Courts have Ruled about little Green Pieces of Fabric - Money & Tents

Now more than 24 hours past their eviction deadline – Occupy L.A. is still camped outside of City Hall – and patriots are turning to the courts to keep it that way. According to the Los Angeles Times, Occupy L.A. filed a court complaint yesterday arguing that the city’s looming crackdown represents an “unconstitutional deprivation of access to [the] traditional public forum…for first amendment activity.” Occupy L.A. is also attacking “anti-camping” laws – claiming that police are selectively enforcing the law – arresting people with the Occupy movement for camping – but letting more than 500 people camp out without a permit just weeks ago while they waited for the new “Twilight” movie to open.

After the NYPD raided Zuccotti Park two weeks ago – a judge ruled that camping gear is not an expression of free speech – thus allowing the city to ban people from bringing sleeping bags and tarps into public parks – effectively killing any chance of rebuilding the Occupy Wall Street community.

Apparently we live in a nation where the courts have ruled that little green pieces of fabric – money – is a form of free speech, but big green pieces of fabric – tents – are not.


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leighmf 11 years 26 weeks ago

This destructive attitude about tents, a symbol of the human will to survive, sends a bad message to kids in the scouting program.

With daily billions flying around, some supposedly owned by "good people," financial supporters of OW should incorporate a Trust Entity which pays to book blocks of rooms in Carlyle Marriott Fairfield hotel and motel properties, for protesters. Protesters should demand extra towels,toiletries, room service coffee, and over-use the in-house phone system, dialing the concierge throughout the night to ask the time.

Amenities should include a breakfast buffet which protesters descend upon like locusts. Room service for dinner. That way, no one is hungry at the protest sites, so no garbage.

The Sysco Trucks will be lined up at Marriotts and the Ritz Carlton will not receive its provisions. Hotel-Motel wars could break out.

People who don't like the protestors can stay at the Hilton.

Best of all, additional front desk, bookkeeping, housekeeping. kitchen, and service personnel will have to be hired by the Carlyle Group.

DJ Pullstart 11 years 26 weeks ago

If the economy keeps creeping along the republican trail of disparity ....... tents may be the shelter of choice for most of us.

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Pulladigm 11 years 26 weeks ago

About every 20 years since the foundation of this nation there has been a financial crisis. At each depression and recession there have been hordes of people who converged on Washington to petition their government for redress. Their was Boughtons renters revolt, Coxey's Army, Cox's Army, Etc., Etc., Etc. to OWS today. They were always met with the same response. Dispersal by armed thugs. Sometimes in blue, sometimes hired by the corporatists, sometimes in olive drab.

The great depression of the '30s might never have bought about the regulations that have protected us for so many decades, 'til they were undermined by republicans and their corporatist masters, had it not been for the shanty towns and the breadlines that offended the sensibilities of the more affluent.

They tell us the welfare system is done as it is to preserve the dignity of the poor. However it is to keep them out of sight and ghettoized. so the affluent won't be reminded of the consequences of their avarice. Unless they take a wrong turn off the freeway.


If you miss the way it used to be- tax a millionaire, support a union and buy American.

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Mickey Kossack 11 years 26 weeks ago


I spent the Thanksgiving weekend in the land of compassionate conservatives, Grand Rapids, MI where there is a church on practically every corner. Strangers will approach to ask about your connection with a "church family" and invite you to "their wonderful bible based church". This is the home of the uninformed watchers of Fox for their news and are completely unaware as to the importance of the OWS/OT movements; but, follow the Tea Party, the Republican Party, and Glenn Beck.

One family shared that they believe that the demonstrations and movement will not survive and nothing will be accomplished. That the people in the street need to find jobs. One man, repeated over and over again that, "President Obama needs one billion dollars to campaign for a second term". "And where will those campaign funds come from?", I asked. The answer, of course, is from corporations, special interests and the wealthy; with a history of "selecting" the politicians that have been placed in positions where the majority have damaged and caused our economic disaster. The name taken "Citizens United" sounds like an advocacy group for "We the People" and it was an opportunity to share information.

