The New Gilded Age in America is upon us...

Occupy Oakland demonstrator – and Iraq War veteran – Scott Olsen is still in a hospital in serious condition with a fractured skull after being hit in the head with a tear gas canister during Tuesday’s night police assault on Occupy Oakland. In solidarity – demonstrators returned to the streets last night – and this time police left their military tactics at home. The movement marched to San Francisco across the Bay Bridge – with only a few confrontations with police. There are reports that two individuals were arrested.

Meanwhile – a new report by the Congressional Budget Office this week reminds everyone why they’re in the streets to begin with. Looking at income data over the last three decades – most of the new wealth in America has gone straight to the top – to the top 1%. For the lowest 20% of Americans – they only saw a measly increase in income since 1979 – just 18%. For the 60% of Americans in the middle – they saw a modest gain of 40%. But for the top 1% - since Reagan took office – they’ve seen their incomes go up a whopping 275%. The top 1%’s income has nearly tripled while most everyone else’s has been unable to keep up with the rising prices of things like healthcare, gas, food, and college tuition. The new Gilded Age in America is upon us.

But with action in the streets – then the Progressive Era of Teddy Roosevelt who broke up the monopolies – kicked corporations out of politics – and promoted a living wage – may be just around the corner.


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Bandy Legged Ma... 11 years 31 weeks ago

My short take on the atheism theme coming up recurrently today:

It does not matter whether there is a god or not. This is because if there were a god, in order to have created such an immense, complex, and intricate universe, that god would need to be so complex and inherently alien in nature to us that it would make no sense to ascribe humanistic motivations to it. If a creator deity cannot be humanly understood or personified in any respect, then what is the difference between that and no god?

The Bandy-Legged Marsupial Cave Rabbi has spoken.

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mathboy 11 years 31 weeks ago

Yay, I can finally listen to the show again! My company has been sporadically blocking streaming websites, and there was a long run where they remembered to do it. I've only hear dof the Enough Is Enough rally through the newsletter.

Peter Ferrara doesn't seem to know why he's on the show. He was surprised that Thom hadn't heard a particular argument, but isn't Peter there to inform us of it? And he already gets promotion for his book in the introduction and closing of the interview, but he shoe-horned some in, himself, anyway.

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Brog 11 years 31 weeks ago

You have identified the mystery. I do find it curious that people will fight to the death once mystified. Thank you for bringing our focus to the ineffable.

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mathboy 11 years 31 weeks ago

Hmm, the withdrawal of soldiers from Iraq at the end of the year probably had something to do with the provision in the SuperCommittee deal that reduces military expenditure if the committee can't come up with something else.

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cygnus1 11 years 31 weeks ago

"Occupy Oakland demonstrator – and Iraq War veteran – Scott Olsen is still in a hospital in serious condition with a fractured skull after being hit in the head with a tear gas canister during Tuesday’s night police assault on Occupy Oakland." submitted by Thom and Louise Hartmann

Marine Scott Olson, another HEROIC MARINE.

Unless the marines stand up as a unified force, the police will not recognize them as being STRONGER than they are, and will continue in being thugs.

This is not an old woman's tea party, (no reference to the Tea Party) The police need to find a force physically stronger than themselves in order to leave the police force in favor of the revolution.

When the marine on Wall Street went up against 32 policemen he was easily recognizable as a marine and was not giving out coffee and donuts to the police. (I highly doubt the police are even allowed while on duty to take coffee and donuts from the protesters).

In essence, when the soul of ones such as policemen and policewomen are so weak that they have no patriotism left in them, the marines must realise that the old woman's tea party will not work, and the police themselves in their automated state are not the friends nor the protecters of the people.

The marines leave their country to fight (for their country, which is actually for the corporate powers and the bankers), so why should not the marines attired in full fatigues, fight for their own country against those who have taken it over and against those who fight for the 1% at the top and their henchmen?

Projectiles, rubber bullets, are deadly, by whatever name the media go by to downplay the deadly "objects!"






harumman 11 years 31 weeks ago

Please, someone smarter then me tell me why this is a load of bull.

