Is the Game Up at Fox So-Called News?

Another bad weekend for Rupert Murdoch. Yesterday – Rebekah Brooks - the former chief executive of News International – the parent company of Murdoch’s British media empire – was arrested on charges that she illegally intercepted phone calls and bribed UK police officers. Also taking a hit in the scandal yesterday – Britain’s top cop. Sir Paul Stephenson – the head of the Metropolitan Police Service - resigned citing, “ongoing speculation and accusations relating to the Met’s link with News International.”

But that’s not all – now the UK’s Serious Fraud Office – the agency in charge of investigating large fraud cases – opened up a probe into News International yesterday to look into whether or not Murdoch’s corporation grossly misused shareholders’ money. And, as Murdoch’s media empire in the UK crumbles – there are new allegations in America that Fox News was also into illegal phone hacking. As the DailyKos is reporting – a former Fox News executive – Dan Cooper – has come forward saying that Fox News chief Roger Ailes constructed an underground bunker within the Fox News New York City headquarters to perform “counterintelligence” that may include illegally hacking phone calls. The bunker was known as the “brain room.”

If what this former Fox executive is saying is true, and if the Obama administration will actually investigate and prosecute Murdoch - the game is up at Fox so-called News.


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ymhotep 11 years 45 weeks ago

Ahhh.....Roger Ailes, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld in the basement of the Nixon WH manning the Office of Special Projects or "Dirty Tricks" as it was also known. Time to go after the Koch brothers and their operatives in the John Birch Society. Peace

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JeanJo 11 years 45 weeks ago

New scandal in perspective.

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DRichards 11 years 45 weeks ago

Were America's Assets Looted Years Ago?

Forbes' Merrill Matthews argues that the multi-trillion dollar social security trust fund was looted years ago:

Either Obama and Geithner are lying to us now [in saying that social security checks won't go out if the debt ceiling isn't raised], or they and all defenders of the Social Security status quo have been lying to us for decades. It must be one or the other.

Here’s why: Social Security has a trust fund, and that trust fund is supposed to have $2.6 trillion in it, according to the Social Security trustees. If there are real assets in the trust fund, then Social Security can mail the checks, regardless of what Congress does about the debt limit.


Social Security status-quo defenders have assured us for the past 25 years that Social Security is fully funded—for the next 25 years, or 2036. So if there are real assets in the Social Security Trust Fund—$2.6 trillion allegedly—then how could failure to reach a debt-ceiling agreement possibly threaten seniors’ Social Security checks?

The federal government has borrowed all of [social security] trust fund money and spent it ... And the only way the trust fund can get some cash to pay Social Security benefits is if the federal government draws it from general revenues or borrows the money—which, of course, it can’t do because of the debt ceiling.

[T]he president is telling the truth now in the sense that he is conceding there’s no money in the trust fund to pay benefits; but he and other Social Security status-quo defenders have been deceiving the public for decades.


Which is it? Is the money there or not?

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gerald 11 years 45 weeks ago

I had a very good, July 16, 2011. The medication for my Shingles has helped to ease the pain. I also went to confession. My wife and I celebrated the Liturgy of the Holy Eucharist. At Mass we picked up a church newsletter. In the newsletter there was an article, “Recycle Your Pacemaker.” A person needs to contact the Funeral Director to set up a procedure to utilize the program. The pacemaker can be removed for recycling. In Michigan the program is “Project My Heart – Your Heart” at the University of Michigan. I have a pacemaker and once I am dead why not recycle and donate my pacemaker to someone who may need it.

In my life I may have had some impact on my wife and sons but that is about it. Maybe in death I can have a positive impact on one person. There were three doctors who studied my medical records and each doctor shook their heads in disbelief that I am still alive. I let my primary health care physician know that I wanted to live as long as possible. Hopefully, the longer I live more medical data will be collected and maybe some people will benefit from the research of my medical records. So, after I die, my life will have had some impact on the lives of other people. I hope and pray for this possibility.

During my confession the spiritual advisor said that we are sinners but it is important to pray and asked God for help in not having serious sins that would severe our ties to God. If we die in a state that has severed our ties to God, we would be destined to hell. Please pray and ask God to help us avoid sins that would severe our ties to Him!

Of course, the Liturgy of the Holy Eucharist is that I have accepted God’s call to enter church, to be taught through the Scripture readings, to be fed Jesus’ Body and Blood at Holy Communion time.

Yes, July 16, 2011 was a very good day for me!!!

I found this article of interest.

“Jane, you are my kind of woman.” Sincerely, Gerald, A progressive, a Democratic Socialist, and a Jesus liberal!!!

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gerald 11 years 45 weeks ago

In the early nineteenth century Marie Antoinette spoke her famous words to the poor – “Let them eat cake.”In the early twenty-first century billionaire, Charles Munger, spoke his famous words to the disenfranchised of the United States – “Suck it up and cope.”On my screen number one comes up in small print. If it appears in small print, I apologize.Number 1: "Suck It Up and Cope"

"Let them eat cake" is a phrase composed of four simple, easy-to-remember words, which is probably why it became so emblematic of a larger set of ideas. "Suck it up and cope" is a phrase made up of five similarly simple and memorable words, which is why it may well replace "Let them eat cake" in the annals of history.