I believe that one key in the education of the conservatives and the changes that are harming our nation is to ask parents to think of their children and grandchildren and what their future will be if we continue to have our rights taken away.

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2950-10K 11 years 26 weeks ago

The seditious network of lies known as Fox News is an allowable expression of free speech.

In order to sway elections, the Koch's can spend unlimited amounts on widely broadcast ads, that contain obvious lies and deceptions.....that's an allowable expression of free speech.

Patriots peacefully assembling in a public park with camping gear is not an allowable expression of free speech???????

So how much $$$$$ does the first amendment cost these days?..must be more than the 99% can fork over!

"The liberties of all alike are invaded by the same haughty power." Samuel Adams

Thom, great broadcast today!....I agree, it is in FACT a great depression we're in.

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SHFabian 11 years 26 weeks ago

Pulladigm, What welfare system do you mean? Both general assistance and AFDC, which defined welfare as we knew it, were wiped out. TANF ( for those with minor children) is more a system of indentured servitude; businesses use temporary TANF labor, paying minimum wage or less; the worker's wages are then somewhat subsidized with a small food stamp allotment and Medicaid. There is no cash assistance. There is no need-based entitlement to poverty relief. This means that, regardless of being fully eligible for aid, you might or might not be able to obtain it, depending on a range of factors (state budgets, etc.). For years, the Dept. Workforce Development (which essentially runs what is left of welfare programs) has served largely as a cheap temp help agency/replacement workforce provider.

SHFabian's picture
SHFabian 11 years 26 weeks ago

DJ, I doubt this. Homelessness has grown substantially since Clinton tore out the social safety net (while funding corps for export our jobs). One of the first things you learn is that you have to hide the fact that you're homeless, as this is increasingly treated as a criminal offense. You can't stay on the streets or sleep in the park because you'll be arrested for loitering, vagrancy, etc. If you have children, they can be taken from you, put into "indefinite state custody," and -- because of the welfare "reform" laws approved by the public -- you no longer have the right to legally contest it. It is automatically listed as a(n assumed) "failure to adequately provide." In the US today, poverty IS regarded/treated as a punishable offense. This isn't going to change in the foreseeable future because, oddly, this generation of progressives have embraced the right-wing concept of "Our system works so perfectly that there is no legitimate excuse for being poor. If you choose to be poor, you must be treated very harshly."

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wigsalon 11 years 26 weeks ago

Occupy was a GREAT way to get attention, and show our numbers. I still dont know why someone has not created a bumper sticker that says " we are the 99%" - another way to show solidarity and see our numbers, right? - However, occupy should consider moving inside the system whilst staying clean ( some of them think it can't be done - but, if it can't be done - truly all is lost ..Thom Hartmann is proff that it CAN be done. )

I suggest campaign offices. Do I think we need to run someone against Obama? maybe YES. We can pull him out if his numbers dont increase - but frankly - it appears that Obama will only do what ne MUST fo to survive, and not much more. Is he BEHIND the bill to make occupiers like enemy combatants?? IF so, then he CANT be trusted. That is overkill.

What I would like to see is a UNIFIED PARTY - or UNITY PARTY. I like ALAN GRAYSON fused with Huntsman ( a jew and a mormon, why not? ) . HUntsman seems moderate and intelligent, and he seems to care - plus the Republicans will never support him ( for that reason ) ... but i also beleive we should run politicians at ALL levels.

we now know what we stand for: it is simple too. A LEVEL ECONOMIC PLAYING FIELD. No one is saying that rich people should not enjoy the fruits of their success ( if they did not steal it ) .. BUT ..when they are ABLE to gettaxed less than poorer people - regardless of the way it is set up - ( bonuses, deferment of taxes, ) it is NOT a level playing field. It is tilted intheir direction. ( this goes for social justice too, or course) ..but really that is about it ...

that involves ONETHING - getting money out of politics - separation of dollars and state ... ( not just church and state ) ...

and frankly - as long as obama is asking for donations ... he does not stand for this


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