Big victory for the Occupy Wall Street movement....

Bloomberg backs down. A showdown between Occupy Wall Street and the NYPD was averted this morning – when Mayor Bloomberg and the property owners of the public park where demonstrators have been camped out for four weeks now delayed their plans to have the park cleared and cleaned up. On Wednesday – Bloomberg notified demonstrators they had to vacate the premise by 7am this morning – or face arrest.

But instead of leaving – demonstrators who feared this was merely a ploy to break up the occupation – spent all of Thursday cleaning the park themselves – then locked arm and arm and surrounded the park this morning daring the city to arrest them. Ultimately – no police action was taken. Once news got out that the park would not be cleared – a handful of demonstrators – armed with brooms – marched to Wall Street vowing to “clean it up.” A handful of arrests were reported during that march.

All in all – this is a big victory for the Occupy Wall Street movement – and a real sign of strength to force three-term Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the police to back down.


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Rick in Canadia 11 years 33 weeks ago

Aside from direct actions such as boycotts of the big banks, maybe the most productive actions for these protestors and their supporters would be voter registration, themselves for sure, but friends or others as well.

The banking system isn't going to change before the election and it never will if the Republicans can win or steal another election.

If anyone wants reform then registering the disenfranchised would be the most productive action for those able to protest or their supporters all across the country.



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leighmf 11 years 33 weeks ago

I'd like to see a mob of models dressed as French Maids descend on Wall Street, with feather dusters. When approached by Police they can say "Poo-poopie doop," and give them a Godiva chocolate.

Hey Angelo, how about using HOLLYWOOD MODELS, INC. aka The Walt Disney Company/Berkshire Hathaway?

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Bandy Legged Ma... 11 years 33 weeks ago

Hah! I can see the bumper sticker now!

Follow your nose! Vote Koch / Cain 2012!

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Drew Peacock 11 years 33 weeks ago


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jkh6148 11 years 33 weeks ago

FOR six months before the 2010 elections JOHN BOEHNER & ERIC CANTOR constantly asked """PRESIDENT OBAMA the AMERICAN people want to know: where are the jobs""

EVERYONE please make BOEHNER choke on his own words - send him this message:


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jkh6148 11 years 33 weeks ago

THE TEA PARTY just had 2-3 hour rallies.

OCCUPY WALL STREET is a 24/7 one month and counting movement.

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leighmf 11 years 33 weeks ago

I couldn't hear it, but Vot a schtupit vebsite.

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sae 11 years 33 weeks ago

Trying to share this as much as possible

NYPD run over the leg of NLG Legal Observer with motorbike

Democracy Watchdog Action Network

crowd of marchers. One person was run over. CONFIRMED...Person run over was NLG Legal Observer. Will add more info to this pic as it is received! NOTE: The bright colored hat beside victim is the official NLG hat that legal observers wear so that police they can be identifed by police and protesters. CONFIRMED: LEG BROKEN

UPDATE: Attorney Gideon Oliver, a member of the National Lawyers Guild, confirms that the man seen in this harrowing video is in fact a legal observer for the NLG, and that he was arrested and then hospitalized. He's currently in police custody in the emergency room. We'll update more as it comes in

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louisehartmann 11 years 33 weeks ago

thanks for the updates sae...

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Palindromedary 11 years 33 weeks ago

Lars and the Real Girl goes to Washington...well, maybe only Ohio. Ryan Gosling, of Lars and the Real Girl fame, quite popular these days, since he stopped making love to Real Dolls and gets it on with a very real one, Evan Rachel Wood in The Ides of March. I wondered why the whole theater was packed with young people...looked like they are still in high 11:30am on a Friday. Is school out? Or was this a class trip sent by a Republican teacher? Anyway, from what I could understand the movie was about wasn't very flattering to politicians, in general, but the Democratic party, in particular. The crowd broke out in applause after the show but I couldn't tell if they were all young Republicans or just really liked Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, and/or Evan Rachel Woods. Are the Koch Bros., and their ilk, financing anti-Democrat propaganda movies in preparation for the 2012 election? I wonder! Anyway, maybe a new movie will be made showing Republican Candidates thumping their feet under airport toilet stalls.