Yes, "Suck it up and cope" -- that is what billionaire Charlie Munger said that the unemployed, the homeless and the impoverished should do as their lives are torn apart by the recession.

Of course, had he said the same thing about bailed-out banks, his now-infamous line might have just seemed like the innocuous rant of a crotchety geezer who might be a little too zealous about old-school principles. But no, Munger made the remark during a 2010 speech to University of Michigan students in which he first lauded bankers as people who "saved your civilization" and then urged all Americans to bow down and "thank god" that the bailouts preserved the financial industry's profits.

And so we end this feature with a worthy successor to "Let them eat cake": "Suck it up and cope."

SUCK IT UP AND COPE – Charles Munger

No Super Humans

Leo Buscaglia gave a speech at a conference and someone asked him if he knew of any super human beings? Leo said that he did not know of any one whom he would consider a super human being. He went on to say that whenever some people try to consider themselves a super human being, we should picture the person(s) on a toilet and they become very human. Two billionaire dollars in salaries and/or bonuses is an obscene amount! Remember there are no super human beings.

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gerald 11 years 45 weeks ago


There is a difference between being right and being good. I can use my rightness in a mean-spirited way toward others. There is a simple formula that can be very helpful: Truth + Love. We will have to have both. Truth without love can be mean. Love without truth can take us in wrong directions. We will all need to give some thought to Truth + Love!

Satan’s disciples give me the impression that they are always right. Plus, they never tell us the truth and there is no love in their heart. Their heart is consumed with hatred for the poor and for working Americans!

“Old Rugged Cross”

I have been listening to Alan Jackson sing some songs. One of the songs he sings is The “Old Rugged Cross.”

The following words may have little meaning for readers who do not live in Michigan. George Bennard was born on February 4, 1873 in Youngstown, Ohio. He was interested in being an evangelist but he held off his interest to work for the Salvation Army for many years. He returned to his first love and worked as a Methodist evangelist throughout the United States and Canada. Eventually, he and his family settled in Albion, Michigan. Bennard was also a musician and a composer. After one difficult day he found himself reflecting on the image of Christ suffering on the cross. The phase, “I’ll cherish the old rugged cross,’ stuck in his mind. He decided to set the words to music.

In 1913 as a visiting minister at the First Methodist Episcopal Church in Pokagon, Michigan about 25 miles southeast of Benton Harbor, Michigan, he introduced his hymn, “Old Rugged Cross.”

When Bennard retired, he moved to Reed City in northern Michigan where he died in 1958. Bennard’s work is commemorated at his former home in Reed City, which is now the Old Rugged Cross Historical Museum.

There has been some criticism of Bennard’s song in the words, “I will cling to the old rugged cross” because it sounds to be Roman Catholic. I have never been taught to cling to the cross. I look at the cross in wonder and in adoration. I do not see the cross as hatred and death. I see the cross as love and life. Jesus’ love has given to the world - eternal life.

TarryFaster 11 years 45 weeks ago

Thom, have you hear of ALEC?

DK's Exposing ALEC & Protest ALEC efforts pay off big time this week! "I have to put that into proper context so everyone understands how important it is to abolish this cabal now that it has been exposed: 2,000 plus Legislators - fully one third of all U.S. state lawmakers - are members of ALEC. The top Republicans in our U.S. Congress are Alumni of ALEC and two of the Presidential Republican Candidates are either ALEC Alum or are closely affiliated with ALEC. To me this demonstrates that ALEC and the corporate elite see themselves on the cusp of realizing total control of the White House, U.S. Congress and control of a majority of state General Assemblies and state Governorship. This is simply too damn important to downplay or ignore and pass of as not possible, as Gingrich and Caine don't have a chance of winning. My answer to those with that attitude is that in every national election cycle the front runners going into the primaries are usually not those who come out as a clear winner. If Gingrich or Caine manage to prevail at that level...ALEC will be only one step away from realizing their dream. Just think about that for a moment as you read through the vast documents at ALEC Exposed."!?via=siderec ALEC Exposed website:

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Lore 11 years 45 weeks ago

What was the Chang reference? Something about 'left out' of history books - child labor law fought against by capitalists?

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R.A. Stewart 11 years 45 weeks ago

If what this former Fox executive is saying is true,

and if the Obama administration will actually investigate and prosecute Murdoch

- the game is up at Fox so-called News.

The second of the three clauses is the crucial one, and is the reason the answer to your title question was, is, and always will be No.

As Mike Papantonio recently said, Eric Holder doesn't have the backbone to go after the Murdoch empire. Almost no Democrat does, and Republicans? That would be like the Communists going after Tass back in the Soviet days.

