More Evidence the Psychopaths have taken over?

Not only is Governor Rick Scott killing jobs in Florida – he’s also bragging about it. Speaking at a CPAC conference last Friday – Scott touted his record of laying off public sector workers. With an unemployment rate at 10.7% - way above the national average – Scott said, “We’ve had plenty of success so far…we have 15,000 less government jobs in the state of Florida.” Upon hearing that – his audience cheered – which isn’t too big of a surprise since Republicans have cheered executions, sick people dying, and homophobia – why not cheer job losses too. Then Scott repeated the same right-wing talking point that “government doesn’t create jobs.” Right – tell that to the mailman, the police officer, and the teacher.

Since President Obama took office – more than half a million government workers have been laid off in mostly Republican states – which is the real reason why our nation’s unemployment rate is still above 9%.


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GT21 11 years 26 weeks ago

Dear Louise and Thom,

Amen to both of you.

Yes: the vengeful psychopaths and sociopaths have taken over America and the apparatus of the government.

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otchmo 11 years 26 weeks ago

People cheer while Children/Family and Elder care beneficiaries are serviced by fewer and fewer employees; prison guards lose their 'public' jobs, but can serve new private prison masters (for less money and fewer benefits). Why do (middle class) people vote against their own best interests?? It's been theorized that they envision themselves joining the elite. Here's another theory:

Class warfare, hmmmm. Why are middle class people willing to support and vote for candidates who do not serve their best interests? Why would someone who knows they will soon (if not already) depend on social security or Medicare or unemployment benefits to subsist, put on ridiculous headware, raise an inane sign (usually with misspellings), and wildly cheer candidates whose dogma is diametrically opposed to those social policies? An interesting answer was presented the other day on the Crooks & Liars blog. The entire article can be found at but the condensed version is this:

It’s usually assumed that the reason Americans specifically don’t want to see taxes raised on the rich is because, in spite of driving a defunct GM brand four-door, they think of themselves as the “soon-to-be rich.” But a paper published in the National Journal of Economic Research in July suggests otherwise. They offer that it’s not hoping to be on top that makes us not want the wealthier to be taxed more – it’s the fear of being at the bottom. It’s referred to as “last-place aversion.”

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DRichards 11 years 26 weeks ago

Re: Why working class people identify with billionaires.

Part of it is denial. My sister in law comes from a dirt poor background, yet sympathies with billionaires. (Her second marriage raised her social status to middle class).

She is also a fundamentalist (from a long line of fundamentalist), thus the other reason is that the democratic party supports a woman's right to choose and gay marriage. For fundamentalist; that is all that matters. For my sister in law, the republican party is the only choice.

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Trixi Wu 11 years 26 weeks ago

Thom Hartmann, you need to fight harder for us progressives. Prepare better and stop letting bullies like Seaton Motley push you around. His arguments are easy to parry.

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Arrgy 11 years 26 weeks ago

Is in your face, corporate fascism always unsuccessful because of how many people it screws? Time to end another dark era of american history.

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David Abbot 11 years 26 weeks ago

They're the first cousins of the German people that Hitler hypnotized in the years prior to world war one. They are either people who have made a lifestyle of being angry and blaming others even when there's no problem to blame on the "others," or they very angry for completely personal reasons. They key is that they must be ready and willing to blame all of their personal problems on "them," (which could be black people, Mexicans, American teachers, American government employees, or whoever- they're not particular about who they get mad at). Well, actually, they are particular in one sense: they will NEVER blame the rich people who sent their job overseas, never blame the rich people who foreclosed on their house, never blame the rich people who charge them 29% interest on their credit cards, and never blame the rich people who have screwed them in other ways. No sir, even though it really is the rich people who did all of those things to them, they only blame the people the rich people tell them to blame. They blame the nigras, the wetbacks, and the big government. The latter is sort of interesting, because the only protection that we have from the super-rich people IS the government. If and when the government completely stops protecting us from the super-rich, we will have two choices: be slaves, or have a revolution.

I'll repeat my refrain: when the poor southern crackers and the just-as-ignorant northerner republicans and tea partiers realize that the rich have been leading them around by the nose while stealing everything from them, they're going to be... irritated. And these are people who have been very carefully trained to view all problems as being solved by violence.

