We’re in the Midst of a Global Lost Generation

Young people have been hit hardest by Bush's banksters’ worldwide crash – with more than 75 million young people across the planet desperately looking for jobs. The number of unemployed people between the ages of 15 and 24 has increased by 4.6 million since the recession began in 2008. And the effects of this massive hit of joblessness among young people are on clear display in some of the most developed economies in the world in Europe and the United States. For example, in July of this year – what is normally the peak of youth summer employment – only 49% of young people were employed – the lowest rate ever recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

These young people are the future leaders of our nation – and as we’re seeing with the riots in Greece and the U.K. – and the Occupy Wall Street movement growing here at home – young people are tired of seeing their future ruined by a continuation of 30 years of Reaganomics.

After all – what choice do they have? Live on the streets – or take to the streets. A great transformation is underway around the planet.

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