Praise be to the Occupy Wall Street movement....true patriots doing their part in true democracy.

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David Abbot 11 years 33 weeks ago

As traitors who have been bought and paid for, the mayor and police will do whatever the hyper-wealthy Wall Street fascists order them to do. The mayor and police are not allowed to think for themselves; they will do what the fascists tell them to do, even if it's against the law or against the Constitution. One would think that those puppets would find that a life of blind obedience humiliating, and yet for decade after decade they keep doing it. Go figure.

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blazintommyd 11 years 33 weeks ago

I imagine that the people that have Power over the Police want to avoid the sort of thing that happened in Berkeley, California with People's Park - the arguments are the same i.e., Private Property and I recall from the Mayor Lindsey era there were similar arguments regarding outdoor cafes in Greenwich Village. I think Gov Cuomo would ask President Obama to send in the National Guard if Giuliani asked him to (whether on behalf of Bloomberg or someone else like Koch) without giving it much thought other than this could be good to garner GOP support for his re-election or election to the White House and - I hate to give them ideas since they have none of their own - I'm sure that the right wing especially the White Christian Southern Democrats would Love to lay this - as a test - on Obama. BTW Thom your Columbus Day Show was absolutely awesome I Loved it.

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fatfax 11 years 33 weeks ago

All Out Revolt !!!!

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jar047 11 years 33 weeks ago

I agree , but if there is something to the recent claims of potential 'voter machine fraud , even voter registration may be in vane !

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Palindromedary 11 years 33 weeks ago

Thom was on the Bill Maher show tonight...but he was surrounded by loud mouthed, idiot, Republican twerps.

Then watched the Iraq Secret War Files documentary on Link TV. Very highly recommended.

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ProgressiveTwo 11 years 33 weeks ago

Hopefully, the police will focus on protecting the nonviolent Occupy protesters and try to filter out the lawbreakers who have been sent there to tarnish the protest.

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mwalkerco 11 years 33 weeks ago

NY backs down as Denver goes brownshirt! Didnt anyone see how our illustrious democratic Gov and Mayor squashed toe Occupy Denver crowd with riot gear and arrests? It's mayor Daley all over again... but at least it wasn't 4 dead in Ohio!

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PLSzymeczek 11 years 33 weeks ago

The people took away the mayor's stated reason for having the park cleared out. Any action against the people by the police should be seen for what it would be - an effort to quash dissent and stifle the right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly for the purpose of petitioning the government for the redress of grievances.

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mcowley01 11 years 33 weeks ago

The Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading world-wide. See this:

I'm from (and in) UK. Lived in USA 2005-2007, know all about Fox Snooze and all that. Love Thom's daily afternoon radio talk show (still get it on internet). Love you guys - you must get an NHS (National Health Service). Your society is becoming so vicious (eg Bill O'Rielly, Hannity & Colms, Tea Party, etc, etc.).Listen to a UK radio talk show phone in and it's like a kindergarten - just innocent chit-chat, what a diffference.

Hope you can straighten it out before the Corporate Greed Melt Down.

Mass (and regrettably violent) revolution seems to be the only way forward.

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stonesphear 11 years 33 weeks ago

Creativity that isn't for sale is a formidable force. Pitch forks and torches pail to brooms and dust pans thanks to creative minds in the right place at the right time. More of this. Perhaps stations offering a cup of hot tea as reward for helping clean up the mess ?

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cygnus1 11 years 33 weeks ago

FEMA Gives Man Disaster Aid; Now Wants It Back With Interest & Fees Added On

A victim of Hurricane Ike who got assistance from FEMA now says that “helping hand” has become a slap in the face.Clay Gates applied for federal funds after Ike pushed four or five feet of saltwater through his La Porte home.Gates says he jumped through hoops, showing officials every picture and document they asked to see.

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cygnus1 11 years 33 weeks ago

Here is a former posting which you may have missed so I will post it here for you.- Cygnus1

For as long as the money system is allowed to develop in a society, no amount of revolution or protests are going to change the economic climate of the nation or that of the world.

