79% of Americans are Dissatisfied with the U.S. Gov

A loss of faith. According to a new Washington Post poll – 79% of Americans are dissatisfied with the United States government. And only one out of four people ACTUALLY think our government can solve the nation’s economic problems. It appears the 30-year effort by Republicans of dragging the good name of government through the mud by running government poorly – is working.

Expect these very same Republicans in Congress who’ve broken our system – to run on a campaign platform next year that government is broken. Unfortunately – what many Americans don’t realize – and what most Republicans do – is that nature abhors a vacuum. And when you shrink government – something has to fill the power vacuum – and that something is ALWAYS corporate power.

Don’t get rid of the government – get rid of too much corporate influence IN government.


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MaryMary 11 years 42 weeks ago

Government is made up of Republicans and Democrats. To lay blame to only the Republicans is short sited. If you believe only Republicans accept corporate dollars, means the problem will never be solved. Both parties share equal fault. Don't expect either party to solve your problems. If you want something done, the best way to get it done, is do it yourself.

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Gene Savory 11 years 42 weeks ago

How about Fundocracy instead of Dollarocracy?

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DRichards 11 years 42 weeks ago

The war on Democracy

Obama Is Implementing Plans For War Throughout the Middle East Created 10 Years Ago by the Neocons

The former director of the CIA’s counter-terrorism center says that American policy in the Middle East is failing because the U.S. doesn't believe in democracy.


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Gene Savory 11 years 42 weeks ago

Thom should get some special effects to show his dripping sarcasm. That would be cool.

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LeMoyne 11 years 42 weeks ago

Of course 4/5ths of US think government can't solve the economic problems because only 1/5th of US are still well-paid. Let's turn all that cynicism about government against the root of our economic and government problems: the money power that has corrupted our democratic government into a oligarchy.

Corporate personhood satisfies neither original intent or logic when based on equal protection. Equal protection for corporations gives the owners and operators of corporations an extra layer of rights defended by lawyers paid for by corporate funds. Granting human rights to corporations creates unequal protection and thereby can not satisfy equal protection.

We the People ~ Move To Amend ~ the US Constitution ~ to Restore American Democracy

A Constitutional Amendment would reinstate campaign finance laws previously struck down under the false doctrine of 'corporate personhood'. It will also allow Congress to free itself from the need to incessantly raise campaign funds. We need a government that will 'Free the Hostages!' instead of threatening support for the elderly and the infirm.

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RLM8 11 years 42 weeks ago


I cannot resist, Peter Farrah. How do you address ignorance so profound. That guy couldn't make up his mind to cross the street without somebody paying him to do it or to write it for him. Case in point the new Exxon Mobil advertisement were some African-American gets up there and tells us about all the jobs that the tar sands will create. My question for Exxon Mobil ,Peter and yours well Thom,

Why is he telling me about the potential jobs in the tar sands in Canada? Exxon Mobil is one of the most profitable corporations in the history of the universe. They should know how to do it, go to Canada create jobs, but instead they have to pander for finances ,for more pandering. American corporations have lost their way, they cannot make it without government intervention. So I don't care about the tar sands I really don't care about Exxon Mobil I surely don't care about Peter. Get the job done shut the bleep up! Exxon Mobil the Coke brothers and all the Republican welfare cases need money to keep fleecing the voters that's what that commercial was about. Telling you about the great Nirvana but instead giving you massive degradation of the environment as in British Petroleum and the gulf of Mexico. Good job Thom and thank you Louise for this form.

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Gene Savory 11 years 42 weeks ago

Commercials are stomping on Thom's conversations. Aggravating to listen to an interaction between Thom and guests when this happens.

TarryFaster 11 years 42 weeks ago

Still getting loud, short commercials right in the middle of Thom's live show! Disgusting to have to put up with these RUDE interruptions!

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RichardofJeffer... 11 years 42 weeks ago

Americans believe all kinds of things. I've never trusted common knowledge.