You know, at first blush, the rich people who are running this destroy-the-middle-class-and-steal-the-poor-peoples'-last penny program, look smart. But I sure wouldn't want to be them when the crap hits the fan... In fact, even now one of the fastest-growing businesses in America is the business of protecting rich people from the poor people they stole all that money from. What a way to live: always looking over their shoulder for someone who wants to harm or kill them, having to live in gated communities (even if they don't want to live in gated communities, they HAVE to, because they're scared of the people they have harmed), always worried about their families' safety. There's an old saying: Uneasy rests the head that wears the crown, and it was never more true than now. I feel sorry for those people who, for all of their education and all of their airs of superiority, never learned that there is always a cost for harming others, and there is no way to avoid that cost.

I would rather be poor, than to pay the many costs that the super-rich pay.

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jstein7444 11 years 26 weeks ago

Gov. Scott's career will be coming to an end soon......he is laughable...don't know how he even got elected - he is responsible for the largest scam against Medicare - can't believe he didn't do jail time - he paid a fine and now he is Governor of Florida - what is hysterical is he is demanding drug tests for public employees and he owns the company that is going to do the drug testing...

Considering the Bush name will leave a stain on this country's history, the Tea Party is right behind him -

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t-bird 11 years 26 weeks ago

Far too many on the political right wing in America use Ayn Rand's psychopathic philosophy (Objectivism) as their playbook which is ironic, given Ayn Rand was pro-choice and a devout atheist. According the the philosophy, fictionally expounded in "Atlas Shrugged" (and confirmed in face-to-face interviews), Ayn Rand considers that most people are worthless and the government is irredeemably evil. The rest follows.

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Elioflight 11 years 26 weeks ago

I'd say they are hybrid anarchists: the political belief that governments should be abolished and the state replaced by the voluntary cooperation of individuals and groups (from The New American Encyclopedia)--who instead want the cooperation of the military to aid in policing a corporate state. They sure do sound like they want to destroy the government and democracy and replace it with corporate slavery, I guess. I'm mystified...horrified....

Sound gastly and like something dreamed up only in science-fiction--oh, right, they don't believe in science, but they do live and breathe fictions every day.

Do human beings really want to live in a world like that? Haven't we been down that road before? It's similar to fuedalism (where humans/countrymen were used and discarded for amusement and enrichment of a lucky few)--not like facism, because didn't facists (and Nazis) feel and demonstrate, at least, nationalism and well-being toward their countrymen?

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jamesfittz 11 years 26 weeks ago

The one word answer to your question is Republicans.

To t-bird: It's a fantastic experience whenever I come across another USAF pilot who thinks. You must be even older than I. The t-birds were out of the inventory when I was a phantom flier back in VN days. Thanks for making me a believer in the possibility that there are other progressive "Nam" vets. I know but a few!

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Palindromedary 11 years 26 weeks ago

Quick! Someone give those Tea Baggers some white sheets and hoods and some more flammable crosses and books to burn.

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2950-10K 11 years 26 weeks ago

For a government employee to make a comment that "government doesn't create jobs," and then brag about laying off 15,000 fellow government workers is extra hypocritical in Scott's case given his involvement in the biggest Medicare fraud in US history. Leeching off the tax payers has helped create his massive wealth and if he really can't see this about himself, then yes, he has a serious neurological disorder .......psychopathy!

CharlesN 11 years 26 weeks ago

They are ill,
DRichards, spotlighted my family
Stockholm syndrome...

Who is "Joe the Exec"? Time to find out.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 11 years 26 weeks ago

Palindromedary: How about we get rid of their big screen televisions and give them a book to read called ....The Grapes of Wrath!

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delster 11 years 26 weeks ago

I don't understand. I believe the more that share in the wealth the merrier the party. I gladly pay taxes and I really hope and pray it supports employment. Saving jobs and new employment with living wages

is good for everyone, and I mean everyone. I don't think I need to explain the return on the investment

as far as improving society, ending social unrest, securing family values, and creating a model society for the world. What can't be understood by the Republicans. For me its all about giving and feeding multitudes with loafs and fishes. I have faith that this works. A few folks will have to be willing to give in order to receive. As far as I'm concerned it is all about caring for one another and it is in the giving that we all receive. I am self employed and have been for 30 years. I know my job is to circulate wealth.

Clients, vendors, employees, etc look toward the most activity as if your a light drawing a crowd. So for me it is not about financial hording it is about financial supercharging. I'm more interested in flow

than reserve.

