Will you be Watching President Obama or the Packers Thursday?

Speaker of the House John Boehner made history yesterday. After President Obama requested a joint session of Congress to announce his new jobs plan next week – on September 7th – Boehner REJECTED the request - and instead suggested Americans should choose between watching the President or the opening day of the football season. According to the Senate historian – never in the history of this nation had Congress ever rejected a presidential request for a joint session of Congress. Never. And, by the way, never in this history of our nation has a president ever had to produce his birth certificate, either.

Never in history has a president been called a liar by a sitting Supreme Court Justice during a State of the Union address, or been heckled as a liar by a southern Congressman. In the end – President Obama gave in to Speaker Boehner’s demands (once again) and agreed to September 8th. So ultimately – yesterday turned out like every other day. It started with the president wanting to talk about jobs – the Republicans sabotaging that effort – and then President Obama caving in. So, we’ll all get to watch the debut of “Governor Good Hair” Rick Perry in the Republican debate, instead of hearing the President share his jobs ideas with Congress. And the following night, the President goes up against the Packers and the Saints.

While I'm rooting for the President, I'm guessing most Americans will be watching the Packers. At least that's the Republican plan.


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bobhirst 11 years 29 weeks ago

The jury is certainly out as to why the conflicting time slot. Clearly, if anyone in the WH has been watching MSNBC (and many say they watch...they don't listen, apparently) would know that the "debate" that the anti-Americans would be staging would be on just about the time they wanted to interpose their request for time. Clearly, nobody in that coven wanted to allow President Obama to make noise so close to their slot...so they screamed. They were kind of right on this. What the President could have done is forced Congress back a day earlier. Or...he could simply have announced his speech for broadcast at any time of his choosing without Congress. Watching Dems stand and applaud while the anti-Americans sit on their hands is not really valuable TV anyway. Dumb move, WH.

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BETTY HILL 11 years 29 weeks ago


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isaidso 11 years 29 weeks ago

Party politics is for SISSY'S. Don't be a sissy! Another speech by Obama? That's as bad as another debate by the Republicans. Ha! Ha! Hey wake up people. These entitled freaks couldn't solve our problems if God Almighty handed them the plans. I say go do ANYTHING else and you move straight to the front of the line

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fgr1111 11 years 28 weeks ago

We The majority of The People who voted Obama into office, need to treat him the same way the people who want him out of office in 2013 treat him, since they are the only ones getting his attention.

There isn't anything I want to watch about Obama anymore. He's done as far as I'm concerned. And who the next president of The USA will be, is the (d)emocrat's "Leadership" failure, not mine.

uriahheep 11 years 28 weeks ago

he is a caveman by his own choice. He continued to give a the Republicans the stones and mortar for his cave and continues to help them in its construction. I would definitely say he is a caveman he has caved so many times that it's no longer a question of will he cave merely how fast.

I have come to the conclusion that he is what in the past would have been a moderate Republican. I will not be watching his speech nor will I be watching any sports event. When the elections, I will vote for Obama though I will be holding my nose. The choice is quite simple either him or the extreme reactionary Republicans.

What a disappointment he has been. He had the opportunity to be calm a new Roosevelt and instead we got a Woodrow Wilson if not a downright Neville Chamberlain

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