Daily Topics - Monday November 7th, 2011

Thom Hartmann: As World Population Reaches 7 Billion, What Will Save Us From Ourselves?

Free Speech TV invites citizen journalists from around the world to send us videos of actions in your community that support the 99% Movement. They'll be posted @ www.freespeech.org and some will air on DirecTV-348 & DishTV-9415 which reach into 35 million households across the USA. Check www.freespeech.org for more details on how to submit.

Hour One: Ohio votes on Kasich's anti-union bill (SB5) tomorrow - John Nichols, The Nation Magazine / Plus, "Koch blocking"...Occupy DC protestors push back - Eric Rome, Health Care for America Now

Hour Two: Surrounded! View from inside Friday's occupied Koch gathering - Adele Stan, AlterNet

Hour Three: Is the corporate media ignoring domestic right wing terrorism? Mark Finkelstein, News Busters


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mathboy 12 years 37 weeks ago

The slogan for the entire Democratic Party in this election cycle should be "Something Versus Nothing".

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mathboy 12 years 37 weeks ago

Not letting people leave a building could be considered kidnapping. Do you remember when O. J. Simpson wouldn't let a guy leave his hotel room? He was charged with kidnapping.

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gharlane 12 years 37 weeks ago

Video of police provocateurs --

Thom, hope you're reading the blog :) I believe you mentioned during the first hour of the show that you've seen video of provocateurs dressed as protestors or anarchists who vandalize property and are later seen walking away with the police "as if they were one of them". Could you post a link if you have one?

Meanwhile, on our local corporate "news" station (KCBS-AM 740 San Francisco) they went with a story (right after you mentioned the provocateurs) about how the former chief of the Oakland PD was upset about the property damage caused by, and I quote, the "violent Occupy Oakland protests." So that's the line the corporate media, even here in the "liberal" Bay Area, continue to push.

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