Welcome to the next Great Depression...

After Democrats said a short-term debt-limit deal that kicks the can down the road to be picked up again 6-months from now in the middle of an election season is a NON-STARTER – guess what Speaker of the House John Boehner did yesterday? He released a short-term debt-limit deal that kicks the can down the road to be picked up again 6-months from now in the middle of an election season. That’s right – a few days after Boehner took his toys and went home – breaking off negotiations with the White House and accusing the President of playing politics – Boehner offered up a debt-limit plan soaked in politics that includes NO revenue raisers and doesn’t solve our debt-problem AT ALL. In fact – the credit rating agency Standard and Poor’s warned that if Boehner’s plan is passed to avoid an immediate default next week – the agency will STILL downgrade our debt because the Boehner plan is nothing more than a gimmick.

So now the only viable solution seems to be Harry Reid’s plan which also isn’t balanced since it includes NOT ONE single penny in tax increases on corporations, millionaires, and billionaires. But at least it saves entitlements from deep cuts. The President threw his weight behind the Reid plan last night in a speech to the nation – signaling that a balanced approach is now off the table in debt-limit negotiations and that working people will bear much of the burden of deficit reduction – just as Republicans wanted. Regardless of what plan passes out of Congress at this point – working people and the middle-class in the country are going to get a bad deal. And we can thank corporate shills like Tom Friedman, virtually all of the corporate media, and the lobbyists for the billionaire class pushing the story that there some mythical "centrist" voter out there who's worried about US debt, loves so-called "free trade," and thinks Social Security and Medicare are too generous - but doesn't care at all about jobs for it.

Perhaps most tragically, it seems the White House is buying the myth, instead of rolling back the Reagan tax cuts and bringing our jobs back home from overseas. Welcome to the next Great Depression.


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gerald 11 years 45 weeks ago


Boner is a cry baby!!!

Quote of the Day
July 17, 2011

"Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history.

There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things. Among them are H. L. Hunt (you possibly know his background), a few other Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or business man from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid."

Former President Dwight David Eisenhower
Letter to Edgar Newton Eisenhower
November 8, 1954


Conservative crazies will never lose.

The Legacy

What kind of legacy is the Republican Party leaving our children and our children’s children? A party that was strong on moral issues now supports decadence and sodomy. A party that stood for fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets, and a smaller federal government has spent money like drunken johns; the budget deficit will be $18 trillion by 2014; and under Ronald Reagan and George W Bush, four cabinet positions have been added to the federal budget. These actions are from a party that controls Congress and the Presidency (a closet president). Where does the Republican Party really stand on any issue? Can we really trust a party that talks with a fork tongue?

The Republican Party stood for privacy and citizen rights and it also stood for states’ rights over federal rights. Let us not forget that the Republican Party also stood for

strong local control over federal control. With the Patriot Act the law of the land for our citizens we no longer have our freedoms and our rights. The Republican Party appears to have gone schizophrenic on many issues. Is the party also willing to sell its soul to all the special interest groups for votes? The Republican Party has left us a sad legacy. All we have now are the memories of a once great party. I ask the party leaders, “Why, oh why, have you forsaken our people and our country?”

Let us look carefully at Bush and his legacy. His insensitivity was well documented: he appeared to have a mental disorder; he lied constantly; he permitted 9/11 to happen; invading Iraq was stupidity beyond belief, he was a murderer and a war criminal; he was appointed emperor by fraud; he was lazy; and Katrina revealed the true emperor who was also incompetent, inept, clueless, pathetic, useless, and worthless. Bush was a sorry excuse for an emperor, a ruler, and as the self-appointed chosen one.

Whoever controls the money system controls the society.

David Korten

We've been destroying real wealth and turning it into financial wealth.

David Korten

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gerald 11 years 45 weeks ago

My name is Gerald and I am a recovering Republican. I want to apologize to any Democrat whom I have offended in any way. As a recovering Republican, I can now look at issues more objectively. Looking at how Bush II destroyed the Republican Party deeply saddens me.

