Daily Topics - Tuesday August 2nd, 2011

The Big Picture "On Air" Questions or Comments for Thom?

Hour One: Debt deal...what's next? Congressman Charles Rangel (D-NY, 15th District) / Plus, "Taking Our Country Back...Wisconsin Recall Elections" - Nancy Nusbaum for State Senate (D-WI, 2nd District)

Hour Two: Korea & South American trade deals threaten more American jobs - Brian O'Shaughnessy, Coalition for a Prosperous America

Hour Three: Debt ceiling deal or "Ransom Paid" - Robert Reich


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duke-rules 9 years 25 weeks ago

Thom, I just listened to your discussion over the hostage bill passed AND enabled by may democrats that call themselves progressive. Near the end of the discussion, I was shocked (..I tell you, shocked) to hear you , of all people, say you would have voted YEA if you were the deciding vote.

It is this uncritical support of Obama that has enabled him to IGNORE and even dis progressives knowing full well that you / they will do as your told. If you, in this hypothetical, had voted NAY, then you would have given the president a change to actually show leadership. Thanks to the dems in congress, we'll never know what the pres might have done, but it couldn't have been worse than what happened.

Thom, I respect your knowlwdge and your point of view most of the time, but IMO, here you have it wrong.

Here are two tests to think about.

1. Would you support him if the president was a repub?

2. Would the dems in congress support the policy if the president was a repub?

I believe these are two simple questions to ask yourself BEFORE you provide unconditional support. As we have seen for the last 3 years, he HATES progressives. Actions speak louder than words.

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duke-rules 9 years 25 weeks ago

And again - in your 3rd hour, you seem to blame dems, progressives and the left for the low turnout in 2010. You're blaming the victim. You're correct, we worked our asses off to get him elected and a progressive majority in 2006. Then we were screwed by the dem leadership. No impeachment, no investigations, kick Howard Dean, who arguabley was the reason that Obama won in 2008, and let's no forget the gentle support of Mr. Rham.

Come on Thom, get real. The DLC hates the base and made sure we knew it EVERY day.

When your partner betrays you, not once, not twice, but again and again, when do you make the decision that you HAVE to make to seperate yourself from the abuser, the betrayer?

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diverd 9 years 24 weeks ago

please give a very brief over view of rava batra's economic view and his market basket us older folks are some what hard of hearing thanks diverd

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diverd 9 years 24 weeks ago

Thom you might want to include a 8 % (you pick the number) of the import tariff / tax to cover pensions, minimum 30 % of gross hourly wage for minimum wage workers to a maximum of 1 % for high wage wage earners (over 3 times the states / County average hourly wage) health care, child care, workman's comp., unemployment insurance and life insurance, plus 401K plans that must be funded in reverse order to compensation of all types including all forms of income or delayed payments and bonuses indexed for hourly wage comparisons. As you would also include to the minimum tax on capital gains high payment taxes based on actual dollar amounts 99% of the tax for a payment that is 3 times the average income of the American family to 1% for the capital gains tax less than or equal to the poverty level of income. keeping the same reverse order for the existing tax percentage of taxes on Bankster trades, putts, takes, transfers, in the securities and bond industry the same reverse order 99% of the existing tax on high volume and or high value trades down to 1% for small 100 or less trades taking into account the dollar value of the stock bond or other security. We would not increase these taxes but we would take a necessary percentage of them to fund these necessities. This would also apply to US corps with oversea companies 99% of the existing tax to fund necessities in the minimum wage this would include county state and federal tax rates now in effect for that wage level in reverse order to the number employees over seas vs the number herein America as to gross receipts. Banks doing business in or within the US take the tax they are now paying and apply the same principle put the percentage of the money that stays in the local community(city county state) and tax it at 1% and what ever the tax is on what is left that leaves the city county and state and put that tax at 99% this must apply to State and Federal income tax in the same manner.

I know you might think this as far fetched but it is not: example; Negotiated IBEW union members have 30% of their gross hourly wages put in a annuity that is invested for them to grow as a retirement fund. they also get full health care and all other employment perks. this compensation is just for the "tramps" who are not employed because they either choose not to work full time and take advantage of natural disasters mutual assistance calls that pay time and one half and double time pluss meals and housing or utility contract lineman that are employed daily but get to go on mutual assistance disaster call such as hurricanes for the same good benefits. Detroit Edison lineman do not get this nor do other lineman employed by major utilities. they are under local agreements.

Detroit Edison is a self insured health care and life ins and pension program company, which is not unusual in the utility world. Back in 1990 I tried to get Det. ed. to put the union in charge of the health care and pensions as they were currently funded by negotiated contracts according to congress Erissa (i am sure i miss spelled the law name) and Redissa laws. Congress sets each year. Much to my surprise Detroit Edison was very interested and the deal only fell threw because a strike vote came and when the settlement came all negotiations were discontinued. Two years ago (2008)after they (Det. ED.) eliminated the 60 full time health care employees and changed management firms several times they informed the union they were willing to participate in a Verba health care program. because of union politics I was not asked to participate. the point being companies are victims of right wing politics and there costs and inability to find competent outsourced companies that don't cost them a arm and leg are affecting their bottom line to the point they are looking for better answers.

these are costs of doing business. If people like you, who have the public's ear speak often enough and clearly enough on how the "new" economic practices that governments must include to insure all the things that a economic powerhouse like the U.S. must have to compete in a world economy. "progressives may wright the new policies." I honestly believe if i could use what you, Big eddy and other progressives have helped me understand I could create a "venue" that would put the nation back to work in less than a year. I have experience at doing just such things at a considerably smaller scale but all the same parameters used before are still there. "The venue" Jobs, fair taxes, debt, necessities of today's world, the picture the masses hold of not for America are my parameters. Its like an old time paperboy who new every customer on his paper route, what each bread earner did for a living all their children the effects of rock and roll and how digital watches and color TV's tubeless tires new roads and two car families effected his bottom line. How capitalist like Henry Ford, paperboys, nonprofits like soccer clubs trying to start and compete with all the other existing things available to families, "become successful", to-days small business owners who would give you anything you asked for for a good high quality minimum wage employee. Progressives must take the parameters of the world we live today and come up with a plan that all Americans with out knowing what is happening around them bite into.

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to understand how to respond when they’re talking about public issues with coworkers, neighbors, and friends. This book explores some of the key perspectives behind his approach, teaching us not just how to find the facts, but to talk about what they mean in a way that people will hear."