The 1% cannot relate to you, the less fortunate or the poor. Nor do the majority of the 1 percent care about you, they only care about what you can do for them. The 1% give to charities but only for the purpose of tax writeoffs.

The United States is being held hostage, as many other nations are, by Israel's itinerary. The United States itinerary is Israel's itinerary. Just look whose payroll your sons and daughters are on in foreign countries murdering innocent people all for the corporate dollar. Wall Street is no different than the IMF, World Bank or foreign run Federal Reserve. The 1% put the economic squeeze upon whomever they please and the media belongs to them. It is one big onion skin.

All a revolution will do will bring about a change in policy of who will be the next dictator working for the onion skin whether that dictator will be a President or otherwise and which elected ones (including Congress, etc) will abscond with your money. In this all nations are tied together and whenever a so-called leader steps out of place with Israel's agenda, that leader will find him or herself either assassinated or blacklisted by the United States government run by lobbyists who work for Israel's finest interests.

Take a look at the new maps: there is no Palestine. There never was supposed to be. And Israel's enemies (for Israel makes them enemies) in the Arab world are infiltrated with CIA and Mossad and Blackwater posing as revolutionaries murdering the other revolutionaries around them, and creating chaos in order to place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the present governments in order that they be overturned and puppet regimes put in their place. Blackwater creates infighting among the revolutionaries so the oneness of development of character will never take place. This oneness is what makes Israel strong, because the U.S. dollar is handled in many ways by the ones working for Israel.

The U.S. military is handled by Israel as is NATO, and the governments are infiltrated by Israel. This is why British policy was once changed from placing arrest warrants for Israeli war criminals who came to Britain into a policy which would see not one arrested.

Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel (which is not a nation for it has broken every nationhood rule of the U.N.) walks freely into one of the most restricted sites of the United States of America and that is the Pentagon, where he gives the orders and meets President Obama who is also indebted to him for his position in the White House, behind closed doors.

Do your homework and you will see the onion skin and the connection the money system has made worldwide, by whom, and to your detriment.

If you are going to suceed in regaining back your nations, one by one, you must learn to first come to an agreement to work in the oneness using thousands to millions of eyes to pick out those who would upset the apple cart a second and third time, then to establish an entirely different system conducted solely of paradisical itinery as utilized upon other worlds. Should you accomplish this then you will not only get your country back but you will suceed in building your paradise right where you stand.

Everyone waits for the next life (after presumable death) for a hope to enter into paradise. I tell you this: You are already in your "future" life and are now given the opportunity to once again try to build your paradise from scratch.

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Palindromedary 11 years 33 weeks ago

Violent police crackdown against the 99% movement in the middle of the night in Boston

if you look at your source code you will notice that your href=" was missing: "" and you had a doubling of "blog/2011/10"

I don't know why your code was messed up...somethng to do with a server maybe? I am not an expert...or even close to being very knowledgeable about these things as I am just learning it myself...but in the event you don't know it can view your source code by clicking on one of the buttons in your browser. My browser is the latest version of FireFox and I click on the down arrow just to the right of Firefox at the top left. Click on Web Developer, then on View Page Source. This will display all of the code from this web page include your code. Then do a Find or Search for some keyword you "Violent" (had to hit Find 3 times to get to your code. You can compare your code to what I used to see the differences. Hope this helps!

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cygnus1 11 years 33 weeks ago

Thank you for that. I just copied and pasted and I was logged in when doing so. Maybe I should not have done that as well. I will look into it.

Here is Wallstreet occupying Washington D.C. against the people and then those thugs arrest those who bravely occupy Wall Street!

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cygnus1 11 years 33 weeks ago

Wall St. Bankers Dismiss Protesters as Unsophisticated

Without a coherent message, the crowds will ultimately thin out, Wall Street types insist — especially when the weather turns colder. They see the protesters as an entertaining sideshow, little more than flash mobs of slackers, seeking to lock arms with Kanye West or get a whiff of the antiestablishment politics that defined their parents' generation.

Louis XVI said much the same thing.

