Hell no you can’t!?

You need to know this. “Hell no you can’t!” In a speech yesterday – Speaker of the House John Boehner slammed President Obama’s “American Jobs Act” – calling it a “poor substitute” for actual job creation policies.
But a week ago – when President Obama unveiled his plan – Speaker Boehner seemed open to negotiating on it. So it looks like Eric Cantor and the rest of the Tea Party Republicans who’d rather see the economy crash than Obama succeed – once again stuck the shiv in Boehner and told him, “no deal,” just like they did in the debt-limit debate. Instead of the “American Jobs Act” – Boehner put forward more of the same Republican proposals to create jobs – more tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires, and transnational corporations – the so-called “job creators” as pollster Frank Luntz calls them – and more deregulation to that the Republican Party’s corporate overlords can keep making profits off poisoning the air we breath and contaminating the water we drink.
But this is great news for the President – because now he can put his Harry Truman hat on – and run against the Republicans in 2012 – as the Party that’s against job creation in America.


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what now toons 11 years 27 weeks ago

Gee Boehner says the Job creators are on strike, because they want more tax cuts before they hire anyone! Once again the party of no won't play fair, well my latest What Now artoon is all about these so called job creators and all the tax cuts they have already received!

It's up on my site now


left of center political cartoons!

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Ursel Twing 11 years 27 weeks ago

Obama Predicts: His Plan Will Cost $235,263 Per JobBy Fred LucasSeptember 16, 2011

(CNSNews.com) - President Barack Obama said at a fundraiser held in a private residence in Washington, D.C., on Thursday evening that the $447 billion American Jobs Act he has proposed will create 1.9 million American jobs—which works out to a cost of about $235,263 per job.

“It’s estimated that the American Jobs Act would add two percentage points to the GDP, and add as many as 1.9 million jobs, and bring the unemployment rate down by a full percentage point,” Obama said, according to the official White House transcript of his remarks.

Obama did not say who made the estimate in question, but his remarks mirrored the conclusions of an analysis made by Mark Zandi, the chief economist for Moody’s Analytics. “The plan would add 2 percentage points to GDP growth next year, add 1.9 million jobs, and cut the unemployment rate by a percentage point,” Zandi wrote.

In a fact sheet published by Office of the Press Secretary, the White House itself has estimated that president’s new jobs plan will cost a total of $447 billion.

$447 billion divided by 1.9 million equals approximately $235,263.

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Ursel Twing 11 years 27 weeks ago

Senator Casey Breaks With President Over Jobs BillSeptember 15, 2011 8:32 PM

(Credit: KDKA)

Reporting Jon Delano

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pennsylvania’s senior Democratic official is breaking away from President Obama when it comes to his jobs bill.

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey says the president’s legislative strategy won’t work.

Casey was one of the first Democrats to endorse Barack Obama, but now he thinks the president’s jobs bill needs to be broken apart, he told KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano.

“I’m afraid if we tried to pass one big bill, I think there’s a lot of skepticism about big pieces of legislation with all kinds of different component parts. We should break this up.”


Casey says Washington is gridlocked with too much politics to allow passage of a single jobs bill as pushed by the president.

“Even without presidential politics, it’s complicated by the politics of Washington. You’ve got too many people here that spend their whole day trying to score political points instead of working together.”

Casey says given the politics, the only way a Republican House and Democratic Senate will enact any jobs legislation is a different strategy that allows all ideas to be considered separately.

“I believe it would be much more likely if we break it up,” says Casey. “Why not have a series of votes on job creation strategies – five votes, 10 votes, I don’t care if it’s 25 votes.”

“We should stay here as long as it takes to vote over and over on the most important issue that faces the American people and that’s jobs.”

Casey says he doesn’t support everything in the president’s bill but thinks one idea could pass — the extension of the payroll tax cut for working Americans which he says led to job growth earlier this year.

“One of the reasons is that we passed a payroll cut that put a thousand bucks in the pockets of most working families.”

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mwalkerco 11 years 27 weeks ago

Where do I sign up for one of those $235K jobs? - and I absolutely wouldn't mind paying my fair share of taxes on it either!

