Last night’s debate – moving forward - not one time did the audience cheer death, sickness, joblessness, or homophobia!

There was another Republican debate last night – this time Bloomberg News hosted the circus. Ironically – Bloomberg just released a new poll before the debate showing that 2/3 of Americans – and even 53% of Republicans – support raising taxes on the wealthy. Of course – none of the candidates on stage last night agreed with the majority of the American people – and all called for even lower taxes on the wealthy.

Other highlights of the debate included – Newt Gingrich calling for Congressman Barney Frank and former Senator Chris Dodd to be put in jail and Rick Santorum asking for a trade war with China. But perhaps most telling about last night’s debate was how virtually all the candidates ignored Rick Perry. A bad sign for the former front-runner who stuck his boot so far in his mouth in the first few debates – that it looks like his campaign is officially over flat-lining.

There’s at least one positive takeaway form last night’s debate – not one time did the audience cheer death, sickness, joblessness, or homophobia. That’s a start at least…


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Palindromedary 11 years 33 weeks ago

Maybe the 99% movement rallies in 1400 US towns and cities are helping to tame the wild beast. The dreadful thought of townsquare guillotines, or maybe just old-fashioned western-justice hangman's nooses, may be quelling the atmosphere of those useful idiots for the ruling elite and their puppetmasters who have, seemingly, gotten away with outright financial treason against the rest of us...not to mention the despicable, shameful slaughtering of other human beings in the Middle East and elsewhere...the war crimes committed in our name.

The 1%, who are depending on the continued stupidity and gullibility of the plebeian fools, with delusions of grandeur perhaps, who have been deluded by Fox snooze into being boisterously against their best financial interests, may have realized how they may begin to loose support if their useful idiots look like howling idiots. So, perhaps, a change of strategy on their part...tame it down...look more like placid, decent, and "responsible" citizens rather than a pack of howling monkeys. Yes, let's all pretend to be decent, shall we? But starvation, homelessness, and the feeling of profound despair and hopelessness betrays being decent and we are left with an animalistic death-thro lashing out to survive. The smug Tea-baggers are probably fairly well to do, or at least not yet starving, and all probably still have the delusion that they will have amassed great wealth one day themselves if they play their machiavellian and Kapo cards right.

The ruling elite have other games to play to keep us maybe an increase in the concern for terrorism...maybe an attempted assassination of a Saudi Ambassador. If that doesn't do it, they might again, stage another false flag operation that may again have us thinking about buying gas masks... or avoid opening the mail..or staying out of tall buildings. Stock up on duct tape and Cipro pills, ya all, for the Ice Man Cometh.

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Palindromedary 11 years 33 weeks ago

"...on Wednesday, October 4, the president tried to represent the OccupyWallStreet movement as supportive for his efforts. He pretended to endorse a pro-consumer regulator to limit bank fraud, as if he had not dumped Elizabeth Warren on the advice of Mr. Geithner – who seems to be settling into the role of bagman for campaign contributors from Wall Street.

Can President Obama get away with it? Can he jump in front of the parade and represent himself as a friend of labor and consumers while his appointees support Wall Street and his Committee of 13 is waiting in the wings to perform its designated function of guillotining Social Security?"

"The role of OccupyWallStreet is to diagnose the financial polarization and corruption of the political process that extends right into the Supreme Court, the Presidency, and Mr. Obama’s soon-to-be notorious Committee of 13 once the happy-smoke settles from his present pretensions."

"President Obama’s solution has been to do what any political demagogue does: Come out with loud populist campaign speeches that have no chance of becoming the law of the land, while quietly giving his campaign contributors what they’ve paid him for: giveaways to Wall Street, tax cuts for the wealthy (euphemized as tax “exemptions” and mark-to-model accounting, plus an agreement to count their income as “capital gains” – taxed at a much lower rate).