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Palindromedary 11 years 33 weeks ago

30 people were arrested while waiting in line trying to close their Citibank accounts. I just watched the video of them being arrested by those fat white-shirted ticks in NYC. Man, what is this country coming to? Thanks Cygnus1!

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cygnus1 11 years 33 weeks ago

Breaking: 30 Citibank customers arrested for closing their account

Was just watching Global Revolution live stream where they were live at a Citibank in LaGuardia watching the police holding 30 customers in a Citibank branch where they were in line to close their bank accounts. There was a large group of protesters outside chanting various rejoinders to the bank officals and the police, who seemed to be their in force. The livestream chat is still buzzing about the arrests and you can see various Citibank numbers passing by to call in protest, especially the Citibank customer relations number.

When the people have control of the money through Quantitative easing then the money will be issued for the benefit of the people BY THE PEOPLE! If you, the people take your country back, YOU, YOURSELVES, CAN PUT THIS IN PLACE - UNTIL THE GOOD SYSTEM IS SET UP! YOU DO NOT NEED PRESIDENTIAL DECREE (WHICH WOULD NEVER COME FROM ANY U.S. PRESIDENT BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WORK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BUT WORK INSTEAD FOR THE 1%) ONCE YOU TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY!



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Palindromedary 11 years 33 weeks ago

Here's another video of about a dozen cops dragging a woman bank customer away into a dark corner and then more cops moved in and surrounded the area in case the crowd moved to save her from these letches. She seemed just like a normal woman wanting to do business at the bank. She didn't look like a hippy, or even close, just an ordinary citizen, not making a scene, needing to do do business at her bank. These @$$-wipe cops just man-handled her...groping her. Will this all get onto main-stream media? I hope so...these white shirted pilsberry dough boys need to stay out of dunkin doughnuts and take some courses on anger management or something. Fascist pigs!

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cygnus1 11 years 33 weeks ago

You are most welcome. Here is another very informative site A little bit to a lot about everything. It is important we speak about everything and listen to everything each of us has to say in order to get a clearer overall picture. Knowledge is power. And power based upon principle and courage which is what the people have, world wide, combined with understanding and knowhow: that is the way out of their dilemma.

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Palindromedary 11 years 33 weeks ago

Yes, I am very familiar with A lot of very interesting things from UFOs to conspiracies (and not all conspiracies should be dismissed (especially the Official 911 conspiracy...that some guy in a cave masterminded and box wielding Arabs brought down the WTC buildings and hit the Pentagon..especially when evidence of high-tech nano-thermite was found in the WTC dust samples).

cygnus1's picture
cygnus1 11 years 33 weeks ago

Nobody but the Pentagon and those they work for masterminded the downing of the towers. You are very correct in this entirely. The 1% and their workers, as I like to call them, of which the U.S. government is part and parcel of this agenda, continually co-conspire against nations in order to fullfill the agenda of Israel. Nobody need have enemies if they behave well toward one another, but as we all know, this is seldom the case.

Colonel Qadaffi opened his own bank with his own currency away from the World Bank and IMF and created his own water system to purify the water for the people and he intended upon sharing this invention with all of Africa of which he, was trying to unify.

Syria is being attacked within because Israel has long been after their "lake" (water systems). With Colonel Qadaffi's invention combined with placing a U.S./Israeli friendly government in Syria, the Israeli's would be able to sell purified water to the Arabs at cost and would have all they needed as well without shipping it from Iraq.

The Turkish government is putting up a front before the people that they will not deal with Israel due to the murdering of people on the Turkish flotella of which Israel will not apologize, as though that would solve anything. In the meantime the Turkish government is planning "to allow NATO ships to unload missiles at Turkish Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean ports, as part of the effort to deploy the US-engineered “missile-shield” system," for the protection of Israel, no doubt. Please also read about this:

Anti-NATO rally held in Turkey

Whilst the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad comfortably befriends King Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz ibn Abdulrahman Aziz, the Pentagon leaks out through Wikileaks a chapter on how the Saudi Government wishes the U.S. to attack Iran. This could not be further from the truth. This was to bring tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia and the good relations between the two peoples and leaderships. Saudi Arabia has over three hundred bombers all pointed at Israel and not Iran. They do not like unrest on their borders but this goes even further than that.

