We got cheated! Unions matter!

" Police officers are hired upon return from military service with serious mental disorders. They are unfit to protect and to serve. They have pension plans."

There are few jobs that are not required to hire military personnel back. It does keep them from being hired! Mental disorders exist throughout our society. There are a number of jobs in courts and office that they can still do effectively.

" As for firefighters they work 24 hours and they are off 48 hours and they work another 24 hours and they are off 72 hours. Their work week is 48 hours. They have pension plans."

Some communities were trying to save money by combining police and fire - like the training and experience is the same?!!! How terrible. Firefighters could well have to work the entire shift - with multiple calls or one big one! People like to think that others are lazy and shiftless! Yet few have a clue what most jobs entail. Even the upkeep on the equipment for a fire department takes time and work. Just cleaning, folding and storing for the next usage. refilling supplies.

"The sympathy is not present for the above public employees." Much of the lack of sympathy is this idea that they don't have to work as hard -- poppycock! or simply the jealousy that they are getting something the others are not -- the PENSION! But many pensions face employers not putting the funds in, and the law doesn't demand the fund be maintained -- so the pension gets dumped into the government pension fund to support the cheaters! so what people plan for isn't there!

The people who don't have symphathy are often jealous and uninformed. Ask them what they know about the jobs -- the actual work! Ask if they would be willing to face the dangers and put in the extra hours and committment required.

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Palindromedary 12 years 49 weeks ago

Perhaps it would be cautionary to advise that we shouldn't get side-tracked attacking our own fellow workers (many of whom have been very dedicated and had to do jobs that many of the rest of us wouldn't have wanted to do) and concentrate on the real enemy...those ruling elite who have raped the rest of us hard working Americans out of our humanity, our pay checks, and pushed the tax burden onto us while taking huge bailouts for participating and losing in a high-stakes, reckless, roulette wheel capitalism and Ponzi schemes. I believe that many of those pensions are often "disappeared" by the time those hard working, believers in the system, get around to retiring. "Divide and conquer" is not absent in the Koch, or in any of the other ruling elite mentality.

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RichardofJeffer... 12 years 49 weeks ago

Nero Cantor

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Papachuck111 12 years 49 weeks ago

Looks like the creepy Charlie Daniels song has changed to "The Devil Went Down to DC, he was lookin' for souls to steal."

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dowdotica 12 years 49 weeks ago

Forest once said..."momma always says, "stupid is as stupid does..." Who'd a thunk we would wind up such a bunch of erudite idiots!!! Raise the taxes and lets get to payin for the burning bush and chained debaucle that put us here! DUH<DUH<DUH! paranoid, scared americans? I thought we were a nation of courage...

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Palindromedary 12 years 49 weeks ago

Hope the Devil is playing Paganini Concerto No. 1 but then I don't have much faith in hope since one of his minions trashed it (hope...not Paganini). But some are still clinging on to the term (hope...not Paganini). The Flying Spaghetti Monster will save us...the one and only true savior! At least he/she/it works just as well as any other alternative ancient superstition...that's for sure.

Anyone see the Al Jazeera program, called Fault-Lines "Canada-Israel: The Other Special Relationship" following Thom's show on Free Speech TV?

By the way, I saw one of Obama's books for sale the other day in the dollar store. Maybe he should have written a song book.

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dowdotica 12 years 49 weeks ago

oh i wish i were a pastafarion that is what i truly want be

for if i were a pastafarion then pasta would truly be all i see


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Tee Quake 12 years 49 weeks ago

"Happy Days are Here Again" immediately followed by "Yankee Doodle Dandy". By the way, who won the game?

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dowdotica 12 years 49 weeks ago

i like that! i once asked a anti union co-worker if the union job was all you could get would you take it. She said yes. I said hypocrite!

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freegeeker 12 years 49 weeks ago

The Grateful Dead's "Ripple." But not for Republicans ... for the rest of us.

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Palindromedary 12 years 49 weeks ago

Better a noodle than a weiner! Although some people can't tell the, Anthony? That's it! He was just extending his friendly noodle to a fellow pastafarian, maybe. dummmm di di dum dum dummm di di di di dumm di di dum dum dummm ....just a stumin' on my old stradivariay.
But, seriously folks, check out what young Mr. Zack Kopplin did in Louisiana when he shook his noodle at the school board and managed to shame Michelle Bachman as well. There is a video of him being interviewed on Hardball. Way to go Zack!!!