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chef dude 11 years 26 weeks ago

I am one of the unfortunates that live under the reign of terror. We are fighting back but our state dynamics are very depressing. Our Government hides from us and avoids crowds, Governor Skelator doesn't care if he is a one term Governor. One term is all he needs to gain the riches holding office brings. Those who can afford to pay or better buy their office with corporate sponsors will guarantee their retirement. Meanwhile back at the ranch the cowboys are contracted and privatized, and the treasury is depleted by giving cash back rewards to the elite who financed the crook to begin with. I am thankful and supportive of PINK SLIP RICK and their efforts to chase Skelator like Scooby Doo and his crew at every public event; where they can reach him as he slinks around like one of the Pythons that have invaded our Everglades.

My take is our Corporate media is complicit in creating a state of Mass Hysteria and the culture of Empire. By choking free speech, faux news reporting, and developing programing that promotes their corporate agendas the majority of our nation is drinking their Coolaid. Two weeks before Troy Davis was MURDERED the debate brought the death penalty into the public eye and unfortunately it was made to be heroic. Fast forward to none other than Clarence Thomas. I imagine him dressing up into the robe of Caesar and having a party with the other emperors, Scalia, Roberts, Alito and Kennedy joining in for a thumbs down for Mr.Troy Davis, who deserved more investigation to uncover the truth. Our Supreme Court contains more hubris than the coliseum can hold as evident from the Liberty Tv News who highlighted the corporate sponsored justices, and the un justice Scalia bragging that his role in Bush vs Gore was because he could do it and no one should question him, demonstrating absolute power corrupts absolutely. This mass media and its low information audience attempt to take our country hostage just like the Tea baggers and Republicans do in Congress.

What is truly sad is some of us are cheering murder, killing the sick and poor, and marginalizing anyone who doesn't fit their narrow view of an ideal American. Governor Skelator is a leader in the pack on the race to the bottom. His view and the radical right's ideals are promoted and funded by the DeVos Family and others who profit at the expense of the middle class and below. Here in Orlando we are hoping Alan Grayson will be our HE MAN and he will conquer evil and return some democracy to one of the Reddest states in the Nation.

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stevnP 11 years 26 weeks ago

I'm thinking of Perry and these "Tea Baggers" as THE AMERICAN TALIBAN--political/religious extremists bent on taking over our society and government. Yahoo had an article by Morgan Freeman calling the Tea Party "rascists". They're more than that: Their war against the poor, the middle class and the social/physical infrastructure that supports that society and the Marketplace they seem to worship make them downright un-American. Thom used the term "sociopaths" on the radio show this morning; I think its the same kind of group insanity that grips people in various dictatorships that cheer The Leader and participate in atrocities. It's that rascist anti-social mentality that seems to lurk just below the surface of the Conservative viewpoint.

We gotta keep spreading The Word!!!

Femlin's picture
Femlin 11 years 26 weeks ago

I suggest that Messrs. Santorum and Perry consider a much more DIRECT method of ridding society of the "predators" or "takers" - or whatever pejorative the comfortable choose to condemn the needy - the homeless, those unable to function and earn a living, the lame, etc. Take a page from Vlad Dracula - 15th Century inspiration for the entertainment version.

He decided to round up all the beggars he could find - the lame, the halt and the homeless - and invited them to a grand feast. Once they were good and drunk (and had eaten a lovely meal), he set fire to the hall, immolating every last one of them.

We're not very far away from VLAD when people will APPLAUD at the notion of letting someone die who doesn't have health insurance, or being put to death on death row.

Maybe Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged has been dumped in favor of more effective methods a la VLAD.

dr_jmk's picture
dr_jmk 11 years 26 weeks ago

As a clinical psychologist who teaches about such matters, I must respectfully disagree with Thom's characterization of the cheering Republican audience as psychopathic.

As Thom stated, there is indeed some evidence that Wall Street is populated by a disproportionate number of persons who could be characterized as psychopathic (as defined by Robert Hare, the psychologist who pioneered the study of psychopathy). Just yesterday ThinkProgress reported on a stock trader who dreams longingly of another recession as an opportunity to make money, utterly indifferent to its social consequences.

That Republican audience is better understood as exemplifying the authoritarian personality style, as studied by Canadian psychologist Robert Altemeyer. (His work was cited extensively in John Dean's book, "Conservatives Without Conscience.")

Authoritarian followers do not meet the criteria for psychopathology. Their apparent lack of compassion for others -- be these deathrow inmates, persons without health insurance, or gay soldiers -- stems not from the biological incapacity for empathy characteristic of psychopaths, but rather from the harsh, rigid value judgments that distinguish between "us" (those who conform to the accepted norm) and "them" (those who differ in some respect).