So here’s the deal the Democratic leadership has made with the Republicans. The Republicans will run someone from their present gamut of guaranteed losers, enabling Mr. Obama to run as the “voice of reason,” as if this somehow is Middle America. This will throw the 2012 election his way for a second term if he adopts their program – a set of rules paid for by the leading campaign contributors to both parties.

President Obama’s policies have not been the voice of reason. They are even further to the right than George W. Bush could have achieved. At least a Republican president would have confronted a Democratic Congress blocking the kind of program that Mr. Obama has rammed through. But the Democrats seem stymied when it comes to standing up to a president who ran as a Democrat rather than the Tea Partier he seems to be so close to in his ideology."
"Can President Obama get away with it? Can he jump in front of the parade and represent himself as a friend of labor and consumers while his appointees support Wall Street and his Committee of 13 is waiting in the wings to perform its designated function of guillotining Social Security?"

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cygnus1 11 years 33 weeks ago

Whether taxes are raised on the wealthy or are not raised on the wealthy will make absolutely no difference to the lives of the citizens who are losing everything, and every right by the day, hour and minute. The rich and wealthy have many resources to handle more taxes against them whereas the people do not. This is a distraction away from the power the people could take back for themselves.

And must take back for themselves before they can move on. When the soup is poisonous, throw it out!

President Obama is a floundering fish and sold his seat out to the highest bidder before he had ever taken it. The very people he said would never run the Presidency nor the White House, the Lobbyists, and their participation in the multitude of eyes, are some of the very ones with the agenda of the 1% whom he has surrounded himself with, and they do not work for the American people, but rather, they use them and sacrifice them. If the American people take back that which belongs to them, then there will not ever stand another President nor politician over the United States run by the 1% and their parties.

Iran would have nothing to gain by trying to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador whether he be in the United States or elsewhere. This is again a ploy to distract people from the larger picture and that is what the citizens of the United States are going to accomplish, and the hierarchy is very afraid.

The 1% and their U.S. government do not want American soldiers back in the United States to join back with their brothers and sisters no matter their faith, race nor religion, so another pre-emptive strike upon Iran would really do the trick, they think. But the U.S. generals know that the U.S. military is worn thin in more ways than one, emotionally and physically, and economically. This is where the necessary cash is written into existence through quantitative easing. Let us never forget what this means.

Americans need to put this circus behind them and start anew or they will never get themselves off the wheel..

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Palindromedary 11 years 33 weeks ago

Foul is fair, and fair is foul! Hover through the fog and filthy air! ....Where hast thou been, sister? Hee...hee...hee...killing swine!
We have, for decades or centuries, been stenched with the filthy miasma of rhetoric and propaganda of patriotism warped in the holy bible and green backs! Covert, and even overt greed fueled our assent to the war crimes that our leaders had committed in our name. Greedy, murdering and deceptive cockroaches who wheedled their way to power so great that we let them get away with massacres and plundering of our economy. See...oh believers? See what your gullibility has wrought? Is this a dagger before me? Out, damn spot! Those over-zealous and scheming capitalists have a lot to answer for...and Obama sold his soul (no pun intended) to Mammon, the god of money. He is not fit to be our leader. Had he not sold us out and supported us against the greedy cockroaches, I would be praising him and willing to vote for him again. But I'd rather vote for Ahmadinejad to be our next president rather than any Republican or Fake Democrat (Obama). At least what Ahmadinejad says about the US is mostly all true.

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KassandraTroy 11 years 33 weeks ago

Simple answer to your question: NO

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mwalkerco 11 years 33 weeks ago

Irony from the Newt?

The only way Dodd and Frank go to jail, is to share a cell with Gingrich.

Why wait until he gets elected again and is censured and fined (last time was $300,000!). Avoid the rush and elect a crook today- Newt for dogcatcher!

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Palindromedary 11 years 33 weeks ago

"...the U.S. Government need only point and utter the word “Terrorist” and hordes of citizens will rise up and demand not evidence, but blood."