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leighmf 12 years 49 weeks ago

Turkeys in the Hay (for the fiddle)

Well they gobble up their dinners
in such grand affairs of state,
and fly in jets on junkets
while avoiding Will and Kate.
The nation should be thinner
since we can't afford to eat-
addicted to their sweets and fats
with flip-flops on our feet.


Oh Turkeys in the Straw,
Turkeys in the Hay,
Turkeys with a pea-size brain,
Carly Simon said it, DC,
"You're so vain."


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Palindromedary 12 years 49 weeks ago

Gerald: Thanks for that great article of Ravi Batra...Weapons of Mass Exploitation. And another article he wrote that I liked was the one about Reagan being a Great Socialist.

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jstrahan 12 years 49 weeks ago

Thom Hartman in his introduction of Unequal protection asks " Is it possible that what's really incompatible with democracy isn't socialism or a regulated marketplace but instead is the ultimate manifestation of corporate power-corporate personhood.".He also points out that free market laissez faire capitalism equate unrestrained capitalism with democracy. A quote by Grover Cleveland in Chapter 1 of Thom's book is " while the citizen is struggling far in the rear or is trampled to death beneath an iron heel, corporations, which should be the carefully restrained creatures of the law and the servants of the people, are fast becoming the people's masters." Is there any doubt that with the assistance of the Republicans we are close to what Grover Cleveland predicted to corporations taking control of our government and putting citizens under their boot heels. Is there any doubt as to why Republicans won't discuss raising the debt limit after having done so 20 times under Reagan and Bush?

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Palindromedary 12 years 49 weeks ago

Thom Hartmann's commentary on, on RT FreeSpeech TV, on the social programs being "insurance programs" that we all pay in to, or paid in to, and not the "welfare programs" that the Republicans would like us all to believe was really great. Thanks Thom. From now on, every time I mention Social Security or Medicare I will add "insurance program" to it. Social Security Insurance or Medicare Insurance. And maybe we should start referring to all of the programs that make the rich richer....welfare programs. Republican corporate welfare programs for the wealthy.

Ravi Batra's article about Reagan being a Great Socialist:

One problem I have with these Free Speech TV airings of Thom Hartmann Program and Russia Today (RT) is that there are no captions. Also, that "discussion panel" on RT was very hard to understand what was being said because everyone was talking over one another. This reminds me of the non-sense way to communicate that they seem to think is desirable from the other channels. Maybe people who don't have a problem hearing.... younger people..... can sort it all out in their heads but it is all garbled non-sense to some of us older people. I'd better watch out what I say, though, because I might be selected for the new Soylent Green project slated as a way to solve some of todays problems....let's kill grandma or grandpa and turn them into Soylent Green. All I got to say is you younger people will eventually gets yours... (hearing problems, etc).... especially if you keep listening to all of those loud noises.

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Richard William... 12 years 49 weeks ago

As long as the privately owned, for-profit Federal Reserve controls our monetary system and thereby our economy, what we've got is what we'll get.

In December of 2010, Dennis Kucinich introduced HR 6550, The National Emergency Employment Defense Act.

This legislation would take the power to issue and control currency from the privately owned, for-profit Federal Reserve (which is not Federal and reserves nothing) and restore it to the government.
Needless to say, no action has been taken on this legislation by our ostensible government, which in reality is nothing more than a wholly owned subsidiary of the neofascist corporatocracy.

Under HR 6550, the government would be required to spend money, debt-free, into circulation only in the amounts required to conduct necessary commerce.

In the present monetary system, the money created by the Fed is loaned to the government at interest but, only the principle is issued. No money is ever created to pay the interest.

Hence the endlessly growing national debt and the reason for taxes. American taxpayer dollars go to pay the interest on the debt, which will never stop growing as long as the monetary system is privately controlled.

Without monetary reform we will remain locked into the debt-based capitalsit business cycle of usury until the inevitable, total collapse of the entire global economy.

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xs10shal 12 years 49 weeks ago

That is an interesting idea on the family level, but we're still in big trouble on the social level.
I would like to hear other people on how treating the family as a corporation might play out

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xs10shal 12 years 49 weeks ago

Well stated. The more workers are divided by their own lack of "support" of each other, the easier it is to abuse and control all workers in the United States.

