It’s the end of the line for Troy Davis

You need to know this. It’s the end of the line for Troy Davis. Davis was denied clemency by a Georgia paroles board today in a last ditch effort to save himself from lethal injection scheduled for tomorrow. Davis was convicted of murdering a police officer in 1989 – but today – nearly all of the witnesses who implicated him have recanted their testimony and are now claiming someone else committed the murder.

Not only that – there has never been any hard evidence – be it a murder weapon or DNA - to tie Davis to the murder. Yet – he’s still slated to die. Hundreds of thousands of people have signed petitions to save Davis’s life – and former President Jimmy Carter – as well as the Pope have come forward to stop the execution. So far – nothing has worked. Davis’s lawyer said about the decision today, “I am utterly shocked and disappointed at the failure of our justice system at all levels to correct a miscarriage of justice.”

So with that - our nation could be just hours away now from putting an innocent man to death.

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