After returning home from a hate and destroy mission against the Democrats I would read Mattie Stepanek’s writings to try and feel better. One of his writings transformed me to take a look at my hate and destroy mentality. His letter, “Dear Mr. Bush,” in one of his books changed my life for the better. I do have relapses from time to time but for help I read, Matthew 25:31-46.

Dear Mr. Bush by Mattie Stepanek, June, 2002

You said we are caught

Between terrorism and hopelessness!

You said we cannot

Find peace in this situation.

I caught your words, but

I cannot agree with the conclusion.


We cannot perpetuate terrorism.

But perhaps,

If we choose to accept

Hopelessness with a catch,

We will find peace in all situations.

Hope, or lack of hope,

Is an attitude!

And an attitude is a choice.

In this great country,

We do have a choice.

And so, in conclusion,

We cannot get caught

With a bad attitude,

Or we are not choosing peace.

If you have ever read some of my posts, you will recall that I am a recovering Republican. This recovery took place in 1984. After years being on search and destroy missions against the Democrats, I came to the conclusion that to be a Republican will destroy a person’s soul.

Now, I am faced with a similar dilemma. To be a Democrat may also destroy a person’s soul. I dislike the evil Republicans and I fear that the Democrats will sell out the Americans’ wishes to investigate and prosecute the worst President in the history of the United States of America. To date I do not see sound leadership on the part of the Democrats.

I firmly believe that the Democrats are selling out the American people for thirty pieces of silver to lay out a Potter’s Field for a dead nation and her people.

The Democrats are having me rethink my commitment to the Democratic Party. But, where do I go? I cannot vote for Republicans, and I cannot vote for a gutless party.

Decisions are difficult. I will have to remember what Seymour Hersh said after the 2004 fraudulent election. We will have to see how events play out.

The Republican Party is now the Triad of Evil Party. The make-up of this party is the Republicans, the Libertarians, and the Teabaggers. This evil party seeks to destroy America and Americans. Corruption, hatred, and lies are the cornerstones for this party.

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gerald 11 years 45 weeks ago

Ranting and Venting

I have been ranting and venting since Bush II was fraudulent appointed president in 2000 and 2004. I have continuously said that wars are outmoded and they serve no purpose. Wars create more problems than they resolve problems. I had this idealistic belief that if people talked negatively about wars, they would become obsolete. I was wrong and I have been wrong. Wars will always be with us. They will never leave us.

Obama accepts the Nobel Prize and he lectures us that wars are necessary and he defends the use of power to continue with wars. A good article to read is by Glenn Greenwald. In fact it is a remarkable article. The article is in Salon magazine and titled, “The Strange Consensus on Obama’s Nobel Address.”

Chris Hedges speaks at UC Santa Barbara in a sixty minute speech and he shares his experiences concerning wars. He has said that wars are exhilarating and the greatest rush a person can experience, especially for a young man. Wars give persons a greater high than psychotropic drugs.

You can listen to Chris Hedges’ speech at UC Santa Barbara by going to the internet and his speech is on You Tube. The speech is on “War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning.” The speech pulls together why wars will always be with us. Wars will never go away.

Wars are a force that gives meaning to the American way. When we compare Obama’s Nobel Prize speech with Chris Hedges’ speech at UC Santa Barbara, I agree with Chris Hedges that as an American, war is a force that gives us and our nation meaning for living. Wars are embedded into the American psyche forever. Americans view wars as a glorious experience with a tremendous high and a tremendous rush.

We must not forget Stephen Lendman’s great article, “A Culture of Violence.” This article stresses America’s five hundred years of violence. Violence is a part of Americans’ true character. It is our universal signature as a people and as a nation.

These words describe America’s addiction to wars, “Fight, rape, war, pillage, burn! Filmic images of death and carnage are pornography to the military man” (and to the American people) by former sniper, Anthony Swofford (2003).