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louisehartmann 11 years 42 weeks ago

if you're listening on UStream - they have ads that jump in unless you are willing to pay for a subscription to UStream. There isn't anything we can do about that as they have bills to pay too.

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Gene Savory 11 years 42 weeks ago

Is there still an excise tax on telephone bills that was implemented to pay for the Spanish-American War?

People refused to pay this war tax in the 1970s. I was one of those people. One argument was that the phone company was not empowered to collect this tax and act as an agent of the government.

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DRichards 11 years 42 weeks ago

Re: Is there still an excise tax on telephone bills that was implemented to pay for the Spanish-American War?

If the people had to pay a war tax, on a pay as you go basis, then we would have very, very few wars.

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DRichards 11 years 42 weeks ago

Show 929 Pay for It (7-24-11) President Jefferson offers his insight about America's financial problems and what the nation should do about it.


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Lore 11 years 42 weeks ago

So local elections are flipped by 'foreign' interests. which is also the same as issues being brought to many communities to 'test' the waters and then distributed. the mormons attacking maryjuana laws in california. and more ....

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DRichards 11 years 42 weeks ago

"Corporations are people, my friend... of course they are. Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to the people. Where do you think it goes? Whose pockets? Whose pockets? People's pockets. Human beings my friend." - Mitt Romney


raddchad 11 years 42 weeks ago


You are right, that both parties are at fault. But one of the biggest fallacies is that they are equal to blame. Most national news outlets make the same mistake; portray both sides as equal sides of the pendulum. Please don’t make the same absurd assumption that Republicans and Democrats are equal to blame. Most the corporate backed policies, which we adhere to today, are Republican owned.

Imagine a Cash Cow corporation (USA), that has been driven into the ground the last 30 years by bad policies, and then a new ‘black’ CEO takes over 2 years ago, and putting half (or more) of the blame on him.

I would estimate, 10% of the population benefits mostly from Republican policies, 60 % would benefit most from Progressive policies, and 30% would benefit from Democratic policies. Yet the House has a majority of Republicans. Why? -Corporate dollars in our elections.

TarryFaster 11 years 42 weeks ago

Thom just announced that the Taliban broke off peace talks. Since we have run Al Qaeda out of Afghanistan, does that mean that we are at war with a religion? Is this now another very expensive crusade?

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Gene Savory 11 years 42 weeks ago

UStream's rudely interrupting with advertising that pops into the middle of the program makes me less inclined to pay for an account. They should know that this tactic serves nobody.

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Gene Savory 11 years 42 weeks ago

Thanks, DR. One of the problems with the excise tax is that it was hidden behind wordnoise. The consumer had to seek the explanation because the phone company didn't explicitly identify the name of the tax and its purpose.

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DRichards 11 years 42 weeks ago

Is The U.S. Government Preparing For London-Style Riots?

Read the Atlantic piece


See the U.S. Army's CONPLAN 3501

An excerpt from the U.S. Army's declassified civil defense plan.


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Palindromedary 11 years 42 weeks ago

Just a side note: Americans Elect was just on the Colbert Report....remember to look just who founded Americans Elect (Peter Ackerman) and how he made all his money...and what organizations he is part of...like privatizing social security...like overthrowing governments by internal subversion...like associations with the military industrial complex. Even Noam Chomsky warned about one such group Freedom House as being a front for the CIA. In my opinion, he and his organization (now his son runs it), is not a friend of the majority of people...hard working Americans...but is a front for more exploitation of the people by wealthy tricksters. Their facade sounds inviting but it is a trick. Look and investigate before you get trapped into supporting them or signing their petitions.

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RichardofJeffer... 11 years 42 weeks ago

You can listen live to the show on KPOJ (a link is provided on Thom's page) without commercial breaking in during the show. You still have commercials during breaks but not during the show.