"...this episode continues the FBI’s record-setting undefeated streak of heroically saving us from the plots they enable. From all appearances, this is, at best, yet another spectacular “plot” hatched by some hapless loser with delusions of grandeur but without any means to put it into action except with the able assistance of the FBI, which yet again provided it through its own (paid, criminal) sources posing as Terrorist enablers. The Terrorist Mastermind at the center of the plot is a failed used car salesman in Texas with a history of pedestrian money problems. Dive under your bed. “For the entire operation, the government’s confidential sources were monitored and guided by federal law enforcement agents,” explained U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, and “no explosives were actually ever placed anywhere and no one was actually ever in any danger.’”

"The U.S. Government and its mindless followers in the pundit and think-tank “expert” class have seized on this ludicrous plot with astonishing speed to all but turn it into a hysterical declaration of war against Evil, Hitlerian Iran."

"The ironies here are so self-evident it’s hard to work up the energy to point them out. Outside of Pentagon reporters, Washington Post Editorial Page Editors, and Brookings “scholars,” is there a person on the planet anywhere who can listen with a straight face as drone-addicted U.S. Government officials righteously condemn the evil, illegal act of entering another country to commit an assassination?"

"The U.S. flattened an entire civilian apartment building in Baghdad with a 2,000-pound bomb when it thought Saddam Hussein was there (he wasn’t — oops — but lots of innocent people were). NATO repeatedly bombed structures in Tripoli where it thought (mistakenly) Moammar Gadaffi was located, in the process almost certainly killing large numbers of unintended targets. The U.S. just killed one of its own citizens that it insists (not very credibly) it did not intend to kill in order to eradicate the life of Anwar Awlaki, and killed dozens of innocent people when it previously tried to kill Awlaki with cluster bombs.

The U.S. is the living, breathing symbol of this “collateral damage” rationale. It’s what drives all the multi-nation American wars and occupations and drone campaigns and assassinations that continuously pile up the corpses of innocent people. But we’re all going to gather in righteous disgust at the idea that this monstrous International Terrorist would be willing to incur some unintended civilian deaths in order to assassinate an official of the peaceful, freedom-loving Saudi regime. Really, for brazen irony, how can this be beat?"

They must be thinking that if they can send their FBI to a person or persons who they intend to use as patsies, get them riled up and/or entice them with money, their patsies can be used in the FBI's program of entrapment to use as a propaganda terrorist scare tactic that the American people are so willing and easy to believe. I guess it beats crashing airplanes into tall buildings.

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2950-10K 11 years 32 weeks ago

I have LESS THAN ZERO interest in TABLOID CHARACTERS debating for the opportunity to represent an elite minority who are convinced ALL MEN ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL, and the only rights that matter to them are related to personal obsession with greed leading to POVERTY, OPPRESSION, AND THE PURSUIT OF MISERY FOR ALL. That to secure these rights, Government is purchased by them and unjust power is derived from their consent only.

The 99% movement has the right to alter or to abolish this REGRESSION OF HUMANITY and INSTITUTE NEW GOVERNMENT!

The important news..... that informs us all who not to vote for... THE SENATE REPUBLICANS WHO VOTED TO KILL OBAMA'S JOBS BILL!

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Palindromedary 11 years 32 weeks ago

"Tonight's vote is by no means the end of this fight," Obama said in a statement after the vote. "Because with so many Americans out of work and so many families struggling, we can't take 'no' for an answer."

Now doesn't that "sound" like Obama is finally fighting "for us"? Yeah, right!

"President Obama’s solution has been to do what any political demagogue does: Come out with loud populist campaign speeches that have no chance of becoming the law of the land, while quietly giving his campaign contributors what they’ve paid him for: giveaways to Wall Street, tax cuts for the wealthy (euphemized as tax “exemptions” and mark-to-model accounting, plus an agreement to count their income as “capital gains” – taxed at a much lower rate).