And while some Americans are interested in informing ourselves and capable of outrage over Fox "News" and what Murdoch and his ilk have done to democracy, not enough of us are. I don't think we are at or ever again will be at the critical mass that would be needed to force a change. Somewhere along the line, maybe as early as the re-election of Reagan, maybe as late as the re-selection of Bush II, we passed a tipping point. Essentially, it's over.

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DRichards 11 years 45 weeks ago

Re: and if the Obama administration will actually investigate and prosecute Murdoch

Fat Chance!

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Lore 11 years 45 weeks ago

Michigan is giving away schools to private sector, legislation pending to SPANK teachers for striking - could lose teaching license, extreme fines.

Michigan has legislation in process to cut Welfare Benefits to LIFETIME of 48 months --- AND they plan to ENFORCE! Oct 1 about 12,600 families will be dropped! First cuts!

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DRichards 11 years 45 weeks ago

Nude, bound woman found dead in Big Pharma CEO’s home; no criminal investigation yet

If a dead woman was found naked, with her hands tied behind her back and her feet bound hanging from a balcony, most people would think it would become a criminal investigation from the outset.

When the home in which the woman is discovered belongs to the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Scottsdale, Arizona based Medicis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, this is not the case.

They said they have not ruled out suicide, even though she was found dead hanging nude from a balcony at the mansion, her hands and feet bound. Hmmm...

DELETEBusGreg 11 years 45 weeks ago

Thom, great show as usual.

Conspiracy update:

Nixon was not only spared investigation into Water Gate but also faced possible scrutiny in a possible further study into the Kennedy Assasination 11 years before Water Gate. That point was made in the book "Silent Coup" which offers a lot of insight into Water Gate. (Some of it wrong)

In 2003, one of the Discovery / Learning Channel programs, I forgot which one, did a week's worth of interesting digging and showed lots of historical footage for the 40 year rememberance of the assasination. One of them stood out to me as I read Silent Coup only a couple of years earlier. Nixon was in Dallas the night before Nov 22, 1963 and attended a party at an influential Dallas family. Present were among others Nixon, L.B.J. and Jay Edgar Hoover. During that party and after a private get-together among a smaller group, L.B.J. was overheard by a couple of witnesses commenting to the fact that Kennedy would never embarrasing him again. This in no way implies any complicity by the aforementioned three in what was to happen the next day in Dallas, and has probably more to do with the daily grind of politics and referred to the Bay of Pigs / Cuba crisis earlier in the term. (Think of these three; [Pres.] Nixon - Bay - of Pigs - cuban missile fiasco)

Here is my question: Did Gerald Ford take this into consideration when he granted a full pardon? After all, Congressman Gerald Ford was a member of the Warren Commision in 1964 and had more insight than most. It is mentioned in Silent Coup that a full investigation of Nixon could have gone back to 1963.

We just might unearth more in 2013, if we make it past December 21st, 2012, and I'm sure more mystery will mark the 50 years since that fateful day.


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gerald 11 years 45 weeks ago

Here are the last two months in a capsule! Bad to somewhat better to worst!!!

Obama and the GOP have struck a deal to END MEDICARE and give each person a voucher for $8,000. I have received notification of my $8,000 voucher. I have also received my bills for two procedures – pacemaker and colonoscopy. There were also added a breakdown of other costs – pharmacy, recovery rooms, lab work, EKGs, etc. Each bill stated the bill was “Due Upon Receipt!” The total costs for both procedures were $126,000. By subtracting the $8,000 voucher from the bill I must pay $118,000 NOW! I will be calling the hospitals tomorrow and ask for sometime to sell our home. After the sale of our home I will probably be $50,000 shy from paying the bills. I cannot declare bankruptcy because the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a person needs money to declare bankruptcy. No money, no bankruptcy!!!!!

Never forget!!! Always remember!!! WE ARE A CHRISTIAN NATION!!!!! AS LONG AS YOU HAVE MONEY!!!!!

This is our future for the poor and for working Americans! I WILL NOW HAVE TO SUCK IT UP AND COPE!!!!!

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Ravenkitty 11 years 45 weeks ago

It's simply time to pay the tab.... The feast is over.

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Palindromedary 11 years 45 weeks ago

If our government can create money on a computer keyboard to bail out casino capitalists with billions of dollars...they should have no problem doing the same for any of the social INSURANCE programs. Doesn't matter if it is true that the Social INSURANCE programs (that we all paid into all our lives) coffers were raided (if even true..but, I wouldn't put it past them to have done this)...if the government can create money to pay casino capitalists they can continue to pay their obligations toward social INSURANCE programs....create more money like they did before.

If I knowingly let criminals clean out my bank account and then claim that I could no longer pay my financial doctor's you think I could really get away with that excuse...especially if I had a money printing machine in my basement? No, of course not, while it is "legal" for the government to create money (can't even say print money anymore because, aside from the green stuff, really huge amounts are just created out of thin air...on computer keyboards), we can't "legally" print, or create, money.