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PhilipHenderson 11 years 31 weeks ago

Robber Bankersters days are numbered. The movement of the 99 percent is unstoppable. Unlike the manufactured Tea Party movement, these people come to protest because of their beliefs not because they were paid to protest. They will not relent because so many have already lost their employment, their homes, and their respect for Republican lawmakers. When they hear Mitt Romney claim that Corporations are People and that the government should encourage the banks to foreclose so that rich people can buy the homes at bargain prices and rent them out to poor people, they understand that Republican law makers only represent the 1 percent who own 43 percent of all the wealth. They will remember that Mitt Romney is one of the 1 percent. How could he or his rich Republican friends hope to get their votes.

The voter surpression plans of the Republican Party will fail . . . even the Republican voters who arrive at the polls will vote against these plutocrats. They have run into the modern world of the Internet and Social Media, their lies cannot prevail with so much availability of the truth. Some Republican's will be fooled; however, most are smart enough to know when their is a snake oil salesman knocking at their door.

Chubbell 11 years 31 weeks ago

Our Congress is like the story of the visiting spacemen... you know the one. They tell everyone who can listen that they're here to serve the public. And we're now finding out what they are peddling is a menu on how they can best devour and live off of all of us common folk.

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ssahagun 11 years 31 weeks ago

Teddy Roosevelt dashed Tarriffs that Mckinley and the Republicans strived for. He killed American Productivity. We NEED another Gilded Age. A massive industrialization. Thanks to Teddy we still have Fossil Fuels. Don't forget that Rockefeller didn't become the Wealthiest man of all time until AFTER the Anti Trust. That gave the Rockefeller Lobbying power to push for Prohibition. Don't forget that Cars where fueled by Alcohol before Prohibition.

Progressivism has NEVER been about Progress

Gilded Age brought us
Protective industries, A powerful Currency, cheap goods for EVERYONE to use,

Progressive Era brought us
Prohibition, Federal Reserve with an income tax to pay for the new debt, Free Trade with imperalism, and a World War!

I'll take Mckinley over T.Roosevelt any day

aWisconsinWorker 11 years 31 weeks ago

FWIW-Tactics used to keep folks peaceful during spring Wisconsin protests:

People were appointed as monitors - they circulated around the crowd looking for and dealing with potential problems

Signs everywhere - keep this peaceful

If someone got too upset, people circled him or her until they calmed down.

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madbeats 11 years 31 weeks ago

It's not a load of bull, it's the way our system works.

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madbeats 11 years 31 weeks ago

Well said!

what now toons's picture
what now toons 11 years 31 weeks ago

I wish the speediest recovery for Scott, to serve our country and return to this is just wrong. It's appalling that a peaceful protest has been treated to such violence, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan must resign! My latest cartoon is about Oakland and our free speech rights.

Left of center political cartoons

madbeats's picture
madbeats 11 years 31 weeks ago

A snake oil salesman like your boy Obama, or Mr. Hartmann??? According to an article I read recently in the Wash. Post (I think) Obama is raising more money from wall st. than Romney.

And let's not forget that most of the times when the "evil" republicans pass some law that you don't like, that they have done so with the help of your blessed Democrats. Bush didn't take us to war by himself, and neither did Obama in Libya--oh wait... Anyway, the point is that usually, except for in the last case, it takes both Repubs and Dems to get us into the messes we get into. There's a term for it--bi-partisanship.

And the Tea Party was not manufactured. It started as a money bomb for the Ron Paul for pres. 08 campaign and was taken over/co-opted by the neoconservatives/mainstream republicans.