So here’s the deal the Democratic leadership has made with the Republicans. The Republicans will run someone from their present gamut of guaranteed losers, enabling Mr. Obama to run as the “voice of reason,” as if this somehow is Middle America. This will throw the 2012 election his way for a second term if he adopts their program – a set of rules paid for by the leading campaign contributors to both parties.

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2950-10K 11 years 32 weeks ago

Palindromedary: If "WE THE PEOPLE"...voters... are able to swell the numbers in the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Pres. Obama I believe would follow and respect the will of the voters. Do you disagree? How could he not?

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jstrahan 11 years 32 weeks ago

Don't count on it. Wall Street, the Chamber of Commerce, Health Insurance Industry, Banks, and the Koch Brothers see 2012 as their chance to take over the government and they will pull out all of the stops and spend whatever it takes. I was in the barber shop a few days ago and one guy told me even if Obama is re-elected someone will kill him. I asked him if he thought only Republicans own guns. This is how far is gone. No President has ever faced the obstacles that the Republicans have thrown in the way for Obama. The question is will the American people let them get away with it. The outcome would be unacceptable should the Corporate America be successful in buying themselves a government. It is simply up to us now to let this happen.

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dowdotica 11 years 32 weeks ago
#12 we know ahmadineejad is out of the question, right? so who you gonna vote for? and what is your suggested solution to the current level of plight? hmmmm?

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dowdotica 11 years 32 weeks ago

my challenge to all y'all today. add your 2 cents please or your slam if need be. we as a collective must work together to find a solution as clearly our reps can not!

my dowdotic solution: to generate revenue we must...eliminate Bush era tax cuts and pass obamanuts surtax on the rich. bump cap gains tax and eliminate the loophole that allows for 0% tax on cap gains for certain income levels.(it is income and should be taxed as such!). Tax each stock trade ie:sales tax it! get rid of the 2% FICA tax holiday and give it to the employers and see if the job creators will create jobs! raise medicare tax to 1.5%, raise FICA, employee side to 7%(this is in an effort to recoupe for the stupid holiday we just had and to further keep money going into the fund.) Limit mortgage interst deduction to set % based on income. limit donation deduction, limit miscelaneous deductions on form 1040. Level a national 1% sales tax. eliminate earned income tax credit or at least cut it by 50%. Copr tax rate of 35% pays @ beginning of fiscal period a % based on 5 year lookback period as well as a flat $800 surtax. Schedule C and E filers pay a yearly sutax % based on a 5 year lookback period. Regardless of loss carry forward all schedule C & E filers pay a $100 surtax. (note: IRS estimates 400-500 billion potential in missing revenue do to improper or fraudulant reporting) Pass the "PISS ON WALL STREET AND BANKS" bill, which allows any person with a retirement account to with draw up to 50% with out penalization to pay off primary residence and or allow them to borrow from self @ 1%. (this one is a no brainer as not only does it free us from bank bondage but with all that yummy extra cash maybe I'd...uh...hmm..gee don't know I've been broke so long paying for my American dreaam that I forgot what it would be like to have a little "disposable" income? WOW I think i'd by the little missus a trinket. I just wonder if I can find one made in America....lolol)

anyway this is my start and I'm jsut curious if any of the occupy wall street folks have thought solutons through. please feel free to wiegh in as I hear that Pizza guy is trying to wow the crowds with his upside down 999 plan and we all know what a stupid mistake that would be.

My next stop? the national budget.

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cygnus1 11 years 32 weeks ago

Perhaps you would care to view Cygnus1 and the five steps #14, #24, #29, # 31, #32 I have created on the forum:

Violent police crackdown against the 99% movement in the middle of the night in Boston Unless the people go the full nine yards then they will never get off the wheel. Perhaps the people are not yet far enough advanced in their understanding to free themselves.