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davidkernabraham 11 years 42 weeks ago

Nothing that government does - like the military, Social Security and Medicare, public education - are do it yourself projects. I think we all agree it is not about the Republican bad guys; everyone (well, nearly) is acting irresponsibly, or more accurately, with corporate responsibiliy. As to government getting out of everyone's hair, more often than not the times when government seems to intrude are corporate favors. And THAT is what Thom is talking about.

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slamper 11 years 42 weeks ago

Thom- Government is broken, and you are 100% correct. The problem I am having is everyone (from both sides) uses the talking points of "We need jobs, jobs, jobs"... well that is all great and dandy but HOW COME WE NEVER HEAR WHO IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT?! No media discussions, of any source, talks about in any detail on how we can get manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. . Whichever candidate can capilize on this topic will win 2012.

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Berry 11 years 42 weeks ago

There is plenty of money here and here only to go around. Here's a Interesting piece of news . The US military to Launch fastest plane ever > There seems to be no stopping the adventure feeling of supreme power. No end of thinKing in terms of delivering bombs to us at a much faster pace," whoopee!. "And So, The March goes on ~Oops ~ I mean some kind of victory ~" No, I mean ~ And The beat goes on! http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/aug/10/us-military-fastest-plane-falcon

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jstrahan 11 years 42 weeks ago

This is why the Republicans have been able to get away with very nearly destroying this country. The fault definitely does not rest with the parties equally by any stretch of the imagination. Republicans allowed Wall Street and the banks to self regulate under Bush. The result was very nearly the Second Great Depression due to greed, fraud, and gambling with our money by WALL Street and the banks. The Republicans under Bush allowed the oil and gas industry to self regulate and we got the worst oil spill disaster in history in the Gulf. George Bush inherited a surplus from Clinton and then proceeded to start two wars that cost trillions, cut taxes that cost trillions, and passed the drug prescription bill that cost trillions. None of these were paid for and done off budget. The Republicans fail to include these costs when they talk about how big the deficit was that Bush left for Obama. The Republicans supported the closing of 50,000 manufacturing operations and exportation of 5 million jobs with tax subsidies to those companies guilty. Obama attempted to discontinue paying tax subsidies to corporations exporting jobs and wanted to give these subsidies to American companies that hired Americans and this was blocked by the Republicans. Republicans fought everything Obama tried to do to remove the possibility that we would again bail out banks and Wall Street if event of another collapse and Republicans blocked most of changes and produced a water downed bill to change oversight of banks and Wall Street. The Republican budget for 2012 by Paul Ryan privitized Social Security and Medicare and eliminated these programs as we know them today. The guaranteed coverage provision is eliminated. The Payment proposed to citizens to purchase private coverage would pay only 50% of the cost in the first year, if you can buy coverage.The Republicans have only two programs to offer as they have for 50 years- cut taxes and make government smaller. Trickle down economics has never created one job in our history but has cut jobs. The wealthy are getting more wealthy and everyone else has seen reduction in income. The Koch Brothers have purchased 3 members of the Supreme Court and 100% of Republicans in Congress, plus 60% of Governors. They write the bills proposed by Republicans in Congress and being introduced by State Legislatures, actually ALEC writes the bills. The Republicans produced a down grade of our credit rating by refusing to include revenues and refusing to agree to anything until the last minute which clearly shows they will take this country to the knees just to make Obama look bad. I voted for the REpublicans primarily until 2008 but came to recognize the Republican Party I supported no longer exists. The current party is a cancer that will destroy the way of life for the average citizen. Nearly all Republicans signed a pledge to not cut taxes for any reason which clearly violates the oath they take when they accept office. If REpublicans win in 2012, the U.S. will immediately become a Third World Country with two classes, the wealthy and everyone else. If you are under 55, your future will consist of hoping your children will be able to support you and pay for your health care. The only hope for this country is to put Democrats in control of both Houses and the Presidency.