If anyone of you are actually anti war, anti wall st., anti big huge multi-national corporations, anti lobbyists, anti monopolies, pro environment, pro peace, pro freedom, pro choice, then their is only one man running for President that should get your vote. And it's certainly not Obama, or Romney. Ron Paul 2012! Let's help get this country sane again. Or vote for Romney or Obama and let's keep the status quo ball rolling.

dianhow 11 years 31 weeks ago

I agree with Ron Paul on the wars but not much else Anyway Iraq is now ending as is Libya who's peoeple have a chance at freedom.Now Its up to them. Bin laden is dead, as are many top AL quada and Ghadify. Obama has a decent record against all odds If GOP Baggers Fox Hannity Rush Palen Bachman & 800 con radio showx had not lied, demonized, called Obama most vile names .and vowed to break him US would be in a better place now.. Recovering.. .

jstrahan's picture
jstrahan 11 years 31 weeks ago

Hopefully a progressive movement will materialize with more definite causes identified. Truthfully, it is only way for Democrats to win in 2012. With the exception of Obama, the Democrats are ridiculously incapable of conducting a meaningful campaign. Where are the Democrats when REpublicans are daily repeating the same old lies without any response from Democrats with the exception of Obama. Obama seems to have gotten the message we want someone that stands up and fights for the average citizen. Democrats as a whole appear not to have gotten the message.How about Pryor, Nelson, Testor, and Lieberman who voted against Obama's jobs bills?

stonesphear's picture
stonesphear 11 years 31 weeks ago

"Unlike the manufactured Tea Party movement"

When the tea party organized into public decent against corruption they no more than opened their mouths than the "Democrats" demonized them and the "Republicans" tried to herd them back under control.

Once again OWS voices public decent against corruption and no more said than the "Republicans" demonize them and the "Democrats" try to herd them back under control.

Interesting -------

Exodus serves an example of the power of union.

Fortunes are made on the backs of labor.

Fortunes are lost whipping the backs of labor.

Truth Glass 11 years 31 weeks ago

The city of Oakland should be "compelled" to set aside millions of dollars to cover the damages done to Scott Olsen; even if he walks away with little permanent damage done to his person, the money could be invested into a park for the protesters so that there is no longer any question as to the who has priority access to the space.

PS: I will probably not come back to read comments to this comment, and I don't know if comments upon comments is really the most useful thing... however Thom has mentioned the importance of passive resistance repeatedly. And yes in general that is the moral imperative... however when it is not simply a question of indiscriminate fire. If a cadre of police or whoever was physically assaulting people nearby. Is it not the moral imperative of anyone to come to the persons defense, subduing the threat to the people by whatever means necessary?

To standby passively would be the same moral failing were the assault a random event to happen on the street should the crowd continue to go about its business as if nothing was happening. To this end anyway, its impossible to justify utterly passive resistance IMHO.

George Reiter's picture
George Reiter 11 years 31 weeks ago

Theodore Roosevelt was a true leader, inspired from within and not the flag carrying politician leader who witnesses a marching band of citizens wanting change, then jumps in front with the flag waving, proclaiming leadership. Theodore Roosevelt led from example with guts, and glory. He promoted change.

When entrancing the Milwaukee Auditorium for his speech in front of the audience, Teddy Roosevelt announced to the stunned audience that he had been shot, proclaiming: "It takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose!" He then proceeded to speak for 80 minutes before reluctantly going to a Milwaukee hospital for treatment. He was a Patriot.

It was not the general public that pushed Theodore Roosevelt to save our environment, pushing for the National Park System which we all enjoy today. He had a vision for the future including the responsibility of the corporation.

And for the working persons, his seeing the abuse of the working person proclaimed: "... his labor - was a perishable commodity; the labor of to-day - if not sold was a perishable commodity; the labor of to-day - if not sold to-day - was lost forever. Moreover, his labor was not like most commodities - a mere thing; it was part of a living, breathing human being."

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 11 years 31 weeks ago

It's been said Teddy Roosevelt carried an ancient Athenian owl coin around in his pocket. Obviously this little piece of material culture served as a token reminder of when and where DEMOCRACY took root and the importance of this concept to him. He got it....he understood the true meaning of "We The people!" Cleisthenes would have been proud of this Bull Moose progressive trying hard to pass along the torch of DEMOCRACY.

