At least one Republican has Gotten the Message

At least one Republican has gotten the message. Senator John Thune from South Dakota told a local newspaper that if he’s learned one thing during this August recess holding town hall meetings with constituents – it’s don’t cut Medicare and Social Security. Thune told the paper that that message is one that he’ll be taking back to Washington, DC. Of course – the rest of the Republican Party still doesn’t get it.

That’s because they’re either not holding ANY town hall meetings, or they’re holding private, corporate-funded town halls that charge constituents 40 bucks to ask a question, or they’re busy keeping “watch lists” to intimidate their constituents from asking tough questions.

Either way – John Thune seems to be the only Republican who’s actually doing his job – and listening to the American people who are in lock-step opposition to the Republican’s radical agenda.

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