The point of governor's attacking state public workers is two-fold: don't provide citizens with services in exchange for their taxed dollars, instead give it to companies. Second, break their unions because they have historically been the largest organized buffer that stands for the average guy against the massive organized corporate machine. The Unions have always been a supporting timber of Democrats (especially before they moved to be Republican Light). Unions have shrunk to miniscile size in the private sector over the last 30 years, leaving public service unions the last citizen collective that has brought votes to Dems to stand in the way of the corporate agenda.

Everyday people would be wiser to support each other because while they fight over crumbs, the Transformers wait to eat the winners.

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xs10shal 12 years 49 weeks ago

I agree jstrahan

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gerald 12 years 49 weeks ago

I am trying to limit my comments and break away from my old ways but I needed to comment on socialism.. "The wealthy (politicians, the rich, banks, Wall Street, and corporations as some examples) benefit the most from socilism but they do not call it socialism they call it a susidy." - Gerald, a progressive, a Democratic Socialist, and a Jesus liberal! I LOVE BEING A JESUS LIBERAL!!!!! Yes, the socialistic bailout had a price tag of $14 trillion!!!!! NOW THAT IS REAL SOCIALISM!!!!!

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gerald 12 years 49 weeks ago

I needed to correct a spelling. Kim Chi or kimchi is the correct spelling and not kim chee.

Here is a food that can detox stinking thinking.

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pancho 12 years 49 weeks ago

My Old Kentuky Home is the song I hear.

Senator McConnell, seeing you almost nightly on National News reminds of that other

Great Republican, Senator McCarthy and his most lasting Memorial … the quote

“Have you no sense of decency”

I feel it might equally apply to yourself in your current Quest.


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dinachap 12 years 49 weeks ago

"Sixteen Tons"

"You load 16 tons--and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt! St Peter don't call me cause I can't go. I OWE MY SOUL TO THE COMPANY STORE."

and these lyrics may be the change President Obama needs to consider:

"if you see me coming better step aside! One fist of iron the other of steel. If the right one don't get you,--then the left one will!"

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Global 12 years 49 weeks ago

Hey liberals, I thought the social security money was in a big trust fund and safe. Why is Obama saying he cannot guarantee the social security recipients they will get their money if the government shuts down August 2nd. I think it is totally evil for him to use this scare tactic on these people. also, payroll deductions in social security can only be used for SS. How do you explain this sick political tactic.

Global's picture
Global 12 years 49 weeks ago

Looks like the big ponzi scheme has been exposed.

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Palindromedary 12 years 49 weeks ago

Looks like Ali Velshi reamed Grover Norquist's a$$ today on CNN...heh, heh!! That-a-way-to-go Ali!!!! Ali was having no tolerance for Grover Norquists Republican lies on the air. You could tell Grover was not happy to be questioned, rather challenged, so belligerently. This has really ticked off a lot of right wingers.

see it here:

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 12 years 49 weeks ago

Grover Norquist doesn't want "government"....he wants "groverment"!

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EugeneE 12 years 49 weeks ago

Well, there is a lot to this and if someone looks at it as they do their own credit they can see where the problem is with or without a credit limit increase. Tax increases or not, the RIGHT spending cuts need to be made to show our creditors that we are serious. Leave the special interest stuff on the back burner for now and take care of what's necessary, social security, military, vets, medicare, medicaid, education. We are in a rebuilding situation where there is no money to provide for turtles or fish on the backs of the American people until that deficit is brought down. We also don't need $42,000 hammers.

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2950-10K 12 years 49 weeks ago

Palindromedary, I think my post may be of interest to you. I've been holding off on boarding the "Obama is missing the point train", but now conclude I'll be in the standing room only section. Based on his many compromises .....public option, continued tax cuts to those who least need them, and now the inevitable debt ceiling deal , which have all been defeat for "We The People" and victory for ", "They The Elite 2%", he is sadly misrepresenting "We The People". I believe he has not recognized that public support of the republican, "rich man only agenda ", is built upon fox lies and other right wing corp. media brainwashing. Why give in to terrorists and make economic decisions based on a false premise to begin with?

Fox media has convinced many to vote in a manner that cuts their own throats and it looks like Obama is going to force the rest of us to choke on the resulting blood. Obama needs to factor out the ,"rich man", media manipulation before he decides what true Democratic compromise is.