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rocklinjohn 11 years 27 weeks ago

"...now he can put his Harry Truman hat on – and run against the Republicans in 2012 – as the Party that’s against job creation in America."

Sheesh Thom, you mean he's not going to run on his glowing record?

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Chippy55 11 years 27 weeks ago

I like to think outside the box. Mostly about how I got stuck inside the box in the first place. Did I bring a boxcutter? What if it's not cardboard, but petrified wood, do I have a sawzall? And then will the Dust Nazis at the EPA fine me, and I'l have to go on the lam, eating lamb chops and wearing Jiminy Glick glasses like a certain Press Secretary. Hmmm, what would Chef Shippe think of those lamb chops anyway. Has America finely awakened from its coarseness. Were Nevada and New York just the begining, or the end if you consider the sublimation of those 63 other House seats that those Mommy Boys vacated. Did Pelosi secretly cause the massive turnover from center dotted left lineage to far right political patronagealistic wocka wocka zim boo baaah. Natzee Nanzee caused the loss of leadership in the House because they were staring at her botox and her giant bosoms. They gnu specificalliness that they were gone. We are now happiness as a Nation. 63 + 2. THE SENATE WILL FALL in November 2012 along with the lost radical, left wing, Muslim, ideologue ev-ah. And finally the Country will be back, Jeem.

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jstrahan 11 years 27 weeks ago

He has no choice. He closed a lot of doors when he caved to the Republicans on multiple issues. His biggest obstacles to re-election is not the Republicans. It's Democrats who state they are disappointed with Obama and will not show up at the polls. This happened in 2010. In addition, there are those brain dead individuals who want to throw out all currently in office irregardless of their individual records. Look at what happened in District 9 in New York where the Jews bought into the garbage that Obama is not supporter of Israel. As a result I have moved from a supporter of Israel to a non-supporter because it is difficult to support stupid. Obama is in trouble because the majority of Americans have no clue as to reality. They seem not to comprehend Bush and REpublicans created all of the mess we are currently in but still offer only the same solutions of cutting taxes for the wealthy and deregulating Corporate America which caused our economy of nearly crashing. How do you run against ignorance?

jstrahan's picture
jstrahan 11 years 27 weeks ago

Like I said. Obama's biggest problem is not the Republicans. It is the Democrats. The Senator has chosen to separate himself from Obama because he thinks Obama's chances of re-election is waning. As badly as I detest Republicans, they don't ever fail to support their leaders, regardless of how bad their position is. There is no Democratic Party but a lot of people with a sort of country club relationship. What the Senator does not seem to grasp, the Republicans have declared war on American citizens who do not support the REpublicans platform that unions are a disease, the leaders of corporate America are Gods, American citizens do not deserve a reasonable standard of living that provides reasonable protection for their families' support as do the executive of this country, the elderly do not deserve a safety net that allows them to live out their lives outside poverty and charity, the corporations have the absolute right to maximize profits by polluting out land, air, and water, they have the right to steal our investments and gamble with our money to support an amoral life style, they have the right to charge whatever interest rate the market will bear, they should be immune from prosecution from fraud or producing products that kill Americans, etc. Casey has not gotten the message that Republicans have established they are bought and paid for by Corporate America, and will never again allow Democrats to pass legislation that is not consistent to what Corporate America wants. Playing nice with Republicans is gone. They started this. If we don't finish it by Americans getting in the street and demanding equal treatment with the corporations, our way of life is over with. If you don't believe me, wait a few years and look around at what will stay with us for many years.

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dowdotica 11 years 27 weeks ago

...from the wall street journal...Repubicans have argued that any revenue raised from closing loopholes should be used to lower tax rates, not for more government spending....

boehner is a true American idiot. As are all who would believe for one minute in the sheer level of crap the tea baggins feed people. think about it! the statement itself is stupid. ...Used to lower tax rates? hu, wha? seems the loopholes should be closed first and foremost to dig us out of the hole a certain contingency of both right and left wing corporate shills have put us in!!! Oh and by the way?? catch The Hell A times (L.A. Times) and read about how the bankster ahve managed not only to rip us off but how the fore closure situation is having a shittier effect on those of us "WHO" are financially responsible. Where the hell is my bail out.!