Unlike the indifferent lack of concern for others displayed by true psychopaths, these authoritarian followers are actually very passionate. (It's very doubtful that a true psychopath ever would shout out the way we observed during the debates.)

Frankly, inasmuch as the evidence suggests that a neurological deficit underlies psychopathy, the callous disregard for others displayed by authoritarians is perhaps more egregious.

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leighmf 11 years 26 weeks ago

My extensive collection of scientific, historical and genealogical data illustrates this wicked generation under discussion was spawned of occult heresies, employment of vile witchcrafts, unnatural rites and practices, lengthy journeys into mysticisms for obtaining powers, insider thievery of the Treasury, massive networked patent and trademark lies, and the spilling of innocent blood.

Do snakes hatch out of snake eggs? My biology book says, "yes."

Further, with the Eugenics Society of 1907, they decided amongst themselves that inbreeding would keep money in the family, which fuels their belief they are best qualified to lead others.

Is robbing the graves of Indian Chiefs for a Society called "Skull & Bones," or stealing the ashes of Steve McQueen for a yacht decoration within the range of anyone's expertise in diagnosing this condition? My ancestor the Chief was poisoned by their predecessors. Why is the Skull and Crossbones used on POISONS, not just pirate flags? In fact, someone should see if there is still a skull inside Grant's tomb.

"Psychopath" is too soft a word for their case. It is called Scottish Rite, whereby our "subjects" evolved into a functionally insane faction of the cult.

The insane faction has existed here in the financial community since at least 1890:

1890: Commenced business in U.S.: Caledonian Insurance Co of Edinburgh, U.S. Branch, 555 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT

1890: The Lincoln National Bank, Washington, DC chartered

The Pre-scott Bush State produced the Scott Walker hybrid. As for Rick Scott, he's just another Dick.



DJ Pullstart 11 years 26 weeks ago

Simply stated. Nothing personal, just business. The Grand Oligarch Partnership is liquidating the asset they call the middle class.

Alan Lunn's picture
Alan Lunn 11 years 26 weeks ago

Here in Kansas (Brownbackistan), we are seeing similar dynamics. Brownback is a fundamentalist/Catholic and close friend of Rick Perry, and you can see what kind of Republitopia they are building in Texas: a post-modern feudal state. They have a mindset that goes back to Madison and Hamilton, Machiavelli, and even Plato. Republicanism is about elite rule, and in America it has been about managed democracy, which became ever more managerial in the past thirty years as we behold the new corporate regime.

The bottom line is that republicanism is anti-populism. Any group like the tea party, working with Republican dogma, is being duped. Middle class people will always be squashed by right-wing policies, and if you give them too much rope they'll hang you while praising God.

What we are seeing now is the rise of governor-dictators. They aren't above cheating in elections -- the ends justify the means -- and they have no concern for science, "social justice," or government. They just want to privatize everything, which means make a profit off of you. And Bush showed us that the American dream is now world conquest by hook or crook. And here come the fundamentalists-in-tow, hoping the GOP will "obey God." Maybe they the same way Hitler did.

jstrahan's picture
jstrahan 11 years 25 weeks ago

Florida is a special place. They threw a hissy fit when Congress threatened to eliminate Medicare Advantage that provided gym memberships paid for by Medicare members who did not participate in the Advantage program. Then they applause laying off thousands of teachers, firemen, and police officers. Remember they are the ones who elected this Governor who was guilty of largest fraud scheme against Medicare in history. What a state.

jstrahan's picture
jstrahan 11 years 25 weeks ago

You give me hope Alan. A reasonable person in Kansas. I did not think this was possible. It appears you know exactly what you are dealing with.

jstrahan's picture
jstrahan 11 years 25 weeks ago

Don't you think it is time we liquidate the Grand Oligarch?

CharlesN 11 years 25 weeks ago

Be armed and aware, there was a conclusive complacency in 1980 that asserted until it was too late to change tack effectively that Ronald Reagan was too radical to win. These people seem psycho to rational people but there nothing rational about the subsets.

Consider the 20% of Americans that believe the rapture will occur in their lifetime; who hold down jobs, raise their kids, or the other 20% not sure of the when but sure nonetheless it will occur. The first group is categorically maladaptive and the 2nd just needs a critical mass of momentum and to paraphrase the ending of the following article, Indeed, the tribulation will be upon us.

Why the Antichrist Matters in Politics, NYT 2011-09-25

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