The debt ceiling compromise will only further plunge the country into economic darkness and the only light burning will be in in the mansions of the banksters and slave holders.

Being an average working citizen under 55 and having paid into social security for 37 consecutive years, I worked my way through college, I'm pretty pissed off to put it mildly. My property taxes will be around $9000 this year, I paid over a $1000 in sales tax on a used car not long ago, gas pump taxes, fees, income tax, you name it, and the right wing is trying to convince the general public that only the rich pay tax. Do they pay 40% like me and actually work for it? I've already ate my peas and peeled off the band aid.

My union was forced to agree to a 3 year wage freeze, if I have a job that much longer, this means I will now have to practice trickle down economics. The occasional eating out, the $8 six pack of Vermont cider......"worth every penny", Christmas spending, weekend trips to races...... "distance running", the list is long, all will be curtailed and the pain passed along creating further unemployment.

The lights may be burning bright in the gated communities, but they better remember the power is coming from the outside!

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gerald 12 years 49 weeks ago

@global & Palindromedary, just reading the comments from many writers to this blog I can see why Thom considers all of you with keen minds!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 12 years 49 weeks ago

I don't know if it is "Obama is missing the point" or if it is more sinister than that. I hope not..but "hope" is such a useless, fickle term. I voted for him and believed he would change things for the better...for us. You are much younger than I am but I know what you mean about spending your working years toiling away, trying to make a great life for yourself and your family, paying FICA (social security insurance payments) all those years, and paying increased taxes on everything all along, seeing your paychecks get smaller , perhaps (at least for many people), and then be told that you will no longer be able to reap what you put in to the system....the "insurance" you have been paying all these years is going to renege on their responsibilities so that the rich can get richer. I will post yet another message, from the economist Michael Hudson, that really hits home and exposes the fraudsters and their crooked system and how they are using it, traitoriously, against us.

Gerald: Thanks for the compliment.

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Palindromedary 12 years 49 weeks ago

Quotes from:
Michael Hudson: Free Money Creation to Bail Out Financial Speculators, but not Social Security or Medicare

".....if the Treasury and Federal Reserve can create $ 13 trillion of public obligations – money – electronically on computer keyboards, there really is no Social Security problem at all, no Medicare shortfall, no inability of the American government to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure. The bailout of Wall Street showed how central banks can create money, as Modern Money Theory (MMT) explains. But rather than explaining how this phenomenon worked, the bailout was rammed through Congress under emergency conditions. Bankers threatened economic Armageddon if the government did not create the credit to save them from taking losses.

Even more remarkable is the attempt to convince the population that new money and debt creation to bail out Wall Street – and vest a new century of financial billionaires at public subsidy – cannot be mobilized just as readily to save labor and industry in the “real” economy. The Republicans and Obama administration appointees held over from the Bush and Clinton administration have joined to conjure up scare stories that Social Security and Medicare debts cannot be paid, although the government can quickly and with little debate take responsibility for paying trillions of dollars of bipartisan Finance-Care for the rich and their heirs."
"There were easily enough sound loans and assets in the banks to cover deposits insured by the FDIC – but not enough to pay their counterparties in the “casino capitalist” category of their transactions. This super-computerized financial horseracing is what the bailout was about, not bread-and-butter retail and business banking or insurance."

"Mr. Obama ran as the “candidate of change” from the Bush Administration’s war in Iraq and Afghanistan, its deregulatory excesses and giveaways to the pharmaceuticals industry and other monopolies and their Wall Street backers. Today it is clear that his promises for change were no more than campaign rhetoric, not intended to limit a continuation of the policies that most voters hoped to see changed. There even has been continuity of Bush Administration officials committed to promoting financial policies to keep the debts in place, enable banks to “earn their way out of debt” at the expense of consumers and businesses – and some $ 13 trillion in government bailouts and subsidy. "

"It is all junk economics – well-subsidized illogic, quite popular among fundraisers."