The government is always trying to make deals with the wealthy and end up being taken for a ride...rather the people get taken for a ride in the end. There was a program a while back where the government made a deal with rich corporations where the corporations would get a special tax rate of 5% (rather than the already low rate of 15%) if they would only take their money out of the tax havens and bring it back to the US if they would agree to create more jobs. Well, they got their money back and taxed at the special 5% rate but didn't create any new jobs. They basically said "See ya, Suckers!"

Isn't that also what the banksters did when they got the bailouts? Instead of lending more money to borrowers...they said "See ya, Suckers!" after they gave all their top execs huge bonuses.

I think that if Obama can't see fit to throw these criminals in jail and take away all their ill-gotten gains and return them to the nation's coffers then some kind of mass movement of a very effective kind may be necessary.

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Palindromedary 11 years 45 weeks ago

Ravenkitty: the "feast" has been going on by the ravenous casino capitalist wolves...they've been eating our lunch. It certainly is time that they pay for their excesses. Hard working Americans have been contributing (making payments to) America's social safety INSURANCE programs for all their working lives. There is no excuse for our government (now run by casino capitalists) to renege on it's obligations. Tax, fine, and imprison those casino capitalist criminals who gamed the systems. We want our country back from the Ponzi schemers.

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delster 11 years 45 weeks ago

Allegations of Rupert Murdoch involved in many international control conspiracies from 911 to European Banking control besides false and twisted media distribution and control. I would believe justice needs to be served by Obama. If he refuses to go after Murdoch that would be the greatest disappointment of his administration. Incidentally I understand Reagan granted Murdoch US citizenship.

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Palindromedary 11 years 45 weeks ago

BusGreg: This story sounds very familiar...I might have read the book...many years ago. I am interested in the JFK, MLK, RFK murders and certainly don't believe that Oswald acted alone...or, perhaps, wasn't even really that involved...a patsy? Probably! I believe that there are powerful groups that look for good patsy candidates and set them up to take the fall.

I heard of another "conspiracy theory" that I found rather absurd...and there are a lot that I believe are created not only by very imaginative people looking to make a buck but also by these very powerful organizations that create the really way out conspiracy theories just to water down the validity of more believable ones. This conspiracy theory says that Jackie Kennedy offed her husband...and the proof they present are about 4 or 5 frames of the famous film of the assassination where Jackie is reaching up to Jack while a stream of blood?(something?) shoots upward. The conspiracy is that Jackie shot Jack with the killing shot. It is pretty ridiculous I believe. And other conspiracy theories about 911 was that some space based beam weapons disintegrated the WTC buildings. I don't believe that one either. I do believe that nano-thermite was planted and used in bringing down the towers because of the scientific paper of the analysis of the dust samples. OBL sure didn't do that from a cave in Afghanistan!

Anyway, thanks for that story...very, very, interesting!!!

Alaskacy 11 years 45 weeks ago

We will do as we have with other criminal moguls like Senator Stevens and Martha Stewart, slap their hands, return them to service and proclaim a day to honor them. Then establish foundations and scholarships to promulgate their kind with support from the presidency to the supreme court.

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GaryGreen 11 years 45 weeks ago

Murdock & Co?

The story will pass, buried in more current events, money will be passed under the table, politicians will work to ease the pressure.....

In the end, nothing will change.

dianhow 11 years 45 weeks ago

Nothing will change @ Fox noise . Too many loyal followers / ditto heads . Fox runs the GOP / Baggers lock stock & barrell Rush Dick Armey & Karl Rove are wealthy greedy GOP hacks who scheme to make Obama fail NO matter who gets hurt. .Its so sad

Jeffthinx 11 years 45 weeks ago

I'm sorry to say that I don't have much faith in Obama or his Justice department to do much more about this than they have done about so many egregious activities of the Bush administration. These are opportunites he is NOT taking to overturn the kinds of precedents set by Ford when he pardoned Nixon.

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Palindromedary 11 years 45 weeks ago

Anyone remember the big 2000 scare? Computers were going to malfunction...the world was going to come to an end? So, I guess we'll see what happens when we don't raise the debt ceiling...and America defaults on it's debt....and the same idiot rating agencies that rated junk as triple A in the CDOs and mortagage scandals will downgrade America's ability to pay....but of course they weren't worried when America was bailing out all those foreign banks were they? So who lied? They all lie!!! Can you believe anything you hear or read? Should I take my money out of the bank? Can we believe that the FDIC insurance is any better than the social insurance programs...the government backed them all. Can we believe that we are all not going to have our savings wiped out by some new casino capitalist scam by the banks? Will the government freeze all banking accounts while their task masters wipe us out?

I remember back in 2001, I believe it was, when most companies 401k accounts were frozen (ostensibly so the accounts could be switched over to a new 401k investment group). No worker was able to make changes to where his/her money was invested. This was all happening right during the time when we were all losing money on our 401k plans bigtime. No execs were so limited...for some reason. And I later found out that most companies were using the exact same excuse to freeze the 401k plans....all while workers were losing thousands of dollars.

