Violent police crackdown against the 99% movement in the middle of the night in Boston

There was a violent police crackdown against the 99% movement in the middle of the night in Boston. As the occupy Boston movement – now in its second week – grew beyond its original campsite in Dewey Square – demonstrators moved into a new space a block away yesterday – prompting police to shut it down. Among the first line of people to be arrested were those with the group Veterans for Peace – war veterans who had their American flags yanked from their hands and thrown on to the ground – before being tackled themselves and arrested.

Then police moved on to the rest of the demonstrators who were seated peacefully – arresting them – then dismantling and trashing their campsite into nearby garbage trucks. Upwards of 100 people were arrested last night in the one of the largest mass arrests in the history of Boston. But as we’ve seen following crackdowns in New York City – this sort of police action has only strengthened the movement.

More than 900 cities across the nation have hosted some sort of meet-up in support of the 99% movement and until there's some real change we can believe in, it's not going away.

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