Wars are Americans’ comfort zones!!!

War and not baseball is America’s favorite pastime!!!

Let us not forget that democracy is from the bottom up and not the top down.

Wars define Americans and America.

Jesus speaks sanity to a world of lunatics. – G. K. Chesterton

I like your Jesus. It’s your Christians I do not like. – Mahatma Gandhi

It’s not that Christianity has been tried and failed. It’s that it has never been tried. – G. K. Chesterton

People and politicians who oppose Medicare for Every One are not only pro-death disciples but also Satan’s disciples. - Gerald


It is very interesting we say that Muslims are radical but there is no talk about radical Jews or radical Christians. In the USA we create fear; we blame; we divide; we stereotype; we spread chaos and not democracy; we label; we steal a country’s resources; we kill God’s children; we torture; we use incendiary weapons of mass destruction; we are a terrorist nation but make believe that we are not radical. In the USA we call ourselves Christians. But, Mahatma Gandhi knew, “I like your Jesus. It’s your Christians whom I do not like.”

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Tom95134 11 years 45 weeks ago

Ah, for the good old days of Western Union!

Remember when you use to be able to flood Washington with Telegrams? I seriously question the effectivity of emails. It is way to easy for the Congressman or Senator to simply set up a filter and chuck them into the electronic waste backet. A telephone call makes some sense but in this case all they have is someone setting there putting "tics" on some kind of opinion sheet which may or maynot be tabulated.

When you sent telegrams they were delivered and the receipient at least had to deal with the volume of paper.

Personally, I tend to send a fax but, because most offices have a imited number of fax machines, getting through can be a challenge.

We need to face it, unless you are standing face to face (or as the Mafia would say, "faccia a faccia") you can only expect that your communication might be seen (not read) just seen.

What we really need is for people to get up off their dead butts and march on Washington.

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gerald 11 years 45 weeks ago


Nothing will ever change in the Anti-Christ nation!


Slavery has returned to the Anti-Christ nation!


It is a done deal!

If your reading load is quite heavy, please store these articles and read them in your leisure time.

muttleywags 11 years 45 weeks ago

I found it interesting, right after President Obama asked the citizens to contact thier representatives regarding compromise on the debt cieling deal, that many of the GOP members web sites were not working. I attempted to contact my congressman (Frank Wolf, Va's 10th district) with a quick e-mail and the "contact me" screen was unavailable for several hours after. I was able to connect with it today, wrote my short paragraph, hit send and got an error message.

Could it be that these guys shut down their internet sites, or disabled the comments sections, after the President spoke last night? I will call his office shortly, but did wonder if this was planned.

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ymhotep 11 years 45 weeks ago

All Zionist warmongers. Frank Gaffney, Geller, Pipes, Clifff May, Richard Perle, etc. are all heroes of Norway's terrorist murderer. They all also happen to be the people most often seen on FOX Zionist War Network pushing for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Peace

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Lore 11 years 45 weeks ago

Thom, Peter is painful to listen to. He is abusive, rude, and lying. He will not respond. He wants to 'teach' you - as he stated. I have learned nothing except that he is a fanatic and determined to run over anyone attempting to question him.

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gerald 11 years 45 weeks ago

Thom, when Peter said "Shut up," that should have ended his filibuster on your show!!!

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NashvilleDave 11 years 45 weeks ago

Thank you so much for the listener and Thom in recommending the book "The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy - What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny" by William Strauss & Neil Howe. I picked the audio book up right after they mentioned it and can't stop listening to it. Some amazing history and predictions to whats in store. That's why I listen because it's a history lesson that always interesting. Thanks!

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mathme 11 years 45 weeks ago

Thom, Lore is right. Even if Peter's content hadn't been so repugnant, his personality and demeanor were awful. I sort of admire your ability to remain calm and let him shriek for so long, but I think you would have been perfectly justified in (calmly) calling him a "shrill, rude child" and hanging up on him. It's factually true and better than he would have deserved.