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Palindromedary 11 years 45 weeks ago

Poll: 71% shun GOP handling of debt crisis

Global's picture
Global 11 years 45 weeks ago

That is because they are the only ones to submit a plan. The democrats have zero ideas except raise taxes and continue to spend like it is someone else money. What courage from that leadership! Move over and let someone else drive.

yjoseph 11 years 45 weeks ago

There's the rub: "if the Obama administration will actually investigate and prosecute."

They'd rather go after baseball players and byciclists who've used steroids, e.g., Roger Clemens and Lance Armstrong, than the bankers, brokers, lobbyists and fraudsters that brought our economy to its knees. Why in the world would the Obama administration break their track record and go after media moguls like Rupert Murdoch?

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LeRoy_Casey 11 years 45 weeks ago

Like most international corporations, they'll probably get away with it. Sure, there'll be stories about this almost every night in the corporate media, then Rupert will announce that he's REALLY sorry, maybe retire to one of his multi-billion dollar estates in another part of the world to plot how he can retain his power base.

The game is fixed! Because there is so much money in it. And those with that kind of power do not relinquish it without a real bloody fight! All the other networks would have to turn against Fox, and that just ain't gonna happen. Other than that, the only thing that will tumble Fox is if all the empty headed idiots that watch and read their crap were to reach for their remotes; there are other channels out there, are there?

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Palindromedary 11 years 45 weeks ago

We moved over and let someone else drive during the 8 years of Bush fiasco...where did that get us? Where we are now, of course. I'll agree to "move over and let someone else drive" if we are not considering yet another Republican wanna be dictator for the ruling elite or a wimpy "lets just compromise" Democrat. I agree Obama has not been very much better as he has continued Bush's idiocy in so many arenas. Yes, let's give a third party a chance for a change. Break away from the good old boy network of the two party system that are both owned by the ruling elite. I want a fire and brimstone snorting no-nonsense, no-compromise (unless it is in our favor) for a change. Not "hope you can believe in (not)" but "actions that you can see and feel" that will make life better for the masses of hard-working (or at least, once hard-working before they were fired or laid off) people.

Votes determine who represents us (barring any rigged voting machines and corrupt partisan supreme court justices) and if the public is too stupid to realize that the Republicans (and some Democrats) are working against their best interests...yet still vote for them, then they deserve what they get. If people can be bought off with all the glitz and glamor that money can buy....then they will continue to be snookered. If people vote for a third party candidate with a high turnout (how about 71%...the percentage of people polled who are not happy with the Republican handling of the debt ceiling) this will shake up the entrenched system even more than the League of Women Voters did when they got tired of representatives ignoring their letters, emails, and phone calls and took out their own commercials (ads) reviling the arrogant, ignorant politicians. It made a big difference!

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Palindromedary 11 years 45 weeks ago

It is a fallacy that only the Democrats want to raise taxes. If there were no taxes then there would be no maintained roads, waterways, infrastructure. Corporations would not be able to make any money and would no longer be able to buy off politicians. The Republicans want to raise taxes alright...on the people who don't make a huge amounts of money. They want taxation to be on the little guy and not on their Mammon-worshipped ruling elite who have the gold to fill their pockets as well. And they spend and waste just as well or even better..they are happy to waste tax dollars on stupid, illegal, and immoral wars and murdering other people. Democrats usually use taxes for beneficial least that is supposed to be the traditional wisdom...although, now, after Obama, we can't really make that claim anymore. But I think Obama is really a Republican anyway.

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2950-10K 11 years 45 weeks ago

Palindromedary, I guess Dickey and HALLIBURTON sure the hell pigged out at the "FEAST" !

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 11 years 45 weeks ago

Murdoch's shareholders have lost 100's of millions in a matter of days. The old goat is pouring billions of his own money into a share buy- back scheme, with the aim of stabilizing the plunging stock. He very well could lose all of his own dough too. At any rate, in my opinion, this is what will bring the Emperor down. I'm not sure how well he plays the fiddle but Fox is burning down!

It would be nice to see the Obama administration abide by the law of the land and go after him too. In general I wish Obama and the Democrats would fight just as hard for what is RIGHT, as the republicans are fighting for what is WRONG.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 45 weeks ago

I agree that it seems pretty ridiculous to see some "ball player" or other athlete hauled before a congressional sub-committee and take up all the attention away from more important the economy, the illegal wars and wasting of money and murdering innocent civilians in other countries.

Here's something you don't hear a lot of in our news:
"We Americans have rewritten our laws, as the Argentines did, to make criminal behavior legal. John Rizzo, the former acting general counsel for the CIA, approved drone attacks that have killed hundreds of people, many of them civilians in Pakistan, although we are not at war with Pakistan. Rizzo has admitted that he signed off on so-called enhanced interrogation techniques. He told Newsweek that the CIA operated “a hit list.” He asked in the interview: “How many law professors have signed off on a death warrant?” Rizzo, in moral terms, is no different from the deported Argentine doctor Bianco, and this is why lawyers in Britain and Pakistan are calling for his extradition to Pakistan to face charges of murder. Let us hope they succeed.

