Did “Occupy Wall Street” turned into a “Crackdown on Wall Street?”

The “Occupy Wall Street” demonstration turned into a “Crackdown on Wall Street” as NYPD officers disrupted a peaceful march across the Brooklyn Bridge and arrested more than 700 people on Saturday. Yet demonstrators in lower Manhattan’s Zucotti Park – the “central command” of the movement – remain undeterred despite the crackdown. Each day, more and more people are streaming into the park – renamed “Liberty Square” – to join the protests against corporate greed and an economy that benefits the 1% over the 99%.

And elsewhere around the country – similar demonstrations have begun. Hundreds flocked to Dewey Square Park in Boston over the weekend to sent up tents and “occupy” that city indefinitely too until major reforms are made to our economy. More and more people are paying attention to what’s going on in New York City and elsewhere – and the attention is only going to grow as thousands of fresh new demonstrators are expected to join the ranks of Occupy Wall Street thanks to influential labor unions that pledged their support for the cause and are expected to dispatch members to the demonstrations this week.

Despite a media blackout of the protests, brutality by police, and rough weather – the resolve of the young people who want to transform this nation for the better cannot be broken.

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