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Lore 11 years 45 weeks ago

So this new ploy, Republicans demanding that the President make assurances to Seniors, to debtors and others that payments will be made; after they made him moderate the legislation, after they made him force concessions from Democrats, after they forced him to actively participate in DOING THEIR JOB -- what the Republicans are willing to do is lift their leg!

TimFromLA 11 years 45 weeks ago

Speaking about Republicans, it seems that hypocrisy is abound. I recently found out that the COO of Pajama's Media Sandra Rozanski http://pajamasmedia.com/about-us/ is the wife of former Acting General Manager of the Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power, Robert Rozanski: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-oew-rozanski6nov06,0,3503403.story. According to employees, Robert was a good person with good work ethics and a supporter of the commons. He even saw the necessity to raise water and power fees to fix our broken infrasructure. An investment saving Los Angeles City customers millions if not billions.

Yet your guests Thom seem to preach the opposite. They want to cut taxes, cut government, at the risk of having their COO losing her benefits which she deserves?

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wwiley 11 years 45 weeks ago

Can anyone point me to the list of Tax Cuts, and "equivalent" Cuts in Government Programs/Sercices Costs that Thom read during this mornings radio show?

It was a great comparison of tax cuts for the rich, and paid for by cutting assistance to the children pregnent mothers, the hungry, the jobless, the homeless...

I think we should take this list, and spread it far and wide, to politicians, and the Press, and our friends and neighbors... It shows the values and priorities of the majority of our 'elected representitives'... and may help those being lied to see what is really happening

[ How can they call themselves Chirstians, or any religious person, or anyone with any ethics or morals... and continue to treat the sick, the children, the needy, the poor and mentally challenged, the way our elected officials as a group continue to treat them... and us... ? ]

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d.o. 11 years 45 weeks ago

Whomever called in with those passages from "The Fourth Turning" it was certainly spookey: like he was reading straight out of today's news. Can some post those passages here?

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suburubu 11 years 45 weeks ago

Thom... It doesn't matter if Reid's plan doesn't include tax hikes, since those wouldn't go into effect until Obama's second term anyway... and presuming Obama gets reelected it will all be up for grabs then. We don't need to bellyache about this.

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David32 11 years 45 weeks ago

Democrats and you Thom should expose the real reason behind the Republicans foot dragging. They want the country to go into default so that interest rates will soar and their pals the banksters will reap yet another windfall fortune. Since they can't control the Fed this is the only way they can make good on their promises to the banksters.

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mwalkerco 11 years 45 weeks ago


Don't you also LOVE the way the contact forms work- where they say they can't reply to anyone out of their district? All I did was search a zip code and use 123 Main St... pretty silly, huh?

dianhow 11 years 45 weeks ago

Lets pass Reid's bill Then deal with debt after GOP Baggers loses seats and GOP Gov's are recalled .No one with 1/2 a brain can still support extreme GOP / Baggers in Congress. who are holding US hostage to corp greed as never before in US history .Search your conscience Repubs. Look at the facts . Baggers have no conscience or morals .

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bvcardinal 11 years 45 weeks ago

Dear Thom,

When are you going to be the Media Hero?.....and start telling the WHOLE truth....We keep waiting for the Balanced Reporting from you.....Please don't be like all the other talking heads trying to recruit to one "team" or the other.....

We Americans are tired of the darts everyone is throwing at the "other" side.

This is real simple.....If Congress can't put a budget together that is no more than 3% (debt) of GDP then NO Congress person is allowed to get re-elected.....

Remember: The Bigger the Government ....the Smaller its People

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eenorton 11 years 45 weeks ago

Ditto WWiley's request:

Can anyone point me to the list of Tax Cuts, and "equivalent" Cuts in Government Programs/Sercices Costs that Thom read during this mornings radio show?

wwiley's picture
wwiley 11 years 45 weeks ago

Agree... Did anyone get the chapter and page numbers?

