A National Tragedy - 1 in 4 Children Living in Poverty

One in four children in America are now living in poverty. According to research from the University of New Hampshire based on the latest census data – there are 15.7 million poor children in the nation – that’s 2.6 million more children than in 2007 – prior to the Bush recession. Researchers also noted the consequences of child poverty saying, “Children who are poor before age 6 have been shown to experience educational deficits, and health problems, with effects that span the life course." The red state of Mississippi has the highest rate of child poverty in the country – at nearly one in three.

This is a national tragedy – and one that was conveniently left out of the Republican debate last night – as not one person on that stage has an answer to address poverty in America.


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jdjay 11 years 27 weeks ago

Hey Thom,

Two new words I found in the Huff Post today. Tea-laban and tea-rorists. Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I had said in my last post that maybe something will happen around the 26th of this month but it doesn't seem very likely. It doesn't seem to be legitimate but honestly the NASA scientists are so limited in their understanding and yet so overconfident that a higher power may find it appealing to prove them wrong.

I also wanted to bring to your attention the work of a man named Edgar Cayce. I don't know if you are familiar with him but he was an authentic prophet of the modern era (1877-1945). Mr. Cayce could give a patient's diagnosis and treatment simply by hearing their name. He didn't even need to see them in person or get any description of their symptoms. He had what many would call a "sixth sense". Anyhow, he was a devout Christian in the most authentic way in that he truly wanted to keep God in the center of his life while improving the quality of life for everyone and everything. He also used his sixth sense to explore the missing account of Jesus and made the determination that Jesus was raised in the Jewish Essene culture. Cayce predicted that some manuscripts would be found that would comfirm this and it is said that the Dead Sea Scrolls do, in fact, confirm the Essene connection. (I believe he may have even predicted the year that the scrolls would be found). This is significant because we don't really have a culture associated with the life of Jesus. More/less he has been classified as an independent who was in a class by himself, when in fact, he was to some extent the by-product of a very specific culture, the Essenes, potentially. Anyhow, Cayce provides some insights for anyone looking for unconventional means of accessing the missing details of the life of Jesus. A wealth of knowledge can spring from just a few of his insights.

Most people say that Cayce failed to predict the correct year that Jesus was to come down to earth. Cayce said that Jesus would return around the year of 1998. I am skeptical but I try to keep an open mind. Jesus may have taken birth that year and maybe does not consider himself to be Jesus at this point. He would be about 13 right now and maybe doesn't yet know what he is here for, yet. Anyhow, just trying to keep it fresh for you Thom.

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tempmike 11 years 27 weeks ago

@jdjay And that has what to do with the audience response during these debates?

You can believe what you want about Judgment Day, but, to quote your hero:

"Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are the meek: for they shall possess the land.
Blessed are they who mourn: for they shall be comforted.
Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill.
Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the clean of heart: for they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

We can't give them all the heavenly things here on Earth, but maybe we can work now to give them what they are promised. Should they have to wait for judgment day before they can be comforted? Or have justice?

I think if we look at the people cheering for 234 executed people and yelling to let the uninsured die we'd know they aren't Christians.

To quote a song I remember:
"They will know we are Christians by our love"
But all I hear is hate.

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chj777 11 years 27 weeks ago


The Missiah [whose name was not jesus, nore had he ever heard that name before] Was an essene or more correctly a Natzerium. Numbers chapter 6 &8 and Paul in acts 18;8. So was his parents, Marium and Yosseff. If you can understand all of the natzerium way you will know what Edgar Cayce was. You will also know why he missed the day of the return and why he will not be born of flesh again.

tempmike the word christian comes from the helenistic Greeks word crist yanna which means druged idiot and they live up to that difinition daily. The helenistic Greeks thought the apostles where freeks and where degraded them by calling them druged or drunken fools

Thom your caller on Wensday quoting scripture about thy shall not kill is wrong the hebrew reads thy shall not committ murder and an eye for an eye was wrought in the TORAH and only aplies to the person that harms a fetus. The messiah said you have heard it said not it is written. The saying part was the Cohen or priest preaching man words and not following YAH's word.