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jstrahan 11 years 42 weeks ago

The best joke I've heard in years is when Republicans question where are the jobs. If anyone should know where the jobs are it is the REpublicans. How about the 5 million jobs they helped export by Corporate America. Then Republicans rewarded these firms by giving them tax subsidies. Anyone that thinks tax cuts to the rich creates jobs should immediately enroll in a reality class and research history as to the success of trickle down economics. You do understand Obama attempted to eliminate the tax subsidies to job exporting corporations and give them to American firms that hired Americans. Can you explain to me why the Republicans blocked this proposal. I just wrote to Speaker Boehner and made a suggestion that would greatly improve the ability of the average American to understand exactly what is true and what is false, and what Republicans and Democrats stand for. The suggestion was to install two booths on the floor of the House with lie detectors in stalled. Then require anyone making a statement on the floor to be connected to a lie detector, both Republicans and Democrats. I also suggested a siren be installed on roof of the Congress that would make one blast if a Democrat lied and two blasts if a Republican lied. Then for the first time in history we would find out the extent to which Republicans are incapable of making a factual statement. Then for the first time in history we would know what the Republicans really stand for. I suggest a side benefit of this process would reduce comments on the floor by REpbulicans to zero for they appear to believe lying is acceptable and excuse the practice by simply saying it is politics.

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Berry 11 years 42 weeks ago

Have a laugh > George Carlin - American BULL >>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7LvUDCcNss&feature=player_embedded#at=48

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historywriter 11 years 42 weeks ago

If corporations are people, can I marry one?

nikkyver 11 years 42 weeks ago

Were an elected "official" to look at his/her watch, clearly visable by my own eyes, and tell me the time, I would NOT believe them. THAT is how much I distrust ANYTHING our present government says, of any party.

None of the present problems will ever get solved by any party until the voters clean the house and install people that might actually give a damn about the country, the Constitution, and the people that actually make up our society, of ALL walks of life and economic standing.

Our present situation has evolved into power for the party politics with ill regard for it's consequences. The economic situation will stumble along, falling further behind it's present state, until the tax code is revamped into a basis which treats EVERYONE fairly.

That being said, I have damn little faith our government will solve any problem ahead of us, economically, credit rating, militarily, global trade, or otherwise.

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leighmf 11 years 42 weeks ago

Q, Do you think the government will react?

A. Yes, like a nuclear disaster.

Bechtel's answer to rule and regulation was "Become the government." As for General Dynamics, they too becoming the government re-insured our Capitol's final descent into lunacy.

There are terrible disgraces on the heads of our leaders, and I can hardly look at any of them without laughing. This a historyonic side-effect of Linclonapin, no doubt, a necessary medicament due to the present state of things.

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Mark Saulys 11 years 42 weeks ago

The Republicans are not against government, like they say, they are against democratic government. That is why their ideal society seems to be China, now that China has renounced Communism but has retained its police state.
The Republican base moved their manufacturing plants out of the United States because they hate and fear the power of organized workers and the right to organize is relatively well protected in the United States. Initially they moved operations to Mexico but after some time Mexican workers began to organize and won better pay and working conditions in those manufacturing plants. So then the U.S. manufacturers moved their operations to China. Apparently the possibility of workers organizing and gaining power in China seemed unlikely to the big manufacturers since there is such a far reaching and efficient police state and security apparatus there that is unhampered by any considerations of human rights.
Here in the United States, the Republicans speak against big government calling it tyranny while in actual fact, they themselves work against democracy increasing the power of government while reducing the collective and individual rights of the people. Aggressive attempts to take away collective bargaining rights are being implemented in Wisconsin and other states. Imperial usurping of the will of the people is being effected in Michigan. Not that long ago laws like the Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act and the general eroding of the rights of the accused laid a legal foundation for a police state in the United States. New laws and extension of old laws introduced by the Republicans give police and F.B.I. the power to monitor phone conversations and e-mail exchanges without warrants. And it needs to be mentioned that all the many different large and small instances of privatization of government functions are making those areas of government less accountable to the public.