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dowdotica 11 years 45 weeks ago

some one needs to run boener out of town along with all the other boobs that are holding "us" HOSTAGE!!! no lol today. what a bunch of boobs. I sure hope Obama understands the full impact of this absurdity!!!

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loismason 11 years 45 weeks ago

The Democrats need to insist on a clean up or down vote on the debt ceiling with no conditions attached. They also need to remind the public and Republican representatives that Social Security has not contributed one dime to the deficit. It is self-funding. People seems to have forgotten that. Raising the debt ceiling does not commit us to any future spending increases. It merely funds the debt that Congress has already committed us to. Very simple. Democrats cannot allow a minority to hold the country hostage, nor can they allow Obama to sell us out. If they do, they have not represented their constituency, and I for one, will write in progressive candidates before I will vote for another Democrat.

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levin.the.dude 11 years 45 weeks ago

If it's not obvious by now, that politicians from all major parties are not interested in the general welfare of the American people, then I'm not sure what it will take for people to wake up. These politicians are just serving their constituents: the super rich, the elite, the corporations, the status quo. However, I believe in all this turmoil that there is a huge opportunity to be had with the News of the World scandal. With the largest propaganda machine ever created being brought down to its knees I think this is the perfect time to begin flooding newspapers with editorials and articles of social criticism, whistleblowing, and suggestions for change. Millions of people will turn off FOX news when the FBI begins prosecuting people involved in the scandal. Where will they turn for their news? With that we can wake people up to the fact of what is really going on.

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Jeanrooryck 11 years 45 weeks ago

To either make Republicains happy, either expose them for what they trully are, Democrats should put the following offer on the table:

Bush tax cuts can remain permanent provided that:

1. The taxpayer is US citizen

2. The taxpayer maintains at least 66% of all his assets in the US during the entire fiscal year

3. If the tapxpayer is a coporation, ut must have its headquarters in the US and at least 50% of its labor force in the US.

Should any taxpayer fails to meet these simple criteria, the pre Bush rates apply.

The bill covering that offer should be called The Financial Sovereignty Act.

Any person who disagree with such a proposal is UN-AMERICAN (like Republicans like to call thos who disagree with them).

An then let's see what the children would say.

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leighmf 11 years 45 weeks ago

(This being a second poem on the same question asked previously, "What should the Democrats do?

What should the Democrats do?
Each one should donate a shoe
to throw at naughty colleagues,
full of shaving cream,
some Parliamental chaos,
a food fight, is my dream.

I think Dr. Phil should be called.
And a number of our Congress be black-balled.
How much is in the Treasury
none of them could guess
and they're supposed to solve
a bloody awful mess.

Why don't we tell them, "Oh, pshaw,
you politickers stick in our craw."
How dare you wreck the country
for those who still survive
who tried to make it nice here-
on which ship did you arrive?

Washington must boil in oil
for war, death, theft, disease, and toil.
If Democrats are innocent
why not blow some whistles?
They're all in bed together,
like roses 'mongst the thistles.


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John Steinsvold 11 years 45 weeks ago

An Alternative to Capitalism (At least, let's admit to ourselves we need one.)

Several decades ago, Margaret Thatcher claimed: "There is no alternative". She was referring to capitalism. Today, this negative attitude still persists.