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 12 years 49 weeks ago

And they made no effort to fix things (new laws or enforcement of, or reinstatement of, old ones) so that it wouldn't happen again. Casino capitalists are at it again...they never stopped. Next time, I wonder, will they even default on FDIC guarantees when the banks massively go under? Is our money safer under our mattresses? FDIC is government insurance...but so is Social Security (etal)....if you can't trust your government to provide the social insurance programs how can you trust them to back up their insurances that your money is safe in the banks? Banks are not paying squat in interest rates...the only reason why people keep their money in banks is for the protection of it....but can you really trust the banks for that anymore? How can you trust a government that has proven it works for the casino capitalists and not the majority of hard working people? They think that we can be fooled by their promises and fidgeting with numbers and smoke and mirrors vapid assurances. Well, I guess some of us can be fooled they'll keep writing emails, letters, and making phone calls to members of congress. But it won't do any good. They'll just file your communication away under some pigeon hole taxonomic system, computerized of course, labeling you as some particular brand of troublemaker or dissident that they will be able to come after and target at some later date. Hitler had used the latest technology from IBM to tabulate information on the Germans, Jews, Gypsies, and others. Good old US technology and capitalism willing to do business with the "devil".

Did you know that some casino capitalists, who have gamed the system and living well beyond luxury, have been buying specially trained securtiy guard dogs for as much as $400,000 a piece? And building bunkers (even with prayer rooms) in anticipation of the day that the populace are pushed to their breaking limit? (I think that was a previous topic...I only bring it up again because I listened to Jim Hightower's fantastic podcasts and listened to it yesterday....everyone should listen to Jim Hightower...they are very short...couple of minutes each time and are not only right to the point but very wryly humorous.) The obscenely rich, who gamed the system, are guilty and they know it. They are afraid of the angry and outraged masses that could break out any minute and go after the criminals who scammed us with their Ponzi schemes. That is really where the change will take place...when the people get so p!$$ed off that they riot in the streets. This is the only way real change has happened in the past. Voting is for suckers! But not doing anything is for kitty cats (keeping it family oriented here!). I get it that no one wants to be a martyr...but if masses work together they can make a difference. That's why the fascists are so trying to reign in the internet because...look what happened in Egypt...governments everywhere are afraid of what the populations can communicate over the internet. Real Democracy requires information and abiliy to unify against tyranny, en masse, of the ruling classes.

Perhaps, the only way that our system of Democracy can work now is if a huge percentage of voters vote for 3rd party (non Republican or Democrat), very progressive candidates (not only congressmen but the President as well) that are known to be honest, doesn't renege on their words, and doesn't pussyfoot around with stupid attempts to bargain or negotiate with the enemy Republicans or their puppetmaster ruling elite. We need to shatter the good-old-boy political system as it has entrenched itself to if WE had no other choice but to vote for one or the other (both working for the ruling elite). Bernie Sanders....where are you??? For the good of the nation....please consider running for the Presidency. Please consider the wisdom and knowledge of economists like Michael Hudson.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 12 years 49 weeks ago

"Well, hello Senator – you've just been civicly engaged by a group of feisty women (League of Women Voters) who realized that their polite and earnest letter-writing efforts to lawmakers like you were not working. With both parties kowtowing to the money of corporate polluters, senators were simply ignoring the letters, so the group toughened up.

"LWV recently ran some hard-hitting TV ads taking Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown and Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill to task for trying to weaken enforcement of clean air laws."

This just shows how futile it is to just send emails and letters and phoning your representatives....they just ignore you until you go way beyond those things we will never change our corrupt system. Having "house-parties" may make you feel you are doing something but our representatives don't care a whit....just as you keep voting either Republican or Democrat....the ruling elite gets what they want.

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gerald 12 years 49 weeks ago

I enjoy Jim Hightower’s messages as much as I enjoy Stephen Lendman’s articles.

Since I read Stephen Lendman’s article, “A Culture of Violence,” he has been one of my favorite writers. His article gave me a basic foundation as to how violent we are as a people. Research on his various areas would give us greater awareness of America’s evil and sinful ways.

I am highlighting several of Stephen Lendman’s articles.

More lies on our economic recovery! We are in a Depression!

The Anti-Christ’s appalling human rights record!!!

Americans are addicted to wars.

gerald's picture
gerald 12 years 49 weeks ago

A continuation of Stephen Lendman’s artices!

Hypocrisy is the centerpiece of the Anti-Christ nation.

A lengthy but a worthwhile read!

Financial Terrorism! And we worry about the Muslims and Sharia law!!!

gerald's picture
gerald 12 years 49 weeks ago

More of Stephen Lendman’s article! I enjoy reading his articles.

