Treasury Tim Geithner leaving...are the rats fleeing the sinking ship or will there be change we can believe in?

Is Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner on his way out? According to senior White House officials – Geithner is considering leaving his post after the debt-limit fiasco is resolved. Geithner denied the reports, saying he plans to stay in his job for the “foreseeable future” – but a source at the White House says that Geithner has been discussing plans to leave since early this year. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates left yesterday – and a handful of other top officials have left the White House this year including Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and Economic adviser Larry Summers.

Which makes me wonder – are the rats fleeing the sinking ship?

Or is President Obama finally coming to his senses and will soon be putting some real progressives on his staff instead of the same old corporate suits.


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gerald 11 years 38 weeks ago

Please read this article!

Americans will always hear that sucking sound!!!

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louisehartmann 11 years 38 weeks ago

Hi Gerald - comments from another website were cut & pasted here without permission from BradBlog in that post. You can put a link instead.

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gerald 11 years 38 weeks ago

@Louise, thank you for that information!

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FrankT 11 years 38 weeks ago

The republicans are not serious about the budget or the debt ceiling. They themselves could not pass a balanced budget 3 months ago. That is right the republican House passed a 1.5 trillion deficit for 2011. Same as the 2010 budget. even the 2012 budget if all goes as they plan will have a 1 trillion deficit. So my question, How could they have complained about a Obama's 2010 budget deficit when they just passed the same? Hypocrisy.

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jim_pasquinnal 11 years 38 weeks ago

Genesis of the debt Carter.

So my kid was saying the other day,

" Dad, when you cut back on the monies going into the treasury by having tax cuts, isn't that just like NOT paying your monthly credit card bill & watching the balance get larger?"

Good point son! Not bad for an 8 year old. You have a better handle on economics than politicians, particularly republican.

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pshakkottai 11 years 37 weeks ago

US labour market in decline – leadership gone missing | Bill Mitchell – billy blog

This blog shows that deficits do not matter and modern monetary theory works differently from "the deficit reduction talking points" and all people in the picture shown in the blog do not deserve to hold any public office. Thom Hartman could discuss this in his TV program.


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