Question is it better to teach a man to fish or give him a fish?

answer if you give him one you better make sure you can give him one the next day for ever because you are taking away his need to learn. don't hate and be mean to the poor.

Also in the essene culture it was a sin to feed the poor they could go scrounge for food anywhere you could only give clothing for dignity to cover their nakedness clothing was harder to come by than food.

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mrallnaturall 11 years 27 weeks ago

hi thom and all who marches for freedom of speech ,the right too votes without diebold computer the right to have our nation lead by someone who have never accepted $$$ FROM ANY CORPORATION WHO DONT PAY TAXES SEND OUR JOB TO CHINA/INDIA ETC WHO SPYING ON THE USA ..I AM SOO SCARE FOR MY COUNTRY THEY WANT OUR FUTURE TO BE LIKE THE HAVE $$$ AND THE HAVE NOT!! EITHER YOU WORK FOR EVER AS SLAVE OUR YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATE





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mrallnaturall 11 years 27 weeks ago





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mrallnaturall 11 years 27 weeks ago



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Alan Lunn 11 years 27 weeks ago

In recent years, as economic fear has been trending, we have seen this increasingly shrill, un-civil war growing. I have had online discussions with tea partiers both in e-mails and on Facebook. These otherwise good people have treated me to insults, rage, dodging of questions, never reading the material, dumping continually on Obama, birther crap, sending outrageous viral right-wing e-mailings with easily disprovable and outrageous distortions in them, and literally cussing me out -- I could go on and on. And it all gives me this eerie feeling that we are experiencing a kind of fascist mentality (as in Germany in the 1930s) in people I would never have expected to act like that. And since we're all encountering this in the culture and the social network and in media, it's an alarming and disturbing trend.

One of the early sources of this sometimes maniacal rage came through Glenn Beck. I watched Beck to try to understand it and soon found the same conspiracy theories and a new kind of magnified John Birchism. Now we are witnessing serious candidates for the presidency that not only don't make sense, they say really, truly crazy s*&#. And what's worse, it's not a joke. They mean it.

I almost hate to admit it now, but I was a fundamentalist Republican back in the days when the Moral Majority was being taken for a ride by Ronald Reagan and as we watched the unfolding dynamics of the archaist Christians and the dynamist corporatopians joining sides. Now I look at it all in dismay and a kind of wonder. We can only imagine what kind of nightmarish thing this is becoming. These are truly strange times, and in the midst of it we have to look for great things, too. In those pressure cookers, sometimes, novel and new ideas emerge, and progress somehow surges forward.

dianhow 11 years 27 weeks ago

GOP Tea Vangelicals claim to be good moral Christians..but they become more hateful / vengeful as time goes by. This should alert voters to what they are really about. I am not very religeous but I know Jesus said ' Heal the sick Feed the hungry ' Not 'let them die / Let them starve .' We must ' Beware of False Phophets ' in this election time. They are devious and dangerous and can manipulate people quite easily .

dianhow 11 years 27 weeks ago

Alan Very well stated Thanks

dianhow 11 years 27 weeks ago


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scarrino 11 years 27 weeks ago

During WWII, millions of Americans grew "Victory Gardens." They grew their own food, learned to prepare and preserve what they grew. It may seem simplistic, but many rural communities have the resources and residents with some spare time. With a little local leadership, many new communal gardens could be started in the Spring of 2012. Also, many people can plant and water a few favorite food plants at home. This would at least partially supplement their children's diets. We aren't going to get much help from the government, which is trillions in debt, now or in the near future. It's really time we Americans start helping ourselves whenever and wherever we can.

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heg 11 years 27 weeks ago

I was in finance and banking (opening banks in 3 foreign countries over 17 years) for almost 40 years, retiring in 1999 when it was sort of acceptable to use the word banker and integrity in the same sentence. I have potential solutions to these and many other of our nations problems.