Roosevelt was a true progressive, audiences would stand and cheer as he shouted out statements such as "We PROGRESSIVES believe that human rights are supreme over all other rights and we must FREE OUR GOVERNMENT FROM THE CONTROL OF MONEY IN POLITICS." A bullet in the chest couldn't even dampen his firey passion at public speeches. He once spoke for an hour and a half with one lodged in him.....Mount Rushmore material for sure!

This money in politics crap has always blocked and prevented application of progressive wisdom, and as a result "pure democracy," has never really taken hold. How many times must humanity relive the idiocy where greed and power by the few creates misery for the many? I say it's the 99%ers turn to make things right, but not to worry, the 1%ers will still remain fat and happy as a result.... indeed ALL WILL BE HAPPY or at least less miserable.

My guess is DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM is almost upon us and once it takes root humanity can move forward and progress once again.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 11 years 31 weeks ago

George, I just read your post and echo the sentiment you feel...Roosevelt was a great and TRUE AMERICAN!

Pat Prachter's picture
Pat Prachter 11 years 31 weeks ago

Cygnus1: I really feel your concern and passion about this. As things have unfolded, I get the recurring sense that nothing is really as it seems; the political scene is full of actors rather than real politicians, playing roles that defy logic and common sense. On 'The Big Picture' tonight Thom announced that the committee of 12 are already talking about 3 billion in cuts to medicare, when everyone knows the vast majority of Americans are opposed to this.

When I saw your rant about how this government is not a U.S. government, I totally get it. This cannot be, and yet it's happening. But where do you point the finger without getting called a conspiracy theorist, or labelled a nut?

George Reiter's picture
George Reiter 11 years 31 weeks ago

Thank you 2950-10K! My quote was from the book "Theodore Roosevelt, The Rough Riders, An Autobiography". And, yes he was a true American, and a true Patriot!

I'm sure that he read Matthew 25...


madbeats's picture
madbeats 11 years 30 weeks ago

Sorry to hear about that marine who got hurt from the thug police. Anyway, at least he got hurt at home fighting for something he believes in. With all due respect, I wonder if these are the people that he wants to get hurt for..? Oh and BTW, isn't it partly these thug police who's salary you wanna keep paying with even more and more of mine and your money??? Seems a bit ironic to me...

madbeats's picture
madbeats 11 years 30 weeks ago

You agree with Ron Paul on the wars but not much else??? So, then you'd like Hitler or Mussilini, or Stalin or Mao, except in the cases where there was war involved? You like tyrants but not war? Wow, ok, hey at least your honest. That's cool, as for now the US is still sort of a free country, and valueing freedom I'd welcome a discussion of your weird (and unexplained) anti freedome/justice views.

cygnus1's picture
cygnus1 11 years 30 weeks ago

"But where do you point the finger without getting called a conspiracy theorist, or labelled a nut?" - Pat Prachter

Pat Prachter, that is a very good question you have brought up. One must always be ready to be labeled just about anything by those who, in themselves, have no idea even how to think rationally. But that is the chance each of us must take, depending upon our stance. If we decide our goal is to assist others with our talents, our understanding, and wisdom generated over many lifestreams, then we must do so for the good of the oneness of creation of which we are all a most valuable part. When we assist others, we help ourselves on the road of our own evolution. (And here we are not talking about having evolved from apes and the like, though one may wonder when they look at the White House and its occupants).

If others, on the other hand, wish nothing but ill upon their brothers and sisters, no matter the color of their skin, their beliefs (for we must all grow into universal reality), their ethnicity, their status within the present economic system, etc., then they will label ones such as ourselves and others, including you, my friend, as a conspiracy theorist, a nut, crazy, a heretic, and such nonsense.

I would say to you Pat, that it is important to stand behind that in which you believe, and what should that belief be?

That belief should be which most benefits your brothers and sisters. And if you act upon such belief then it does not matter if the ones who wish continuous harm on others, label you this or that, for you know rightfully so that you are above that sort of slander and their words do not matter.