There is a dissident in Great Britain who wishes for the overturn of the Saudi Monarchy. He vies for democracy but is a hypocrite in the closest sense of the word. He allows no women in his close circle. The men have the only voice and unless this is changed that is who stirs up discontent brought about by not only the wrong division of wealth, but through the religious bigot of the true anarchists against the people. Like so many "holy books" men have rewritten it.

Unfortunately, the Iranian Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamene believed what Wikileaks put out through an artificial leak from the Pentegon, and decided in his own right to bring about his kind of Islamic nation through the overthrow of the Arab governments bringing the Sunni and Shiite into one camp which would realise the Prophet Ali (the Prophet of the Shiites) as the Prophet of all. Julian Assange, however, did not know this and his work in all this is above reproach.

A true Islamic nation is not based upon religion and religious bondage but upon universal truth for all men, women and children.

In Egypt the Ayatollah hoped that the uprising would place the Muslim Brotherhood in power since President Mubarak gave them quite a few seats finally in parliament.

In eastern Saudi Arabia, the Saudi government is trying to stop the Shiite movement and their combined movement with the Shiite in Bahrain. The same is true in Yemen. The Saudi do not want the Yemeni Shiite over the border.

President Ali Abdullah Salah of Yemen along with the help of the Saudis cleared Aden of all the landmines in hope of bringing about an agricultural land whereby they would springboard an agricultural plan whereas people might eat, for they were selling their daughters to rich Saudi's for money. President Salah did not want the U.S. nor the British on Yemeni land, but wanted to explore his resources for he now had a plan. Israel wanted in on that plan and President Salah told them "NO" because the Israeli wished to use that agricultural land which they killed the Palestinians for.You see, President Salah invited the besieged Palestinians to join in the agricultural project and Israel was infuriated, took more land, cut down olive trees, killed farmers and fishermen and on it went. I could expound but perhaps another time.

Just as happened in Iran some time ago, foreign forces dressed as Arab's, Shiite or Sunni (Not all Arabs are Muslim) go into a crowd and begin shooting the protesters in order to blame the ruling government. This is not the case in Bahrain, however, and that is an atrocity second to none in it's own right. But the infiltration is happening in Syria, Yemen, Lybia, and other nations.

In short, most of what is happening in places such as Syria, Yemen, Lybia, are results of foreign intervention and occupation. In Pakistan 10,000 Blackwater agents were brought. They were placed around the Middle East and Africa to forment chaos and distrust of those Leaders who refused to work for the 1% and instead work for their people. They understand the Shiite and work closely with them. And so in short, this is what happened but is most likely not known by many.

The Arab spring, as they like to call it in the west is authentic. They will continue to fight and they will eventually win. But I thought it should be known what other players are in the game, so to speak, and try and bring to light that knowledge which still remains in the dark.

It is important, however, for the American people, and those of other nations to keep focused upon their own Revolution. I have revised this since first putting it on.

I feel the bold print is easier to read. I trust I have been of some help.

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Palindromedary 11 years 33 weeks ago

A lot of what you have just said is true but as far as the bold are right it is easier to read but some people will take it as "shouting"...or is that "all caps" is shouting...I don't know. Where do these people come up with all of these "neticate" ideas ;-} lol. You can keep using bold print as far as I am concerned. I use bold print more sparingly, myself, to highlight certain things. Have you ever read the book "An Eye for an Eye" by John Sack? A free pdf copy can be downloaded here:
or you can go to
for media other than pdf

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cygnus1 11 years 33 weeks ago

I have not read nor heard of the book "An Eye for an Eye" though I am well aware of what happened to the Germans when WWII ended as they were placed in open air camps to die. Approximately one and a half million starved to death after the war was over, when they, like others were to be freed. I will look at the book. There is never a shortage of information. There are so many of us and everybody has something to contribute and that is what makes everything in the long run workable.. Thank you.