I would like to offer an alternative to capitalism for the American people to consider. Please click on the following link. It will take you to an essay titled: "Home of the Brave?" which was published by the Athenaeum Library of Philosophy:


Perhaps in time the so-called dark ages will be thought of as including our own.--Georg C. Lichtenberg

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jstrahan 11 years 45 weeks ago

The five Democrats who voted for Cut, Cap, and Balance Bill with Republicans are: Dan Boren-Oklahoma, Jim Cooper-Tennessee, Jim Matheson-Utah, Mike McIntyre-N.C., and Heath Shuler-N.C. The Democratic Party in these states need to be working on a primary challenge in the next election. As much as I would like to get worked up about the Tea Party members added to the House I'm a lot more concerned with those Voters dumb enough to elect them in the first place. How could a guy like Joe Walsh get elected as a Congressman in a state like Illinois. Secondly, I'm disturbed about the abstract failure of the elected members in the SEnate and House who fail to do their jobs by being A.W.O.L. with respects to getting out in public and exposing the false claims of Republicans that they are only party offering bipartisan plans for debt ceiling. The news media never challenges false claims by Republicans in the debate. Obama can't carry load alone. Call your representative or Senator and tell them to get off their asses and do their jobs. Our way of life is at stake and the KKK/Koch Brothers Party is serious about taking over this country.

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mosrite 11 years 45 weeks ago

Page 273, Chapter 10 / Recall that a Crisis catalyst involves scenarios distinctly imaginable eight or ten years in advance. Based on recent Unraveling-era trends, the following circa-2005 scenarios might seem plausible:

  • An impasse over the federal budget reaches a stalemate. The president and Congress both refuse to back down, triggering a near-total government shutdown. The president declares emergency powers. Congress rescinds his authority. Dollar and bond prices plummet. The president threatens to stop Social Security checks. Congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling. Default looms. Wall Street panics.

Neil Howe and William Strauss on The Fourth Turning in 1997 CSpan

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2950-10K 11 years 45 weeks ago

President Obama has to face the realization that his pursuit of bipartisan compromise, normally a necessary characteristic of a functional Democracy is a waste of time and does not apply considering the current unmedicated insanity running the Republican party. Cantor and his useful idiots are all well off their nut with no hope left, the light at the end of the tunnel for them is a train, and oddly enough it's exactly what they in their own delusional world want..... an economic train wreck!

The Republicans represent a tiny and elite segment within a vast sea of humanity. The President needs to look out for the other 98% of us who can re-elect him, and just coincidentally thats what true Democracy is all about.

Thom is right, President Obama needs to do what FDR would do under the same circumstances. GOVERNMENT HAS A RESPONSIBILITY TO THE PEOPLE AND MUST ACT IN THEIR BEST INTEREST...... FDR for sure would roll back Reagan/ Bush tax cuts, close loopholes, end useless wars, re-think trade policies, and bring back jobs from overseas. We need a valiant President once again!

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Canul856 11 years 45 weeks ago

Keep in my that revenue increases will occur if the Democrats do nothing...

The Bush tax cuts expire again at the end of 2012 unless both houses of Congress and the President extend them, an unlikely occurrence if no increases in revenue are approved by the House before then.

A new Congress will have been elected and perhaps even a new President will have been elected by then, but by the time they take office, the tax cuts will be history. That is why I don't object to the Reid plan, which mostly cuts wastful military spending.

Of course, if Republicans are elected in 2012, all bets are off...and the country proceeds on its current path of destruction.

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MailManRuss 11 years 45 weeks ago

I recently sent this message to my Congressman, Joe Walsh after his rediculous interview with Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC after President Obama's debt ceiling speech. I want everyone to know that Mr. Walsh does not speak for the majority of his district, it was only by bad luck that he got a mere 290 votes more than incumbent Melissa Bean and less than 50% of the vote. Here is what I sent.

Mr. Walsh, I would like you to consider very strongly voting for revenue increases such as President Obama has requested in addition to cuts in spending. I hope you understand that while you were elected in November, it was by the narrowest of margins. Also you received less than 50% of the vote while 51% voted for the Democratic candidate or the Green party candidate. Meaning the majority of this district leans left. So if you really want to Represent your district you will Compromise with the President and help get rid of Tax Loopholes for huge corporations and the Extremely wealthy who obviously do not live in your district. To do otherwise would just prove that the Tea Party caucus is nothing but a shill for the super wealthy and huge corporations. Thank you for your consideration.