and for those who keep baggin on the brotha. I am dying to hear your solution! for all the bloggin from the noggin I've read here rare have I read any real ideas. Save for my own and some other really good ones. The man has been getting the shaft by a bunch of fat white cats that have yet to freekin evolve and even moreso with the level of dissent they have created may not only succeed in getting rid of him but of the dumoquaks don't start standing up and getting on the same page then we, for sure, will be headed toward darker ages.!!!

whose going to sit on the fence with me in the center and drink beer when it all hits hte fan. MORONS,MORONS,MORNOS,MORONS, Gosh dag nab it, I made my head hurt again!lolol;

wigsalon's picture
wigsalon 11 years 27 weeks ago

here's a scenario for you

the USA keeps bickering ..with nothing getting done ..while other countries slowly get smarter ..and wealthier ... and ...we become more like Mexico (that place had it together 200 years ago) ..and when the price is right,they come in and buy this country ( they have already started ) ..

how do you like that?

- dems vs republicans ... thats where it ends ... if we keep this up

the UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA ... ( typo on purpose )

its nowhere either party will want to bring up kids ...

David Abbot's picture
David Abbot 11 years 27 weeks ago

Yes, I'm sure Obama will stand up to the republicans and the other fascists. And do you know why? I'll tell you why: I'm taking up a collection for Obama to go to China a get a cojones transplant- they'll remove those two tiny little things that have atrophied because he's never used them, and they'll give him a huge set from a very tough guy who got run over when he head-butted a railroad train. Yessir, you'll see a new Obama, he'll be the scourge of the republicans.

ginico55's picture
ginico55 11 years 27 weeks ago

Well, let's publicize that all homeless shelters across the United States will be renamed Boehnerville, Cantorville and McConnellville!

Dizz Quixote's picture
Dizz Quixote 11 years 27 weeks ago

Seeing as how I can't post a comment directly, because there is no obvious link, I'm inclined to just hit reply. It's the only thing that opens a comment box. As for Barack, based upon his entire White House history, I don't expect him to emulate Harry Truman. Nearly every cabinet appointment has been ineffective, from Treasury to Justice. I expect Barack to allow the repubelicans to weaken or simply ignore his latest offering. I just don't think that Barack has any backbone for dealing with a totally regressive Congress. Just as Weiner's seat was taken by an unknown repubelican, countless others will fall in the next election, if not legitimately, by voter fraud of some sort. Barack has shown very little leadership. I'd be surprised if he actually takes advantage of the lunacy of the teabaggers who continue to drive our country into oblivion.

ginico55's picture
ginico55 11 years 27 weeks ago

I hate it when people try to be misleading by dividing the cost of the bill by the number of jobs and ignoring the infra structure that will be updated. You also ignore that it will move money through the economy and hopefully jump start the economy back. Now if we could get the "do nothing Republicans" to actually do something besides cut taxes, we just might be able to do something for all of the people!

George Reiter's picture
George Reiter 11 years 27 weeks ago

There is more than meets the eye. The Republicans Congress are acting as if there is no electorate, and the evidence seems to be compelling. The Exit Poling that used to happen happens no more. With the corporate control of the election process with electronic voting machines in just a few swing states leads to more questions about our democracy...

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Ursel Twing 11 years 27 weeks ago

PoliticsSolyndra Not Sole Firm to Hit Rock Bottom Despite Stimulus Funding

Published September 15, 2011

| FoxNews.


In this May 26, 2010, file photo, President Obama, with Solyndra Chief Executive Officer Chris Gronet, looks at a solar panel during a tour of Solyndra, Inc., a solar panel manufacturing facility, in Fremont, Calif.

Solyndra, the solar panel company whose highly publicized failure and consequent investigation by federal authorities has flashed across headlines recently, isn't the only business to go belly up after benefiting from a piece of the $800 billion economic stimulus package passed in 2009.

At least four other companies have received stimulus funding only to later file for bankruptcy, and two of those were working on alternative energy.

Evergreen Solar Inc., reportedly received $5.3 million of stimulus cash through a state grant to install 11,000 photovoltaic panels installed at 11 colleges and universities, a recycling facility and an education center in Massachusetts.