We know of at least 100 detainees who died during interrogations at our “black sites,” many of them succumbing to the blows and mistreatment of our interrogators. There are probably many, many more whose fate has never been made public. Tens of thousands of Muslim men have passed through our clandestine detention centers without due process. “We tortured people unmercifully,” admitted retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey. “We probably murdered dozens of them …, both the armed forces and the C.I.A.”

Tens of thousands of Americans are being held in super-maximum-security prisons where they are deprived of contact and psychologically destroyed. Undocumented workers are rounded up and vanish from their families for weeks or months. Militarized police units break down the doors of some 40,000 Americans a year and haul them away in the dead of night as if they were enemy combatants. Habeas corpus no longer exists. American citizens can “legally” be assassinated. Illegal abductions, known euphemistically as “extraordinary rendition,” are a staple of the war on terror. Secret evidence makes it impossible for the accused and their lawyers to see the charges against them. All this was experienced by the Argentines. Domestic violence, whether in the form of social unrest, riots or another catastrophic terrorist attack on American soil, would, I fear, see the brutal tools of empire cemented into place in the homeland. At that point we would embark on our own version of the Dirty War."

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flyguy8650 11 years 45 weeks ago

Left Right - Lotsa Fright! Middle is where it all comes together. Fox is no better/worse than MSNBC....

Gotta listen to both sides then filter out the BS....Fact is both Libs and GOP are on the take....just different bank accounts....want smart....change them all. How about Rubio and Sanders a colalition government not a divided gov. WE ARE BANKRUPT, will NEVER get out of debt....I feel bad for all you under 35's your gonna pay for all the sins of the past. Left, Right......FRIGHT FRIGHT....what ever happend to Leave it to Beaver....???? 1950's were best times in America....thanks Dad!

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Namaimo 11 years 45 weeks ago

I sincerely hope that this is our "Father Laughlin" moment, a time when the sleepy U.S. electorate comes to its senses.

Namaimo's picture
Namaimo 11 years 45 weeks ago

We can't say it enough, ALEC, ALEC, ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) until everyone knows what a dark and evil force they are. Today. They write boiler plate laws that will impose right-wing laws on us, in stealth. They get candidates elected in powerful positions to enact them. It's nazis all over again.

Lonnie819 11 years 45 weeks ago

Now that Sean Hoare has been found dead, the plot seems to thicken.

I can only hope that the FBI will investigate NoW reporters that have been operating here, to see if they have violated any wiretap laws In the UK, members of parliament are calling for a review of media ownership laws, Hopefully that ill carry over here as well.

David Abbot's picture
David Abbot 11 years 45 weeks ago

I think that just like Pelosi did with Bush, Obama will ask Murdoch for permission to prosecute him. And if Murdoch refuses to go to the White House and personally hand Obama all of the evidence that it needed in order to convict him- along with a signed and notarized confession, of course, Obama will then tell us, "There is absolutely nothing I can do, because no president has ever orchestrated the conviction of any criminal. Ever, in the entire history of America. And as far as Eric Holder- the guy I appointed to head the Justice Department- finding incriminating evidence against Murdoch, or even having had that evidence spoon-fed to him while he sits in a high chair wearing a bib, you can pretty much forget about it, because Eric has to get his bunions scraped this week, and next week he's getting a manicure, and as a rule I never ask him to plan beyond two weeks, so unfortunately there is simply nothing he can do, Besides, what Murdoch did was in the past, and I am proud to say that my administration only looks forward, which, as it turns out, makes it impossible to prosecute anyone for anything, ever. Why, if I had been in charge of the courts at the Hague after world war two, I wouldn't have convicted Adoph Eichmann, because everything he did was in the past. So, prosecuting Murdoch is off the table. Besides, he killed the guy who squeeled on him, and there isn't anyone else in the entire world who could testify against Murdoch."

I have to tell you- and I can't tell you how much it galls me to quote Sarah Palin in doing so-, but Obama's hopey-changey stuff is NOT working for me at all. I think he will go down in history as the president whose only distinguishing characteristics were that he was the first black man elected president of America and that he was completely content to rest on that laurel and achieve nothing else.

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Palindromedary 11 years 45 weeks ago

Michael-Hudson to Bonnie Faulkner on July 16 Guns and Butter: “When I was in Norway one of the Norwegian politicians sat next to me at a dinner and said, “You know, there’s one good thing that President Obama has done that we never anticipated in Europe. He’s shown the Europeans that we can never depend upon America again. There’s no president, no matter how good he sounds, no matter what he promises, we’re never again going to believe the patter talk of an American President. Mr. Obama has cured us. He has turned out to be our nightmare. Our problem is what to do about the American people that don’t realize this nightmare that they’ve created, this smooth-talking American Tony Blair in the White House.”