I can identify a group of 200 million Americans who have one very important motivation in common (an affinity group) & would all, more than likely, vote for a proposal I have to fix our broken economy, broken political system & deteriorating democracy. In addition I have identified $5.3 trillion in saves or increased revenue (over 10 years) without touching the 3 entitlement programs. I’d like to meet with you (or at least talk by phone) to discuss these things. I need help. I cannot do this alone. My ideas are the best you will hear to stop the insane squabbling in congress and get our country back where it belongs!!!

You can contact me at mccgreeneh@gmail.com


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producer1 11 years 27 weeks ago

The recent debates and the now happening CPAC convention here in Orlando basically give us concrete proof that Neanderthals did exist and still do. Kudos to my friends who demonstrated at CPAC yesterday and today.

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David Abbot 11 years 27 weeks ago

The debate is an attempt by wealthy fascists to see how far they can get their followers to act against their own interests, to get them to say, "We want you to execute us without evidence, we want to fight in wars whose only purpose is to make you more money, we want you to steal what little money we have left, we want you to ship our jobs overseas, and we want you to drug us into oblivion. In short, we want you rich people to treat all of America's middle class and poor people as slaves."

But sooner or later- and I'm betting on sooner- the middle class and poor republicans will realize what the rich are doing to them. And when they do, what do you think will happen?

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jstrahan 11 years 27 weeks ago

Thom, you nailed it. What's most disturbing is that these people may actually win total control of our government in 2012. Imagine the consequences. Democrats refuse to play the game on the same field as the Republicans and we may all suffer as a result. Elections in this country certainly are not an endorsement for democracy. I told people 40 years ago that maybe 50 people run the world. I believe it is more true today because it appears anyone can be bought. There appear to be no real independents remaining but mostly people who are Republicans and have not wanted to admit it. Anyone dumb enought to believe Obama should suffer the ultimate penalty for not solving the worst crisis in 80 years in 3 years with one hand tied behind it's back is clear evidence of how easy it is for Republicans to lead some people by the nose by repeating untrue accusations. This country will tank in ways most people won't believe until it happens.

forkare 11 years 27 weeks ago

Well said, Dianhow! These morons do not speak for real Christians any more than the Taliban speaks for Islam.

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2950-10K 11 years 27 weeks ago

Amazing, we're in the midst of a global economic melt down caused by guys like ROMNEY..... and the gay soldier gets booed?

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Elioflight 11 years 27 weeks ago

Poor children cannot vote or buy products or serve any interests of the adults mentioned, so they have no voice and do not count. The thought of poor children would serve only to remind these "adults" that their selfishness has consequences, something they avoid thinking about, at ALL costs.

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leighmf 11 years 26 weeks ago

Perhaps we could start a No More Hating movement whose members would look upon non-members as anal sphincters.

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2950-10K 11 years 26 weeks ago

My wife has been teaching for 30 years, 10 of which were spent as a Head Start teacher. She knows the ill effects of childhood poverty first hand. Her comment to me .....trickle down stress and frustration from parents not being able to provide even the most basic needs for their families is especially harmful to the children's emotional well being and is truly heart breaking..... !

My comment....May those who have caused this economic terror someday experience their own Dicken's nightmare!

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GT21 11 years 26 weeks ago

Dear Thom and Louise,

Thank you for RT and your program and all that you do. I just want to respond to the question that Thom asked last week after the disgraceful lynching of Troy Davis.

Yes: America is indeed a nation of vengeful psychopaths. Psychopaths and sociopaths.

Look no further than the House Republicans. All of them.

God bless.



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greg.logsdon 11 years 26 weeks ago

well the democrats should have gave more money to the candidate here in Kentucky 3 years ago if we want to get this country back on track senator no is getting what he wants all the time and that is 70 percent of what laws he wants to pass to bring this nation down McConnell is the problem he the most power in the country and he knows it.by the time the dems figure this out it is going to be to late.we know they are changing things to there advantage,on redistricting the states and rigging the poles.

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