Related Video

Lawmakers Question White House Role in Solyndra Scandal

Did administration know about troubles of green energy firm before $535M loan was given?

The company, once a rock star in the solar industry, filed for bankruptcy protection last month, saying it couldn't compete with Chinese rivals without reorganizing. The company intends to focus on building up its manufacturing facility in China.

SpectraWatt, based in Hopewell Junction, N.Y., is also a solar cell company that was spun out of Intel in 2008. In June 2009, SpectraWatt received a $500,000 grant from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory as part of the stimulus package. SpectraWatt was one of 13 companies to receive the money to help develop ways to improve solar cells without changing current manufacturing processes.

The company filed for bankruptcy last month, saying it could not compete with its Chinese competitors, which receive "considerable government and financial support."

On Tuesday, Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman wrote an editorial for "USA Today" in which he blamed China in part for the failure of U.S. solar energy manufacturers to compete.

"Winning will require substantial investments. Last year, for example, the China Development Bank offered more than $30 billion in financing to Chinese solar manufacturers, about 20 times more than U.S.-backed loans to solar manufacturers," Poneman wrote.

"Unfortunately, expanding production has coincided with short-term softening demand, a product of the banking crisis in Europe and its wider economic effects. The combination has had a dramatic effect on the price of solar cells, which has plummeted 42 percent in the past nine months. This has taken a serious toll on solar manufacturers everywhere, including the U.S," he continued.

On Thursday, White House spokesman Jay Carney noted that the U.S. is on track to double its renewable energy production in 2012, but it will require commitment in the U.S. to grow.

"We have a choice to make as a nation, because we will be buying renewable energy products, you know, whether it's wind, biofuel, solar, whether alternative -- rather, you know, advanced battery technology, we're going to be buying that stuff. Do we want to buy it with a stamp on it that says 'Made in America' or are we going to buy it from the Chinese or from other countries?" Carney asked.

"We have to be aggressive in competing in the global economy. And, you know, high-tech clean-energy industries are going to be key to winning this century economically."

But Republicans balk at claims that the Obama administration can decide which companies are winners or losers, and questioned a plan to approve $10 billion more in loans before the stimulus program expires.

"Solar panels have been subsidized by the federal government. States' governments are also subsidizing or giving taxpayers write-off on their tax return. And yet, these solar panels cannot make it in the competitive world without all these subsidies. And even with them, China is flooding the market with this cheap labor and the solar panels just don't make sense," House Energy and Commerce Oversight and Investigations Subommittee Chairman Cliff Stearns R-Fla., told Fox News.

"So I think the administration is on this fervent religion of green jobs and clinging to the idea that solar panel is the answer and it is not the answer," he said.

Another winner of stimulus who ultimately lost is Mountain Plaza Inc. Despite declaring bankruptcy in 2003, the company received $424,000 from the Tennessee Department of Transportation as part of a grant aimed at installing "truck stop electrification" systems that allow idling truckers to plug-in during extended stops and turn off their exhaust-belching, environment polluting diesel engines.

Mountain Plaza had filed for bankruptcy protection again in June 2010. TDOT, which received a $2 million stimulus grant from the Environmental Protection Agency for the project, said it didn't learn about the bankruptcy until October, but it is closely monitoring the project.

Elsewhere, Olsen's Crop Service and Olsen's Mills Acquisition Co. also failed despite Olsen's Mills receiving $10 million to increase employment, add equipment and machinery, refinance existing debts and work capital for operations and acquire land. The payout -- part of a $64 million package to nine rural businesses in Wisconsin for economic development loan assistance -- was delivered in January 2010, after Olsen's Mills filed for bankruptcy protection for defaulting on a $60 million bank loan.

Chuy2875's picture
Chuy2875 11 years 27 weeks ago

Yes but we would also fix our erroding bridges and roads that the poor corporations need, get people off unemployment and improve our states. Oh but I forgot you don't care about that stuff just deregulate the same corporations that got us into this mess in the first place, give the big businesses tax breaks, and let them bring money they made on american backs tax free? This is the united states of america not united states of corporations, remember by the people for the people.

john@meyelecco.com's picture
john@meyelecco.com 11 years 27 weeks ago

It is easy these days to point out that our nation is lost in a complex web of socio-econonomic catastrophes and so on.