Usually if a speaker at a podium for example speaks quietly and mildly nobody listens or remembers what has been said. Orators usually speak in a louder sense in order to captivate the attention of a crowd. I would say that if people are more concerned with how I speak rather than what I am saying to them as I try to assist them in any way I can, then they really are not very serious about their own Revolution and its outcome.

They must see that the bold is certainly also easier to read.

For as long as the money system is kept in place all kinds of corruption will erupt from its presence. For as long as the money system is kept in place, all kinds of demands will be placed on the people, which otherwise would not be there.

Following the Five steps when you have taken your nation back, will come the next round of steps to change the quantitative easing system into an even better system, called the Purchase Order system with a council of twenty-four at the head, all equally situated. Should you get this far, help will again be given to you freely by yet another. I am hoping I can continue in assisting all of you until then for so many of you are putting all you have on the line for that which you should certainly have.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 33 weeks ago

Right next to that book "Eye For An Eye" on is a 50+ minute collection of official US military film footage of the German death camps (the ones the Nazis ran). I heard them say several times that the victims were from many places in Europe and included some American soldiers as well. I don't remember hearing them ever say that these victims were mostly Jews. Although I'm sure they were.

But the gist is that it wasn't just the Jews who were the victims but included other non-Jews as well. Beyond that, though, one would be hard pressed to blame the Jews very much for setting up their own camps to give a little back to the Germans. But the modern-day Jews don't want this to be known for some reason. I guess they must think it takes away from their victimhood...or something. But then again, look what they have been doing to the Palestinians all these years since they stole the Palestinians land.

The lesson we should learn from this, though, is that atrocities can be carried out by matter how "modern" and "civilized" you think we all can happen here...maybe to us...or by us...because if you put history into has happened over and over again since the holocaust. There have been many holocausts and atrocities carried out by those who see themselves as "civilized".

There is yet another film at that site that shows the atrocities carried out in Afghanistan while US soldiers were present...and let it happen...took no effort to intercede on behalf of the victims.....when thousands of Pashtun speaking victims were herded into air-tight shipping containers to die and others were taken into a field to be massacred just like the Nazis massacred so many people. This film stirred up a lot of concern at the Pentagon. Made a lot of people very nervous.

And then there are the Wikileaks films of the Bagdad helicopter massacre of the civilians and news reporters. And, there is yet another film from wikileaks that shows about a hundred civilians, many of those were children, being murdered by the US military. I don't think that film has been released yet.

cygnus1's picture
cygnus1 11 years 33 weeks ago

History and its accuracy is often rewritten by the victors, is it not? I remember the U.N. issued new text books for the Iraqi children, which Iraqi teachers burned in a bonfire, because they told of a new Iraqi history where the Americans came in to free them, and were their saviors and not their occupiers, torturers, murderers and thieves. And they were not allowed to speak of it.

Whenever you run into a people who generate hate propoganda against another individual for speaking “their version” of what happened in whichever scenario it may be, then be cautious, because it is usually the case whereby such people are unable to defend themselves intellectually, so they try and lock one up for speaking their beliefs. I sincerely hope the Americans do not lose their free speech.

I also remember years ago when the world community sent supplies into Afghanistan; Saudi Arabia and Japan sent the most. Taliban was still in power. They also had rid Afghanistan of the poppy crops (this was broadcast on the BBC and the anchorman was fired, many other media personelle quit) in favour of this new agricultural program and system which would replace immediately the old monetary system.

The Americans flew over the great tent warehouses and began their bombing campaign starting with the food supplies, blankets, medical supplies, small family sized tents and sundry other goods; millions of dollars were spent in helping the Afghani families from all over the world.

You make very good points concerning your comments on "who is civilized" and "who is not."

We could go on for days, months and hours, telling of the world's atrocities and continued atrocities but it would be better to see this and other Revolutions through in order that the people may succeed in taking back their military and police forces and pull their military and assassins back home again and stop these carnages world wide.

Then and only then will the historical records which have been so hidden from the people be laid before the people and the lies exposed in all areas, and believe you me, that is the most exciting part of all.