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Palindromedary 11 years 32 weeks ago

I believe the system is so corrupt...including the Democratic Party that all leading Democrats will continue to pretend that they will finally side with the people for a change but once Obama is re-elected he will continue to act as the Republican he really is and many of those leading Democrats know it and are playing the same game. The game is to keep the 99% from open rebellion and continue to squeeze them out of every nickel...or even their lives and the lives of their loved ones. If we continue to play the same old game, that is rigged against us from the get-go (ie: the entrenched two-party system), we will continue to be fleeced and left to die off from the poverty that will ensue upon most of us.

There is only one thing that may change things....and that is much more of what is now happening in the US. And if we keep it up, growing in numbers and intensity, the criminal elite will either have to resort to the kind of murderous tactics that other countries have gone through...showing the world how hypocrtical, thieving, and lying our criminal leaders and ruling elite are, being worthy of violent overthrow (even our constitution and founding fathers have said as much and even our present leaders have said or indicated that violent overthrows of tyrannical governments is to be long as it is some other government)...or they will have to finally give in and stop being such heartless and greedy criminals. Simply voting for Obama, after all he has done to show us that he is far from the man we all voted for, will keep the "false hope" going and delaying the inevitable...which is what the ruling elite hope for.

To be clear: I do NOT advocate a violent overthrow of our government! I'm just saying that many people, fed up with being robbed, cheated, and left homeless, dying of sicknesses that the system has made it impossible to cure from the corruption in the healthScare industry may very well see how ridiculous it is to continue to believe that Obama, or any other two-face politician will help them and that if voting won't make any difference anymore then many may realize that they are left only one other option. The same option that so many in Egypt, Libya, and Syria and other places have resorted to to make change.

I have joked about having to eat cat food, or maybe even the cat, but I am not that bad off...not yet...but if the prices on food keep going up, as they have been, or if a medical problem, or other unforeseen problem strikes, things could change very quickly. I suspect that a lot of people are already at that breaking point. So, if the FBI, or any other group is still looking for more patsies to use to play in their keystone kops, homeland security, anti-terrorism farces, they should look elsewhere because I am not volunteering. I don't have a chain of failing businesses, nor am I of Middle Eastern descent, nor am I so destitute that I am desperate.

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Palindromedary 11 years 32 weeks ago

Think of how many sincere and dedicated people sacrificed time, money, and hope on trying to get Obama elected in the first place. Many of those people are now aghast at how they were "used" and "abused" by that slick-tongued devil that made promises and made statements that made them believe that he was really going to make a difference and would help turn around the way the country was headed. Some of those people have spoken out and made clear that they felt betrayed. And they were betrayed and so were those of us who voted for him. He does not deserve our vote next time. We would be doubly foolish for doing so. It really doesn't matter what Obama says now...he's the first time...he will say things that he doesn't mean. He is a traitor to his base and he won't quit being a traitor to his base if you re-elect him. But, of course, his real base is not the people who elected reality, it is Wall Street. He was true to that base alright...we peons are the suckers who bought into his lies.

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dowdotica 11 years 32 weeks ago

...uh sure how do i find them? I read what you wrote up above and its got tone but in my post i am curious to see what other ideas are out there. now may still be the time to bitch and complain but as you wrote its also the time to take it back but in order to do so we need solid ideas that work and are not just smoke being blown on the wind to win elections. we need the collective lay person and working stif to come to together as one and find a giving compromise that will get us out of the hole the crooks, criminals and corporate shills have put us in. i spend all this time reading posts and if I had to bet i'd say that for every hundred I read there might be "1" that is an individual trying to offer up a solution. I think thom should take all the ideas on his post and give them to bernie and let the last true people politician put together the most kick ass save america bill yet!!!lol oh yeah i still have hope! Mine come from the fact that I jumble numbers all day long on tax returns and want to vomit sometimes when the overall tax rate ends up close to zero all because of the way the code is written and yet some shmuck with just a w-2 and not much else pays out the wazooo. and the cheater? don't get me going on them!