Doubtful that he will take my comment seriously, but since he thinks that he has a Tea Party Mandate he must be told the truth. Unfortunately I suspect he doesn't understand the word "compromise".

MailManRuss's picture
MailManRuss 11 years 45 weeks ago

I'll tell you how Walsh got elected. Because of idiots like me. No I'm not a Republican or a Tea bagger. I'm a Progressive Democrat who thought Melissa Bean was acting a little too Corporatist. So along with 6449 others I voted for the Green Party candidate. As a result Ms. Bean lost by a grand total of 290 votes. Joe Walsh won with only 48.5% of the vote. Melissa Bean lost with about 48.5% of the vote and Bill Scheurer, the Green Party candidate, played spoiler with about 3% of the vote which was even less than the 5% of the vote he got when he ran as a 3rd party candidate in 2006. Where the rest of the Democrats in the 8th District were, I couldn't tell you, but I sure didn't think Bean could possibly lose as she had previously gotten no less than 51% of the vote in her 3 previous elections. I seriously regret my "statement vote" if you will and have to live with this idiot as my Representative for the next 16 months.

The good news, and there is good news, is that Walsh got gerrymandered out of the 8th Congressional District. In 2012 there will be no incumbent for this district and if Walsh wants to run for Congress again he will have to get in the Republican Primary all over again. There's no shot in this district as he now lives way outside the new district boundaries. The leading Democrat for the 8th District now for 2012 is Tammy Duckworth who does live within the district. She just recently left the VA where she had been appointed by President Obama after serving in Illinois VA. She narrowly lost to Peter Roskam in the Illinois 6th District after Henry Hyde retired. Also the way the 6th District now looks, there is a good chance that a Democrat might be able to unseat Roskam in that district as well. Bless you Eldridge Gerry!

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AsburySteve32852 11 years 45 weeks ago

I think that Democrats should Grow some BALLS, including out Gutless President who has been selling out the People, for almost as long as President Kennedy had been in, and oh, by the way, Kennedy, amongst other things,started:

1. The Peace Corps.

2. The Space Race to the Moon.

3. The Civil Rights Legislation & Supported King's Movement.

4. The Navy Seals.

5. Drafted Papers to LEAVE Vietnam (Which never happened due to War Monger Johnson who Started the REAL War with a fake attack on our Fleet off Vietnam's Waters.)

6. Vowed to Abolish the Federal Reserve, which is STILL the Biggest Lead Weight around the neck of the American People. Along with the World Bank.

7. Laid the Ground Work to end most Senior Poverty with Medicare & Medicaid.

Now WHAT has Obama done for the American People? NOTHING that I know of, except to HURT Us, Freeze SS Increases, Allow Corporations to Increase the cost of Food dramatically, and he Broke his vow from 2003 to Support Single Payer Universal Health Care, which Dennis Kucinich would have gotten through Congress by now, if he were elected as President.

And WHERE are the "2 Million Jobs" in Alternative Energy that Obama Promised .... In China?

ONLY Progressive Democrats have tried sincerely to do ANYTHING good for the people in the past 2 1/2+ years! And I, for one, will NOT Vote for, or Campaign for Obama. he is MORE Dangerous to the American People than G.W. Bush, because we TRUSTED Him, and he's Screwing us DAILY!

$14 Trillion for Corporations! $0 for the American People!

Shame on YOU, Obama, I'm NOT Supporting you just because you're Half Black. You don't even Know what it IS to be an African American in America, because you never even suffered for ONE Day in your Life! And if you did, you have already Forgotten about that day!