Remember, the schoolyard bullies who had nothing to add to the education, wellbeing, or happiness of their classmates?

Well, you get my point. Are such ones really worth listening to? And there will always be those ones, Pat, who do the evil and then yell "conspiracy!" to ridicule those who have found them out and, heavens forbid, told others.

Treat such ones with a grain of salt and continue in your progression in building a far different and better world, working in the oneness with your talents, for you will always come out on top.

dowdotica's picture
dowdotica 11 years 30 weeks ago

...its all a case of social embezzlement, duh. Think about it. I had a really heated yet civil conversation with 2 rebumblicans yesterday. i don't know one real well but I know the other. The one i know has a sole proprietorship, sells stuff. Bitches all the time about taxes and unions, watches a lot of the little red dog network. One day this person inadvertantly disclosed to me that 2 times a year they have a clearance sale. yippie! well to make a long story short this person hocks the wares, as many as possible for cash only, charges sales tax and then doesn't pay it? Now how many of you spouting on this blog are as honest as this person i know? Not only are they cheatin' the man they are also cheating the costumer. quantify that by a nation by where countless bitch and complain and then turn around and cheat and what do you have? You get a thing called the "tea Party" and then you get something even bigger to fight it, called "OWS". Once again, who might I be? Just a guy who slugs away at a desk doing tax compliance stuff for working stiffs wages, wondering where ethic went and wondering why its so difficult for the erudite to solve a simple problem. my latest tax brainstorm? eliminate "all" loopholes and deductions. ALL of them! everybody pays tax. don't forget while the rich get richer on the tax code so do the poor expense and I am sure another 50 % or so! sux man, i tell it sux!!!

dowdotica's picture
dowdotica 11 years 30 weeks ago

food for thought after hearing thom this am about minimum wage or the lack of...

the living wage based on los angeles cost of living: my entries are bare minimums, no retirement planning, no entertainment, no savings! I did include healthe insurance.

single person per month:

rent/mort $1500 cheaper if you want to live, say, in compton, but not much!

home ins $150

gas avg. $40

elec avg $100

cable avg. $120

water avg. $50

cell phone avg $50

food/mac and chs$280

hygine $50

car pyment $150

auto ins est $150

hlth ins avg $300

TOTAL HOLD ON TO YOUR NUTZ! $2965 dvide by 160 hrs = $18.531 per hour

200hrs = $ 14.825

240hrs = $12.354

329.444 = $9.00

soooooooooooo....the new work week for the average working poor person to survive just above poverty in L.A. will be 82.361 hours!!! sooooooooo with 168 hour in a week the new working poor will have just enough time to eat thier mac and cheese, guzzle down a pabst brush teeth go to sleep wake up and do it all again and live the new American dream. yikes, welcome to the kids of the futures new world.

Leonard Hills's picture
Leonard Hills 11 years 30 weeks ago

It would be wonderful if a new age was upon us. Will our goverment change things? Since the rich control Congress, things will not change peacefully. When heads start to roll, refreshed with the blood of patroits, then it will happen.

James M. de Laurier's picture
James M. de Laurier 11 years 30 weeks ago

Thom Hartmann, 10/28/2011

My response to you query,"Do you believe a new progressive era is just around the corner"?,is for whom?There are ways of moving forward,marking progress,while repressing others who are not vital to a particular concern.Were "we" not being progressive,"moving forward", with G.A.T.T.,N.A.F.T.A.,and Outsourcing? Look at us now! We must now ask ourselves,are we educated enough to see through the veneer - as to what has,and is happening to us.I don't think so.Or do we simply keep trusting our elected and appointed leaders to continue in - leading us on? I believe,this is so.

Many people have been failed in receiving a good education and in having been given good critical thinking skills.There are of course, those who will always do well and succeed.Enough to run,control and maintain the system.

A new and real progressive era might be indicated when the government leaves open the option to discuss meaningful issues and concerns with its citizens.Instead of leaving them with the only option of protesting.Treating them with respect - as an equal.

Thanking you for this opportunity to comment -

James M. de Laurier

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