Last night’s debate – moving forward - not one time did the audience cheer death, sickness, joblessness, or homophobia!

There was another Republican debate last night – this time Bloomberg News hosted the circus. Ironically – Bloomberg just released a new poll before the debate showing that 2/3 of Americans – and even 53% of Republicans – support raising taxes on the wealthy. Of course – none of the candidates on stage last night agreed with the majority of the American people – and all called for even lower taxes on the wealthy.

Other highlights of the debate included – Newt Gingrich calling for Congressman Barney Frank and former Senator Chris Dodd to be put in jail and Rick Santorum asking for a trade war with China. But perhaps most telling about last night’s debate was how virtually all the candidates ignored Rick Perry. A bad sign for the former front-runner who stuck his boot so far in his mouth in the first few debates – that it looks like his campaign is officially over flat-lining.

There’s at least one positive takeaway form last night’s debate – not one time did the audience cheer death, sickness, joblessness, or homophobia. That’s a start at least…

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