Essentially, the Republicans may reduce the size of government but they increase its power. What they do do is reduce the democratic character of government.
When Republicans talk about "big government tyranny" they are referring not to the rights of free speech and assembly being infringed upon. They support those infringements. They are not talking about the right to a fair trial and freedom from wrongful criminal accusation and conviction being denied. They support that too. They are not talking about the right to be free from government eavesdropping being taken away because they support that too.
When Republicans talk about the tyranny of big government they are referring to government not allowing them to be abusive to the public and to their employees. It refers, essentially, to government not allowing them to enslave, pollute or kill and injure the public with defective products - or, in other words, not allowing THEM to effect a tyranny over our society - since the role of democratic government is to prevent that from happening. Thus using privatization as the primary method, reducing the power and influence of democratic government upon the dealings of business is their ultimate goal. A government that embraces privatization is still powerful, it merely enforces the right of private individuals to enslave and abuse the broader public, putting its power at their disposal, and abdicates its responsibility to protect the public's right to be free from such abuse. Such a government no longer serves the public. It serves only an elite exclusive clique of private individuals. The great ambition of the right wingers and Republicans for the United States is to privatize every function of government and every aspect of life but we already know what a privatized government is. It is a government not accountable to the people, a government that serves primarily the interests of the private owners but serves those of the general public only incidentally. It is a government that can be treated like the personal property of a small elite group of individuals. We had government like that for most of the history of civilization.

It was called feudalism and monarchy.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 11 years 42 weeks ago

17th century enlightenment thinker John Locke understood that good government was an agreement among members of a society to give authority to chosen leaders in order to facilitate this goodness of government. It was a way to improve society and protect everyones natural rights. If this agreement was violated members had a right to resist.

I believe such thinking from the age of enlightenment applys to whats happening right now and 30 years of agreement violation is quite enough. With 79% dissatisfied it's time to RESIST! We can start by tuning out Fox and all right wing mass media and instead focus on the PLAIN TRUTH. Become informed and likewise inform your neighbor and everyone carry this truth all the way to the voting booths. We could end up with at least 79% political satisfaction, enough to bring back fairness in tax laws, trade laws, anti- trust laws, universal creation of labor unions, universal health care, Supreme Court overhaul, etc.... a true representative democracy.

When frustration reaches the level on not being able to discern between political parties just remember who the Tea Party chose to partner up with!

It figures, a job killer would agree that corps. are people!

Is Palin not officially in yet so she can avoid all those darn ?'s related to govt.?

It's a political crime that Senator Sanders is not on the gang of 12!

Renaldo7's picture
Renaldo7 11 years 42 weeks ago


PROBLEM #1...gridlock between the parties; DUH...make all politicians NON-PARTISAN.
PROBLEM #2...career politicians; DUH...one term term limits & no pensions.
PROBLEM #3...overpaid politicians; DUH...minimum wage for all politicians.
PROBLEM #4...politicians as perpetual campaigners; DUH...gone with term limits.
PROBLEM # 5...politicians not representing the people; DUH...all issues voted by popular vote with politicians' issues being advisory only.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DUH, DAT'S ALL, FOLKS!!!!!...for now.

chef dude's picture
chef dude 11 years 42 weeks ago

I think most people don't realize all the good Government has done for the majority of people. As Thom has said the corporations have taken over and now we are exchanging good for bad. The cancer has spread and we may be terminally ill. Time will tell. It is up to us to take our Democracy back. We can not be still and think anyone is going to do it for us this time. Everyone needs to get up and stand up for their rights.

D Richards thanks for the links. The info you provided is relevant for those ready to hit the streets. It will be interesting to see what our tipping point will be this time. The pressure is building and it is a matter of time. I think our government is probably well stocked with weapons to control the dissent. I guess one side effect of our right to bear arms and the Lobbying group NRA is there are many more people with guns in this country. I am not promoting weapons as I don't even own any. The facts are we have too many guns in our population. If serious civil unrest started I see a potential for a big gang fight.