"The Obama administration raised the financial sector’s bailout to $13 trillion. This has vastly increased the government debt. And now, Mr. Obama wants to bring it back down by cutting back Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other social spending – to transfer wealth and income to the top of the economic pyramid. At the start of his administration he appointed a Deficit Reduction Commission led by advocates of cutting back Social Security and Medicare: Republican Senator Alan Simpson (McCain’s economic advisor!) and Clinton chief of staff Erskine Bowles, representing the right-wing Democratic Leadership Committee cite above. The aim of this commission was to give Mr. Obama an “experts’ report” supporting the diametric opposite of the liberal constituency that voted for him."

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Palindromedary 11 years 45 weeks ago

The debt ceiling and default charade
Bonnie Falkner:
What is your assessment over the current debate in Washington concerning the raising of the debt ceiling? This debate seems to be taking place between the Obama administration and the Republicans without much input from Democrats.

Michael Hudson:
It’s a good cop-bad cop charade. The Republicans are playing the role of the bad cop. Their script says: “You cannot raise taxes on anybody. No progressive income tax, no closing of tax loopholes for special interests, not even prosecutions for tax fraud. And we can get a lot of money back into the economy if we give a tax holiday to the companies and individuals that have been keeping their money offshore. Let’s free the wealthy from taxes to help us recover.’
Mr. Obama can turn around and pretend to be the good cop. “Hey, boys, let me at least do something. I’m willing to cut back Social Security. I’m willing to take over what was George Bush’s program. I share your worries about the budget deficit. We have to balance it, and I’ve already appointed a Deficit Reduction Commission to prepare public opinion for my cutbacks in the most popular programs. But you have to let me get a little bit of revenue somewhere.”
In the end the Republicans will make some small token concessions, but they’ll get their basic program. Mr. Obama will have sold out his constituency.
The problem is, how can Mr. Obama move to the right of where George Bush stood? The only way he can do this is for the Republicans to move even further to the right. So the Republicans are accommodating him by pushing the crazy wing of their party forward, the Tea Party. Michelle Bachman, Eric Cantor and their colleagues are coming with such an extremist, right-wing attitude that it gives Mr. Obama room to move way to the right as he triangulates, depicting himself a the less crazy alternative: “Look. I’m better than these guys are.”
He’s hoping that people will vote for him just because he’s not as extreme as the Tea Party. But the reality is that there is another alternative. People can “vote with their backsides” and stay home. There may not be many people showing up to vote on the Democratic side. So it’s possible for the Republicans to get in, now that there is so little real difference between their position and that of Mr. Obama. What’s the point of voting?

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Palindromedary 11 years 45 weeks ago

"So Mr. Obama’s advisors have convinced him to do what European political front men also are doing. A depression is deemed necessary to cut living standards and labor by about 30 percent. Mr. Obama’s aim is to lower American wage levels.
To do this, he needs an excuse, a cover story. The reality is that a depression will make the budget deficit even larger. Just as the plans to invade Iraq were written up before 9/11 provided a crisis atmosphere that became the opportunity to introduce them, so the response to the federal budget deficit is already outlined: Social Security and other “entitlements” will be cut back, as well as revenue sharing with the states and cities. So governments at the local level will have to sell of land, roads and whatever is in the public domain. The American government will look just like Greece and Ireland – so you may want to look at them as dress rehearsals."

"...the class war is back in business. We’re going into a depression that is unnecessary – except to drive down wage levels and strip away government obligations to pay for Social Security, Medicare and other public programs. This will enable the government to get rid of what remains of progressive taxation on the higher wealth and income brackets."

"Mr. Obama wants to cut $4 trillion out of the budget, while Republican leader Boehner only wants a 2.4 trillion cut over a shorter period. I’ve read that it was Obama, not the Republicans, who proposed putting Social Security cuts on the table. Why would he be proposing much larger cuts than the Republicans?"
"The main reason is that he is in a unique position to deliver enough Democratic votes to let the sell-out (“compromise”) go through. No Republican administration could get away with cutting Social Security. This is the most basic income protection program that Americans have. But now, it’s being depicted as a welfare program that is hurting the economy. Only a Democrat posing as a left-winger could really pull off what Mr. Obama is proposing."

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Palindromedary 11 years 45 weeks ago

Bonnie: "China has warned the U.S., “Do not default.” What would be the ramifications of a default? Would it put the global banking system into crisis?"

Michael: "Nothing would happen. There’s not going to be a default. China will not lose a cent. Its leaders know that there’s a lot of American investment in China. In principle, it could use its dollars to buy this out at its book value. But the reality is that a U.S. default would mean that the dollar would not be acceptable again until the United States paid. This would mean that America would have no way of paying for its military bases. It would be unable to extend the wars that Mr. Obama has escalated."

Bonnie: "Would a U.S. default send interests rates soaring? If so, what would be the economic effect?"

Michael: "An interest rate wouldn’t matter if you default. If you tell me that I can write you an IOU but you’re not going to collect, I’ll give you 20 percent. But seriously, the bond market has not given any hint that interest rates will rise at all. As I said above, this is a just-pretend pseudo-crisis to give Mr. Obama the opportunity to do what politicians do – to sell out his constituency to his campaign contributors on Wall Street.
It looks like he will go down in history as a Herbert Hoover, being blamed for the depression that was not necessary and that the Republicans could not have gotten away with intensifying. Only a Democrat posing as a left-winger could support the anti-labor, anti-wage, pro-Wall Street policies that his advisors have been putting into his hands. This is what came out in the New York Times interview with Sheila Bair."