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jdjay 11 years 45 weeks ago

Thanks for the posts. Your totally right. The attitude being presented by both parties is simply a defeatest attitude. Both parties no longer have any comprehension of the characteristics that they are supposed to imbibe for being successful political leaders. I like how you stressed attitude as being one of the most if not the most important determining factor. Our whole political system suffers from severe delusions of grandeur. Of course that is primarily because it is just a charade being conducted by corporate elitists who have no real humility anywhere within their hearts. These corporate elitists are simply callous and evil minded men who have lost any real sense of dignity and true self-respect. They have become so puffed-up with their artificial monetary manipulations that they truly feel they are gods walking amongst lowly peasants and slaves. Their primary spokesman is Grover Norquist who is not at all shy about using that very same syntax "peasants" to describe all segments of the middle class, even the highest segment. They are now poised to completely tank our economy and blame it all on our first black president. It is their plan that in 2012 they will pop out a republican drone president and they will suddenly reinvest trillions of dollars to once again prove that they are the modern day saviors of the world. What a drama. I pray today that God somehow transforms their hearts and if that is not possible that He does the needful to remove them from power.

JohnBarrett's picture
JohnBarrett 11 years 45 weeks ago

I think it's time for real backbone. Call their bluff. Where is the fire in the belly of Progressives. We cry and lament about the boo hoo GOP but do we do anything? Take to the streets and take it back. I am so disgusted with the lack of backbone. I live in a auto town, Windsor ON that has suffered as bad as Detroit and guess what, during our last municipal election in October, labour stood on the sidelines as our incumabant Mayor campaigned on outsourcing & privitization. He outsourced waste remouval & parking enforcement after a 100 day strike the year before. Talk about payback. Wake up people, the Tea Baggers have hijacked the GOP and have set the agenda. The beginning of the end of collective bargening, programs that provide saftey for our needy, proper nationwide healthcare etc. I am an American living in a balanced social responsible country called Canada. But the winds of changes are upon us here as well. My advice, BE AFRAID, Very AFRAID.

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Papachuck111 11 years 45 weeks ago

Regarding "Perhaps most tragically, it seems the White House is buying the myth, instead of rolling back the Reagan tax cuts and bringing our jobs back home from overseas. Welcome to the next Great Depression."

Do you really think the White House is buying into the myth? OBOMBA and his administration has helped create the myth! Wall Street and "The Banksters" run the country with the help of the OBOMBA administration that is stacked with Wall Street insiders. Welcome to the final countdown to the end of democracy. The fascist/corporate state has nearly completed its plunder.

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JohnBarrett 11 years 45 weeks ago

You hit the nail on the head.

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TsandiCrew 11 years 45 weeks ago

You asked what we should do? We should ask why the Fed was able to give away and loan and trade away a jaw dropping $16 TRILLION between 2007 and 2010, as discovered by the GAO, without telling Congress or anyone else....and during that time present a hold up note for $700 BILLION while doing it, and why if the Fed had that much money why do we have a deficit or debt AT ALL???

Go here for the story as written by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders: http://sanders.senate.gov/newsroom/news/?id=ca3bd5d9-0ebe-4ee4-a005-9e59f9bc73d2

A few days ago, the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office completed the first independent investigation into the emergency actions taken by the Federal Reserve. As a result of this investigation, we now know that the Federal Reserve provided a jaw-dropping $16 trillion in total financial assistance to some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the world

There is a link at the bottom where, if you click will download a 266 pdf of the GAO report complete with charts and their findings. Our bail out of our banks was NOT $350 Billion. It was more than a Trillion per bank. And they are still losing money because they are not loaning it out.

With this...the GOP has NO RIGHT in creation to ask questions about any spending, nor any right to cut anything. That money could have been spent on recovery in our own country, here, where we the tax payers paid that money. This is absolutely beyond evil!

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d.o. 11 years 45 weeks ago

Thanks mosrite!

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to understand how to respond when they’re talking about public issues with coworkers, neighbors, and friends. This book explores some of the key perspectives behind his approach, teaching us not just how to find the facts, but to talk about what they mean in a way that people will hear."
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