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cygnus1 11 years 32 weeks ago

Cygnus1 and the five steps #14, #24, #29, # 31, #32 I have created on the forum below.:

Violent police crackdown against the 99% movement in the middle of the night in Boston = This is the headline just below the one for this forum. Just go into Tom's blog and look up this link. I cannot seem to access the link from this post. I do not know just why this is. Tell me if you cannot find it. Have a good evening.

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cygnus1 11 years 32 weeks ago

Here is a former posting which you may have missed so I will post it here for you.- Cygnus1

For as long as the money system is allowed to develop in a society, no amount of revolution or protests are going to change the economic climate of the nation or that of the world.

The 1% cannot relate to you, the less fortunate or the poor. Nor do the majority of the 1 percent care about you, they only care about what you can do for them. The 1% give to charities but only for the purpose of tax writeoffs.

The United States is being held hostage, as many other nations are, by Israel's itinerary. The United States itinerary is Israel's itinerary. Just look whose payroll your sons and daughters are on in foreign countries murdering innocent people all for the corporate dollar. Wall Street is no different than the IMF, World Bank or foreign run Federal Reserve. The 1% put the economic squeeze upon whomever they please and the media belongs to them. It is one big onion skin.

All a revolution will do will bring about a change in policy of who will be the next dictator working for the onion skin whether that dictator will be a President or otherwise and which elected ones (including Congress, etc) will abscond with your money. In this all nations are tied together and whenever a so-called leader steps out of place with Israel's agenda, that leader will find him or herself either assassinated or blacklisted by the United States government run by lobbyists who work for Israel's finest interests.

Take a look at the new maps: there is no Palestine. There never was supposed to be. And Israel's enemies (for Israel makes them enemies) in the Arab world are infiltrated with CIA and Mossad and Blackwater posing as revolutionaries murdering the other revolutionaries around them, and creating chaos in order to place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the present governments in order that they be overturned and puppet regimes put in their place. Blackwater creates infighting among the revolutionaries so the oneness of development of character will never take place. This oneness is what makes Israel strong, because the U.S. dollar is handled in many ways by the ones working for Israel.

The U.S. military is handled by Israel as is NATO, and the governments are infiltrated by Israel. This is why British policy was once changed from placing arrest warrants for Israeli war criminals who came to Britain into a policy which would see not one arrested.

Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel (which is not a nation for it has broken every nationhood rule of the U.N.) walks freely into one of the most restricted sites of the United States of America and that is the Pentagon, where he gives the orders and meets President Obama who is also indebted to him for his position in the White House, behind closed doors.

Do your homework and you will see the onion skin and the connection the money system has made worldwide, by whom, and to your detriment.

If you are going to suceed in regaining back your nations, one by one, you must learn to first come to an agreement to work in the oneness using thousands to millions of eyes to pick out those who would upset the apple cart a second and third time, then to establish an entirely different system conducted solely of paradisical itinery as utilized upon other worlds. Should you accomplish this then you will not only get your country back but you will suceed in building your paradise right where you stand.

Everyone waits for the next life (after presumable death) for a hope to enter into paradise. I tell you this: You are already in your "future" life and are now given the opportunity to once again try to build your paradise from scratch.

srland 11 years 32 weeks ago

Wow I see allot of fancy jabber jawing soap boxing here today.

Is the better nature a start sure it is.

"BroRock" is not the bad fish he is just caught in the bad guy’s ocean. We all have allowed the ocean to become what it is out of our own greed or complacence. I believe with the people squarely behind him "BroRock" will make a more radical stand against the in bedded corruptors of this system mostly corporate owned courts, law makers and government heads. When a nations media owners do spin stories instead of truth and news it muddles the whole situation. Thank GOD for Thom. Two things "BroRock" must do is appoint SCJ and reform elections to public funding only. Love has been missing while most folks choose to worship wealth or power. OWS is bringing the lost love back to America and the world Yee Haa.

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