Lies are never exciting, only irritating, and cannot be explained properly. Nor can lies be continually defended. And when that happens then of course people become locked up especially when they, themselves, are able to defend their stance.

The Revolution must succeed otherwise the criminal behavior of those in power will eventually take away your free speech as well, then you will be left with nothing.

(Please refresh the page)

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mstaggerlee 11 years 33 weeks ago

In reply to post #2, from Rick in Canadia -

Voter Registration has become much more problematic here in the States lately, Rick. Thanx to ALEC, harsh penalties have been imposed in many states for any small error by any Voter Reg. organization. Even the venerable and honorable League of Women Voters have dropped their registration drives for the 2012 contest, rather than face these fines. And I'm sure I don't need to remind anyone regarding the fate of ACORN! About the best anyone can do now is to tell their family and friends to register.

One man, one vote? Not if Goldman-Sachs, the Koch Bros. & ALEC have anything to say about it!

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Robert Eichmuller 11 years 33 weeks ago

This I truly a chance for 99% of the people to start a new party with the peoples interest i'n mind. We have the power to now save our democracy to take swift actions and restore the power to the people. This will be the only way to succeed and set an example for everywhere else the banksters have taken control.

teneraansis's picture
teneraansis 11 years 33 weeks ago

Hello Rick (#2) and mstaggerlee. Let me comment on two items raised in your postings:

1) The anger against outrageous banking practices is now becoming visible throughout the world in OWS-type protests, and is fully justified. Banks indeed use their money-creation trick to loot people's real assets, thereby shifting legal ownership away from the people by foreclosing on all those defaulting on their loans. Bankers have never once pounded a single nail into any timber of all the homes they drive their owners out of. People build assests, not banks. Having said so, we must be careful not to burn down the house we live in unless we have another one to move into. Calling for a boycott of the banks is not the way to go, because if we block the people's access to their daily banking operations or encourage them to pull out all their deposits in cash - then what? From that point on many auto-deposits to pensioners, workers, etc. could not be made by governments and industry, and all banking activity for mere survival would be prevented. So a boycott out of the blue is not the answer.

How then can we lick the banking tyranny without kicking down the doors to our streetcorner banks? The banking system is a hierarchy, a pyramid-of-power system, controlled from the top down and forced from there upon the people. Therefore, to remedy this situation, as cygnus1 suggested, we need to set up first a people's (99%) parallel government backed by all police and military forces, and then proceed to expell all 1%'ers out of their positions of control throughout the banking and governmental systems. Only then will the transition from today's order of iniquity become replaced with a temporary system which will work in the interest of the people, and only then can all debts and mortgages safely become erased which are now being used to steal assets from the people to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Such a move will not include the destruction of buildings, computers and other infrastructure already in place. It will merely replace the people now running it in their own selfish interests with new ones on the basis of ethics and compassion for the people.

2) The people of the United States need to understand that see-saw'ing between Republicans and Democrats will not solve any of their political problems. The election of Obama is a classic example of the impotence of the U.S. electorate to effect a change for the better. The power structure of Washington has for a long time ceased to function in the interests of the people, but caters to all interests of the 1% who now legally own and control all assets stolen from the people by the money-trick which I explained in item 1). In my opinion no more elections ought to be held in the U.S. until the people have succeeded to set up their own government backed by the military and police forces. That's all I have to say at this time.

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Joe Phillips LCSW 11 years 32 weeks ago

We need to nationalize the banks. A national strike might do the trick. I used to think that we didn't have enough solidarity in the general population, but we may be getting there. People need to be told the facts over and over. The banks get a cut of almost every financial transaction that involves plastic. Every time you swipe a card, any card, they TAX you. And then the corporation that owns the bank pays no taxes. Nationalize the banks. Firewall economics. Socialism for necessities with capitalism restricted to luxuries.

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nenobrawn 10 years 41 weeks ago

Sharpen the gate steel so the part will be cut cleaner from the sprue. Also adjust the ejector pin timing to eject the part before the sprue.
If seperated as the mold opens, adjust the clamp opening. If ejection seperates the part from the runner, adjust the speed and pressure.

automatic gates

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