It is easy to complain.

It is hard work to build anything that even has a 50% chance of working. As a licensed electrical contractor for 30 years I have witnessed an expanding disconnect between what my customers expect and what can actually be done in real time. And real cost.

Expecting an electrical contractor to fix electrical systems after decades of neglect is like expecting a politician to fix economic systems after decades of neglect. It can be done but it takes a lot of time and expertise to do it.

If the expectation is that someone will come along who can fix it without the work it takes to do it, then the necessary work will never get done.

In a world where sound bytes dictate decisions it is no wonder that foundational structures have come to such a state of disrepair.

My grandparents grew up without electricity and consequently did not depend on it for every day life. My parents grew up with 1st generation electrical systems and quickly learned to depend on it to do their work and provide for their families.

Will my children need to learn how to do without electricity?

All that I can teach them is to never take it for granted.

I don't know what else to do other than pray that there are enough American citizens left who remember what happens when systems fail.

Old Kel's picture
Old Kel 11 years 27 weeks ago

"Under God"?

I pray that the so-called "christians" who feel the need to bring religion into politics become enlightened just enough to see that Christ, at least in all I have read about his teachings, was concerned that we learn but two : to love God with all our heart, and to love your neighbor just as much (everyone is your neighbor). In most Republicans and many Democrats I feel there is no real love for God, and I see in them no real love for their fellow citizens. Money is only as good as the good it does. This does not mean that there should be no rich people, rather that there should be no poor and starving people.

I see few in the House or the Senate fighting to end poverty...in our own nation..."under God".

NPTPETE's picture
NPTPETE 11 years 27 weeks ago

I certainly hope he does. This continued impass in congress has to STOP! America is in crisis and under seige by the top 1-2% of the population/transnational corporations/lobbyist and the US Supreme Court rulling of citizens united. The President MUST continue to appeal to the majority of the people and mobilize the citizens to FORCE congress to ACT.

NPTPETE's picture
NPTPETE 11 years 27 weeks ago


How many OIL wells have dried, or have polluted our water, GAS drilling failed, or for that matter COAL minning and NUCLEAR disasters can we allow to continue? Yet we provide subsidies to these mega-conglomarates, who take our tax dollars and our high paying jobs overseas.

As Americans, we need the continued support of our entrapernural initiatives by our government (US - the citizens of USA) and we need to take steps to demand of our elected officials to formulate a level the playing field when it comes to our trade agreements. The failure here, of our investment dollars is MOST attributable to the lobbyist and corporations that DO NOT want competition and our trade agreements with China and others.

1961arnie's picture
1961arnie 11 years 27 weeks ago

HAVEn't WE HEARD Enough to know that we need to thow these moron out of congress?

spudder's picture
spudder 11 years 27 weeks ago

Man oh man, I can not stomach these republicans any longer. It is so easy to see their only desire is to please the CORPS. they are taking bribes from, they NEVER think about the people they are supposed to be speaking for. They talk about saving S.S. for the children, but then they turn around and try to do away with the E.P.A. so their DEMON MASTERS can ensure they will not have a planet to live on. I have no idea how the election in 2012 will trun out. I see the republican win in N.Y. where all the dem's live, and I can not understand why they are not out in the streets with rakes and shovels to kill the monster. What is it going to take.

SueN's picture
SueN 11 years 27 weeks ago

How many bridges, roads and other infrastructure will America get as well as the jobs?

Laurel Nelson-King's picture
Laurel Nelson-King 11 years 27 weeks ago

Finally found the comment box :-) I truly hope President Obama takes a page from the Harry Truman playbook. American people, we have a decision to make. A very crucial decision. Will we let a right wing fundamentalist, science denying, obstructionist, mentally unstable minority complete the transformation of this country into a banana republic oligarchy (look it up) or not? I fervently hope not. I continue to support President Obama and will work for his re-election as there is currently no viable alternative. I vote EVERY time, by the way. Peace.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 11 years 27 weeks ago

We will never make it to the next election.

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