I have one reduction in Government request, downsize our military and end the war The our Government can have more funds to take care of America and her people. We gotta reinvent the 60's and early 70's and find courage to peafully protest and avoid conflict with the authorities as they would love to arrest and inprison us so we can work for the new age of American Industry in the privatized prison system

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 42 weeks ago

PROBLEM #6: Revolving doors....DUH..make it illegal for any politician, ranking military person, or ranking government official from working for private sector jobs that directly relate to decisions made while in office.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 42 weeks ago

There's not "too many guns" in this country...it's just that they are in the hands of the wrong people...because the right people are too eager to give them up believing that the system will protect them! But what if the system is so corrupt...it IS the bully?

The right people would be the ones who know that they may one day need to use them...or those who don't want them but know they must have them to defend their liberty and freedom. The right people would be the ones who never want to have to use them but know that they may have to one day to defend themselves against whatever forces that try to deprive them of their life, liberty, or freedom.

I am a progressive liberal but one who knows that unless you can fight back...the bullies will continue to rule the day. And the bullies know it! They will continue to try to convince their victims that they should not be able to protect themselves.

It is pretty ridiculous to hold the position that you will never have to defend yourself against the bullies and therefore you will never be prepared to do so if you believe in the fallacious idea that someone else will protect you. It might be the very last mistake you will ever make. And it might even be said that one of the reasons why our system has become so corrupt is because the bullies have spent years in manipulating their victims, psychologically, that made it easy for them to bully us out of our homes, our jobs, and our savings...and eventually...our lives... and it was like taking candy away from a baby.

MaryMary's picture
MaryMary 11 years 42 weeks ago

2950-10k Isn't "political crime" redundant?

TarryFaster 11 years 42 weeks ago

I can understand watching a genteel commercial perhaps at the beginning or ending of a segment -- but NOT right in the middle of a live broadcast! What that does, is convert your form of "free speech" into a commercially censored broadcast that is, apparently, beyond your control ... unless you remove them.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 11 years 42 weeks ago

MaryMary: Redundant? LOL- You're absolutely correct, and that makes the decision double bad.

How about this.....It was a shameful violation of sound democratic judgement.

Shaq's picture
Shaq 11 years 42 weeks ago

All political party systems are needed to maintain democracy.

One party system is good because if the right party is in power, things can get done. If it exists too long, the party could gain absolute power, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Multi-party system is good because it allows diverse viewpoints in government. If it exists too long, with no centralization of power within a single party things can't get done.

A two-party system is good because it is a hybrid between a dominating one-party system and the political instability of a multi-party system. But if it exists too long, as it has in the United States, it creates an either/or fallacy. Out of all the complex economic and social issues facing this country, only two options are present-either Democrat or Republican(there are many more than two choices possible).Unfortunately, our two-party system is divided into two sides, both Democrats and Republicans at this point aren't for the American people, they are for the interests of their own party and paychecks(I personally believe the president should be independent, so he or she can better serve the interests of the nation rather than that of his or her own political party).

It's the Democrat's fault for compromisng too much, the Republican's fault for not compromising at all, the President's fault for caving in and not standing up for progressive ideas(caved on tax cuts, caved on same-sex marriage, caved on healthcare reform, caved on the budget deficit reduction deal, which really isn't a deal if the Republicans got 95% of what they wanted),

but most importantly, it is the american voter's fault for voting into power these dumb f*cks in the first place.

David S. Lynch's picture
David S. Lynch 11 years 41 weeks ago

Why certain societies revolt

Thom once said something on air about why certain societies tend to revolt while other societies who are highly oppressed do not.

Thom said (and I'm paraphrasing), that societies who engage in revolution do so because they feel that they have been promised something and that promise was not delivered. Thom may have cited a study that came to this conclusion. I wish I remembered!

Does anyone else remember this? Did Thom write an article on the subject? I would like to find more comprehensive information about this phenomenon. Any help would be appreciated.


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