The end of the middle class!

The use of bio-chemical warfare and the killing of God’s children who are our brothers and sisters!

It is a done deal!!! Obama and the Republicans will receive their Oscar Awards in March.

If your reading load is quite heavy, please store these articles and read them in your leisure time.

gerald's picture
gerald 12 years 49 weeks ago

Death has a tendency to encourage a depressing view of war. Rumsfeld

Our children are not born to hate; they are raised to hate. della Perutta

The hatred is so deep and widespread that America is truly a damned and a doomed nation. Gerald

Bush cannot be blamed for the acts of Mother Nature but he can be blamed for putting unqualified beasts in key positions of government. Bush’s misadministration has the most positions of cronyism filled than any other administration in the history of the USA. Gerald

Iraq is a wrong and immoral war started by a wrong and immoral emperor. Gerald

I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we’re really talking about peace. Bush, the younger

I want you to know that, when we talk about war, we are really talking about the murder of our brothers and sisters. Gerald

War serves no common good for humanity. Gerald

I love my country somewhere deep inside me but I know my country will never change! We know by now that our politicians, the rich, and the transnational corporations will never change.

I cannot be wed to my country until some mammoth changes are made to love all Americans.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus!!!

Snitches are acceptable in doing the American government’s dirty work but whistleblowers are unacceptable in revealing the American government’s inhumanity in the treatment of human beings around our world.

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Global 12 years 49 weeks ago

Starve the beast, reduce the grip of the government on our lives. Bernie sanders just wants more government and less liberty. His spread the wealth philosophy will destroy the fabric of the American 1776 society. If you let "mob rule" during tough times the country will be transformed into a citizenry of dependents and you will have been manipulated into a bunch of slaves - loss of freedoms and liberties, total government control. Be the resistance,

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Palindromedary 12 years 49 weeks ago

Global: Your last comment sounded an awful lot like what one would hear on Fox Snooze. I agree we need to starve the beastly government that has enabled wealthy people to rob and snuff out the lives of hard working wage earners across America. But your comment sounded like you think the problem is the government of the workers of America, that traditionally has worked to keep the wolves from eating up the working man, which you believe overspends and wastes money on social programs. I agree that they have had special interest programs and pork wasting money on bridges to nowhere..and military weapons programs.

It wasn't hard working Americans who engineered the economic, capitalist Ponzi schemes that broke the banks. It was casino capitalists gaming the system...the same ones who got tax payer bailouts and who don't want to pay their fair share of taxes.

Government is good if it keeps these wolves and hyenas in check so that the masses of hard working Americans who have been contributing all their working lives into the social INSURANCE programs can rest assured that they will not be starving in the streets in their old age.

Government is bad when it has been hijacked by the greedy, selfish capitalists...the banksters, Wall Street Gordon Gecko types, and corporate executives and owners who lie and cheat in order to maximize their short term profits to the detriment of the company itself, and the companies employees, and the other shareholders who were convinced to be in it for the long term. And the insidious war criminals who are making blood money by fostering needless wars so they can rake in the money are particularly damned. These tempestuous bastards, politicians and corporate maggots, not only murder people for money, but they hide their money in offshore accounts, are obstinate in refusing to pay their fair share of taxes, and really get off on their dream of destroying the only lifelines that most people have before they are buried....they want to destroy the social insurances...getting THEIR government to thin out the population by starvation, illness, and homelessness.

These social INSURANCE programs benefit the people who worked and payed into the INSURANCE programs. There have been a few abuses, of course, but you cannot seek to destroy a proven effective INSURANCE program that has worked to keep it's citizens from the horrors of absolute poverty. The so-called Welfare Queens that have gamed the system for a few extra dollars cannot, by any means, compare to the Trillions of dollars that the casino capitalists...the real Welfare Queens...the Corporate Welfare Queens...have bilked out of our economy. But this doesn't stop the Republicans and their lap dog right-wing media from attempting to divert reality away from the Corporate Welfare Queens and try to make honest and equitable government of the people the scape goat in using lies or exaggerations like Welfare Queens and other "talking points" blather.

And, lastly, if our government can create money out of thin air, on computer keyboards, and hand over billions of dollars to bail out casino capitalists...they can do the same for all of the social INSURANCE programs. There is no excuse to deny people who paid into the system their due.

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