Bonnie: "So this kerfuffle about a possible debt default is a charade for public consumption?"

Michael: "The idea is to create an illusion of crisis, to create a pretense for introducing a solution that makes fortunes for financial predators – or at least gives them enough room to take their money and run, by swapping their bad loans for Treasury securities. The tragedy is that the way in which Mr. Obama is resolving today’s non-crisis of the budget limit is impoverish the population for the next decade, bringing on a depression rather than avoiding it.
This is a tragedy because it’s not really necessary. It’s a policy choice."

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Palindromedary 11 years 45 weeks ago

Michael: "Last weekend’s New York Times magazine had an interview with Sheila Bair, whose five-year term heading the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) expired last week. Now she can begin to tell what happened. She said that Mr. Obama promised her that he would try to prevent the mortgage frauds that were occurring, especially in subprime mortgages, and support better bank regulation. But then she would learn, just an hour before he gave a speech, that he would have changed the draft that she had seen, and took out what he’d promised her. The rewrites apparently were done mainly by Tim Geithner, who acts as a lobby for the big bank contributors. Instead of running the Treasury to benefit the U.S. economy, he’s benefiting his Wall Street constituency. Significantly, he was a protégé of Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, who gave the name “Rubinomics” to pro-Wall Street opposition to bank regulation and a dismantling of public control over the banking system.

"Ms. Bair said that that when she opposed giveaways to banks, Obama’s officials would say that there would be a meltdown if they didn’t save Citibank, AIG and other financial institutions that had acted recklessly. She pointed out that the FDIC had successfully wound down Washington Mutual and other insolvent institutions. This was the FDIC’s business, after all. Even Citibank had enough assets to cover insured depositors. The problem was its gambles on derivatives and junk mortgages. The government could have taken it over and made normal insured depositors whole. But there weren’t enough assets in Citibank and AIG to pay the gamblers and the big players. She complained that in every case she was told the big gambling institutions – basically, the nation’s wealthiest one percent – couldn’t lose a penny.

Mr. Obama has bought this position. To save bondholders and speculators from taking losses on their bad bets, consumers and the rest of the “real economy” needs to pay. They have to pay via higher Social Security taxes and other regressive tax policies, instead of making the higher brackets pay as occurs under progressive taxation. Mr. Obama is willing to cut back Medicare. We can’t charge the pharmaceutical companies by bargaining with them for bulk discounts as Canada’s government does. We have to let them set the prices with no argument – as if this is the “free market.” So Mr. Obama has made an accommodation with the Republicans to pursue what really are Bush Administration policies, and now even Tea Party policies."

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johnd_nw 11 years 45 weeks ago

Following up on caller John's comments Friday that Social Security is insurance and an increase in premiums (like raising the cap to $3Million) is the same thing as your health or car insurance company raising premiums...

I called the White House comment line Monday morning and asked the operator to "remind President Obama that Social Security is insurance into which I have paid, NOT an entitlement. Raising premiums is exactly the same as when an insurance company raises premiums, and no one in power seems to think THAT is a bad thing."

She said, "I've never thought about it like that before..."

That's one.

If enough people call and leave a similar message, it may just penetrate the wall of inside-the-Beltway voices and actually reach President Obama.

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Palindromedary 11 years 45 weeks ago

I also contacted the White House and told them the same thing....Social Security is a government imposed INSURANCE program to which we all had to make mandatory payments. We expect, and demand, that the government doesn't renege on their legal responsibilities in making their payments to those of us who spent our working lives paying into the system. As Michael Hudson said...this whole business about a debt ceiling is just a

"just-pretend pseudo-crisis" and

"to create an illusion of crisis, to create a pretense for introducing a solution that makes fortunes for financial predators – or at least gives them enough room to take their money and run, by swapping their bad loans for Treasury securities."

it threatens the social INSURANCE programs so the rich can get away with not paying their fair share of taxes to cover the damage that they did all these years in not only attacking the programs but also stealing from the social safety net coffers. Again, if they can create money out of thin air..on keyboards...for bailing out the casino capitalists...they cannot say they don't have the ability to honor their obligations to social INSURANCE recipients.

it sets up the selling out of the American infrastructure (roads, water, sewers, bridges, parks, etc) to the toll-booth economy.

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gijobyzobo 3 years 52 weeks ago

I do enjoy playing the Medal of Honor WWII series of games, as well as the Atari Breakout at Play friv game. Especially fun to play on the Wii game system since you get to point a gun at the screen. Totally awesome, and yet I have never wanted to join the military because of these games... though I also read enough military history that I'm aware of the pain and suffering that is associated with it, enough so that I don't want any part of it. Also there is another thing that these games can make gamers aware of (because most aren't the idiots people assume they are), its nearly impossible to be on the frontlines and not get killed.

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